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Turkey Shoot
IMDB rating:
Jon Hewitt
Carmen Duncan as The President
Leah Vandenberg as Mother
Raj Sidhu as Security Chief
Suzannah McDonald as Teena Fine
Juan Jackson as Tom Faye
Viva Bianca as Jill WIlson
Stephen Phillips as Lieutenant
Roger Ward as The Dictator
Nicholas Hammond as General Thatcher
Peter Houghton as Announcer
James Wardlaw as Driver
Dominic Purcell as Rick Tyler
Robert Taylor as Ramrod
Storyline: In the wake of a shocking civilian massacre in a foreign war zone, disgraced Navy SEAL Rick Tyler is sentenced to rot in a maximum security military prison until he is offered the opportunity to put his life on the line to win his freedom. A one-man force of nature, Tyler will have to take-on and take-down some of the world's most ruthless killers in some of the world's most brutal locations to win the game, obtain his freedom and find out why he was set up. The question is, can he accomplish all of this before Game On is Game Over?
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It had its moments
First things first – this movie centers around a marine; his motive? Serve his country and take out a sovereign nation's dictator. Easier said than done right? He is frames and spends the rest of the movie fighting for his life against other killers – all for the sake of bumping up a show's popularity while he is hunted down and eventually killed. This doesn't happen and instead he seemingly manages to avoid danger and kill off every last one of them. Not only does he manage to save the day, he clears his name and manages to be the ultimate fighting machine.

The plot works easily enough – but it has a few things that are a bit off. For one, we've never had a woman president in our nation's history – this is a huge stretch when they throw it in the movie, even though it looks like a nice nod in that direction. Another girl, a more prominent member of the military and of higher rank is also present – this is uncommon and also a stretch of the imagination – it is obvious she is here purely as eye candy. The movie is non-stop action, but the overall sequence of scenes often doesn't make sense – despite the movie's pacing being consistent throughout. In one scene we're following with typical movie theatrics, but then we're in the middle of a reality television show with blurbs on the current progress of the main protagonist; it is further thrown into disarray by throwing in numerous angles via security cameras. This is surely a novel concept – the new Robocop did it, but it made far more sense in that movie, here it just looks redundant.

The movie is good if you need to kill some time, and it is surely better than many 'bad' movies out there. What I did like was the included documentary with the 'RedBox' DVD, which I feel does more than the movie set out to accomplish.

Originally posted to Orion Age ( p=9737).
Not a thumbs down... I gave it the finger
I would have given this movie a 0/10 if I could. This could be, quite possibly, the worst movie I have ever seen. Just awful. The Character development is horrible and you don't feel anything for them. Very formulaic. As soon as I saw the character "Gillian Wilson", I openly said, she's gonna sleep with the main character... Sure enough. No nudity though.

The scenes are cut just horribly, and changes what we just saw... an example, he his running from the police, with no-one chasing him on foot. The next scene it cuts to, there's a cop right behind him. Another example, they talk about getting into a hospital that is guarded to the teeth and impossible to get to the guy he wants in there... do you see him getting past all these obstacles? Nope (not that you'd really want to). The next scene is him in the hospital room that he was trying to get to. Same goes for when he escapes out of that hospital.

Save your money, even if it's in the dollar store. The DVD is good for 1 thing only, a coaster for your cold drink while you watch another movie. It truly is the worst movie I have ever seen, and that includes "Plan 9 from outer space", except this movie takes itself seriously.

I cannot imagine anyone enjoying this movie. If you see a good review, it was written by someone who has shares in the company.
Not as good as the original
Whilst we are in the season of remakes galore, i stumbled across this remake of the original turkey shoot. Whilst this movie does try to do good and stick to a well known story of person gets caught, person get sent to prison, corrupt officials put person into TV game show for ratings, it just feels well lacking. it does pay homage to some of the originals characters ie thatcher the main antagonist in the original and to actor steve railsback it also is showing the original playing on a TV actually in the movie but no where near as good. go see the original turkey shoot, very controversial and was an R20 when it came out and was extremely violent.
The producers could never ever pay me enough money to willingly watch this movie again.
The end credits to TURKEY SHOOT had an excellent choice of font. They were, in fact, the only entertaining part of this turkey of a movie.

The producers could never ever pay me enough money to willingly watch this movie again.

Even if you are a fan-boy who enjoys blood-fest gore movies that are over-long, badly-edited, un-scripted, TURKEY SHOOT is still a complete waste of time, and will leave you with ninety minutes of your life, forever lost.

Rick Tyler is the latest target, on a brutal kill or be killed, live reality cable television game show. Dominic Purcell is Rick Tyler. Robert Taylor is Ramrod, and he is one of the many antagonists (a sniper who never ever misses his target). Robert Taylor gives a credible performance with the uninspiring and very wooden dialogue, that failed to mimic the natural cadence of speech, and is the only saving grace of TURKEY SHOOT.

If only the embarrassing screenplay had dialogue that allowed you to suspend disbelief. Performances by the ensemble cast included stilted dialogue, and unwieldy turns of phrase, all delivered by the actors without showing any sign of emotion.

We are supposed to think that this film was shot somewhere in the United States. Memo To continuity: Why during the film do we see cars with Melbourne Victoria number plates?!

At the media screening TURKEY SHOOT did not have a lip-synchronized sound track. Presumably this was an anti film piracy measure. Hopefully this situation will be remedied for the film's commercial release.

Starring: Dominic Purcell (Killer Elite, Prison Break), Viva Bianca (X, Spartacus) and Robert Taylor (Longmire, Focus)

Directed by: Jon Hewitt

Australianl Release Date: December 4th

Run time: 90 minutes

Rating: MA15+

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The real turkey "It's live, it's crap"
First off the bat, I expected much more from this. Remakes tend to be much more glitzy and exciting, especially as far as horrors go, the remake of Straw Dogs, another example. What we have here is one mess of a film, which has heavily borrowed from The Running Man. The team behind the solid Indie crime flick, Redball, are back, where Hewitt, has just slumped lower after that weak sex flop, X. We even have some of the old players from the original. This does move in much different directions as the original, as the horrible Purcell, once part of the CIA, was framed and made to take the fall for slaughtering innocent civilians, women and children. Now a prisoner, he used in a game show, ala Running Man, minus the suspense and thrills. Surviving two stages, the best player, so far, of course, he's sprung from the show, by a former lover, work colleague (the hot Viva Bianca) which furthers the story. Just with Sound Of Music's recent passing of Liesel, (Hammond) who played Frederich, plays Thatcher, here, but with a different character, to that of G.P's Michael Craig, in the original. It's a fine performance, as with many here, (Bianca, McClory, donning a fantastic and polished American accent) except for our clunk head lead. There are a couple of gruesome bits, a head exploding scene, and a suicide one. It ends somewhat similar to that at the end of that 2001 movie, Series 7, but the whole film spells mess, disappointment, and some real crappy photography. The highlights of the film are our two over enthused hosts of our death survival show. Hopefully Hewitt, can one day, return to the kind of film making he did so wonderfully, with his baby, Redball, where here he's almost B grade, ground level.
Save your time, quit this game
Like a parody of Hunger Games parody, or utterly horrendous video game concept, Turkey Shoot is devastatingly unappealing. It doesn't even produce enough basic elements, such as decent editing or consistent plot. Furthermore, it tries to employ heavy core moral aspect with overly enthusiastic way beyond its incapable production. There's a slight gruesome action, though not well made and most likely won't even entertain fans, let alone casual viewers.

Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell) is falsely convicted and then thrown into survival game for audiences' pleasure. Well, fake on-screen ones, certainly not real life audiences of normal people. There he must fight for his life and prove his innocence.

The movie tries to depict the redundancy of reality show with corny delivery like Hunger Games. However, it becomes actually unappealing. They repeated these faux news stereotype several times, and this is no doubt a torture to watch. It's not an overstatement that surviving this is as dangerous as playing the actual game.

With script and plot suffering with poor presentation, it relies heavily on the action, which will also disappoint. There's barely any continuation for the combat scenes. People would repeat the same motion as though they're lagging or the movie cut awkwardly and forget a few shots. You must have seen poor choreography where hits don't land, this movie takes it farther with random shots of random motion, then glue them together.

Even viewers with fortitude for cheap effect or story will waver. This is one game you would want to quit as soon as possible, or just don't start in the first place.
Oh dear...
The original Turkey Shoot is a fun Ozploitation film that rattles along at a fair pace and never seems to take itself too seriously. This remake is a po-faced turgid mess that is so badly directed even Uwe Boll would shake his head in disgust. Dominic Purcell can be good in the right role, but in this he looks downright ashamed to be here. And I don't blame him. The guy clearly needs a better agent. Long story short, he plays a wrongly convicted war criminal that is entered into a Running Man style TV show where he has 90 minutes to get to a destination whilst avoiding various assassins. And trust me that sounds far more exciting than it actually is. The film is a mess. The camera work is appalling, the direction is laughable, the script is infantile and there are huge chunks of narrative presumably missing. The action is badly filmed and choreographed, the characters are mere outlines and the acting ranges from poor to middling. Purcell himself seems half asleep. Not even worth a watch for curious fans of the original. Avoid like the plague.
War Conspiracy Hunger Games
7.4 of 10. While not equivalent or parallel to the Hunger Games (it's something that could easily be happening now as opposed to sometime in the future), it does involve a reality TV game show with what modern society considers attractive media personalities where the participants are being hunted by each other, aka an "Elimination Game", all in a world where war is being heavily promoted and the show's primary heroes are vets.

The cast works well. Nobody seems obviously out of place. Available technology also is believable for a parallel Earth type of fiction.

Fortunately, it's not a film trying to setup sequels. It functions and wraps up nicely as a single, complete film. Unfortunately, there's a little too much equivalent of pro wrestling bullet dodging and inexhaustible bullet supplies at times.
Ah, understanding a movie for what it is...
I rate it 9. It does not get a 10 because he handed over the micro SSD to that random woman in the crowd.

Anyway: it's a funny movie. The plot is completely surreal. A good guy incarcerated for killing women and children (whom he actually tried to save) fights his way out of jail on a TV show. With a happy ending, for once.

Here and there there we find little things belonging elsewhere, from Snatch to Porco Rosso. That makes it even more fun.

The acting is thoroughly consistent. Among the best, the 2 announcers of the show. Totally out of reality.

It "stays together" very well for being a retarded action packed splatter movie.

I believe the first effort in judging any movie should go into understanding what you are watching.
Horrid attempt at being original
This movie gave me a migraine as you will see every single plot turn coming your way. Filmed with what I assume a low budget; rip off of The Hunger Games, Hostel, Death Race, and MANY more (excellent films comparatively). It is a run of the mill "fight for your life because you're actually innocent" plot. It's a real shame seeing Dominic Purcell go from a great actor in many fabulous films / television shows, to this cruddy script. You can do SO much better as you've proved time and again in the past.

I'm left wishing I had read the reviews prior to watching this, would have saved me a hour of thinking "What the heck were they thinking?"

Do yourself a favor and do not bother with this low- budget inferior boring movie.
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