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Action, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Glenn Miller
Kaiwi Lyman as Daxton (as Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau)
Reuben Uy as Ty
Kim Nielsen as Dr. Ellen Rogers
Ione Butler as Lizzy
Brianna Joy Chomer as Amber (as Brianna Chormer)
Andrew Asper as Gage
La La Nestor as Thea
Aaron Groben as A.J.
Joe Conti as Monte
Ivan Djurovic as Kifo the Gorilla
Tammy Klein as Chelsea
Storyline: When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures before they escape and zombify the whole city.
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Nice CGI.
My tolerance level for bad horror, at one point, was extremely high. However, the last few years, it's gone to borderline nonexistent. Did 'Zoombies' help the case?

Well, no - actually, 'Zoombies' is so terrible, that I skipped through half the film. That's right, folks, I'm writing a review after skipping through half the film. Do you know what? I'm not ashamed of myself either. Because these people find it hilarious to put out films so unbearably awful. I wouldn't doubt if one of the actors is reading this review right now, just laughing at me. Do you know why they're laughing at me? Because I tried watching a film called 'Zoombies.' Go ahead and laugh. It's fine. Do you know why it's fine? Because I may have suffered through 45 minutes of bad CGI, crappy acting, and bad writing, but YOU will have to suffer through an entire lifetime of getting garbage roles.

Random Ramblings of a Madman: 'Zoombies' is bad. It's not bad because I ''didn't understand it,'' as one of the fake reviewers will have you believe. It's bad, because the people responsible do not care about making good material. They care about getting their $50 paychecks, and mocking those of us who want to see good films. So, you can take 'Zoombies' and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Seriously, IMDb, you need to lower your restrictions when it comes to films and people like these. They deserve more expressive vocabulary, if you know what I mean.

Follow me on Twitter @Krackoon, so I can tell you how I really feel.
really good movie
i think that this movie is really good even though it's low budget, but most movies like this are actually good. This is the best way i say to display what would happened if instead the virus infected animals and humans. The zombies were creative and i thought this really good. The zoo looks so good! the cars and everything else was good too.
Instant Classic!
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I mean, animal zombies? How do you go wrong with animal zombies? In this case, you don't, as Zoombies did not disappoint!

The dialogue was sharp, fun and quick. The actors were incredibly strong and managed to avoid the overacting typically associated with these types of movies. They were fantastic. The special effects were also so much better than I thought they'd be. Somehow, they made a koala terrifying, which is a feat in and of itself.

Brilliant mix of comedy, sci-fi and horror, and a must-see! Will be surprised if this doesn't become a cult classic.
Undead Animals.
Can say one thing. It's not your typical zombie film. Where it lacks in eye catching visual effects, it actually makes up for in good writing, which is usually the other way around in these films. All in all, not a bad way to kill about an hour and a half. The acting isn't bad,(another rarity in zombie films), but who watches these films for that anyway? You watch it for a good scare, which this movie does provide. One might be reminded several times throughout the film of Jurassic Park, but I think the writers planned that because it is mentioned several times throughout the film. It's not for the weak of stomach though for there are scenes with lots of blood and gore, as any good zombie film will have.
For what you expect, interesting film
I came into watching this movie with no expectations and this made it a better film. It has a unique plot and although the acting may be sub par, it is filled with a lot of funny one liners. Overall, i would recommend as long as you're watching it for entertainment and not in a critical way.
It's The Humans That Should Be Protected From The Animals
I love bad movies and The Asylum makes some of the worst, just look at the Sharknado saga and the Z-Nation television series, which are both awesome.

Unfortunately, this film doesn't have the same coolness to it. It should have because the story is sound. Due to a couple of infected monkeys, the whole of a new zoo is infected with a virus that kills the diseased then reanimates them in a killing frenzy. However, it's the acting and directing that make this film poor, luckily the tongue-in- cheek style of this film keeps it from failing.

Most of the acting is wooden, with the exception of Kim Neilsen who plays Dr Ellen Rodgers and LaLa Nester, as her daughter Thea, who is actually the best actress on the set. The award for the best hammed-up over-acting award goes to Brianna Joy Chomer who turns Amber into a maniacal, self-centred hothead. This character is so way over the top it's as annoying as hell and helps to spoil the movie.

It's a low budget affair so you expect the special effects to be poor, but on the whole, the CGI is passable I especially liked the attacking giraffes. Though in the same scene the director holds too long on the cutaways of the actors who are being attacked and because there are no Giraffe's in the scene it makes the entire scene implausible. Since I like bad movies, I loved the man in the gorilla suit. Sweet.

If the acting were better and the direction tighter then this would have been a more enjoyable and pleasing movie.

If you love B-movie films and The Asylum then this is worth a watch, though not more than once.
Absolute garbage. Don't believe if others tell you it's good, because it isn't
I'm not going to write some stupid long winded review, this is just a terrible movie. The acting is bad, and the only thing that's worse than the acting is the actual CGI effects. The CGI looks as bad as that on the first season of the Legendary Journey's of Hercules, the difference is this is 2016 and if you can't bother putting money into the special effects than don't bother at all. These are really low grade looking CGI creatures, and it's hard watching the actors pretending to act against the obvious green screen to creatures that aren't really there.

Sure there's an underlying message that the animals want to get rid of us, but who cares? This is just bad movie making. Avoid, and spend your time on something else that's worth it.
Cheap, low quality amateur effects.
I usually love low budget B-list movies but this was too much. The special effects were so bad it was comical. I feel like a middle school movie making class class would have done a much more professional job with the special effects. The animals look like cartoon characters and when the people are riding the animals they look like there were pictures of the characters copied and pasted on top of the animals. This movie seemed like a really good idea but I believe the animators could have worked a little longer or used better software or something to make the animals and the special effects at least halfway convincing or just make the whole thing a cartoon, because the mix of real people and cartoon is very annoying.
That questionably animated wild side of nature that you never see...
When I purchased this movie from the Amazon market place, I had no idea that it was going to be one of those abysmal movies by The Asylum. And you know that as soon as you see their logo, that it is going to be one of those movies...

...and "Zoombies" was just exactly that. Don't get your hopes up, that way you will not be disappointed with this less than mediocre attempt at a foray in to a hitherto relatively unexplored zone of the zombie genre. Zombies and zoo animals, sure, why not?

It might have worked out well enough on paper, but transferred to the screen, not so much. Well, it might actually have worked out well enough with some proper special effects and CGI. But no, that was not the case here. They were left with some questionable and shoddy CGI attempts at making zombified zoo animals, which mostly turned out to appear more like something you'd find in a "5 Nights at Freddies" game.

The storyline was as simple and generic as they come. Actually to the point where it was just blatantly taking ideas from "Jurassic Park" at times. But it didn't help the movie one bit that the storyline and script was so inept and so poor. And it didn't really help to promote the movie either that the storyline was so predictable that you knew what would happen a mile away.

As for the acting, well, let's just say that you know what you are getting with a movie such as this, and that way you don't get your hopes up for anything grand. But on a personal note, then I will say that I found the acting to be as rigid and unappealing as the characters were generic and one-dimensional.

I was suckered in by a fairly interesting DVD movie cover. But, of course, you can't judge a movie by it's cover alone, for most of the times.

"Zoombies" was a foray into the zombie genre that attempted something new but failed most horribly. And as such, then it is a movie that you watch once, if you even get through the entire movie the first time. Trust me, you will not be watching "Zoombies" as second time around.

These poorly animated zombified animals score a meager 4 out of 10 stars from me.
Not another Jurassic Park.
Glenn R. Miller directs this campy flick that at first could be caste off as being stupid; but given a chance, ZOOMBIES will sucker you in. Actually not a bad movie at all. Dr. Ellen Rogers (Kim Nielsen) takes on an animal safari park in honor of her grandfather. Maybe a lack of credentials, but just enough education to run such an endeavor. She cares for the animals as well as her workers.

Somehow a mysterious virus breaks out in the lab among small monkeys. The monkeys soon become vicious killers and take on traits of zombies. Now the workers are no longer caretakers, but prey. These undead creatures must be stopped and contained inside the safari park before "infecting" the other zoo animals. Not even think about a body count.

This movie is well photographed even if some of the CGI is a bit "cock-eyed". Some pretty dumb situations and foolish dialogue; but if you are in the mood for a crazy horror animal flick...this is it. Not so scary the whole family can't enjoy.

Other players: Marcus Anderson, Andrew Asper, Brianna Joy Chomer, AAron Groben, LaLa Nestor and Ione Butler.
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