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The Shining
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Stanley Kubrick
Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance
Shelley Duvall as Wendy Torrance
Danny Lloyd as Danny Torrance
Scatman Crothers as Dick Hallorann
Barry Nelson as Stuart Ullman
Philip Stone as Delbert Grady
Joe Turkel as Lloyd the Bartender
Anne Jackson as Doctor
Tony Burton as Larry Durkin
Lia Beldam as Old Woman in Bath
Billie Gibson as Old Woman in Bath
Barry Dennen as Bill Watson
David Baxt as Forest Ranger #1
Manning Redwood as Forest Ranger #2
Storyline: Signing a contract, Jack Torrance, a normal writer and former teacher agrees to take care of a hotel which has a long, violent past that puts everyone in the hotel in a nervous situation. While Jack slowly gets more violent and angry of his life, his son, Danny, tries to use a special talent, the "Shining", to inform the people outside about whatever that is going on in the hotel.
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Eerie, Tense, Memorable
"The Shining" is one of the most chilling and memorable horror movies I`ve seen, and I have seen a lot of horror flicks. It may not be faithful to the Stephen King book, but it still manages to have an intensely eerie tone to, even though any traces of a plot are practically absent. Jack Nicholson gives a great performance as always, and his descent into sheer madness is one of the most entertaining things about the movie, especially when he finally snaps, and turns against his own wife and son. Stanley Krubick has been called mysterious, and there is no doubt about it in this movie, almost every scene has some sort of obscurity to it, some mystery, and it forces to the viewer to feel at least a little bit frightened. Krubick is actually quite brilliant in the way he transforms almost every seemingly normal thing into something menacing, such as the snow-bound atmosphere, a set of twin girls, and even some shots of hallways and rooms gave me chills! In a critical way, "The Shining" is not a great film, there isn`t much substance, clarity or depth, but at the same time, you can`t help but be engrossed by it`s strikingly different style and effect. "The Shining" may not hold up to close fault-finding, but it`s certainly one of the most exceptional horror movies ever made.
The Funniest Comedy of 1980
I shall never, ever be able to understand the phenomenon known as Stanley Kubrick. When he was on, as with DR STRANGELOVE, he was brilliant. But when he was bad, he was awful.

I saw THE SHINING in its first release in a packed movie house in New York City. I had read and loved Stephen King's novel; I am widely read in the horror genre and do not scare easily, but that book gave me the creeps for weeks.

Well for all the people who have been raving what a masterpiece this film is, I can only tell you this. The crowd in the theatre started giggling the minute Jack Nicholson appeared on film, and by the time he chased Shelley Duvall up the stairs, the whole crowd was literally in stitches. And I was laughing right along with them. Maybe New York audiences are just jaded; I don't know.

Not that this movie does not have some scary moments. Shelley Duvall is rather good when she is away from Nicholson and it starts to dawn on her that something evil is taking over her family and her life. Unfortunately, Miss Duvall plays Wendy Torrance, a strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman in the novel, as a pathetic, whiny ninny most of the time, and by the time Nicholson had her trapped in the bathroom, I am sure plenty of us were screaming for her head. It must be said that this is not the fault of Miss Duvall, a talented and intelligent actress who according to reports fought bitterly with Kubrick over his interpretation of Wendy.

The kid talking to his finger is another idiotic and unintentionally hilarious bit of business that was not in the original novel. Why Kubrick thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

But let's get down to the real problem: Jack Nicholson. In the right role, he can be very good, though he has never been among my top ten. Jack Torrance is totally the wrong role for him; for one thing, he does not look ordinary enough. But the worst thing is that Stephen King's story was about a man being SLOWLY AND INEXORABLY driven out of his mind. Nicholson goes nuts so early in the film that there is literally nowhere for him to take the character. And Kubrick was either in awe of Nicholson, who was still riding the post-Oscar high from CUCKOO'S NEST, or he just didn't care, or he thought it was scary when it was actually funny. I don't know.

As if all this were not bad enough, the whole mess drags on for two hours and twenty-two minutes; this movie practically cries out for a pair of scissors.

Some people will feel that I have spat on an icon, I suppose, and they have that right. But Stephen King himself was not happy with this film, and when he finally got the opportunity to re-do it as a television miniseries in 1997, the results were much better. For the one thing that is missing in Kubrick's version is a heart.

Anne Rivers Siddons, in discussing her excellent horror novel THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR, writes that the thing about horror is that it smashes people and relationships. Thus the best horror stories are at bottom also very sad (Brian De Palma's CARRIE gets this; Kubrick's film does not). And whatever your feelings about the miniseries format may be, the Torrance family created in 1997 were people you could care about. Director Mick Garris understands King better than Kubrick did, and Rebecca De Mornay, in particular, redeems the Wendy character in a spectacular tour-de-force towards the end. In 1980 the Torrances were figures of fun. Rather like the barbaric Victorian custom of laughing at the lunatics in Bedlam.

Awful, awful, awful.
The Best Horror Movie Of All Time, One Of The Best Movies Of All Time!
To start of, Stanley Kubrick is amongst the best directors of all time. He is up there with Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and David Fincher. Too many people seem to forget this amazing director, which is a shame.

Stanley Kubrick has made several of my favourite movies; Barry lyndon, A clockwork orange, and Eyes wide shut. His best movie though, is probably This one, or Barry lyndon! Most people either think barry lyndon is "boring", unnecessary, etc. It is not, but i will not go into that here, since now i will talk about The shining.

The shining is without a doubt the best Horror Movie of all time! It is suspenseful, Intense, Has near perfect acting, and is not boring for one second of its runtime, even on the 20th viewing!

The shining is also one of the most mysterious movies of all time, and it is pretty hard to understand the movie, even after extremely many viewings! If you have not seen this movie, do yourself a favour and watch it this instant!


The ending of the movie is pretty well known. Jack hunts down his wife and son to kill them with an axe. I have a theory of the absolute last scene with the picture on the wall.

In my opinion this scene means that jack possibly died from the fall in the stairs earlier in the movie. Which means that what actually is hunting down jacks wife and son is the memory of both jack and delbert grady. Its an insane theory, but personally i think this could be a possible meaning with the ending. I ain't saying this is what the ending means but its one of my theories.
"Here's Johnny!!"
Steven Kings "The Shining" is an excellent example of solitary madness. After watching the film I thought to myself that was one hell of a ride, I haven't read the novel, yet, but I will eventually.

A man, his wife, and young son spend five months in a hotel that has been closed down for the winter months. Part of the mans job is to look out for the place, but I feel this was his biggest mistake. The Hotel has a sketchy past, murders have taken place in it, weird and strange things as well. On top of that the hotel was built on top of a Native American burial ground. As time passes on strange things happen, the hotel it seems is coming alive, and along with that the husband basically loses his mind. Do to the convincing of a past murderous ghost, the man thinks all of his problems are caused by his wife and son, this totally drives him mad and he is convinced that he needs to kill them.

The son has a unique but disturbing gift of seeing things from the past and future, which is also know as "The Shining".

As the film roles on, you get the feeling something ain't right here. And is clearly seen through the husbands attitude. It just shows what solitary confinement in a hunted hotel can do to you. Tension just builds throughout the film, and explodes towards the climax when the husband finally loses it. My ultimate favorite line of the film (As I am sure is everybody's) is when Jack Nicklesons character Jack Torrance breaks down the bathroom door and peaks his head in and says "Here's Johnny!!" bringing with it humorous effect along with his madness. That line by the way was added in by Jack Nickleson. The director liked it so much that he kept it in. I'm glad he did.

"The Shining" is not for the feint of heart, it's a thriller that keeps building tension until the very end. But you wouldn't expect less from the Master of Horror.

10/10 for Steven Kings "The Shining"
Another Kind of Horror
1980, the new beginning of decades in cinema. And Kubrick brought the most memorable horror of all time. I think it's not a horror after all, it's an unclassified-genre, a Kubrick's very own genre. For me, it is not scary, maybe because the cultural gap between the western and eastern. The Asian-horror, usually frightening young woman appears as ghost, is my cultural-horror. I mean, you know ghost, in every culture is different. At the one hand, if you believe in ghost or those mythical things, this movie is worth to watch, it's from Stephen King's novel itself. In the other hand, if you don't believe, don't worry, Kubrick make another alternative to enjoy this movie. Watch it as a psychological-problem-movie, with suspenseful scene in it. So, two perspective in a movie, who could believe that, but Kubrick made it true. And about its difference from the novel, I don't know if you are a novel reader or what. But, I do appreciate King as the writer, he has good sense in writing mystery-novel. I haven't read the novel though, but King as writer, had done a great job. For Kubrick, you may say, he had torture the masterpiece of writing. So, King is right to defend his work of art. But Kubrick also had a fantastic sense of cinematography, that's why it's okay for him to change the story a little too far. Anyway, I adore both of them.

"The Shining", however, is pure entertainment in my opinion. It doesn't criticize the culture, society, beliefs, or anything else. A magical movie construction with little jumbled sequence and undefined evil spirit in it. It's okay for me, what audiences really seek is the intense-scene itself, not the comprehension of the symbol in movie. It gets wrong when the movie is bad and boring, but not for "The Shining" which is very genius in that very era. Kubrick doesn't add twist, just leaves the movie-mystery behind. To make the audiences keep wondering, and that's good. Nicholson did a really intimidating-acting, one of the best act from him that I've ever seen. The story itself, I mean the screenplay from the movie, is just so tremendous, though-provoking, and cold. I just can get enough claustrophobia from this film. And what's very touching is "the shining" itself, people that can shine, or has talent to communicate with spirits. The way the movie leads to point a very different way to understand such a weird-talent. You know, children, they are really plain and honest, just a tiny kick for showing new view.

Nine out of ten, I rate this movie. With small-amount of moral value, I usually don't rate movie as high as this. But the cultural- impact of this movie is remained until now. Not just in America, but reaches my country also, Indonesia. "All work and no play makes Jack adult boy" comes in my English assignment. Look, it is from the 1980's cinema and still leaves trace until now. With not so many awards, it gives so much unique pleasure. The accomplishment of great cinema-inventiveness. What a charmed feature!
What is Idiocy?
The fact that this movie is even in the top 1000 movies of all time, much less the top 250. That, in fact, crosses over the line from Idiocy to pure Lunacy, or worse. Someday, this disturbing race of mutated movie goers who have been dubbed "Kubrickites" by Pentagon scientists will die off, as their numbers are already dwindling. Until then, the rest of us simply must tolerate them, and correct them when necessary.
The best horror movie of all time.
Kubrick proved his brilliantness again, now in a suspense-horror film based on Stephen King's book titled the same way. Jack Torrance is a man in his forties, married, with one child, and with a past of trouble and alcoholism. The Overlook Hotel in Colorado suspends service during the winter because of its extreme weather, and there is a well-paid job for the person who takes care of the facilities during those five months; and Torrance, who was looking to become a writer, found it perfect. But, the manager advised Torrance about the loneliness in this place during the winter, potentially dangerous, and told him that some caretaker in the past went crazy and murdered his family. Even before they got there, his son Danny, who has some sort of imaginary friend who illuminates him the future (shinning), knew the place wasn't good and didn't want to go. Once they installed themselves in the hotel, things started right but within a month, Jack began acting strange, irritated, and depressed. At this point, we know something is going to happen, but don't know when and how. Scary things happen such as the appearance of two twin girls talking to Danny, and someone who attacked him violently. They are not alone in this place. Later on, Jack started to see other people and immediately felt good with them, like if they were his family; among them the famous psychotic caretaker, Delbert Grady. Grady tells Torrance that he must kill his family because they are "intruders" in the hotel. Obeying this order, Jack went for the objective and many of the most scary things I've ever seen happen here. The ending is spectacular and the viewers will stay interested and shocked until the last minute.
Absolutely awful, awful stuff
This entire movie could have been viewed with subtitles and everything on fast forward. Low on dialogue and storytelling, and sky-high on Kubrik-Hype, his God-awful long shots were as deadly as Jack Nicholson's axe... they killed the movie and any suspense it attempted to create.

I literally watched the last part of this movie on fast forward. The Kubrik-esquire long shots are an absolute drag, and the producers should have worked more on the script to let people understand the story more.

Try watching a few scenes on fast forward, and you'll get the joke. Absolutely unacceptable. The story is not served in any way by watching a well-acted freak with an axe limp across a half-mile hallway or an old black guy walk, 6-inch stride by 6-inch stride across the same bloody hallway for five minutes.

All movie adaptations worthy to be mentioned should have enough material within the contents of the movie for people who have NOT read the book to understand ENOUGH so as to get the general story right. This adaptation does not do anything of the sort.

Unacceptable script-writing and unacceptable direction. I forgave Kubrik on 2001: A Space Odyssey, but after watching The Shining, in hindsight, his clichéd long shots and his awful storytelling puts him in one of the directors whose work I consistently do not enjoy.
Peep This Reviews
The most cerebral horror movie ever. It's more of an interpretation than an adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Easily one of the best and most effective horror film ever made, yet there is a very small body count but lots of blood. It's eye-witnessing a man's slow descent into absolute madness. One of Kubrick's best. Transcends true terror into art.
Defines "suspense".
I saw this film in a theater then it was released, and it was one of my more memorable movie experiences. A rather longish movie, I thought it was moving a bit slow. Watchable, interesting, but not very scary. But, without actually realizing it, the tension was slowly building, building, building. Why do I say this? Because with about a half hour left of the movie, I suddenly realized I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat. I don't think this has ever happened to me before or since, with the possible exception of "The Exorcist" or "The Omen". That, my friends, is a sign of a very good film indeed: it accomplished what it set out to accomplish, which was to jangle thoroughly jangle the viewer's nerves.

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