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The Unseen
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Danny Steinmann
Sydney Lassick as Ernest Keller
Lelia Goldoni as Virginia Keller
Barbara Bach as Jennifer Fast
Douglas Barr as Tony Ross (as Doug Barr)
Lois Young as Vicki Thompson
Karen Lamm as Karen Fast
Storyline: Freelance reporter Jennifer and her two friends, Karen and Vicki, accept an invitation for cheap room and board in a large farmhouse offered by a friendly, but shady, museum owner named Ernest Keller since all the motels in and around town are booked for a holiday parade fair Jennifer is covering. But unknown to the women, some unseen "thing" has been living in the basement of the house for over 20 years and is looked after by Keller and his shy sister Virginia, in which the "thing" soon gets out and begins harassing and killing the women one by one in various violent, but seemingly accidental, means.
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Awful Movie
I purchased this movie at a car boot sale, so I was not expecting it to be a horror movie on the same level as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) or The Hills Have Eyes (1977) but I thought that it would still be fairly enjoyable to watch. However, it proved to be not at all enjoyable, but instead the acting and the general movie was mock-able, such as the ways the the 'unsees killer' murders his victims and how all of the people killed just happen to be young blonde women. It was a stereotypical horror film. I say this because of the following reasons:

1) Three blonde women in danger, the majority get killed. 2) One survives by crawling around in the dark while being chased by the killer. 3) Surprise surprise, help arrives in the form of a shotgun!

By using three simple points, I have saved you two odd hours by summarising this poor excuse of a horror movie, so you are now lucky enough to not have to watch it.
Kind of scary and hilarious
I was kind of worried about this one when two of three potential victims were bumped off fairly quickly, but I needn't have worried, because the film was just making time for the deranged family to have a good old fifteen minute long punch up near the end of the film! I think while they were throwing each other around and battering two by fours off of each other's head, they completely forgot about the final girl.

This one does have scary parts. Sydney Lasseck is enjoyably twitchy as the head of the family, and the scene where junior appears scared the wife a bit. Barbara Bach, however, is pretty awful. She doesn't do much of anything except smoke cigarettes and look bored.

It's slow going at first, but when junior comes along the film picks up. Plus, I nearly bust a gut when Lasseck hit junior with a massive plank of wood with a nail through it. That was only topped when the ex-boyfriend's leg injury played up at the most unfortunate time (I nearly fell off the couch at that bit).

Yeah - this one's okay, really.
Kinda creepy, kinda eerie -- I liked it. So sue me.
(*** out of *****)

Barbara Bach plays a TV reporter who goes to the quaint, seaside town of Soveg, California with two of her female newscaster friends to cover an annual Danish festival. Unfortunately, the three attractive ladies choose to spend the night in an old house outside of town inhabited by a seemingly kind man (character actor Sydney Lassick -- the constantly agitated `Charlie Cheswick' from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"), his nervous sister (Lelia Goldoni), and the product of their incestuous affair -- a disfigured, murderous man-child they keep locked in the cellar. This is actually an interesting and creepy little thriller with decent writing, beautiful on-location scenery, and a few scary sequences that'll get under your skin. It's kind of similar in tone and plot to Denny Harris's "The Silent Scream" from the same year. Karen Lamm and Lois Young play Bach's unlucky friends and Stephen Furst plays the adorable, slobbering lady-killer, Junior.

HIGHLIGHT: That irrepressible little stinker Junior, God love ‘im, gets a hold of poor, pretty Karen's (or is it Vicki's?) -- played by Lamm (or Young -- hell, one or the other) -- necklace and pulls her right through the floor vent.
Room for improvement
The plot = Three women reporters travel to a small town for the local parade, but when they're hotel reservations get mixed up and there's nowhere to stay nearby, they come across a seemingly kind man who offers them a room at his house with his wife and a retarded son whose locked in the basement and wants to kill the girls.

This is quite an odd movie, the first couple of minutes is shot in the usual standard fare but better and more atmospheric, but then as the movie goes on it does keep you interested but when it comes down to the scare scenes, it quickly becomes disappointing, like for a start none of the female leads are fleshed out enough apart from Barbara Bach, and one of them becomes sick and just stays in bed and that's where basically her scene ends. And plus what's frustrating is that when don't get enough background story on the odd couple who owns the house and Much of the running time it feels like you are watching a fairly flat made for TV movie and then suddenly the director throws in a particularly sleazy peeping tom scene. I also heard that there were several scenes that were cut out of this movie, which fleshes out the characters more, and why were they cut out this would have been a much better movie if those scenes were kept in.

Some of the performances in this movie were pretty strong, former bond girl Barbara Bach who plays the lead heroine gives a pretty standard performance, her beauty is simply breath taking and I really rooted for her in the end and Sydney Lassick who plays the creepy owner gives an interesting performance mixing up his psychotic and perverted performance with his sick twisted humour made him a real standout in this movie although he does border on the hammy side at times.

All in all not a terrible movie, the credible performances save this other wise flat movie and lack of imagination death scenes.
Mentally ill fun
This is not a film for the typical horror fan; this movie appeals to those who enjoy a little mental disturbance with their terror. Or even a laugh or two. I can't believe they didn't know that it was funny to watch Stephn Furst acting like a mentally challenged mutant monster, ala "The Goonies," it HAD to be intentional, and as such I applaud the filmmakers!

The story is about something horrible in the basement and Barbara Bach finds out what it is, after the usual set-up story points. There's little more to it than that. The reason to seek this film out is if you are a lover of mutants and like a little madness in your scary movies.

Otherwise, stick to something more safe and traditional.
Boring and pointless
Dreck about three beautiful women in California who go to cover some festival (or something). All the hotels are booked so they have to spend the night in a creepy old house. What they don't know is that there is a creepy inhabitant there who likes to kill...

Yawn. Boring, pointless, utterly stupid "horror" film. Bach and her two buddies are certainly beautiful but the movie itself is dull dull DULL! Bach and her friends are no actresses--their faces are blank all the way through. The final "revelation" is laughably predictable and there's no blood or gore to keep you interested along the way. There is some expected gratuitous female nudity but that's not enough to save this. Boring, pointless and unknown (for good reason). A 1 all the way.
I blame the parents...
The first scenes of this film feel more like an episode of Dallas, or a Columbo style prelude, than they do a horror film. The comparisons get worse... Murder She wrote, The A-Team... hell no, it's Charlie's Angels. And then the penny drops, three young women, with a mystery a-foot, it's really like Scooby Doo, without a male lead or any sort of canine activity. In fact, from the moment you meet the resident bad guy (Sydney Lassik), you can just imagine him saying "If it wasn't for you pesky kids!!", as someone pulls his mask off!

That said, this is not a totally bad film at all. The weakest character, unfortunately, is the one we see most of, Barbara Bach. Rarely does she provide any sort of emotional performance, and there is no need for her to be sexy in this film either. Well, I suppose she has quite big eyes, which work out well for the ending! All other roles are played well, and are for the most part believable. Equally believable is the scary situation, three girls in a remote hotel, and the mysterious menace that we know is there from early on.

Suspense builds up steadily towards the finale, but once all the ground is covered, and the secrets revealed, the film turns into more action than horror, more slasher-style than creepy. It loses both pace and purpose and leaves us with no more bitter taste than a family squabble. That is, someone else's family! But this was supposed to be horror! Several minutes of senseless screaming, towards the end also don't help. What I like to call "Goonies syndrome", noise that in fact irritates more than affects the atmosphere, or benefits the film.

OK, so it may make Saturday afternoon, regular TV-style horror these days... that is if you cut out the tasteful glimpse of nakedness. But outside of that, no there's not too much there. It's horrible, not horror. It's unpleasant not unbearable. It is entertaining, and quite well put together, so there's a "5" rating from me!
Furst & Lassick provide enough reason to watch this one
Three ladies choose to take Ernest (the late lamented Sydney Lassick), a seemingly altruistic man (who's anything but) up on his offer to stay at his house where he resides with his sister, after they can't find any hotels with enough room for them. Soon after an 'unseen' tenant in the basement is killing off the buxom beauties.

This is a bad movie, I make no bones about that, but it manages (in spite of itself) to became slightly above par (for an '80's slasher film) thanks in no small part by the one-two acting punch of Sydney Lassick who plays his part of the devious off-kilter Ernest & Stephen Furst, who's over-the-pale tour-de-force performance of the titular 'unseen' has to be seen to be truly appreciated. All the other scenes without these two and sub-plots in the film are merely tedious filler.

Eye Candy: Lois Young bares all

My Grade: C+

Code Red 2-disc DVD extras: Disc 1) Introduction by Doug Barr and actor Stephen Furst; commentary with producer Tony Unger and Furst; separate interviews with Furst & Barr; still gallery; theatrical trailer; and trailers for The Farmer, Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker, Sole Survivor, Beyond the Door, The Visitor, Dead Pit & Terror Circus

Disc 2) Seprate interviews with make-up effects artists Craig Reardon &Tom Burman; Make- up tests, slides, and stills gallery
The Unseen Retard.
Three beautiful women reporters venture to the town of Solvang somewhere in California on the trail of a hot story.They are invited to stay in the country home of museum curator Ernest Keller.Keller and his equally weird sister Virginia are hiding terrible secret in the basement.The victim of incest begins playing with women and they begin to die..."The Unseen" by Danny Steinmann is remarkably deranged and quite offensive horror flick with lovely Barbara Bach in the main role.The acting of Sydney Lassick and Stephen Furst is marvelously twisted too.There is a bit of blood plus a pretty graphic full-frontal nudity scene,so I wasn't disappointed."The Unseen" is surprisingly unseen.It certainly should be more known among the horror fans.8 retards out of 10.
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