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Z for Zachariah
USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, Iceland
Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Craig Zobel
Chris Pine as Caleb
Margot Robbie as Ann Burden
Storyline: In the wake of a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, two men and a young woman find themselves in an emotionally charged love triangle as the last known survivors.
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Even worse than "The Europa Report"
I really can't understand the strategy and thinking behind these kind of movies. Take an awesome premise: surviving the apocalypse, gifted actors, solid producing and directing and then end up with this "thing," with nothing of any value at all, not even some ironic, methodical twist on something, anything. The only metaphor I can come up with is the beating of a dead horse, or trying to fit square pegs into round holes. There is no character study, no character development, no plot and no point. Perhaps the producers, directors and actors sometimes get together and think to themselves, "well let's just f--k with them, let's see what they do when we put something together proved not to work on any level imaginable. It's kind of like Punk'd, only we the audience are the one's getting punk'd. It makes me mad because for all of us working class folks, time and money are precious. I can imagine with endless money and time it might be fun to mess with the movie going public, but you're still trash for doing so. You could have done anything, anything, to make this watchable: a camp of cannibalistic Nazi's, an adventure for the cure, even my greatest love of enjoying the spoils of the apocalypse. But no, you couldn't even do that, have an interesting plot. I had to drink a full fifth of Johnny Walker Red to get through this, and even then after 5 bong tokes in. I was too inebriated to turn it off, which is why I sat through the whole thing, in a dumbfounded haze of flaccid abandon. Remember Heston's Omega Man, roaming around empty cities looking for someone? That's all you had to do, that's it. Instead what we get is an utter recrudescence in banality, commonplace regression and celluloid sacrilegious infamy.
Kind of like every man's fantasy, and worst nightmare!
'Z FOR ZACHARAIAH': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller flick; loosely based on the 1974 novel, of the same name, by Robert C. O'Brien (who also wrote the classic 1971 children's book 'Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH'). The story takes place in the near future, when most of the human population has been killed off by a horrible disaster (involving radiation sickness), and the last three remaining survivors are two men and one woman. A depressing love triangle bitterly plays out. The movie stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Margot Robbie and Chris Pine. It was directed by Craig Zobel (who also wrote and directed the outstanding 2012 psychological thriller flick 'COMPLIANCE') and it was written by Nissar Modi. I found it to be emotionally fascinating; but just a little too slow-paced, and sad.

Ann Burden (Robbie) lives alone on her family's farmland. It's the near future, and a nuclear disaster has killed off the majority of the world's population. Ann's family went looking for other survivors, and never returned. One day, another survivor, an engineer named John Loomis (Ejiofor), stumbles upon Ann's land. He was searching for a radiation free area, and Ann's farm is safe; due to all of the hills surrounding it, and the land's fresh water supply. John unknowingly bathes in an outside water source though, that's contaminated, and he becomes sick. Ann helps him recover from the illness, and the two develop a strong relationship. Then another stranger, named Caleb (Pine), comes passing through. Things take a change for the better, and worse.

The film is kind of like every man's fantasy, and worst nightmare! I found it to be very emotional, and quite sad; maybe a little too sad. Ann's character also isn't nearly as well developed, as the two male leads' are; Robbie does as best she can with the part though. The movie's very slow-paced, intentionally; and I've heard it's nothing like the book it's based on (being that there's only one male survivor in it). Despite the film's flaws, I still think that it's definitely worth seeing. Ejiofor is of course fantastic in it (like always); the movie is worth seeing just for him!

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critical review
My only criticism of this movie is the same thing with My Fair Lady...they dramatically changed the ending to hit with moviegoers. BUT, in all fairness...

Wow, just wow, this movie is excellent. Two actors, one actress, and they make you feel the nakedness of humanity. I was riveted and challenged and engaged, stuck to the edge of my couch not with cgi but human drama...Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejifor and Margot Robbie delivered a performance for the ages. It was directed with a lot of tender love and care and holy Godspeed.

This is a lovely film, and I wish there were more like this.
Around the Bleakness
Z for Zachariah is a post-apocalyptic drama that doesn't exactly concern what about the disaster that destroyed civilization and centers more on the human condition. It's basically just The Road with a love triangle. And though the setting is pretty intriguing, the main storyline isn't leading to anything mind boggling. It's just love and desperation breaking these people apart from an already broken world. But for some reason, the movie works for compellingly portray its hopeless mood and the actors brought subtlety within their roles, thus actually makes a lot of it gripping.

The movie is mainly a love story where the relationship of the remaining survivors of their area only matters in this desolated world, and this environment alone is already powerful, picturing how small everything has gone. It doesn't allow much melodrama in their romance or grief, their interactions are as quiet as the empty small town, also portraying the nature of their remaining humanity; quiet, but possibly still dangerous. There isn't much of a plot other than finding a way to bring back electricity and winning someone's heart or something. There isn't any big conflict to overtake, it's just the human result of living in a world where they have nothing else to gain than what you got in this safe land and dealing with regrets of their actions during the worse times of the apocalypse.

It's all breathing in this atmosphere and evidently we could easily comprehend it by just how it shoots these landscapes of mountains and empty streets being consumed by vegetation. And again, the survivors, though aren't given too much information other than their past and personal beliefs, are brought by more compelling characterizations by their small expressions that you'd rather feel than see. The acting is terrific; with Margot Robbie giving affecting innocence as Ann and Chiwetel Ejiofor gives complexity to Loomis. And Chris Pine gives his character with both sympathy and mysterious doubt.

There is nothing enormously remarkable to be found in Z for Zachariah in the end, however, it's still quite captivating, even on a craft of a conventional independent film, it still captures the void of its atmosphere and that pretty much makes their situations easy to get inserted into. Maybe the movie kind of concluded with little subtlety, which doesn't elevate anything at all, but these characters and their smaller interactions have brought what it all means anyway. It may not involve any chaotic disasters despite of its setting, but it shows a louder emotion when it comes to dealing with this shrinking world where they have nothing left to lose but whatever makes their survival worth living.
Not sure what to make of it.
I heard quite a lot about this particular movie over past couple of months. Heard it was taken from a book by the same title. Never really looked into it as much. The main reason why I wanted to watch the movie was the cast.

I can, with out doubt, say that the cast did a brilliant job. The movie really captured me. But with no prior knowledge of what the plot might be, I assumed Caleb(Chris Pine) would eventually kill John (Chwitel Ejiofor) and lie to Ann(Margot Robbie) as to how John died by accident or something.

The ending was a real stumper for me. All through I was waiting for a fight to break out. But the way Caleb had left the story really puzzled me. Why did Caleb leave? What was the point of it all?

The soundtrack is awesome as it is depressing. I'm left completely sad for all three of the characters in the story during the end credits. Its tough to imagine that even after an apocalyptic war, there was still matters of the heart that can compel one to wish they can be left alone.

Although I hear the book has a very different and much darker ending. So as far as stories go, this wasn't the worst way to end a love triangle. Even if it is the last bit of love left in the world.
A science fiction without much fiction, an erotically charged tale without eroticism and a pseudo-emotional story.
"It's about... rebuilding. Maybe God... or your father... put this here for us. So we can... we can start again. Maybe that's why we're here... Just to start again."

The future prospects of our beloved world looks rather bleak, judging by the post-apocalyptic films of recent years. The endless series of disaster scenarios doesn't bode well. "The Maze Runner", "Divergent," "Mad Max," "Oblivion," "The Hunger Games", "Snowpiercer", "Automata", "How I live now", "World War Z", "The Well" ... they all show a society that recovers on the ruins of a previous calamity. Similarly, "Z for Zachariah". You won't get a real explanation about the incident that led to a general extermination of our society. Reference is made to radioactivity and emerging nausea caused by polluted water. From this you can deduce that there might have been a nuclear war or accident in the past. But otherwise it is pure guesswork.

It all started in an interesting way. A sober story with a sole survivor in a fertile valley (a "Garden of Eden" as it were), that was spared from the global holocaust one way or another. But this soberness gradually morphed into dullness. The emphasis gradually shifted from the apocalypse that took place in the world, to the complex, apocalyptic emotional world of a few surviving individuals. A love triangle is formed with reconstruction, religion, racial discrimination and jealousy as central themes. The fact that in all probability the world population was wiped out by a disaster, is relegated to the background and is only mentioned briefly afterwards as if it's irrelevant. What remains is an ordinary but complicated love story.

I came across the following perspicacious summary : "Z for Zachariah is a sex movie with a science-fiction coating and barely any sex.". It can easily be added to the list where films such as "The Boy" and "Manglehorn" are appear in. Painfully slow films. What remains are the acting performances. An advantage (and maybe disadvantage at the same time) are the number of main characters. It's limited to three. Margot Robbie as the devout, farmer's daughter Ann Burden, who can drive a tractor to work the land without any problem but on the other hand feels rather inconvenient when it comes to intimate relations with someone of the male gender. Margot Robbie is a ravishing appearance as seen in "Focus", "Suite française", "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "About time". Despite her fairly pathetic and bigoted look in this film, her natural beauty is still striking. She's joined by Chiwetel "12 Years a Slave" Ejiofor as the scientist John Loomis who is being rescued from a certain death by Ann after taking a refreshing bath in a toxic pond. The group is completed with Chris Pine as the not so bad-looking miner Caleb. He thwarts John's plans to re-populate the planet thoroughly.

This film is based on the novella by Robert C. O'Brien from 1974. I myself haven't read it and allegedly the film isn't really consistent with the book. For example, there would be no question of a third person. Knowing this, I think I'll let this book pass me, for even three people can't ensure that there's an intriguing, fascinating story. Let alone two. "Z for Zachariah" is a science fiction without much fiction, an erotically charged tale without eroticism and a pseudo-emotional story. Despite the nuclear disaster, the chemistry between the characters was hard to find.

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A fascinating study of humanity in its most basic form
This is probably the quietest and most understated post-apocalyptic movies you'll ever see, but deep down, it is truly fascinating. With great performances, impressive directing and an intriguing plot, this film is massively engrossing and surprisingly simple to understand from start to finish.

First things first, however, this isn't a sci-fi in any way. The setting is in the post-apocalypse world, however that bears pretty much no relevance to the development of the plot as a whole, it's just a background to put these three characters together in a more desperate and dramatic situation.

Instead, this is more of an indie romantic drama, so be warned, sci- fi fans, there's nothing here for you if you're just looking for something exciting and action-packed.

What this actually is is a fascinating study of humans in their most basic state: survival and animalistic desires, relating itself almost to Adam and Eve and biblical theory.

Therefore, the most captivating part of this film is the relationships that develop between the three main characters, as each of the men gets closer to Margot Robbie's character, tensions begin to rise and a clash becomes inevitable, however watching these people act in such a basic way, driven by their pure desire for procreation, is hugely fascinating throughout, and at times even thrilling.

What really helps that to be so is the performances. Margot Robbie, in the female lead, is okay. It's not a stunning performance in any way, but her character isn't really the most interesting, as apart from her devout Christianity, she's only really there to set the spark off between the two men.

As a result, it's Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine that are most impressive. Pine plays a slightly smaller role, but successfully asserts his position within the trio and causes huge complications that turn Chiwetel Ejiofor's character into the most interesting. Ejiofor's performance perfectly conveys his character's natural frustration and desperation in this situation, and that makes him absolutely brilliant to watch.

Finally, something's got to be said about the directing here. Instead of fitting in in a long line of post-apocalyptic movies, this film, thanks to director Craig Zobel, doesn't feel cold and as if there is some intense impending danger, but the lush nature of the landscape that the film is shot against and the clear serenity of the environment makes this a much warmer and calmer film that makes it all the more pleasant and engaging to watch.
Great book ruined by poor acting and PC (Spoiler)
I read this book when I was a teenager and really enjoyed it, I was eagerly awaiting the movie. Then I discover that they cut out many of the best parts and ruined it with political correctness. One of the characters who was white in the novel is suddenly black in the movie, what was their casting director smoking when they changed the entire background of one of the MAIN characters. They even went so far as to make race an issue when the now black Loomis tells the two other white characters to "go be white people together" in a fit of jealousy. What are they trying to achieve with this, could we please have our classics animated without a side-serving of white guilt? The book was popular as it was, I hate it when the PC police come in and start taking artistic license. Great book, Crap movie.
Great Cast, Troubled Script
In the wake of a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, two men and a young woman find themselves in an emotionally charged love triangle as the last known survivors. Z for Zachariah packs 3 really good performances by Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor and it has some really beautiful locations and an interesting premise and characters unfortunately you can hardly call it a romantic film or even a love triangle thing cause Ann and John kissed once in the whole movie sure he said that he loves her and she tried to seduce him twice but she failed both times and when Caleb comes in she started fell for him and they ended up making love since Loomis was sleeping also you can hardly call it a post apocalyptic movie also cause the only thing we see it's just empty streets and stores there are so many great backstories about all 3 characters and yet they never explore them or at least show a bit of flashbacks i mean John Loomis even said that he killed a boy and it might have been her brother and yet they never bring it up again also the plot should have mentioned that they are building something in order to bring the electricity back on. I found the ending to be really powerful tho with her playing the piano and John come in she looked at him and she started playing again and if you see closer John actually cried and maybe because he feels guilty about what he has done? I think 99% that John killed Caleb he just left the rope and he fall into the water and died but that's just me. Does Z for Zachariah worth your free time? Yes. But it's by no means a perfect movie they should explore their characters more and the whole plot instead of this whole love triangle that is barely in it and makes Margot Robbie look like a wh*re when she is just a troubled character that she was left behind. I'll give this movie a 6 out of 10 it was good but it should be better!!!
Very loose adaptation but also very beautiful
Like many others, I read Z for Zachariah in middle school. I liked the book- it's about a young girl who finds herself completely secluded after an unknown disaster wipes out her town. She comes across a very sick man named John Loomis and debates bringing him into her safe haven. She does and eventual complications arise.

The film version differs from the book a lot. It's a very loose adaptation with the most obvious change being Caleb. He's not in the original story and at first I disliked the idea of (yet another) love triangle in a movie. However Z for Zachariah isn't dramatic or corny about it. It's beautifully filmed with a lot of time devoted to character development. The entire movies focus is about rebuilding a society and what it takes to succeed. Three people works better in this case and keep things interesting.

The other big change here is John. He's played much more sympathetically than the novel. However his mood does change and we see real seeds of paranoia, post traumatic stress and jealousy. In the end, we're left to decide whether John is truly a good man or not. And if the film version is following the source material, even loosely, the answer should be clear.

Truthfully I liked the movie. Even with the multiple changes, I think it brings a fresh take on an older classic. However go in with an open mind and knowing this is a very different adaptation. Fragments of the original story still exist but under the guise of an entirely new story.
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