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The Silence of the Lambs
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Demme
Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling
Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor
Scott Glenn as Jack Crawford
Anthony Heald as Dr. Frederick Chilton
Ted Levine as Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb
Frankie Faison as Barney Matthews
Kasi Lemmons as Ardelia Mapp
Brooke Smith as Catherine Martin
Paul Lazar as Pilcher
Dan Butler as Roden
Lawrence T. Wrentz as Agent Burroughs
Don Brockett as Friendly Psychopath in Cell
Frank Seals Jr. as Brooding Psychopath in Cell
Stuart Rudin as Miggs
Maria Skorobogatov as Clarice Starling
Diane Baker as Sen. Ruth Martin
Leib Lensky as Mr. Lang
George 'Red' Schwartz as Mr. Lang's Driver (as Red Schwartz)
Lawrence A. Bonney as FBI Instructor
Jeffrie Lane as Clarice's Father
Storyline: Young FBI agent Clarice Starling is assigned to help find a missing woman to save her from a psychopathic serial killer who skins his victims. Clarice attempts to gain a better insight into the twisted mind of the killer by talking to another psychopath Hannibal Lecter, who used to be a respected psychiatrist. FBI agent Jack Crawford believes that Lecter, who is also a very powerful and clever mind manipulator, has the answers to their questions and can help locate the killer. However, Clarice must first gain Lecter's confidence before the inmate will give away any information.
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Fueled by it's atmosphere and great performances The Silence of the Lambs is a horror masterpiece
The Silence of the Lambs

Director: Jonathan Demme Starring: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins

I honestly feel bad sometimes for the people faint of heart. Not in an insulting way I just do. I love movies that can scare me and some of the greatest are great because of creepy atmosphere that creeps up on you and grabs you and throws you into a world where everything is mysterious and scary. This is one of those movies. Dr. Clarice Starling's (Jodie Foster) tale of finding the killer Buffalo Bill with the aid of the cannibalistic Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) is a creepy, well acted, and not for the faint of heart film that has many thrills in store for the viewer. The greatest thing that this film has to offer is the atmosphere. It's engrossing. The dark hallways,and the unblinking eyes of Hannibal Lector shake you to your core. That alone without the well done mystery could make the movie. Oh, but it is a good mystery. Jodie Foster is Clarice Starling a new FBI psychiatrist who is ordered to interview the cannibal Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) for the purpose of finding a killer. Foster's character is optimistic and more upbeat. This is good because of the dark nature of the rest of the film. She's kind of like the balance for the creepy stuff happening, and light in the darkness. That also kind of help her character. See she's optimistic at first, but as time goes on she seems to fall deeper and deeper into this world her character changes to someone more hardened. This is perfect character development. Then there is Anthony Hopkins. This is one of my favorite performances of all time. He is unblinking,scary and smart. It's unsettling. Hopkins said that the way he played Hannibal Lecter was still. I now know why. See people are always moving and doing something. Lecter is completely still and extremely soft spoken. Even more menacing is that Lecter is actually smarter than Clarice. He outsmarts her. This just adds to the fact of how menacing he is. He's not the villain though. The real villain is a creepy transvestite murderer named Buffalo Bill. His story arch is interesting, but it comes to an abrupt close. He is scary none the less and is also a little weird. I mean a transvestite who… I'd rather not write it. It's messed up and the details will shock you. The actors really do drive the story and everything comes off very shocking and convincing. For better or worse.

The acting is really good,but so is everything else. The production design in this movie is grounded in reality,but still is creepy. The prison set that was built for the film looks very good and the darkness of the whole this adds to the atmosphere and makes everything pop. The camera-work is good, but also nothing special, yet at moments the camera having a staring contest with the wide eyes of Hannibal Lecter add to the sheer unsettling nature of the film.

This is overall an incredible movie. Scary, atmospheric, and chalk full of performances that are Oscar worthy (and won Oscars). I give The Silence of the Lambs a 9.8 out of 10 Seriously though it's really messed up.
I can't go beyond the positive reviews on this movie, so I won't try. Normally I'm very wary of pictures that win Picture of the Year, and a bunch of other Oscars. But this film is an exception (Unforgiven? Same year, more or less). I see people giving this movie a one star rating!?! Maybe it's just not their "cup", but come on! The quality of this film is off the scale. Some people just want to hate I guess. If this film doesn't hit you over your head like a bag of bricks, I don't know. Every time I see it I become more amazed. My sister would probably say... "I didn't go to see it because it didn't look interesting to me when I saw the preview at the cinema". She was so busy arranging her Super Jumbo popcorn, and her triple extra large Orange soda, she didn't pay much attention probably. She was there to see... I don't know... "Pretty Woman"? Or "some such crap". Was that out at that time? Who cares? I once asked her if she had seen "Pulp Fiction" yet. Her reply? You guessed it boys and girls.... "No, because it didn't look interesting to me". Busy digging into her popcorn during the previews, I guess. You see she's big as a Hippo, with a brain the size of a common garden pea. There's no "love lose" there folks. Love her as a sister, but does not get it when it comes to movies. Probably has not missed a Disney animated movie ever. To each his own I guess. Doesn't like to have to use her brain at the movies. I guess I get that, total escapism. Oh well.
Excellent Serial Killer Thriller
"Something Wild" director Jonathan Demme's "The Silence of the Lambs" proved to be a memorable milestone of a movie in both the careers of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. This serial killer thriller concerns the efforts of an FBI agent in training who proves instrumental in cracking a case that nobody could have solved without her help. The daughter of a small-time cop, Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster of "Taxi Driver") is minding her own business at Quantico, Virginia, negotiating an obstacle course when the FBI Chief of Behavioral Sciences, Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn of "Sucker Punch") summons her for an interview. Crawford wants Clarice to visit convicted murderer Dr. Hannibal Lector where he has been imprisoned for eight years. In fact, Lector hasn't laid eyes on a woman for eight years. The warden in charge of Lector's incarnation is a conceited egotist, Dr. Frederick Chilton (Anthony Heald of "Red Dragon"), who makes a pass at her and fails. Before he allows Clarice to speak with Hannibal, Chilton shows her a photo of what happened to a nurse that Lector gnawed on. The nurse is permanently disfigured as a result of Lector's attack. Lector is now kept in a cell with a reinforced glass window and stone walls. Dr. Chilton is prepared to escort Clarice into Lector's presence, but she convinces him that Lector may clam up at the sight of Chilton. Rudely, Chilton dismisses himself and turns Clarice over to Barney. Barney (Frankie Faison of "Hannibal") provides Clarice with a chair and she and Lector talk briefly. Lector isn't the only unsavory soul in the prison. In what amounts to an infamous death row of sorts, other perverts are housed in the same area. One of them, Miggs, make a derogatory comment to Clarice about her body odor, and Lector later kills Miggs. Meantime, Clarice entices Lector to talk about Buffalo Bill. Bill is a serial killer who has slain five women. These women are a little bigger than the average. In Memphis, we watch as the killer, Jame Gumb (Ted Levine of "Heat") abducts a girl when he is struggling to load a sofa into his van. Catherine Martin (Brooke Smith) backs into the rear of the van and Gumb traps her and takes her to his house. In the basement of his residence, Gumb has a pit where he holds Catherine. Meantime, Lector provides Catherine's mother with information and he is moved to another facility. During his sojourn at the new facility, Lector fakes off the guards, kills them, and manages to escape. Lector's escape is pretty incredible. By this time, Clarice believes that she has found a clue. Crawford warns her that they have found the killer. Clarice continues with her part of the investigation and stumbles onto Gumb living in the residence where she thought she would find somebody else. Clarice narrowly survives a suspenseful moment when Gumb extinguishes the lights and uses night-vision goggles to overpower her. Clarice cannot see but she can hear and she shoots at the sound of a revolver being cocked. She empties her gun into Gumb and he dies. In other words, he doesn't jump up a few moments later. "Silence of the Lambs" concludes with Clarice graduating from the FBI Academy. Well-made, well-acted, "Silence" is top-notch material.
Silence is Golden
Funny how I hadn't seen 'Silence Of The Lambs' ever since it was just finishing it's theatrical run back in 1991. Hopkins, Foster and Demme have gone on to do other things of course, but I recently caught this again on DVD again, and man, this still has a lot of ability to scare you out of your wits. Anthony Hopkins is just wild in his Academy Award winning performance. I find it amazing that I was getting chills up my spine just from watching him play Lecter. This is the best of his Lecter performances, as the other movies (that would be Hannibal and Red Dragon (though they were okay) lack the dramatical oomph so prevalent in this one. One wonders how on earth Hopkins could do this then do something like a light comedy like Spotswood (which is exactly what he did). If you haven't seen this in a while, do yourself a favor.

Watch it again.
Very Effective Thriller But Ultimately Overrated
It's impossible to comment on SILENCE OF THE LAMBS as being a mere film . Its release was a watershed in popular culture and has influenced a myriad of imitations that are far too numerous to mention . Much of this success is down to director Jonathan Demme who has made the film so effective by coming up with the strikingly simple idea of filming everything in dim lighting which gives SILENCE a moody and brooding atmosphere that was absent from movies in the previous decade . Ironically enough this is as typical of 90s film making as MANHUNTER was of 80s movies . Howard Shore's score also helps the proceedings and Jodie Foster gives a sublime nuanced performance as vulnerable heroine Clarice Starling . Watch the scenes closely when Clarice is in the company of men , don't you get the feeling she has a phobia about the male of the species . Is she a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood ? A lesbian ? We never find out but Foster's performance is multi layered and it's a pity this aspect is never explored in HANNIBAL which sadly deletes this aspect to Clarice

Sadly SILENCE was released with a tidal wave of hype which the film doesn't live up to . Who can forget the stories that upon seeing this at the cinema certain audience members wanted armed escorts back to their cars ! I'm sorry but despite being a good thriller it's not that good and I fail to see how people were turned into quivering jellies unable to sleep with the lights off . I'm also afraid to say that much of the awards heaped upon the film aren't that well deserved either . Foster deserved the Oscar as did the film and possibly Demme too but did Ted Tally for his adapted screenplay ? All he seems to have done is to copy the best bits of Harris's novel wholesale into the screenplay without making an effort to improve anything . and i'll probably be accused of sacrilege but the more times I see this film the more times I ask myself how did Hopkins win the Oscar for Best Actor ? I don't even think Hopkins should have qualified for the Best Actor category since the role isn't on screen long enough and his performance is slightly hammy . Hannibal as played by Hopkins resembles something along the lines of a paedophile rather than a serial killer who has maimed , murdered and munched on adults . Despite having some reservations of Brian Cox as Hannibal in MANHUNTER you do believe his burly presence does have the physical strength to overpower his victims , not so Hopkins

I know it's very difficult , perhaps even impossible , but the best way to enjoy this movie is to erase from your mind the fact that it's one of only three movies to have picked up the Oscar in all five main categories , the fact that it made headlines about being the most terrifying film committed to celluloid , and the fact that it stands as the 28th best movie ever on this website . It is a very good thriller but one that is ultimately disappointing after hearing of the hype surrounding it
Great film based on a super book
I had read this book by Thomas Harris and thought it would make a great movie but was concerned when I heard that Jonathan Demme was making it. How wrong I was though and I was overwhelmingly surprised. It was the first film about a serial killer where it did not rely on strong elements of violence and gore but simply left it to the imagination. Obviously Hopkins and Foster get all the plaudits and rightly so but this is one of the only films that has so many superb minor characters such as Barney, Ardelia Mapp and Bill himself. I urge those who like this movie to watch the making of documentary as it is truly fascinating. A roller-coaster ride of emotions and tension which I enjoy every time I watch it.
A Sick and Twisted, yet smart and satisfying thriller
Films don't usually get as creepy or thrilling as the top-notch, first-class creepy and chilling thriller known as Silence of the Lambs. There is nothing that can take your breath away with so much style and wit like Silence of the Lambs does. You'll need to watch this film in order to understand how thrillers are created and executed.

The young and feminine Clarice Starling, who is training to be an F.B.I. agent, must find the whereabouts of a serial killer named Buffalo Bill. The only way possible is interviewing a captured serial killer named Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter.

Hannibal Lecter is perhaps the best movie villain that ever lived. Anthony Hopkins plays his role with perfection, because you will hear Lecter's voice stuck inside your head. "I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice chianti," will re-play in your head over and over. Hopkins deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of the most sinister character on the big screen. Creepy, sinister, devilish, clever and cannibalistic-How much better can it get? If the villain isn't enough to entertain you, then perhaps the hero will.

Jodie Foster, also a gem as the role, plays the feminine F.B.I agent in training, Clarice Starling. She is seemed to be well-liked (often flirted with) but insecure and very timid. Starling is very realistic, and shows how timid the human nature can be.

At a first viewing, all I could keep my mind on was the prison escape scene. I kept repeated the phrase "Oh God," and kept preparing myself for what was next. During a second viewing I realized the depth of the story line and the genius behind it all.

One thing this movie definitely has is atmosphere. The killings, the characters, the dialog, and everything else that leads up to the first appearance of Hannibal Lecter makes the film look so delightfully creepy. Even though Hannibal is silent when we first see him, it is considered one of the creepiest introductions ever made. Of course, we can't forget about this man. Even after the ending, he delivers one last line that sends shivers down our spines.

Silence of the Lambs may make you a bit disgusted, yet thrilled and excited. You will stay on the edge of your seat.

Silence of the Lambs is a masterpiece, atmospheric thriller.

Class Act
With Silence of the Lambs comes some much needed recognition for the horror genre. It is a first-rate production all around. It boasts a witty and suspenseful script based on the Thomas Harris novel, full of great lines. It has marvelous direction from Demme. Demme creates suspense very well throughout and uses some great directorial shots such as the twin frames of Clarice ringing a doorbell and the FBI men breaking into a home. The two lead actors won oscars for their performances...each deserved. Foster is very good in her role, but it is Anthony Hopkins that literally lights up the screen with his complex portrayal of a complex serial killer. Hopkins does the seemingly impossible. He frightens you with his outrageousness and yet illicts some pity/compassion(albeit not a lot) for his situation. He says his lines with reservedness when needed and brashness when needed. The rest of the cast is also quite good with Anthony Heald a standout as a unethical, petty doctor in charge of Hopkins. Of course the story of the other killer is very very chilling as well. A quality film in all aspects!
One of the greatest thrillers of all time
Silence of the lambs is a masterpiece you cannot miss. Jodie Foster stars as Clarice Starling, a top student at the FBI's training academy.Jack Crawford (Scott Glenn) wants Clarice to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins),a genius psychiatrist who is also a violent psychopath,serving life behind bars for various acts of murder and cannibalism.Crawford believes that Lecter may have insight into a case of a serial killer called Buffalo Bill,that murders and skins his victims,and that Starling as an attractive young woman,may be just the bait to make him help with the case.

Silence of the lambs is only the third film in history to win Academy Awards in all the top five categories:Best Picture,Best Actor,Best Actress,Best Director,and Adapted Screenplay and that implies something about it's quality as a film.

The direction is marvelous,as the film has the audience from the beginning till the end on the edge of their seats,especially towards the end with a lot of perfectly crafted suspenseful and thrilling moments,until the amazing climax of the film.

The performances are also incredible.Jodie Foster as Clarice is absolutely brilliant,and Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal the cannibal gives a chilling and memorable performance.Both the actors gave amazing and memorable performances that will stay in film history forever.

In conclusion,this film is an absolute must see and classic,especially for those who like suspenseful and thriller films,but also for those who don't it is a film experience that absolutely cannot be missed!
Perfectly executed dramatic thriller
The Silence of the Lambs, having accomplished the rare feat of winning all five of the major Academy Award categories, is a remarkable achievement in filmmaking. Gruesome, pulpish material was transformed by dedicated participants on all levels of production, and a film that would have failed in the hands of many others wound up becoming a modern masterpiece. Taut direction and a superb screenplay might be the best arguments for the film's power, but the flashiest are certainly delivered in the bravura performances of Hopkins and Foster. Their interplay -- and remember, they only share a handful of scenes together -- is nothing short of riveting.
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