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Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Andrew Stanton
Ben Burtt as WALL·E
Jeff Garlin as Captain McCrea
Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright - BnL CEO
MacInTalk as AUTO
Kathy Najimy as Mary
Sigourney Weaver as Ship's Computer
Kim Kopf as Hoverchair Mother
Teddy Newton as Steward Bots (voice)
Lori Alan as Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen as Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Eiding as Additional Voices (voice)
Donald Fullilove as Additional voices (voice) (as Don Fullilove)
Teresa Ganzel as Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: In a distant, but not so unrealistic, future where mankind has abandoned earth because it has become covered with trash from products sold by the powerful multi-national Buy N Large corporation, WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot has been left to clean up the mess. Mesmerized with trinkets of Earth's history and show tunes, WALL-E is alone on Earth except for a sprightly pet cockroach. One day, EVE, a sleek (and dangerous) reconnaissance robot, is sent to Earth to find proof that life is once again sustainable. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. WALL-E rescues EVE from a dust storm and shows her a living plant he found amongst the rubble. Consistent with her "directive", EVE takes the plant and automatically enters a deactivated state except for a blinking green beacon. WALL-E, doesn't understand what has happened to his new friend, but, true to his love, he protects her from wind, rain, and lightning, even as she is unresponsive. One day a massive ship comes to reclaim EVE, but WALL-E, ...
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This is a decent movie, a fun watch for the whole family but it is vastly overrated. I have not seen anything so original about it, it is full of clichés and it is very predictable. It is not fun as other Pixar movies, it is supposed to be "deep" instead, but I just don't buy it. The love of Wall-e for the female robot feels unnatural and unreal. The producers' effort to depict a "cute speechless love" was largely successful for most of the people, but I find it pretentious. Well, that is me, though. There is a good chance you will like this movie a lot.

Still, this is the best animated movie ever? According to IMDb Top 250 it is. No, freaking way! It might barely make Top 20.
Pixar's still producing the best movies out there
We went to the San Francisco Film Institute's first public screening at their campus in Emeryville. Everyone's sworn to secrecy, but for a film with little dialog, it carries more of an emotional punch and has a richer story than any live-action movie this year. The tone and style of the film is completely different for Pixar, and Disney haven't tried to override the darker thematic elements at all, making the story surprisingly three-dimensional.

This will end up being the animated film of the year and I had the same 'wow' feeling as after seeing Ratatouille. Considering that animated films have always played second-fiddle to live-action, and have been aimed at kids, it's ironic that once again Pixar produces a film that rivals any live action on every level. Bravo!
Pixar Hits a Home Run with Wall-E...They Just Didn't Hit It Out of the Park!
..........................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA.....and ORLANDO, FL

Shame on me for ignoring my own rule of thumb and slurping up so many of the gushing reviews for Wall-E. My expectation was somewhere around Pluto, but this only managed to take me to Saturn. Normally, Saturn would warrant a rave review, but not when a film falls somewhat short of that ever-so-high bar you've set for it! Don't get me wrong. Pixar has hit a home run with Wall-E. They just did not hit one out of the park, as so many others would have you believe.

The movie really does work on just about every imaginable level. The Pixar animation team most certainly outdid themselves, taking CGI to an impressive and breathtakingly realistic new level for 2008. Wall-E is, at times thought-provoking, ironic, laugh-out-loud funny, poignant, entertaining, and perhaps, somewhat romantic. Yes, all of this with a highly original story line and offbeat musical accompaniment. Those elements which are borrowed from other movies are at least incorporated with a fresh twist.

Wall-E most definitely has its shortcomings: A little over the top at times in the "Gee, aren't we just the cutest on screen Bots you've ever seen?" Department. There are also a couple occasions where the substitution of dialog for assorted sound effects becomes a bit tedious.

Fortunately, the movie is very low key as regards the results of long term ravaging of the environment, not at all in-your-face as so often is the case with movies made in the recent years. Taken as a whole, though, Wall-E deserves between 8 and 8 1/2*. In any case, please, simply put aside the reviews and just watch Wall-E, hopefully, leaving your expectations behind. You'll probably have a very enjoyable and entertaining 90 minutes.


Any comments, questions or observations, in English or Español, are most welcome!
Like a stop-smoking ad starring Joe Camel
When Pixar's not sucking on the Disney Empire's sinister teat or filling landfills with discarded kitsch packaged in slow-to-biodegrade plastic and made by suicidal kids in China at environment destroying mega-factories...they're making eco-cautionary, anti corporatist films. In this regard we had the clean energy advocating "Monster's Inc" and "Cars 2", and the eco-loving, anti-consumerist, anti-corporate "WALL-E". Pixar's other films have a stranger tension, "Cars" decrying urban sprawl, gas guzzlers and life in the fast-lane by celebrating retro-cars, speedy races and old-school, "good", "small town capitalism", whilst the "Toy Story" movies yearn for the tactile, nostalgic pleasures of solid-state toys even as Pixar's dependence on pixels, processors and Pentiums pulverises whatever pull pre-digital entertainment ever had. Want to play with Mr Potato Head, honey? Screw that, Mom. Hit me some X-box. Now! Disney once performed a similar magic trick, making billions off public domain material whilst militantly copyrighting the same material (Disney lobbies were behind the drive to extend copyrights to a full century), aggressively suing everyone from the Academy Awards to daycare centres who dared place Snow Whites and Quasimodos in classrooms or playgrounds.

Directed by Andrew Stanton, "WALL-E" revolves around a cute robot called WALL-E. He's (why do we assume WALL-E's male?) a cross between ET and "Short Circuit's" Johnny 5, with big robot eyes and a perpetually sad, puppy-dog look. When he's not mimicking old Chaplin, Keaton and Harold Lloyd routines, WALL-E's patrolling a now derelict planet Earth, stacking garbage, junk and dutifully doing his best to repair a polluted planet. Enter EVE, an apparently female robot who has been sent to Earth to scan for vegetation. While WALL-E resembles an old VHS system, EVE's a cross between a tampon and an Ipod, all sleek enamel, digital readouts and laser beams. The duo embark on an adventure which teaches us about the fragility and strengths of our ecosystem and condemns mega-corporations/branding/advertising/rampant-consumerism (shades of the sci-fi eco-parable "Silent Running"), before launching into a second half which takes place upon the Axiom (literally, "the worthy few"), a spaceship where fat, lazy humans are doted on by machines.

The film's best moments occur in its first, Earth-bound quarter. Here our robots share a courtship that evokes Chaplin's "Little Tramp", "Modern Times", Virginia Cherrill's blind flower girl in "City Lights" and the love affair in Keaton's "The General". This section is also quite melancholic, WALL-E a lonely outcast thanklessly tasked with cleaning up humanity's mess. We feel for him. He's also a bit like Neville of Matheson's "I am Legend" (pet cockroach instead of dog), barricading himself in his bunker each night in an effort to escape sandstorms.

Unfortunately the film quickly becomes Pixar's most saccharine, manipulative, contrived, obvious and heavy handed. Cheap death scenes are frequently rolled out to elicit tears (WALL-E keeps dying and his cockroach keeps getting squashed), WALL-E's big sad eyes are relentlessly milked, and the film's "GARGANTUAN EMOTIONAL MOMENTS" are mostly all forced and obvious. Throw in a generic "red button", "ticking clock", "countdown to explosion" finale, a series of second-rate action scenes (and obligatory "poetic flying scenes"), last-minute villains ("2001's" HAL meets "Flight of the Navigator's" Max), weak comedy, corny characters and you have one of Pixar's worst. The film also struggles to cook up interesting visuals and virtual sets, its aesthetics becoming conventional as soon as the film launches into outer space. Stanton's previous Pixar effort ("Finding Nemo") kept its two sections – expansive ocean reefs and claustrophobic urban fish tanks – much more fresh. With "WALL-E" you've seen it all before.

"WALL-E's" message is all over the place, which upon release resulted in it being embraced by both American liberals (hug a tree!) and conservatives (pro free-market, anti big government). Regardless, the film has little real world bearing. Historically, machines increase work, obesity is linked to social class (ie, the poor, not the indolent) and in the real world consumerism/fatties are bolstered not by machines but skinny slave labour abroad. In this way "WALL-E's" a very white, middle class, American-centric film: it's an appeal to stop consuming and start recycling rather than a look into the reasons for and futility of both. Bizarrely, the film's "anti-consumerism" but fetishizes retro objects - silent films, Zippo lighters, plastic forks, hubcaps, Rubik's cubes, nuts, bolts and bits of treasure - treasure which WALL-E identifies as being representative of humanity. For WALL-E (cool: he's more a historian than garbage-bot), objects have souls, which is capitalist nostalgia axenic.

Like most "environmental films", "WALL'E's" aching for a pure, untouched, unpolluted, pre-globalisation, pre-digital past. A return to the wilderness (see "Survivors of the Dead"). And like these films ("Avatar" etc), it wrongly turns "environmentalism" into a personal choice. But people are mostly frugal and it is systems, not people, which make society "happen". It is not your fault you're inundated with packaging, spam and products with short life-spans. Rather, capitalism as an ordering system hinges on waste, overproduction, expansion, over-accumulation, exponentially increasing consumption, and is designed such that most products go trashed and/or unsold (corporations destroy tonnes of merchandise to prevent sales on the black market and horde goods to manipulate demand/prices etc). It is the "normal situation" of bourgeois society for a great part of existing products and of the previously created productive forces, to be wasted. Much of this waste comes from an economic system which pits the same products against one another and requires copious labels and advertising as weaponry in this war. There can be no "environmentalism" or "green movement" unless one first radically re-figures our whole concept of production, wealth and "money" (wrongly, "WALL-E" is post money), "money" having long been exposed as a powerful political tool for expropriation, as opposed to a mere "neutral medium of exchange", as is commonly believed.

7.5/10 – Almost as annoying as "Avatar".
Definitely Disney/PIXAR quality animation! Very strong 7 Stars from me!
Well, how cute is this movie? To begin with, Disney might have gotten Sony Pictures approval for their mimic of one of my favorite movies' character "Number 5" in the movie called 'Short Circuit'. Well, I loved this animated movie because of the character "Wall-E" and "Eva". Very well done animation and voices. The concept or movie plot was silly, but it worked for me. Simple, yet sweet. I'm not sure if it's an 8 Star, but it could be close. It would have had to have a way better plot or a sweeter lesson for today's youth which are the adults of our future. We need to emphasize more health in our movies and not mimic the current state/route of our countries' population in terms of obesity. I wish the movie industry well-being! Watch this movie at least once if you can.
An innocent little robot begins to have feelings for a robot named EVE.
It's not unusual for Pixar to make a movie that is unforgettable.

This film proves that humans aren't the only things with feelings, and it shows it in an awesome way. The movie has barely a word spoken in the first 30 minutes, but tells a story so touching and so innocent it leaves you breathless. The first half is transcendent.

Although WALL-E is a robot composed of assorted metals, he is anything but lifeless.

I was really surprised at the quality and depth of the movie. This is not your ordinary children's cartoon by any stretch of the imagination.

I can not say that I highly recommend it, but it is worth watching once.
I just rewatched this movie the other day and thought I would leave a review.

I grew up with the short-circuit movies and Wall-E's resemblance to number 5 is quite noticeable, but I liked number 5 so that's fine with me.

He expresses a lot as an anthropomorphic little character and so do the other robots.

The humans are pretty funny but I remember when I first saw it at the cinema and thinking that I wouldn't have that icecream at then end of the movie. just in case.

On a side note I really hope we learn to treat the planet better
Essentially a sweet and very involving robot love story where the two robots have the task of getting humans back to Earth that they've left behind temporarily
First things first – to be accurate, the film's pronounced 'Woll.Ee' not 'Wally', like the red-and-white stripy shirt boy and his dog that you were endlessly searching for on your telly screen and in the books as a kid in primary school …

The voice acting is really good. Wall.E, himself isn't completely silent – he does vocalise some few words(like 'Eve-a!'), while others are bleeps. EVE( a vegetation evaluator), who he loves, talks in a computerised robot voice which sounds really effective. The Captain on board the ship, and some other humans the little robot meets all have natural delivery in terms of their voices.

Pacing/Plot: Quite simply the plot is: Earth's been overtaken by our own produced rubbish that's piled up really tall over the years, so all humans have fled to space but they've left behind the title robot to clear up after humankind have abandoned the planet – and he's only got a cockroach for company. He's later joined and falls for a female shiny white robot then tries to rescue her when she's taken back into space on board a vast space cruise line. It seems inspired by old sci-fi films when Wall.E later ends up in space on board the vast cruiseliner and the film here turns softly but effectively satirical. Maybe quite anti-consumerist I'd say, especially when you get to see the appearance of the humans in space. Yes, it has a green message but it's not of the preachy heavy-handed kind Happy Feet had towards it's ending, in my opinion, and it's set in a realistic context for the film – 700 years in the future! It constantly engages by scenes with even just with the lonely Wall.E and his cockroach being funny and sweet, due to his clumsiness, so there's a fair bit of slapstick and clever sight gags. Adventure, romance and a critique on our society and lifestyle all blend together well.

Animation: Wow! Wonderfully realised visually – standout scenes for me is when Wall.E's followed into space and we see Saturn's rings and the Sun, goodness! The character design of our robot hero isn't original as it's a lot like Short Circuit's Johnny Five meets a robotic E.T. but even so he's still lovable all the same. EVE's egg-shape and general shiny white design is very good. Backgrounds are also detailed and I like the subtle way their personalities are shown just by their nuances in movement.

Music: I love the score and the use of songs from Wall.E's favourite film in his lair: Hello Dolly.

Overall: A dazzling animated story with a welcome subtlety done green message at it's core, and a lovably sweet robot. What sets this apart from loads of other CGI films released from other companies is it feels as if a lot of passion and inspiration created this and the film truly has a heart too, as big as it's own binoculars-head hero. This matches or even surpasses Pixar's own high standard laid down by the studio since their 90s output, in my opinion. I also loved the hilariously funny Presto short with the Magician and his rabbit before the film.
A beautiful love story...
WALL-E is a robot left on Earth to clean it up while the human race waits in space. Despite being a robot, however, WALL-E has developed a consciousness - he is curious and innocent as a child. Of course, being what seems like the only operational robot left, he also longs for companionship (...someone besides his pet cockroach).

That's where EVE comes in, a robot probe sent from the humans in space to check whether or not Earth is again inhabitable. Once WALL-E sees EVE, he becomes smitten and will literally follower her anywhere on Earth... or even space.

One can empathize with WALL-E, as he has been alone for what seems like the greater part of 700 years, toiling away at work with nothing but the comforts of his makeshift home to give him some small pleasures and distractions in life (although his morning sluggishness is due to his depleted power, we can't help but relate with those mornings WALL-E finds hard to get out of bed). When he sees the sleek, powerful EVE, it's quite understandable that he is captivated by her.

EVE, on the other hand, is completely focused on work (her "directive"). While we can see her personality come through when she enjoys the freedom of flying around upon her arrival, she is determined to fulfill her mission.

The real love story starts to kick in here. The scenes of WALL-E trying to gain EVE's affection are both lovable and laughable. And when WALL-E brings EVE to his home to shelter the storm, he shows EVE all of the various things he collected, much like how a child would show another companion his playthings. EVE's sense of humor comes to light, and we start to see a connection between WALL-E and EVE.

Still, when WALL-E shows EVE a plant he picked up, she realizes that her mission is accomplished, so she then "hibernates" and beacons the spaceship to pick her up. WALL-E, though, doesn't realize what she has done when she shuts herself down - he is confused, and thinking that she's solar-powered like himself, he brings her outside to the sunlight. His concern and care for her in the rainstorms shine through, and he also dresses her up in lights when he shows her the beautiful sunset she can't see.

When the spaceship picks up EVE, WALL-E follows suit, wanting to protect her but still not realizing what is going on. Once they dock on the AXIOM ship, WALL-E gets into more trouble, being a fish out of water.

EVE initially looks down on WALL-E - he's, of course, an older model who's job is just a trash compactor. Her attitudes can be seen on Earth where she initially ignores his attempts to gain her attention. Her desire to protect WALL-E arises not from love but more from a sense of noblesse oblige - even though WALL-E would follow EVE anywhere, she tries to make WALL-E understand that he has to go back to Earth alone, echoing WALL-E's interaction with his ever-present pet cockroach back on Earth.

When WALL-E is locked in a space capsule that is set to explode, EVE again tries to save WALL-E. Luckily, he was able to get out of the situation himself, and they meet in space. WALL-E used what he learned of a fire extinguisher on Earth (a hilarious scene) to propel him - here, we see EVE and WALL-E as equals in a beautiful dance of flight around the spaceship.

More and more, we see EVE start to care deeply for EVE, and it's not only because he's cute and funny but also because he is unselfish and caring. When the captain asks EVE to show recordings of her time on Earth in order to see the state the planet is in, the recording is left on, and EVE then sees the care WALL-E has taken of her during her hibernation. Also, WALL-E risks his life to protect the plant, not because he cares so much the plant but because he knows how much fulfilling her directive means to EVE. He would do anything for EVE, and, in turn, EVE starts to develop the same feelings towards WALL-E.

The two endure various calamity to help the spaceship return to Earth, but WALL-E becomes a casualty in the process. EVE finds replacement parts and fixes WALL-E, but he is not the same - he is only focused on his work, a reversal of roles from the beginning of the film. However, EVE holds WALL-E's hands and "kisses" him with a spark, and his memory awakens.


It's just amazing to me how all of this is conveyed in the storytelling. The characters' expressions and actions are limited to their eyes and gestures of their hands, yet that seems to be more than enough for the artists of the film to express the character's emotions in a visual manner. Each robot can't but say each other's names, yet their bond comes through without any dialogue - in fact, just the tone of their voice when calling each other's names gives all of the information about their intent or feelings at that moment.

In any love story, it's not a trivial task to express both sides - oftentimes, unrequited love 'magically' becomes true love after a single event, when the object of the affection suddenly has their eyes opened. On the other hand, WALL-E provides the viewer with a believable love story where both characters come alive and whisk you away in their universe. It's nothing short of extraordinary.


Of course, to say that "WALL-E" is a perfect love story is a miscategorization, as it offers a perfect blend of comedy, action, and suspense, along with so many other interwoven messages and jewels - it's just a perfect story, period.
A Nutshell Review:
In some strange twist of Fate, the local release of recent Pixar movies always had us here twiddling our thumbs wondering when it'll finally make its way to the screens, while we hear the accolades ring from the rest of the world in marvelling at the quality that Pixar continually churns out. It's likely that the distributors want to coincide the release with the local school holidays, but frankly, the money also comes from the adult crowd, as testament to this full house in one of the largest screens downtown during a late night screening with nary a noisy kid in tow.

And I may sound like a broken record, but Pixar has done it again. Quality stories with quality animation, and it kept the run time to a manageable under 100 minutes, compared to the previous offering Ratatouille, which clocked near 120 minutes (or actually felt that long). I never expected WALL·E to pack in such a strong emotional punch, not that Pixar has never animated non-living objects before (such as Cars), but there's a certain child like innocence appeal that WALL·E possesses, that makes him very charming, and very endearing to the audience.

As a Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth-Class, Isaac Asimov's Robot directives has him firmly and dutifully carrying out his duties of compacting Earth's rubbish, as the last of its class on Earth to clean up the mess. Humans have now polluted the world so much that they took to Space in Star Trek inspired ship designs, to live out there while WALL·Es take over to do some massive spring cleaning. Until of course, our WALL·E becomes like The Last Man, erm, Robot on Earth with a cockroach companion, acting and emoting superbly that puts Will Smith to shame.

The fantastic thing about WALL·E is that it can tell so much by so little. The first few minutes establish everything we need to know about the current world, and paints a very humanistic, soulful value to the dusty, dirty and rickety robot. He (see what I mean?) has a lot of eccentricities, and in performing his duties, develops quirks and becomes a collector (of junk) of sorts, which allows the creators to pump in plenty of sight gags and inside jokes ranging from sound effects (I swear my Apple is now a WALL·E pre-cursor) to paying homage to movies such as 2001: A Space Odessey.

In essence, WALL·E is a love story in human terms, where the boy tries hard to get the girl, only to have her spurn his advances. EVE (which stands for Extraterrestial Vegetation Evaluator) is WALL·E's object of affection, who got sent to Earth as a probe for life. And my, she's a difficult one to handle, being state of the art, as well as packing a mean self-defense mechanism that makes breaking the ice really difficult. Not to mention as well, a fiery temper to boot. Which means our guy has to really try, and try hard, to break that wall down. Poor thing really, because all he wanted to do, was to hold her hand. The Beatles would have been proud.

But of course you'll have to throw in tougher adversary and events to make it all the more worthwhile in WALL·E's pursuit of EVE, which spans lightyears and a plant that becomes the catalyst for their romance. A lot of the movie takes place on board The Axiom, the human ship where a vision of the future is presented, which metaphorically holds a mirror up to ourselves in our over reliance in technology that we're beginning to grow sideways, and not noticing the things that nature has in store for us, human to human communication, and the things that matter. It also has an soft environmental message and stance thrown in, but done so subtly that you wouldn't feel that it's being preachy and a turn off.

I hate to admit it too that the movie turned me into a big softie, especially its clichéd finale, where you know what will happen, but yet want to second guess if the filmmakers could be so heartless with an ending that I thought would really make me shed a tear. However, it's Disney after all, and when you think of merchandise opportunities, then business sense prevails.

WALL·E deserves every acclaim that it's got, and let me contribute mine too. If you have time to only watch one animated movie this year, or want to bring your kids to one, then make no mistake, WALL·E is the perfect choice, without a doubt, hands down. It makes it to my books as contender for the top 10 movies of the year. Highly recommended stuff, and the leads don't even speak much save to call out to each other!

Oh, do put your bum on the seat early too, as with all Pixar features, there's always a short that preluded it, and Presto is nothing short of hilarious, and a crowd pleaser to rouse the audience into a frenzy before the main act takes over. I guess it's high time I purchase the collection of Pixar shorts available on DVD as well.
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