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The Unseen
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Danny Steinmann
Sydney Lassick as Ernest Keller
Lelia Goldoni as Virginia Keller
Barbara Bach as Jennifer Fast
Douglas Barr as Tony Ross (as Doug Barr)
Lois Young as Vicki Thompson
Karen Lamm as Karen Fast
Storyline: Freelance reporter Jennifer and her two friends, Karen and Vicki, accept an invitation for cheap room and board in a large farmhouse offered by a friendly, but shady, museum owner named Ernest Keller since all the motels in and around town are booked for a holiday parade fair Jennifer is covering. But unknown to the women, some unseen "thing" has been living in the basement of the house for over 20 years and is looked after by Keller and his shy sister Virginia, in which the "thing" soon gets out and begins harassing and killing the women one by one in various violent, but seemingly accidental, means.
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Underrated 80's horror with TOP casting
It's true that Danny Steinmann's "The Unseen" is a simplistic horror thriller with a very predictable plot, no particular attempts for twists or surprises whatsoever and featuring literally every single cliché the genre has brought forward over the decades, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad film. On the contrary, my friends and I were pleasantly surprised by this obscure but nevertheless intense little 80's shock- feature that mainly benefices from a handful of brutal images and a downright brilliant casting. The beautiful and ambitious reporter Jennifer Fast and two of her equally attractive friends travel to a little Californian town to shoot a documentary on the anniversary festival, but their hotel forgot to register their booking. In their search for a place to stay, the trio runs into the exaggeratedly friendly but suspicious museum curator Ernest Keller who invites the girls to stay at his remote countryside mansion. One by one the girls experience that Keller and his extremely introvert and submissive sister Victoria hide a dark and murderous secret inside their house. "The Unseen" can easily be described as a cheap and ultimately perverse amalgamation of the horror classics "Psycho" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The plot is a series of familiar themes that became notorious and endlessly imitated due to these two films, like twisted family secrets in the cellar, voyeurism, crazed inbred killers and a very unappetizing treatment of chickens. Still, I don't consider these to be negative remarks, as "The Unseen" is a completely unpretentious and modestly unsettling thriller that clearly never intended to be the greatest horror classic of the decade. Although the denouement of the plot is pretty clear quite fast, director Steinmann attempts to maintain the mystery by keeping the evil present in the house "unseen" like the title promised. The casting choices and acting performances are truly what lift this sleeper above the level of mediocre. Sydney Lassick, immortalized since his role as the overly anxious psychiatric patient Charley Cheswick in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" is truly the ideal choice for the role of Ernest Keller. His persistent friendliness and almost naturally perverted appearance are exactly what the character needed. Also Stephen Furst, who eventually turns from the unseen into the seen, gives away a tremendous performance as "Junior". He looks and acts like an authentic handicapped man and his attempts to get close to Jennifer in the basement are genuinely unnerving. "The Unseen" is a slow and predictable but nevertheless potent early 80's film that will certainly appeal to fans of 70's exploitation and generally weird stuff.
WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS CONTAINED HEREIN. The plot is not a new one: Three sexy chicks stay at a place where a brother and sister (who had incestuous relations) keep their deranged man-child in the basement. He, of course, kills off the girls one by one. Most of the movie is sleep inducing, but worth the watch. I was impressed with Sydney Lassick's performance as the seemingly kind, yet twisted brother/father to the murderous offspring. He definitely gave the part his all. Love the clothespins on his face routine. Beautiful. Then there is the mentally retarded guy in the cellar, amazingly played by Stephen Furst. He is both disturbing and hilarious with his mentally retarded mannerisms and groaning. The guy sticks a teddy bear in his underwear and blithers like a loon. Good lord, what a pure genius performance! Every time he's on the screen is a pleasure to watch. Get this movie just to see these two guys ham it up. If the plot begins to put you to sleep, fast forward until either one of these guys are on the screen. You won't be disappointed.
Kind of scary and hilarious
I was kind of worried about this one when two of three potential victims were bumped off fairly quickly, but I needn't have worried, because the film was just making time for the deranged family to have a good old fifteen minute long punch up near the end of the film! I think while they were throwing each other around and battering two by fours off of each other's head, they completely forgot about the final girl.

This one does have scary parts. Sydney Lasseck is enjoyably twitchy as the head of the family, and the scene where junior appears scared the wife a bit. Barbara Bach, however, is pretty awful. She doesn't do much of anything except smoke cigarettes and look bored.

It's slow going at first, but when junior comes along the film picks up. Plus, I nearly bust a gut when Lasseck hit junior with a massive plank of wood with a nail through it. That was only topped when the ex-boyfriend's leg injury played up at the most unfortunate time (I nearly fell off the couch at that bit).

Yeah - this one's okay, really.
Awful Movie
I purchased this movie at a car boot sale, so I was not expecting it to be a horror movie on the same level as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) or The Hills Have Eyes (1977) but I thought that it would still be fairly enjoyable to watch. However, it proved to be not at all enjoyable, but instead the acting and the general movie was mock-able, such as the ways the the 'unsees killer' murders his victims and how all of the people killed just happen to be young blonde women. It was a stereotypical horror film. I say this because of the following reasons:

1) Three blonde women in danger, the majority get killed. 2) One survives by crawling around in the dark while being chased by the killer. 3) Surprise surprise, help arrives in the form of a shotgun!

By using three simple points, I have saved you two odd hours by summarising this poor excuse of a horror movie, so you are now lucky enough to not have to watch it.
(In)B(r)ed & Breakfast: The Unseen (People) Under The Stairs of the Bates Motel
Three girls (an all-female media-crew, including cult-actress Barbara Bach, no less) visiting a small town to cover a festival, end up renting rooms in a house they should have avoided like the plague. Well-made little shocker, suffering a bit from some redundant dialogue-scenes and a rather thin plot-line (that doesn't do very well in hiding its secrets). One underlying theme in particular is quite disturbing (as in: vintage shock-material), and this is basically what the film thrives on. Performances & cinematography are pretty much above par (compared to many other late 70's/early 80's films in the same vein), but what really makes me recommend this film is the fairly long climax sequence in the basement setting. From the moment that "Keller Junior" character was introduced, his performance made my jaw drop open and it didn't close until the end of the film. A very pleasant surprise to see actor Sydney Lassick (who was funnily wacko in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest", and now utterly demented in "The Unseen") take on one of the leading roles.
The Unseen Retard.
Three beautiful women reporters venture to the town of Solvang somewhere in California on the trail of a hot story.They are invited to stay in the country home of museum curator Ernest Keller.Keller and his equally weird sister Virginia are hiding terrible secret in the basement.The victim of incest begins playing with women and they begin to die..."The Unseen" by Danny Steinmann is remarkably deranged and quite offensive horror flick with lovely Barbara Bach in the main role.The acting of Sydney Lassick and Stephen Furst is marvelously twisted too.There is a bit of blood plus a pretty graphic full-frontal nudity scene,so I wasn't disappointed."The Unseen" is surprisingly unseen.It certainly should be more known among the horror fans.8 retards out of 10.
Furst & Lassick provide enough reason to watch this one
Three ladies choose to take Ernest (the late lamented Sydney Lassick), a seemingly altruistic man (who's anything but) up on his offer to stay at his house where he resides with his sister, after they can't find any hotels with enough room for them. Soon after an 'unseen' tenant in the basement is killing off the buxom beauties.

This is a bad movie, I make no bones about that, but it manages (in spite of itself) to became slightly above par (for an '80's slasher film) thanks in no small part by the one-two acting punch of Sydney Lassick who plays his part of the devious off-kilter Ernest & Stephen Furst, who's over-the-pale tour-de-force performance of the titular 'unseen' has to be seen to be truly appreciated. All the other scenes without these two and sub-plots in the film are merely tedious filler.

Eye Candy: Lois Young bares all

My Grade: C+

Code Red 2-disc DVD extras: Disc 1) Introduction by Doug Barr and actor Stephen Furst; commentary with producer Tony Unger and Furst; separate interviews with Furst & Barr; still gallery; theatrical trailer; and trailers for The Farmer, Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker, Sole Survivor, Beyond the Door, The Visitor, Dead Pit & Terror Circus

Disc 2) Seprate interviews with make-up effects artists Craig Reardon &Tom Burman; Make- up tests, slides, and stills gallery
Ringo's wife meets Flounder
Since "The Unseen" is your basic B movie, the only reason to see it is that it stars Barbara Bach (Ringo Starr's wife), Stephen Furst (Flounder in "Animal House") and Sydney Lassick (Cheswith in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and also the principal in "Carrie"). No, seriously. That's the only reason to check it out: The Beatles, John Belushi and Stephen King are linked by a story of three women staying in a house inhabited by a carnivorous inbred! If only the founders of Solvang had predicted this! Sorry if I haven't done the greatest job describing the movie. It's just that a cast like this easily eclipses the movie, in my view. Granted, there are a few of the requirements for horror flicks, namely the bathtub scene. Otherwise, nothing significant here.

PS: Barbara Bach had previously starred in a similar movie with a similarly jaw-dropping cast. That movie was the Italian horror flick "L'isola delli uomini pesce" (called "Screamers" in the US), in which she co-starred with Mel Ferrer, aka Audrey Hepburn's ex. Yes, it's true. Ringo Starr's soon-to-be wife and Audrey Hepburn's ex co-starred in a movie about half-human, half-fish creatures.
average horror movie
This was odd movie ,

There 3 girls calls who calls them self's the rat pack

Then come to do story about festival, but all the whole town is booked and they ended up going To another town

This man let's them start in his home, the wife was not happy about it at all

The movie is very predicable from the word go and it is really slowly moving at times

But the movie pack a pinch here and there , there were decent tense moments

But I expected it the thing a bit Scarry then it actually was.

The deaths were some week way to he killed

I didn't like the head less chicken parts , that was hard to Watch

The acting was really good and bit over the top in some parts of the movie

Which will make you laugh out loud

5 out of 10
Great fun, and scary as hell;
One of the better horror films of the 1980s, with superior production values and script and even the acting, which is unusual for a low-budget "monster" movie. A trio of TV types, all pretty young females, visit a small town for its annual festival, and all the area hotels being filled up, take up a kindly old man's offer to have them stay overnight in his home. Unfortunately, the messed-up offspring of his incestuous relationship wit his sister (the distinguished New York actress Lelia Goldoni) lives in the basement and just loves company to death. The legendary character actor Sidney Lassick steals the show as the kindly old man who is as homicidal as his demented son. The son is played by Stephen Furst, best known as Flounder from "Animal House." Barbara Bach, who was never much of an actress but who always looks great, even covered in mud and chicken poop, is the film's nominal star and TV actor Doug Barr plays her ex-boyfriend. Great sets, great suspense, and a lollapalooza of a third act. It does not end like you might expect. The gore is kept to a minimum, and everything, right down to the creepy old basement, feels very real. Wait until you get a load of Furst, who is not seen until the big showdown. A must see. One small warning: Furst plays a 300-lb. man with Down Syndrome, and he plays it extremely well. So I advise anyone with a Down Syndrome child or relative to approach with the utmost caution.
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