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Two Men in Town
USA, France, Algeria, Belgium
IMDB rating:
Rachid Bouchareb
Reg E. Cathey as Supervisor Jones
Augusta Allen-Jones as Bartender
Aaron Alexander as Bar Patron
Lionel Archuleta as Cafe Patron
Colt DeMorris as Minuteman
Paul Caster as Party Guest
Dolores Heredia as Teresa Flores
Stan Carp as Richard Wayne
Brenda Blethyn as Emily Smith
Tim Guinee as Rod
Luis Guzmán as Terence
Forest Whitaker as William Garnett
Ellen Burstyn as Garnett's mother
Harvey Keitel as Bill Agati
Storyline: A Muslim ex-con forms a friendship with his parole officer.
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Unbelievably underrated!
OK, this movie has some (minor) problems, but which movie doesn't have them? Yet, at the end of the day it's a very powerful and poetic movie that gets under your skin and makes you think.

Forest Whitaker is unrecognizably slim and his performance is just brilliant, as always. Harvey Keitel, looking much older than I expected, is as sovereign in this role as he always is. No surprise, he being such an experienced actor.

Cinematography is beautiful. The ugliness and isolation of the town and the aridity of the landscape, building an unmerciful natural wall against desperate Mexicans, contribute immensely to the feeling of loneliness and hopelessness of Whitaker's character.

Can a man change and leave his past behind him, or will it stick with him for the rest of his life?
40 years on
My summary line making the point that this is a remake many years removed from its (french) original. I haven't watched the original, so I cannot tell you how the two movies compare. I can only judge this by its own merits (and faults). What I can say, is that Whitaker is giving an excellent performance. It's also nice to see Harvey Keitel in a bigger role, even if it sometimes turns a bit comic evil, he has the gravitas to pull it in.

The age old question within this movie is: can we escape our pasts? Can we change and become someone/something different? Can we ever truly repent and is there such a thing as forgiveness? Those are heavy topics and the movie does not stay away from other topics as well (like religion, though it's not really made a big strong point, other than being there). You can tell early on, if this is the kind of "entertainment" you like to watch or not ... the rhythm/pace stays the same throughout (occasional outbursts excluded)
One of the worst remakes ever made
The Case Study in this remake is exactly: How an Algerian director (Rachid Bouchareb) managed to get a classic French film (Deux hommes dans la ville) and make his propaganda against the supposed racism to Muslims.

The original movie "Deux hommes dans la ville" was written and directed in order to reprobate judicial system in France, which in 1973 yet was adopting the guillotine as a death penalty method. While the original movie hero (Alain Delon) is an ex-con who's character makes the viewer coincides 100% facing the cruelty of society and the bias of the authorities, in this remake the corresponding hero is an inhibited, psycho-neurotic character who almost at the first 10 minutes of the movie make audiences think "well the Sheriff (Harvey Keitel) is doing a good job trying to destroy Garnett's life". Unfortunate and totally uncool the choice of Forest Whitaker in the role of the main hero.
Deux Hommes Dans La Ville
José Giovanni often found inspiration in his own life for his screenplays :he knew jail as the sound of his own name and he was once sentenced to death.His "Deux Hommes Dans La Ville" was first a plea against death penalty (after André Cayatte's "Nous Sommes Tous Des Assassins "(1952) and Claude Lelouch's "La Vie L'Amour La Mort " (1968)).The end of his movie depicted an execution in lavish details,with the sinister guillotine.This finale has remained memorable .

Whitaker takes on Alain Delon's part ,Dolorès Heredia Mimsy Farmer's ,and Harvey Keitel Michel Bouquet's.The probation officer who was a man in the French movie(Jean Gabin)with a whole family ,including a "May 68 " son,becomes a bachelor (which is perhaps a mistake ,cause the French hero becomes friend with all of them and it urges him to have his own family) vigorous woman.

As the background is entirely different from Paris,I had not even established the connection between the two movies ,although the sheriff reminded me of his French equivalent.And I was amazed when I noticed that the human officer -who tries in vain to let a terminally-ill man return and die in his native Ohio- listened to French singer Barbara .

Whitaker gives one of the most restrained performances of his career,most of the time straight-faced ,even when he is humiliated : in jail ,the convict often redeems himself by finding Bible and Jesus :here ,maybe influenced by Malcolm X or Mohammed Ali,he found Allah ,but it does not make a big difference .Keitel's part is not very interesting,being repetitive and finally dull:the actor deserved better material.On the other hand,Brenda Blethyn makes all her scenes count. Mrs Burstyn's short appearance is ,as usual,a lesson in acting ,but is she really credible as the hero's mom?

The desolate landscapes near the Mexican border are at least as impressive as the urban background of the French movie.It enhances Garnett's longing for a simple life ,and his desire to have a wife and children.That the ex-prisoner finds his sweetheart as soon as he is out of jail is somewhat unlikely,but it was already one of the flaws of the French model (Mimsy Farmer was also a bank employee in Paris).

This is not for action-packed movies buffs;it is actually more austere and slow-moving than Giovanni's original movie ;violence is kept to the minimum and sex is almost absent;it's certainly underrated,although the raison d'être of the 1972 version is wasted .

NB:As "Deux Hommes Dans La Ville" was a huge success in France,the title of the remake was changed into " La Voie De L'Ennemi" (the enemy's way)
worth a watch
I just have finished to watch this film and it was quite good. Probably best Witaker role in years. He looks great on this movie. Also he has lost some pounds and he remembered me Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. I have to say that is not an excellent film because the ending. It is a slow good film. Harvey is quite good too. On the other hand the ending was open to imagination. I do not why, all the movies I watched lately, has an open ending. The movie finishes and you do not know what is going to happen between the main character, the sheriff or the police woman. I do not like how it ends. That is all. To add I love the backgrounds and photography.
Where is my showdown?
Greetings again from the darkness. Director Rachid Bouchareb, a long time festival favorite, has taken the general story of writer/director Jose Giovanni's 1973 film of the same title and relocated it from France to a New Mexico border town. It touches on many elements such as rehabilitation of criminals, small town justice, human personality traits, freedom and justice, and conversion to Islam.

Opening with the silhouette of a brutal murder against the sunset in a New Mexico desert, the film has a western feel replete with the sense of doom and impending showdown. Forest Whitaker stars as Garnett, a paroled man who has just been released after serving 18 years for killing a deputy. Despite a life of crime that began when he was 11 years old, Garnett was a model prisoner who obtained his GED and mentored others while becoming a converted Muslim. His words make it clear he wants to put his old life behind and start fresh – however, his actions show he still struggles with explosive anger issues.

In a move that seems counterintuitive, Garnett is confined while on parole to the county in which he killed the deputy. The local sheriff (Harvey Keitel … who else would it be?) sets about making things difficult for Garnett, and expresses anger at his release while the "deputy is still dead". The idealistic parole officer is played by Brenda Blethyn, so the stage is set for the clash of philosophies: trust and rehabilitation vs historical behavior and justice. Adding one more challenge to Garnett's new world is the presence of his old crime boss played by Luis Guzman, who of course, wants him back in the business.

While many folks all over the globe struggle endlessly to find love; Garnett is 2 days out of prison when he falls for the local banker played by Delores Heredia. Herein lies the problems with the movie. The love connection just happens too quickly. Guzman is never the ominous presence of a truly bad guy. Keitel only gets to offer glimpses of his disgust at Garnett's freedom. These three characters are all severely underwritten despite the efforts of three fine actors.

If not for the terrific performance of Forest Whitaker, the film would fall totally flat. It's his screen presence that keeps us watching, hoping against all odds that he will find the peace he so desperately seeks. There is a wonderful scene with Whitaker and Ellen Burstyn, and a couple of the scenes with Whitaker and Blethyn are powerful, but the other pieces just never pack the punch necessary for this one to fully click.
Great performance by Forest Whitaker
For those of you who are fans of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, than I recommended you check this one out.

Whitaker plays a man on parole after 18 years of prison, and with the help of Allah, who he finds inside, he makes a great attempt to follow the path and get his life right, but too many things are pulling him down, especially the town sheriff that can't forgive him for killing his partner.

Harvey Kitel plays the Sheriff, adding a little more star power to this small picture. Luis Guzman plays the role of Whitaker's ex-partner who wants to repay him for his loyalty by getting him back in the life.

Kitel and Guzman are fine actors but their purpose is truly just to support Whitaker who barely needs it. It's the type of realness that you would expect from a academy award winning actor, who convinces you of being a man on the verge of redemption without hitting you over the head with a needless moral campus.

The movie itself is not put together as well as Whitaker's award winning turn in The Last King of Scottland. It's all about pointing the camera at this man and watching him go. That's what you want to see and he gives it 100 percent.
True to life, gritty and frustrating... a great movie...
All the way through I watched Forest Whitaker with glee, making me want his character to keep going in-spite of all the challenges he faced. The acting from all those involved was marvelous and although the story is not new, ex-con tries to go straight, the variations where enough to make it interesting. Playing his parole officer, I found Brenda Blethyn's characterisation quite refreshing and not what I'm familiar with from her previous roles. Harvey Keitel does a wonderful job playing the sheriff, who starts on the familiar path of persecution of Garnett, but seems to have second thoughts towards the end of the film.

I suppose the start of the movie makes you wonder who is having their head bashed in and that stays with you till the end, but it's the downfall of Garnett and his acceptance of it, that affected me the most. I expected him to give in to his old ways, but half expected some sort of showdown, which is what made the film more a reflection of real life, when it didn't happen. A lesser man would have given in entirely to his criminal past, a greater man perhaps would have asked for more help from the authorities. As it happens Garnett, like the rest of us, is something in between. I was therefore left with a feeling of disappointment tinged with sadness at Garnett's actions and their inevitability in that situation. All together a splendid movie.
"I've developed a philosophy over the years that's proved"
Forest Whitaker plays recently-paroled man in New Mexico who did hard time for killing a deputy officer, hoping to restart his life on a new path but butting heads with Harvey Keitel as the five-times-reelected sheriff who believes Whitaker is "a loose cannon." Too mild French-Belgian-Algerian-US co-production, a remake of the French-Italian 1973 version, is preconceived to be a dramatic battle-of-wills between the two men...and yet, it doesn't even follow through on that promise. It's really just an updated western (with new-fangled overtures to Allah), and Harvey Keitel's hard-ass sheriff is a character we've seen him do before on better occasions. Brenda Blethyn upstages both men as Whitaker's parole officer. ** from ****
Tough movie
This is a tough movie to watch. You feel for willy, he's trapped by his past actions. The sheriff weeps for the dead illegal immigrants. The parole officer weeps for her parolees. It seems nothing good can ever come from this world....can it. This, of course, is Satan's world. He owns this world, it's plain to see in this movie. Willy seeks answers from allah, but alas, he finds nothing but more and more pain. The cycle of violence continues on and on. In the end, Willy can't wash his hands clean any more. He can't do it, he can't wash his mind free of sin. Bottom line though, is he murdered another human, and now he is forced to live this hell on earth for the rest of his waking days. There's no use in running from it.
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