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Crime, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Rich Moore, Byron Howard
Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Hopps (voice)
Shakira as Gazelle (voice)
Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps (voice)
Jenny Slate as Bellwether (voice)
Raymond S. Persi as Flash (voice)
Don Lake as Stu Hopps (voice)
Tommy Chong as Yax (voice)
J.K. Simmons as Mayor Lionheart (voice)
Alan Tudyk as Duke Weaselton (voice)
Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde (voice)
Nate Torrence as Clawhauser (voice)
Idris Elba as Chief Bogo (voice)
Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Otterton (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big (voice)
Storyline: From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde, a wily fox who makes her job even harder.
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My review on Zootopia
This is going to be my review on Zootopia. The plot begins with Judy Hopps doing A play with her friends but after the play she saw A kid getting bullied by A Fox & Judy has the courage to stop him. & after all of that, Judy wants to be A cop. Well, she said that before she saw the bullying. After Judy grows up & want to be A cop. So she went to the city Zootopia to be A cop. She trained really hard to be A cop. She now become A cop & then she met A Fox named Nick & her parents warned her about foxes. Nick is more like A guy who makes other people pay there money on something & then sell it for them himself & his sidekick illegally. He also does A lot of illegal stuff. Until Judy & Nick have to find A weasel's husband that has been gone & for some reason the predators in Zootopia have been going savage. So Judy & Nick will have to figure out the cast. I'am not going to spoil the rest of it because they are some people that haven't seen the movie. The animation is good, the voice acting is good, the quality runs well, & everything else works well. But there is something wrong with Zootopia. The sick part of the fandom. Where they make rule 34 & other sick disgusting crap the fandom does. This is basically A movie for Furries. I have nothing against Furries much but I do hate parts of the Zootopia fandom. But besides that, I give this movie A 8/10 sense I seen better movies.
Since It Is Disney's Production,it has to be perfect.
From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a wily fox who makes her job even harder.

I am absolutely sure Zootopia Will Be Number 1 In All Countries Of The World Without Any Exaggeration.

Since This Movie is The Production Of Disney,it has to be perfect.
The Greatest Animated Movie Of All Time
This movie is just a masterpiece not just because its wonderful way that gives its many messages by ,but also because its messages and how they are smart and new for children and how far the children really need these morals nowadays Also, it's beautifully animated and the cast is just suitable for the characters it has a plenty of funny scenes which we didn't watch before in any animated movie or even a live- action movie This movie is like a comedy-adventure-action-crime movie and despite that it never made the viewers feel confused while watching it The movie's characters are definitely the most complicated characters I've ever seen in an animated movie even the most of live- action ones nowadays have flat characters
A bustling metropolitan city filled with a diverse population of animals, both predator and prey, is the setting for Disney's 2016 film, Zootopia. The plot is centered around both Officer Judy Hopps, Zootopia's first bunny police officer whose sole wish is to protect the lives of all animals, and Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox with a narrow view of his future. Working together, the unlikely duo solves the case of 15 missing mammals. Zootopia, a 2016 film by Disney, is a must-watch for all ages because while it not only teaches children to dream big, but, behind cute and fuzzy animation, this multilayered film provides commentary about flaws in the American society.

As a young child, everyone has a dream ranging from becoming a professional athlete to blasting off into space. While growing up in a small-town carrot farm, Judy Hopps dreams of becoming become a police officer despite being small in stature. Although Judy ultimately achieves her goal and becomes a prominent figure within the Zootopia Police Department, she faces many setbacks along the way to her success. Unlike many children's movies, Zootopia does not simply portray the common "dream big" theme but instead provides a more insightful angle applicable to reality: how to block out negative influences in order to achieve one's goal. For instance, Judy parent's, Stu and Bonnie, are constantly warning their daughter "if you try anything new, you'll fail" and not to "believe in them dreams too much." Despite the negative influences surrounding Judy, she refuses to let her dreams be crushed by the words of others. In today's reality, those who doubt the plausibility of a dream will never be able to achieve it. Judy serves as a positive role model for children and adults alike; even when she is hurt from Gideon Grey, a bully who mocks her dream, she refuses to lose her positive mindset and states "I don't know when to quit." Furthermore, in Zootopia's theme song, Try Everything, Disney does not attempt to hide the hardships reality will throw at those who attempt to achieve their dreams. Instead, in phrases such as, "birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up," children are urged to persevere because with consistent effort, one shall conquer their fears and achieve greatness.

Although Zootopia, with its cute, fuzzy visuals seems to be guided predominantly toward children, this 2016 Disney movie is multilayered and proves to also be an outstanding film for adults as it provides commentary on controversial topics and flaws within today's society. For instance, Zootopia's fictional world, where anyone can be anything and various different animals can, in theory, live together in harmony, parallels America, the land of promise in which anyone can rise up to great heights despite having an unfavorable background. Zootopia both commends and mocks the American Dream. For example, when Nick Wilde points out, "life isn't some insipid dream where you and everything comes true," Judy Hopps realizes her naive conception of Zootopia's world is not as lavish as it is rumored to be. Her thought process is similar to the mindset of immigrants who come to America in hopes of riches, but unfortunately, they are only able to gloomily find treacherous low-wage work and an abundance of problems within their "grand" society. Though, on the other hand, Zootopia also commends the American Dream by creating the protagonist of Judy Hopps. Through hard work and consistent effort, Judy is able to rise to success and fulfill her dream of becoming a police officer despite her origins as a bunny from a small farm in the country.

In addition to commentary about the American Dream, Zootopia highlights the presence of stereotypes within today's society. In the fictional world of Zootopia, differences between all animal species claim to be settled by the media, but, in reality, prejudice still continues to exist. Judy Hopps experiences discrimination first-hand because, unlike the majority of large, predator-type animals within the Zootopia Police Department, Judy is a little bunny. Due to her difference in stature, her boss stereotypes her as a weak, dumb, "token" bunny. Though, when Judy Hopps is barred from completing any real detective work despite her superior abilities, she does not tolerate the limitations placed upon her and instead works to prove herself by cracking the case of 15 missing mammals. After rising up against stereotypes, Judy Hopps realizes "we all make mistakes" and "we all have a lot in common." Through the protagonist, Zootopia urges both children and parents alike to disregard common stereotypes and to express one's true self.

Ultimately, behind a seemingly childish plot, Zootopia provides valuable insight and proves to be an enjoyable film appealing to all ages. While maintaining the classic Disney theme encouraging children to dream big, Zootopia differs from most films by providing an aspect connecting cute animation to reality. Overall, Zootopia is definitely a film that will remain in the hearts of all.
Overtly propagandistic, but at least they got the name right.
Zootopia is another attempt to propagandize for multiculturalism, coming from the same studio which once produced an uplifting allegory for traditional white identity and aristocracy. In line with the dominant elite view on race, it manages to simultaneously push wild-eyed optimism and a paranoid victim attitude. Considering that it met with very positive critical response, including praise for its political message, the subtitle might as well be This is What Our Elites Actually Believe.

As the title implies, the film depicts an unrealistic society inhabited by various animals. The heroine, Judy Hopps, is an effervescent rabbit from a rural area whose parents hope that she will become a carrot farmer like themselves. Their bluntly stated and cartoonish view is that you should not try new things because you might fail. Rejecting this view, Judy aspires to be a police officer, unmoved by their insistence that no bunny has ever held that title. A fox bully assaults her and tells her again of the mismatch between her species and her career aspirations, but she ignores this as well.

The multicult message continues when Judy gets ready to leave for Zootopia to begin her law enforcement career. Her parents display excessive concern over her possible future encounters with foxes, offering her fox repellent and even a taser to defend herself with. They remind her of her experience with the fox Gideon Grey who assaulted her years ago, but our heroine recites lines to the effect of "NAXALT" and "some of us are jerks too."

Nick then recounts how he consciously decided that if others saw him as untrustworthy, he might as well act that way. Now an adult, he had bragged earlier in the film that he had been running scams every day since the age of 12. There was no mention of previous antisocial tendencies. The accusation that others' rejection can turn an otherwise respectable person into a professional lowlife is of course paranoid, but familiar to anyone who has heard the terms "marginalized" or "stereotype threat." The fox serves as an expression of the external locus of control so common among dysfunctional people.

Blaming external racist forces for degeneracy in one's own group should be a familiar concept to American viewers. This plot point is reminiscent of conspiracy theories about the CIA inventing and/or distributing crack cocaine to keep the Black man down, or similar popular theories concerning HIV. The seminal 1944 title An American Dilemma by the Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal accused White prejudices of encouraging low standards of morality among Blacks, which in turn reinforced White prejudices, and so on in a vicious cycle.

Of course, today even the implication that there are different standards of morality between races or nationalities would be dismissed as racist. Other than of the victims of the conspiracy, there is no mention in the film of any actual difference in values or behavior between contemporary predators and prey animals.

However, the differences between species in Zootopia are dramatic, not only in size and shape but in some aspects of behavior. The sloths who form the staff of the DMV are as slow as actual sloths, even in their speech. There is no pretense of equality in this context; Nick even sarcastically asks Judy if she thinks that someone must be slow just because he is a sloth. Integration of sloths into rabbit or sheep classrooms would obviously be absurd.

The film's denunciation of racism is partly based on attempts at humor, which is an appropriate choice for propaganda. Judy praises Nick as "articulate" and he responds by complimenting her on how "non-patronizing" she is, highlighting her "racism." Nick touches the sheep assistant mayor's wool without her knowledge, comically amused by how fluffy it is. Judy reprimands him to the effect that "you can't just touch a sheep's wool." She makes another reference to the racial sensitivities of American Blacks when she explains that a bunny can call another bunny cute, but when another animal does it, it is offensive.

The portrayal of "racist" characters is not as vitriolic as social justice warriors might like, but of course still fits with the overall agenda. While some "prejudiced" characters such as the elephant storekeeper and the young Gideon Gray are portrayed as hostile, the racist parents are portrayed as earnest and good-natured yet ignorant. Judy is to some degree portrayed the same way, when she innocently suggests that the basis of the predators going savage might be something in their biology. The results are not harmless though, as she triggers a wave of "xenophobia" against predators. Nick makes a great show of being offended by her racist thoughts, even testing her to confirm that she is in fact afraid of him, and she resigns in shame.

Zootopia makes a weak attempt at being less than utopian; Judy's original expectations of a city where everyone gets along are shown to be overly optimistic, which she ultimately admits in a voice-over at the end of the film. The attempts at justifying continued faith in multiculturalism come off as desperate, though. Judy recites slogans such as "real life's a bit more complicated than a slogan," adding that the "glass is half full" and "we all have a lot in common," but she does not sound as though she actually believes it. Of course, no one ever presents any particular reason to believe it; those who do not are simply not presented as reliable sources.

The film ends with a scantily clad gazelle performing a degenerate pop song by the Colombian singer Shakira which further highlights the underlying mindset. The lyrics of "Try Everything" celebrate mindless optimism and seem to be intended as a cheap form of therapy for someone who has a crippling fear of failure, reassuring them that "nobody learns without getting it wrong" and "sometimes we come last but we did our best."
This Movie is Awesome
I love this movie. This is the best movie with an animal as a main character. This movie is great. I love animals. 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐸 🐵🐺🐗🐴🐋🐆🐫🐄 🦌🐂🐘🦏🦍🐎🐐🐏🐑🐇🐓🦃🐁🐀🐿 I think this movie is about racism. I like to think that the different animals are different ethnicities. People are people. No matter what your ancestry is, you are a human. I love you, whether you're Japanese, Punjabi, American, Mexican, Hebrew, Irish, Tibetan, Pakistani, Jamaican, Aztec, Polish, Okinawan, Telugu, Australian, English, Italian, French, Brazilian, Bantu, Colombian, Russian, Korean, German, Tamil, Scottish, Dutch, Thai, Kashmiri, etc.
Change Starts With All of Us
Relaxed Spoiler: I love the scene when Nick becomes a cop while Judy gives a timeless speech.

And no I don't think said movie is racist (Rich Moore was known for directing The Simpsons and Futurama, latter being my favorite animated sitcom ever).

Some scenes were too tense for me not to buy the film, but I'm glad I watched it.
Zootopia may not be the best animated picture of this year but it depends on other releases of this year.But the Sloth's scene is epic and unforgettable classic
Zootopia (2016): Walt Disney studios are one of the most earliest animation production companies.From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Zootopia (2016) they have been producing best quality animated movies.Every year since 2013,Walt Disney is winning the Academy Award for Animated feature film.This year Zootopia has already won many hearts and critics top choice and most likely to continue Disney's winning streak.So how is Zootopia?

Plot: From the biggest elephant to the tiniest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a beautiful metropolis where all animals live peacefully with one another. Determined to prove her worth, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first official bunny cop on the police force. When 14 predator animals go missing, Judy immediately takes the case. Partnering with a smooth talking fox named Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), Judy must piece together all the clues as to where the predators are and who is behind it all.

Plus Points:

1)Animation: The city itself is the best part of the picture, a gorgeous melange of design elements. Zootopia is a well designed fictional city with divided territories for every species.The shrew's city and Sloth's DMV office are beautiful and detailed.

2)Story and Screenplay: A diversified Animal Kingdom is the cutest plot with brilliant message.Screenplay is highly entertaining with brilliant humor and characters,Judy's passion for being a real police,Nick Wilde's sly nature and Chief Bogo's secret crush on Gazelle and Sloth's office,all have their own mark to keep us entertained.The scene in Sloth's office is epic and one of the most hilarious moments of all time.

3)Music: Music is good and timely placed.

Minus points:

1)Predictable: Though this movie is entertaining when it reaches the end we can easily predict the twist.It is so clichéd and spoiled the fun.

So,Zootopia may not be the best animated picture of this year but it depends on other releases of this year.But the Sloth's scene is epic and unforgettable classic.

My rating 7.5/10
Cultural Marxism at its Finest
A cute female rabbit becomes a police officer and is instantly the best officer the world has ever seen - surpassing all of her dumb male co- workers who belittle her for being just a cute dumb bunny. The film then descends into a commentary on racial issues as the rabbit says that a bunch of predators may be attacking people as "its in their DNA" and the media and politicians whip up mass hysteria to control the people (ok, that part is pretty valid). The rabbit then learns her lesson about how it's wrong to call out dangerous criminals if they're all from the same race, and that it was really the government manipulating the predators into being evil.

The sloths were pretty funny, though.
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