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Underworld Awakening
USA, Canada
Action, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Jacob Blair as Officer Kolb
Robert Lawrenson as Waterfront Cop
Lee Majdoub as Desk Guard #1
Catlin Adams as Olivia
Theo James as David
Tyler McClendon as Scientist
Panou as Old City Cop #1
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Charles Dance as Thomas
John Innes as Medical Supervisor
Adam Greydon Reid as Med Tech #1
Storyline: Mankind discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan species and they begin a war to annihilate the races. When Selene meets with Michael in the harbor, they are hit by a grenade and Selene passes out. Twelve years later, Selene awakes from a cryogenic sleep in the Antigen laboratory and meets the Vampire David. She learns that she had been the subject of the scientist Dr. Jacob Lane and the Vampire and Lycan species have been practically eradicated from Earth. But Selene is still connected to Michael and has visions that she believes that belongs to Michael's sight. However she has a surprise and finds that she has a powerful daughter named Eve that has been raised in the laboratory. Now Selene and David have to protect Eve against the Lycans that intend to use her to inoculate their species against silver.
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Stylish & cool but empty & soulless.
Underworld: Awakening starts as the existence of Vampires & Lycans living amongst humanity has been exposed, the authorities respond by carrying out a mass purge in order to wipe out both the Vampire & Lycan species. Vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) & her hybrid lover Michael Corvin attempt to escape the mass execution & meet at a dock but both are shot & fall into the water, Selene wakes up twelve years later in the labs of a company called Antigen after being placed in cryogenic suspension. Selene manages to escape Antigen & meets another Vampire named David (Theo James) & a young hybrid girl named Eve (India Eisley) who are all attacked by Lycans but manage to reach the relative safety of a secret community of Vampires hiding on the outskirts of the city, Selene quickly realises that Eve is her daughter & that she is crucial to genetic Lycan experiments that will give them invulnerability & will stop at nothing to get her back. Selene must fight the Lycan threat, save Eve, herself & humanity from the vicious Lycans...

Directed by the Sweedish duo of Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein this is the fourth film in the franchise that started with Underworld (2003) & was followed by the direct sequel Underworld: Evolution (2006) which happens to be my favourite Underworld film (hey, I have it on Blu-ray...) after which came Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) which was a prequel & didn't feature Kate Beckinsale as Selene. For Underworld: Awakening the script jumps back to contemporary times in a modern almost futuristic city & Kate Beckinsale returns as the sexy rubber clad Vampire Selene, I must admit to liking the Underworld series as each film is visually good with some good action & gore set-pieces & although the mythology isn't exactly deep a world of Vampires & Werewolf monsters fighting each other provides ample opportunity for various cool action scenes, huge monsters, plenty of violence & gore &, of course, Kate Beckinsale in tight black PVC & rubber kicking ass. Hey, what can I say? I am easily pleased. The major disappointment about Underworld: Awakening is the lack of any substantial story on which to hang the set-pieces & action, the script is really simplistic with none of the character's standing out or being developed beyond broad clichés (character's who want to fight, character's who want don't, an evil scientist) & the plot feels a little bit choppy with the beginning in particular feeling like it could have been expanded & explained a little better. The plot about genetic experiments & Selene having to save her daughter is standard fantasy film stuff & even the concept of the Vampire & Lycan war exposed to humanity is nothing special or that original although I suppose it will take the series in a different direction if any further sequels materialize. Underwolrd: Awakenings is also very short, if you ignore the closing credits (which last for ten minutes!) then the films runs for a mere 75 minutes, I think the film could have used an extra five or ten minutes worth of character & plot development to flesh things out a little actually so it doesn't quite feels as soulless as it does & we then might have actually cared about the people here & what was going on a bit more. The twist at the end & the revelation of what the evil Lycans are trying to do is strictly routine & raises minimal interest & things are predictably left open ended to facilitate a further sequel.

Filmed & released in 3-D which is a trend doing the rounds in Hollywood at the moment I cannot comment on this version, I have eye problems that prevent me from seeing films in 3-D so I don't know how it looks but even I could see several scenes shot in a way with 3-D in mind. Visually I love the way Underworld: Awakening looks, it's dark grey & blue colours & it's modern yet Gothic looking sets that are impressive to look at & add lots of character to the film. The fight scenes are good, there's plenty of slow motion, shoot-outs, fights, all sorts of flips & somersault's while the CGI computer effects are also generally very good. There's a really good scene in which Selene, David & Eve are trying to escape some Lycans while driving a van & the Lycans chase them through the city traffic. There's lots of violence & gore on show, from slit throats to broken arms to ripped-out throats to exploding Werewolves to slashed wrists & chopped off heads. If your looking for blood then Underworld: Awakening delivers.

With a supposed budget of about $70,000,000 this was filmed in British Columbia in Canada, the production values are great & the film is visually impressive even if it does feel empty in terms of it's story. The acting is alright, British names such as Stephen Rea & Charles Dance provide decent support although it's the sexy Beckinsale in tight black rubber that steals the show.

Underworld: Awakening carries on the visual look of the series & sees the return of Selene but it feels empty with the minimum of story to hold the action & gore together. I liked it enough & I would watch it again for the visuals, the action & the gore but it has no depth.
Great action
I admit there was more about action (and action was very good) than about plot, but I still give the movie 10/10. There was some important moments that make this movie unique for me. As I said, the plot doesn't have much to offer, BUT. "My heart is not cold, it's broken" - this line alone made it 10. The movie accents the priority of love. Do you think it's banal? Yes, but not when the parents' love and love between man and woman compared. When I learned the movie will have this daughter of main heroine, I was disappointed. Another sob story? Cry me a river. But the mother-daughter relationships shown were actually good and original - no hugging, no crying, no „I love you, sweety!" Selene behaves as she should - she lost her loved one, so she won't be smiling happy mom just because she now has a daughter (though of course she would protect her). Another moment that touched me is when Selene found Michael and wasn't responding long enough when that policeman called her and asked for help saving her daughter. Selene didn't betray her love just because of her parental duty! I think these moments were very deep and are actually rare nowadays in the movies and I'm not sure people who are prioritizing their children over everything else or people who forgot long ago what true love is will understand them (and there are about 90% of such people in the world). All in all, good action, great Selene, some deep moments and the ground for the fifth part. Good job.
Could have been better.
I liked the previous movie in the franchise because they focused on the war between the Vampires and the Werewolves / Lycans and with every new entry in the series they uncovered new pieces of the past and at the same time they moved forward in the storyline.

This time the movie goes in a completely different direction and tells us that humans found out the Vampires and Lycans exist and they seek to kill all mutants. This could have been a good direction if they would have chosen to use this as a tool to show any progress in the story and not as the story of the movie as a whole. The story is very generic, Selene escapes from a place she was held in, kills Lycans , end of movie. That's it, the only thing the movies does it's that it hints us what's going to happen in the sequel.

I see this as a missed opportunity, they could have showed us the Vampires uniting with the Lycans against humans or show us Vampires and Lycans fighting for their rights or anything else but instead, they have shown use how Selene kills MORE Lycans.
Not up to expectation :(
one of the most anticipated movie of 2012,fails to deliver,worst of the series,all the main and big characters were died in the previous installments of the series,so every thing depends on Celine and script,but script is not up to the mark,Kate Beckinsale is the only thing to watch out for,she is again awesome as Celine. Action scenes are good music is so so..and good use of 3d,but if u'r an underworld fan then this movie will disappoint you.. movie producers only try to cash the name of underworld,but they forgot that story is the backbone of any film only action scenes and some good action sequence are not sufficient.. first part of the movie is awful but during the second part movie recovered itself..Second part of the movie makes it one time watchable. In short underworld Awakening is a wake up call for the makers to stop this series now.
Not an Underworld Movie...
The Fourth instalment of the Underworld series seems to have gone off track a bit. The first three had great special effects, great make-up, nice atmosphere and some amazing characters. this one has stepped away from the original style, its no longer dark and realistic, but has taken a turn towards the resident evil style. The special effects are over the top, even the blood is cheap cgi, spraying everywhere. the werewolves look different and i think almost all scenes with the lycans were cgi, none of the great make- up we had before and the over the top camera angles were just annoying at times. I was also disappointed to see the cheap cgi of the werewolf transformation. the original one was really good. As a action film, it was pretty decent, but as a sequel to the original underworld and a fan of the first three, this ones falls a bit flat. its a shame none of the original cast couldn't reprise there characters to give it a more underworld feel to it. As an action film, i would give this a 6/10, but as an underworld film, i give it a 4. right down the middle - overall a 5/10
not bad
i thought this movie was a little closer in tone to the original, even if nowhere near that great

the fast paced action and conspiracy on top of conspiracy was a lot closer to the original than the other sequels

although not a cinematic masterpiece, I enjoyed this more than any of the other sequels/prequels

i watched this movie at home and not at the theater, so maybe the so called CGI problems were not as problematic here

not sure what people were expecting, but i thought this was a good outing in general

while not a landmark of movie 3D, i thought it did make it more atmospheric and added depth in some cases

I wish i had seen at the cinema TBH :p

recommended :-)
Action movie that felt like an episode of a TV show
No Michael, just some crazy kid who looks like a girl from 'The Curse'. Only one kiss (in flashback!), one semi-Sexy naked Selene scene, and that's all 'eroticism' in there. The whole script was probably like 10 pages and half of it was pain grunts. The police, the time frame, the afraid vampires - poor confused story. Bloody, some killing methods were hilarious. 3D worked really well with all the jumping, walking on walls, blood on camera, fire, etc. They left the story very open at the end and that's why it felt like an episode of a TV show also the movie seemed very short, expect more Underworld movies if this one makes profit. But I got to see it for free and free is always good! :)
It's a spoiler
It was OK, but out of the entire franchise definitely the worst movie. They should have stuck with vampires vs. Lycans keep the humans out of the equation. There was to much CG in the movie the Lycans didn't look real at all in the first 3 films they were men in costumes. And of course Scott Speedman wasn't in the film. Never try to stoop to others movies level of blood and gore because Selene never did all of the horrendous stuff in the first 2 movies. No 3D its stupid. Bring back the elders.Scott Speedman needs to come back. None of that CG crap when I saw that I was going to walk out of theater. If they bring back Lucian I will be very mad I've heard that rumor. Stop trying to stoop down to other movies levels with the humongous monsters. The plot for the next installment for the Underworld franchise should be Vampires vs. Lycans end of story.
A letdown in the Underworld Saga
I am a fan of the series: in this movie, the focus of the story shifts a little - the humans has discovered the other 2 "new" species, and begin to purge from Earth both Vampires and Lycans.

Selene and Michael attempt to escape, but are captured: 12 years latter, Selen awakes in a cryo chamber (Subject 1), in a research facility, and sees another chamber, the Subject 2, believing this is Micheals one - only to discover latter that in this chamber, was a Hybrid 12 years child, her daughter, that is being pursued by surviving Lycans... the rest of the story gets around this: has a lot of action, but a think the focus is too narrow, only in this event, and the movies ends with a direct hook to a 5th movie.

Its a enjoyable sequence, filled with action, but I think it's the poorer one. My score: 5,0 / 10,0.
A let down after the other movies...
After the first three movies of Underworld I really thought I'd enjoy this film. But surprise, surprise as the reviews said it definitely wasn't as good as the first three... I just felt with the other movies in the franchise they had done really well with the balancing of the plot line and characters-the characters seemed really well developed which is hard to do in an action-packed film. In this one- however- I felt they rushed in too quickly with the story not developing the characters to having a purpose in the film. It felt like they were just there to fill a role rather than add anything valuable to the movie! I especially didn't like the way they got rid of Scott Speedman look-a- like(as Michael Corvin) at the beginning as I felt there was no need and Kate's character got over this pretty damn quickly! Then the Michael Corvin character magically reappears again at the end just as we've got used not seeing him around anymore! In comparison to the Underworld and Underworld Evolution movies(which I thought were at least worth 8/10) this felt like a complete let down... However, I would say it was worth a watch as when you got to the final fight scene it does get quite exciting! There is -however-one last thing I do not understand about the whole film: the short synopsis simply says "When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences." which is silly as we find out later in the film that the employees at Antigen are in actual fact all Lycans apart for the unfortunate woman scientist who gets killed by them. This fact just shows that the storyline was not thought out and this film claims to be something it's not. The only reason my rating of this film reached a 4 is because Kate Beckinsale is still as intriguing and beautiful as ever! But there are major holes in this story so if your in for a good story this is not the film for you...
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