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We're the Millers
Crime, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson
Laura-Leigh as Kymberly
Tomer Sisley as Pablo Chacon
Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald
Matthew Willig as One-Eye
Mark L. Young as Scottie P.
Kathryn Hahn as Edie Fitzgerald
Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger
Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore
Jason Sudeikis as David Clark
Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis
Ken Marino as Todd - Strip Club Owner
Luis Guzmán as Mexican Cop
Jennifer Aniston as Rose O'Reilly
Storyline: After being robbed of a week's take, small-time pot dealer David is forced by his boss to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. In order to improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks the broke stripper Rose and two local teenagers to join him and pretend they're on a family holiday.
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I lost IQ points
I don't typically write reviews, but my outrage for this film could not go unheard.

My friend and I decided on this film because it seemed like it had promise. Generally, before a film I'll check this site and read the ratings/reviews. Both appeared to be mostly positive, so naturally I was fuelled with excitement and optimism.

The film is annoying, miscast, and screams desperation. The mundane script drags you and your intelligence through mud for what feels like eternity. If I kept tallies for the amount of times this movie made me cringe with irritating and misplaced references, my sheet would look like a prison cell from 1952.

The jokes that jokes weren't even the worst part, to be honest. That honour goes to Nick Offerman and his wife played by Kathryn Hahn, who I am having difficulty describing without erupting in violent, vulgar shouting. Nick is okay, but whoever thought Kathryn's character was usable should never see a set again. I can't remember the last time I've been so physically and mentally irritated and frustrated with a cast, or film.

The film itself has a fairly doable premise, I guess. But the cast, my god the cast. Why would they put Jason Sudeikis as a lead character? Why would you do that to us? He was great in Horrible Bosses, but you simply cannot have a film revolve around this man. He will disappoint you. Jen Aniston's character is ridiculous, as well. You take a women who was in one of the most loved and successful television programs of all time, and have her desperately cling to her stardom by stripping periodically throughout the film.

It's like they never edited the film at all. The thing is two god damn hours, and you walk away wondering what you just witnessed. Its disjointed and unpleasant.

If this was the final cut, I couldn't imagine the suicide inducing dribble that the unedited version would show.

P.S. Ed Helms, stop acting.
This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2. This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2. This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2. This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2. This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2. This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2. This is a really good film and it is hilariously funny, plus i would like to see a we're the millers 2.
Surprisingly Funny!
I thought We're the Millers was going to be another one of those stale road-trip comedies, but actually you can take the word stale out of the equation. It has a bashful, mean-spirited undertone, but the jokes work so well and this is the case where they are so mean, but so funny. A certain spider joke comes to mind. I also liked the concept of the film. Strangers working together to show themselves as a family to the public is a good topic to work on. I really enjoyed the film and to be honest, I would not say no to a sequel.

Rawson Marshall Thurber's film is about a low-level drug dealer named David Clark who is assigned to travel to Mexico and smuggle marijuana. In order to keep suspicion away, David realizes he should travel with a "family." He gathers his stripper neighbor, Rose, a homeless thief named Casey, and his virgin neighbor, Kenny to be his fake family for the road.

This film has a good cast and I think everyone had good, natural chemistry. Jason Sudeikis is often a mean guy, but is naturally funny. Jennifer Aniston is sexy hot in her role and is one of her better roles as of late. Emma Roberts is a good cast and is probably her raciest role to date. Finally, Will Poulter does a good job as he is the butt of my favorite jokes.

Overall, We're the Millers is your modern, typical R-rated comedy but it's hilarious and the jokes work more often than not. I was surprised at the outcome, and I never thought I would be calling this the funniest film of Summer 2013. But indeed it was. From that spider joke to another joke involving lots of kissing, I really could not stop laughing. I rate this film 9/10.
I want my money back
I'm not sure if I'm getting old and losing my sense of humor or I'm getting old and I've finally realized it takes more than sexist, rude, crude and crass comedy to entertain me. If being completely honest I'd like to think that I even in my younger days I still would not have found this funny as the majority to seem to. It seems as though I've finally found a film where I am out voted. We're the Millers is a story about how being wrong and soulless can lead to a deserving life. Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses, Hall Pass) plays David Clarke a local neighborhood drug dealer dealing to everyone from the tidy business man down to the local thugs. He's not exactly big time money but earns enough to keep him happy. After being robbed by a couple of teen rough nuts he is pretty much told he needs to pay back the big boss or die, he must go to Mexico and pick up a small amount of herbs to repay his debt and clear his name. Knowing all too well that getting across the border in a RV by himself will cause a lot of suspicion he enlists the help of a stripper neighbor named Rose played by Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses, Friends), and two others to play his kids. One his 18yr old never been kissed neighbor Kenny played by Will Poulter (The Maze Runner, School of comedy) and the other a teenage runaway named Casey played by Emma Roberts (American Horror Story, Valentine's Day). Together the foursome set out on their road trip to Mexico ready to play happy families to get through the boarders security with a nice big payload at the end… This movie is wrong on so many levels, Jennifer Aniston really needs to hang her head in shame here, it was a disaster from beginning to end with some of the most absurd dialog I have ever heard in a comedy. Jennifer playing a stripper for a start was ridiculous, yes she is quite hot and knows how to move her body but her character was such a mess I swear the character must have had some form of mental illness from one scene to the next she was someone different. Jason Sudeikis I just don't think he is funny, he is pretty much one character in all his films, a womanizing no hoper, the way he treats his "family" is ridiculous. (Yes I'm well aware they aren't exactly a family but these strangers and the way they behave with one other is ludicrous). It seems the writers (Bob Fisher) and directors (Rawson Marshall Thurber who also directed Dodgeball) idea of funny is to be as rude and crass as possible whilst at the same time insult as many viewers as possible by being sexist, racist, homophobic and belittling. I hated this movie, I didn't laugh at its stupidity the only time I actually laughed was at the end during the credits for one moment where the cast gave a nice little surprise to Jennifer Aniston. I just don't know what else to say here. What I do know though is there are a lot of people out there who still find this kind of comedy amusing, I guess its some kind of escapism or perhaps there is more to it. I'm not sure. The feedback I received when I said I had watched this film was very 50/50 some loved it whilst others loathed. I guess if you want the rude, crude, loose women, gay d#ck sucking, ear poking, weed baby, cartoon villains type of film you will love this.
An actually funny comedy
'We're the Millers' follows a drug dealer, a stripper, a runaway and a geek, who come together pretending to be a traditional, all American suburban family to smuggle a whole heap of drugs from Mexico into the US. Fortunately for us, Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper. With all the actors playing surprisingly likable characters, who's opposing chemistry works impeccably when put together.

I usually find that most of the time, films that parade around claiming to be comedies, usually with one famous face to show, are often just not funny. But 'We're The Millers' was actually a good comedy; probably not in a witty sophisticated way, but it made me laugh. This film also has its emotions, in their own little unconventional ways, considering the leads were not exactly your average person.

If I had to think of the one thing that I found extremely obnoxious, it would have to be Ed Helms. Everything about his character and his acting, was just annoying, which is probably why the ending made me quite happy.

Worth watching if you need a no-brainer to spike your mood. And if not for the laughs, I'm sure Jennifer Aniston stripping would do the trick.
so predictable
Jennifer Aniston was the nicest nice girl two decades ago, projected to fame by the 'Friends' series and by her publicized relationship with the nicest nice guy Brad Pitt. 'Friends' concluded after more than one decade of successful seasons, Jennifer is no longer with Brad, she is still one of the nicest in the comedy films country, but now it's time to play the mother. Or fake mother. Which is what she does in 'We're the Millers'.

Premises are pretty good. David (Jason Sudeikis) has a profitable profession which now has become history - he's a weed dealer in Denver, CO. When he gets in trouble he is forced to become a drug smuggler which is quite a different and risky protection as we learn. In order to make it happen he needs to recruit the help of a neighbor stripper (our Jennifer) and of two teens in semi-trouble to fake a regular family crossing the border between the US and Mexico for non-chemical recreation. Troubles, of course, just start.

The problem is that not only the troubles the characters are in or get into are predictable, but almost everything that happens in the movie can be told from start from a story or emotional point of view. The only unpredictable thing is how predictable everything is. Even the jokes are to great extent recycled, and director Rawson Marshall Thurber has almost nothing to add. The best comical part is made of the cut scenes screened after the end of the action and before the credits - do not leave too early! Jennifer Aniston is - of course - superb, and much of what I found written about the film was about how good she looks and what she did for this. Which is absolutely deserved, by her and by the movie called 'We're the Millers'.
Surprisingly Entertaining
I was really excited to see this movie when I saw the trailer, because I thought it looked hilarious, and I'm a huge fan of Jason Sudeikis and I absolutely adore Jennifer Aniston, and I can guarantee that it does not disappoint. It was actually better than I was expecting it to be, because you don't usually expect much from drug dealing comedies. The plot in this was actually pretty clever, and to be honest Will Poulter's character Kenny really makes the entire movie. He played it so well, and he was perfectly awkward and strange, it was hilarious. It was definitely one of the best comedies I've seen in a while. Sure it did have some corny moments that are unrealistic, but I overall enjoyed the movie.
Miller's Crossing
Blackmailed into smuggling drugs across the Mexican border, a small-time drug dealer lures three social misfits to pose as his family to avoid suspicion in this energetic comedy starring Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter. The zest of the film lies with the principal cast, all of whom are in top form. The film particularly comes alive as the foursome jump back and forth between assuming family stereotype roles from overprotective parent, to concerned sister to confused son and so on. There are also several great moments as they keep running into a vacationing police officer and his wife, who turn out to be less conservative than they first appear, while the likes of Luis Guzmán and Ed Helms have great cameo roles. As a comedy, the film is nevertheless uneven with several gags that are telegraphed way too far in advance (walking in on the kissing; the spider bite) and the antagonists are a bit too comical to be fearsome, but when the film does work, it shines. There is a hilarious line regarding a local Apple Store and some great running gags. Fans of Jennifer Aniston will probably take interest in her striptease scene, though the best gag with her happens during the closing credits. Flawed as it may be, 'We're the Millers' is certainly an amusing look at four lonely individuals who, quite by chance, form a really good surrogate family.
Enjoyable from Start to Finish
This is a really enjoyable movie from start to finish. There were plenty of occasions when I genuinely laughed out loud which is always a good sign.

None of the acting performances were particularly special. That said, the four central characters were all very different and this worked well as it allowed the writers to create scenes focused on each of them and keep things fresh.

My main criticism is that for a comedy about smuggling drugs from Mexico, very little of the movie was actually set in Mexico! I think they missed out of quite of lot of mileage in terms of generally just making the movie more interesting. Instead, most of the scenes were centred in and around RVs. Thankfully the quality of the comedy more than made up for that for the most part.
A lot more entertaining than I thought it would be.
Somewhere a few weeks ago I came across a list of 2013 movies that a fan made, of the better movies of that year. This one is on that list so I looked it up and found it on BluRay at my local public library. I watched it without my wife, this is NOT her kind of movie.

It is of course a silly comedy with lots of vulgar language and frank sexual references. Some of it falls totally flat but there are enough really funny moments that overall it is quite entertaining, for those who don't mind the sex talk and vulgar language.

It starts in Denver, Jennifer Aniston is a stripper, Rose O'Reilly, a neighbor is marijuana dealer Jason Sudeikis as David Clark, a young homeless female is Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis, and goofy young neighbor is Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore.

Against all odds the four form a team to travel to Mexico in a large RV to transport a load of marijuana for a local distributor, Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger. David figures if they pretend to be a happy tourist family they can get back through the checkpoint without being checked. To his surprise, when they get there the Mexicans load up a ton of the drug.

The trip back across the border and to Denver doesn't go smoothly at all and that is where most of the humor is inserted. What starts out as four people who really have no desire to be with the others eventually turns into a "family" of sorts, each looking out for the other.

SPOILERS: Brad is totally dishonest, he had promised to pay David 1/2 $Million for delivering the drugs safely to him. But he backs out, and as soon as he does DEA agents descend on him, with David's cooperation. He and the rest of the impromptu "family" have to be put into witness protection and are relocated to a suburb, meeting the new neighbors over the fence they announce "We're The Millers."
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