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USA, Canada
Crime, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Nolan Lebovitz
Cole Hauser as Kevin
Laurence Fishburne as Archie Green
James Denton as Agent Murphy
Jon Cryer as Brian Mark
Kevin Pollak as Dr. Shaw
Brad Kelly as Curly
Alan C. Peterson as Harry Rusick
Chilton Crane as Caren Rusick
Karen Holness as Gloria Green
Jordan Alexander as Sheila Green
David Abbott as Senator
Paul Perri as Emmet Gnoww
Storyline: Jimmy, a business-like young man, enters a room where a man, the accountant for a shadowy drug lord, is shackled. Over the next week, Jimmy systematically tortures the accountant, demanding information about missing funds. The accountant denies any knowledge. In flashbacks to six months before, we see Jimmy's joining a group of the drug lord's enforcers, surviving brutal hazing, getting his first assignment, and keeping his cool. We also learn that Jimmy has another identity, friends in high places, and a girlfriend unhappy about both his work and his changing personality. Can Jimmy hold on to his humanity as he carries out increasingly nightmarish orders?
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Good movie, ridiculous bad ending
I liked the movie but the ending really really ruined it. It was like they discovered there wasn't much movie budget left and they needed to quickly wrap things up and close the story:

********** Major spoiler **********

- Kevin convinces his FBI colleagues to start a rescue operation

- Ziggy has FBI inside information and knows there is a rescue operation coming

- Archie Green, the person Kevin is torturing is killed off and his body is dumped in a bag under the torture room

- Ziggy takes plastic surgery to take Archie's place at the FBI rescue operation

- Ziggy let his three henchmen get killed by the FBI, somehow this fits in master plan

- Ziggy can somehow predict the future and knows in this FBI operation he isn't going to get hurt first by Kevin before he gets rescued

- Ziggy can also predict Kevin's dad takes them three to another place where he can steal a gun from Kevin

- Ziggy then like all criminal masterminds do explains how he had this planned for years, even watched Kevin grow up

- Ziggy wants to shoot Kevin in front of his dad's eyes, just to get back at Kevin's dad for killing his daughter

- Kevin's dad jumps in front of the bullet that was meant for Kevin

- Ziggy then tells Kevin how the are alike and how Kevin should join his evil empire

- Ziggy can predict and plan all these things but somehow he can't predict that he can't convince Kevin and that Kevin will want to kill him

The writers knew this was a ridiculous ending and try to save it by a mysterious ending: Kevin walks out of the FBI office and gets a phone call "I've got a letter from Ziggy, i'm supposed to answer to you, am I speaking to the right person?"

The ending is so ridiculous that it really ruined what could have been a very good movie.

Here a some major flaws:

- Ziggy is (almost) a billionaire: 25 years ago he already had lots of shops, restaurants, etc... all started with his drug money. If you can run a criminal drugs empire for 25 years you'll make tens of millions every year and you have hundreds of henchmen doing your dirty stuff like assassinations, drive by shootings, kidnappings, etc... Ziggy is so careful in the entire movie, has all these goons to protect him and then takes the risk of showing himself. What the hell is Ziggy doing?

- Ziggy knows everything about Kevin and his dad, with all those millions he could just hire armies of goons to kill them both

- Ziggy knew from the start Kevin was FBI, after the coffee shop in the beginning of the movie he could already have killed Kevin, chopped him in pieces and sent him in parts to his father. That would hurt his father more than to shoot Kevin in front of his father.

- Ziggy has plastic surgery to make himself look and talk like a black man? No offense to black people but do you really think a white drug empire kingpin worth a few hundreds millions dollars doing this?

- Shouldn't Ziggy just enjoy the good upper class life in his big villa with his beautiful wive, mistresses and children and have this tiny ant Kevin and his dad crushed by his goons?

- Why waste your valuable time with such a ridiculous plan to destroy your enemy?

I could go on for hours about all the flaws in the ending, but this should be enough explanation.

Good movie, worthless ending.
Tortured is what happened when I watched this stinker.
Why did they make this movie? Tortured was what happened when I watched this stinker! My wife and I rented this stinker off Video on Demand. When you rent a V O D you end up watching the whole thing. This movie could be the new weapon against terror. I would tell the guards anything after watching this movie 2 or 3 times! The only reason we rented this movie was Cole from Dazed and Confused was in this one. Tortured will torture Cole's acting career. No story and done on a low budget is the jest of this film. A straight for V O D for you. Please do not rent this movie a 3 out of 10. Well when the weather is an -30 you try to hard to find stuff to do at home. Well the Pizza we ordered was OK. mmm Pizza.
Not as bad as made out to be, not groundbreaking either.
There are films with better plots, and less obvious devices, but what made me continue to watch this film was Cole Hauser. I have seen him in other films as the cocky cop, or the cocky tough guy, but it was nice to see him in a more challenging role. I certainly don't think its award worthy, but I do think that it shows a different side of his abilities, and it may allow him to pursue more dramatic roles in the future. Lawrence Fishbourne and James Cromwell are good enough in their respective roles, but they are both incredible actors and it seems like this film offers them little challenge.

Overall the film is worth a rent or a place on your Netflix list.
Tragically Flawed
This gets 3 because it has some decent acting and characterisation, and part of the plot is intriguing. It loses 7 because of the absurd parts of the plot. SPOILER=>

The FBI want to run a deep cover operation against a criminal mastermind, so who do they send in an attempt to covertly infiltrate this extremely security conscious, violent crime group: The son of the FBI Director!!!! Then at the same time as he is working deep undercover as a henchman, he also flies to Washington to meet with his dad, and attends FBI Black Tie functions at a local hotel.

Whilst undercover he commits several unlawful acts, such as torturing a captive, which I'm pretty sure is a no-no if you want to go to court with any of this.

Then the FBI Director/Dad gets directly involved in a high risk operation, with his undercover son, and decides to take a "rescued" informant directly (and illegally) to a private warehouse somehow giving the slip to the other 100 FBI agents, an act that would see him dismissed by the President in a heartbeat.

There are other annoyances, like how does a guy who rides a motorbike with no visible storage, keep arriving home with long-stemmed roses, Chinese food and a large undamaged pizza? How does an FBI agent spend seven days in a chamber torturing a guy, but not notice the loose drain cover that a colleague later spots in the first 5 seconds in the room. Why does a guy who is still supposed to be undercover personally identify himself as an FBI agent in full view of the camera that has (supposedly) watched his every act in that room for the past week?
This should have been in theaters if it was't, and if it was should have been promoted better
Pros: enough twists and turns with that dash of suspense and drama to keep someone loaded on Thanksgiving dinner awake for the entire film.

Cons: Flashbacks (jumping from the current day back to 6 months before), no closure If you don't mind flashbacks, this is a pretty good movie. The actors in it play their typical roles I felt, which made it a little easier to predict the ending than I would have liked. I do not want to go into any details, so if I sound too vague I apologize.

Starting the movie after 2am, I figured I would be bored and fall asleep quite quickly. I was caught off guard by the film, because I had not read anything going into it. It had pretty much all of the necessary elements to satisfy my movie craving...action (the torturing and shooting), suspense (is he telling the truth or not, who is bad, who is good), drama (will she stay or go, will he keep his job or not), and a few twists that I did not see coming (maybe because it was almost 3am).

I would highly recommend this movie to most of the people I know.

I hope there is a second one to provide a little closure to the movie!!
In the end, you'll feel like having wasted your time.
There is really very little to say about this low budget thriller besides what is obvious considering the title of this little review; 'Tortured' is a complete waste of time.

Lawrence Fishbourn likes to play in unconvincing movies where some torture is involved. In '5 Fingers' from 2006 it is he who is giving away the torture, in 'Tortured' the roles appear to have been switched. There's occasionally some fine acting and even the screenplay and score isn't half bad. But what someone else called 'unbelievable' I would personally describe as preposterous. It is the ending.

Obviously I cannot go into it in detail for it would spoil it for those that chose to ignore this warning, not that there is a lot to spoil which wont spoil itself as you watch this story unfold.

Suffice to say; if you like your movies with a hint of credibility to it, with some form of logical resolution, please do yourself a favor and avoid this one.

Looking for Ziggy
Kevin Cole, an FBI agent, is asked the supreme sacrifice. He must endure torture in order to penetrate one of the most dangerous crime syndicates operating in America. Its leader is the elusive Ziggy, who has not been seen in quite some years. This man controls almost everything, or at least, one is led to believe in the Los Angeles area. Ziggy's henchmen put Kevin through the test through torture and intimidation, something he passes with flying colors.

Now, a few months later, he has a new name, Jimmy Vaughn. He is sent to torture and get information from Archie Green,an accountant that double crossed Ziggy. Green owes ten million dollars to the head of the group that he diverted when he worked for the man. Archie, a black man is put through the ringer. Jimmy goes on to torture Green, which includes pulling his finger nails and toe nails hoping to get a confession.

Kevin's present job as a criminal enforcer is not shared with his wife Becky. At the same time, his own father, Jack Cole, who is the head of the FBI, comes to keep track of what his son is doing to find Ziggy, hoping that Archie Green will break down to confess the whereabouts of a man that no one knows where he is. Jack Cole is interested because as a young agent, he himself had dealings with the criminal the FBI is after.

The trouble with "Tortured", written and directed by Nolan Lebovitz, is a sense of disorientation. Probably the creator wanted to keep the audience confused as the narrative goes back and forth not making clear what is behind the action. Frankly, once the secret comes out, it is hard to accept most of what has come before because it might make sense in the world of make believe the movies create, but in reality, not even the most brave FBI agents would endure what Kevin Cole does. Working undercover is one thing, to be beaten senselessly in order to penetrate a crime organization is too much to ask of anyone, but once the viewer overcomes that unreal experience, the film does entertain, although the ending is just hard to accept.

Cole Hauser seen in the double role of Kevin Cole and Jimmy Vaughn shows he has what it takes to penetrate the organization to get to Ziggy. Laurence Fishburne shows up as Archie Green the man that dared to steal from the terrible Ziggy. He has some good moments, but the actor has done better before. James Cromwell is seen as Jack Cole, a man with a dark past. Unfortunately, one does not get to see much of lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Becky, Kevin's wife.

It appears "Tortured" went directly to DVD as we do not remember having heard about its commercial release.
Decent entertaining 90 minutes
Good casting, good acting, intriguing characters, very good pacing all make this an entertaining movie to watch. There is competency and cold blooded efficiency on both sides which one would expect from a top notch operation, and none of the intrusive hyped up dialogue that infests many serious crime movies. None of the actors is weak, with Robert La Sardo particularly impressive in a secondary role. Emmanuelle Chriqui manages to exude sex appeal without a descent into tawdry, and the psychiatrist manages to come off as a solid character and asset to the film.

All of this is gradually undermined as the move progresses and the plot unfolds. Although the twists and turns keep things interesting, the major direction becomes increasingly predictable and unfortunately increasingly implausible. It wasn't enough to ruin the movie but it certainly kept it from climbing out of a high midrange rating.
Good little thriller
Cole Hauser is an under cover FBI agent deep in a criminal organization. Told to torture an accountant by his boss, the unseen Ziggy, to find out where several million dollars in missing money went, Cole starts to realize that things are not as they seem. Good little B movie that probably should have gotten some sort of theatrical release, though its small scale nature probably play better on the small screen. For the most part this is a tight little thriller that keeps things ratcheted up. Its the sort of film that makes you wonder why you hadn't heard of it before. If there is any flaw in the film its that the way the story shifts through time is more than a little confusing. More than once I wasn't sure when I was seeing. (I'm also out about Laurence Fishburne's performance, but that's another kettle of fish entirely ) Worth a bag of popcorn and a soda.

Between 6 and 7 out of 10
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