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USA, Canada
Fantasy, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Peter DeLuise
Nicholas Lydiate as Tall Dork Dancer
Conner Cowie as Zach
Zachary Gibson as Short Dork Dancer
Chanelle Peloso as Rachel Todds
Adam DiMarco as Adam Thompson
Emilia McCarthy as Taylor Dean
Spencer Boldman as Jackson Kale
Lucia Walters as Jeannie Stevens
Christine Willes as Principal Mumford
Storyline: Sixteen-year-old Zoey Stevens, a skilled dancer and straight-A student, is having a hard time adjusting to a new high school, a new and klutzy dance squad, a new step-dad, three new rowdy step-brothers and an unruly dog, but things change when a dog training app on her smart phone begins to somehow control all the boys around her.
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Honestly, this was like the weirdest thing ever..
It was so bad it was weird. Whoever wrote this movie had a really bad story plot. It was just really awful along with the acting - definitely don't waste your time and i only watched like a few minutes and it wasn't so great. Shaking barking and sitting like a dog um it was just awkward. i do not even know why they created this movie. I mean i don't hate on Zendaya or Boldman but this movie does not do much for them. It was bad writing in general - the plot was pretty dumb. Lets face it if you watch this movie you'll likely get the same reaction. My sister who just graduated high school and with a brother starting junior year also thought it was weird so if your age is around that range it is not worth seeing. Its just a joke like the Teen Beach Movie.
Dancing Queen "Bee"
Ill-conceived and poorly executed Disney movie, probably the worst since "Princess Protection Program". The tone is "I Love Lucy" slapstick, arguably dumbed-down several notches even from that.

Zendaya is not a dramatic actor (actress), nor are most of the cast members. She does a good comic monologue at the start of the movie and then the wheels fall off. She would make an excellent news commentator, game show host, or comedy club performer, but her dramatic acting is borderline embarrassing. Oh for the days of Kay Panabaker or Amanda Bynes, who could have brought something (audience identification or actual comedy - respectively) to this role.

The strength of the production is Emilia McCarthy, who shows an unexpected range in the role of bad girl queen bee, nicely overplayed. It's extremely unusual to find a young actor with this much versatility. Like Juno Temple, McCarthy could believably play anything from an extreme airhead to an over-the-top queen bee like this one. And her physical appearance is the sort than adapts to sell a variety of personality types.

Although McCarthy helps attract boy viewers (who otherwise would despise this thing), she is the kiss of death for the rest of the cast because her scenes with them expose the staggering talent disparity for all to see.

Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child..
Zendaya and her magic App
Another teen comedy/fantasy out of the ever busy creative minds from the Magic Kingdom. Zendaya stars in Zapped and before I get started it has nothing to do with the Scott Baio teen comedy/fantasy from the Eighties.

Keeping up with the times this concerns Zendaya whose mother recently remarried and it's into a family of alpha males, gentle ones to be sure, but ones who are certainly need of housebreaking more than their dog.

One fine day Zendaya who lives by her phone App sees it drop into the dog food after it's been electrically charged a few times. This App now has super powers, but only over the male of the species, the human species that is.

Zendaya arranges and changes the behavior of all the men around her, at home and in school and things are looking pretty good for a while. But when she tries out for the school dance team in lieu of Physical Education she gets relegated to the B squad and humiliated by her rival Emilia McCarthy whose the teen queen from hell. That App gets her team especially trained and motivated like performing dogs.

Mind control does not provide all the answers to Zendaya's problems as she learns in time to provide a happy ending for all but her rival.

This is an innocuous Disney Studio teen film, better than the new series Zendaya is in, but this young woman has the right stuff to be a major musical star. I hope Disney or someone else gives her a chance to prove it.
How could anyone have thought this could turn out well?
Where do I begin? I have no idea where to start with this. Perhaps, I should look at the biggest problem with this movie.

It's sexist. Very sexist. It makes boys look really nerdy or really gross or another over-the-top cliché and makes the girls look perfect or at least better than the boys.

The acting is bad, especially Zendaya. Zendaya is so untalented. She's not a good singer or actor, so why is she known for those things? The actors don't even seem like they're trying to put any effort in.

The premise is dumb. She downloads an app that is supposed to help control dogs, but she does something and the phone then goes through a weird series of events that make the phone.... control boys? That's... random. It's not like the process it went through had anything to do with boys. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Basically, it's a sexist film with a dumb premise and terrible actors. I don't understand how anyone would think that was a good idea.
A movie about a girl with a phone that controls boys. What could go wrong!?
This is a movie about a girl without any logic of any kind. Her step family is all male thus in her attempt to find some control she gets a dog obedience app. This app gets mutated by some means that doesn't make logical sense. The result of this is that the app controls all human males. This results in a girl without any understanding of the consequences of her actions to make vague commands that spiral out of control changing stereotypical boys. She even forgets to lock her own phone. The obvious thing to do with any power you gain is to make sure no one else can use it without your permission. Not to mention this movie contains clichés such as "the tough guy is really a secret softy that comes through for the main character at the last second" and "the popular girl is always evil." This movie is a piece of trash that I suggest no one watch it.
Full of clichés and overly dramatic.
I know this is a movie but it is a bit too unrealistic in my opinion. The whole scenario just doesn't seem plausible. First of all Zendaya's character would never wind up in this situation as her mother would never be attracted to a man like that and if she was their relationship would fall apart after living with children like his. Everybody is so obnoxious and rude.

The overall concept is interesting and once you get over the stupidity of it you can kind of enjoy it but it is super full of clichés and is pretty corny. Actually it's a little bit of an epic fail with a couple of fun and entertaining moments. I'm not sure but it could be the actors fault. As their characters develop towards the end they do get better though. It's just not a very successful movie.
Waste of an hour and 40 minutes!
This was one of the worst Disney channel original movies I have ever seen! I seriously need someone to tell me why they keep making these horrible original movies, even the old ones used to be better than these and they didn't have the graphics or anything 10 years ago. If you want a tip then don't watch it, every original movie Disney channel has produced in the last few years have basically been the same thing. The acting in this film is also a let down, I'm not saying it's absolutely terrible (I mean Zendaya was quite good) but something needs to be done about who the casting director is if that's all they can come up with. I mean come on it's Disney.

Zoey Stevens (Zendaya) is an average 16-year-old girl who has just moved in with her mother and 4 other boys. Her brother Adam (Adam DiMarco) is always in a rush due to being captain of the basketball team. The youngest one Ben (William Ainscough) is always getting dirty. The middle child: Zach (Conner Cowie) has a habit of making disgusting mixtures (like Pancake Mix). Their dad: Ted (Alexis Paunovic) is the basketball team's coach who wakes everyone up at 6:45 in the morning to be prepared. When Zoey arrives at her high school, Adam quickly abandons her and she makes a unlikely friendship with Rachel (Chanelle Peloso) who shows her to her class.

However, Rachel leads Zoey to the wrong side of the school and she walks in on a science class. She is escorted by Jackson Kale (Spencer Boldman) to the correct room (West 242) and is watched by Taylor Dean (Emilia McCarthy). Later she arrives at dance tryouts however learns that the pancake mix that Zach made is all over her shoes. When Zoey mixes Taylor's dance routine with her own, Taylor shows her up and sends Zoey and Rachel to the J.V. (Junior Varsity) Team. She goes home to find out the family dog, Humphrey, destroyed her room. Her phone later drops into a bathtub of water, gets thrown out the window, slides down a solar panel and lands in Humphrey's food bowl. The phone dries out overnight in a bowl of rice that Zoey's mother recommends. Zoey arrives at dance practice but learns her group is entirely male and dances horribly. Her dog control app malfunctions and gives commands to boys. She uses the app on her team and it works. When the principal sees that the Junior Varsity team is better than the Varsity team, she proposes a challenge: a dance off competition between the J.V. team and the varsity Team. When Jackson walks in and sees Zoey showing Taylor up, he leaves and Zoey chases him down using the app to make him kiss her, not realizing what she had done trying to prove a point. Zoey uses the app on her brothers and stepfather, making them quieter, more focused, cleaner and healthier.

When Zoey learns that Adam has college scouts coming to his basketball game, she tries to reverse the app's effects but doesn't know how. The principal schedules the Dance Off for the night of the Basketball Tournament. When Taylor steals Zoey's phone, she tries to find out how Zoey controls boys but fails until Yuki (Louriza Tronco) figures it out. At the game, moments before it starts, Taylor walks in and controls every male in the room. Zoey steps in (and one by one the rest of her family come in) and persuades Taylor to use it on her. At the end Rachel tackles Taylor and the game begins. Zoey figures out how to reverse the app with the word Release, smashes her phone and throws it out, much to Taylor's horror. The basketball game begins and Adam's team wins. The Dance Off begins and as it turns out, the J.V. Team wins with their own creation. At the end it is shown the Zoey and Jackson are dating and Zoey and her step family have finally adjusted to each other. Even though it is not actually shown in the movie, it is commonly believed that after losing the Dance Off, Taylor is suspended.
Only today's generation
I'm only eighteen, I'm not some middle-aged, ranting old lady. But only today's generation of cellular phone addicts and texting slaves would inspire Disney to make a movie called Zapped (emphasis on the word 'app' in 'zapped' was their intent, ugh). The characters were all cardboard cutouts of the trendy, popular cell phone-carrying, texting addict teens of today. I think movies should be teaching kids to stay away from cell phones, not to fall victim to the hoards of people who stumble through the streets constantly texting everyone. The plot was incredibly stupid, too! Basically an overly generic girl finds an app on her I-phone that can control boys around her. It's a dog-training app.

My little brother and sister hated it, so if Disney thinks kids like this kind of thing, well, only the sheep like movies like this, there are probably loads of other kids who don't like it, either. What ever happened to the days when on a rainy day or after school, you could have fun with Disney movies like Don't Look Under the Bed (1999)? Disney channel movies weren't always sinking as low as Zapped, there were some very memorable ones from earlier times. I'm not trying to sound old or anything, but television today is seriously degrading if people seriously want to watch this.
Not good for Zendaya's career
Don't look at the 6.0 ranking this movie gets in IMDb. Just because a hundred of fans scored a 10 for this one, doesn't make it a good movie. After leaving Shake it Up, I thought that Zendaya would give a really good turn to her career, especially after watching her getting' silver in DWTS. Unfortunately, making this absurd collection of shots that some people calls movie was a terrible decision. "Zapped" has some ingredients that only the very bad comedies have: nasty and filthy boys, fart jokes, overacted queen bee, and I stop counting. I don't know what Zendaya was thinking, but maybe she was kinda cheated before signing the contract. She is talented, she's got everything, she's young and not desperate at all to make things like this. It was enough with three years of Shake it Up. I hope I'll never watch Zendaya in a Disney production for TV. Never again.
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