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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
USA, New Zealand, Germany
Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Peter Jackson
Sean Astin as Sam
John Bach as Madril
Sala Baker as Man Flesh Uruk
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Orlando Bloom as Legolas
Billy Boyd as Pippin
Jed Brophy as Sharku
Sam Comery as Éothain
Brad Dourif as Wormtongue
Calum Gittins as Haleth
Bernard Hill as Theoden
Bruce Hopkins as Gamling
Paris Howe Strewe as Théodred - Prince of Rohan
Storyline: While Frodo and Sam, now accompanied by a new guide, continue their hopeless journey towards the land of shadow to destroy the One Ring, each member of the broken fellowship plays their part in the battle against the evil wizard Saruman and his armies of Isengard.
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Freeking amazing Movie, review from a movie pro
The people who vote against this movie or didn't see it, or just hate it for hatred. This is the movie that changed the movie industry and set foot for the digital actors (3D Animation). This movie is a living legend, a god, and will rule for a century in my opinion.

Seriously, if you have not seen this trilogy, go and see it as soon as possible, as it is not just a movie about medieval times, it has everything a real movie should: Beautiful people (not a single ugly face), amazing art, incredible places (looks like heaven with skies of many colors, water and so much more). The acting is superb, the best in the world, they really hired the BEST out there, and as far as I can see, the movie was awesome because they did not allowed the motion picture to be corrupted with "political" reasons, so, all the actors, Post-production, sound, effects and everything else was really the BEST, no corrupted piece!!!!

The story is immortal, will get you in tears no matter what you are made of. The characters... so well done!!!

Do you know why this movie is so good? I will tell my opinion on it: I think it is THAT good, because Peter Jackson worked on it for more than 10 years (was forced to wait 10 years because no one wanted to give him the green light to shoot), that is why, it is a good way to ensure a good quality.
Extended Edition is definitive Tolkien
I have loved Tolkien's masterpiece since I was 10 years old. I bought the calendars by Brothers Hildebrandt all through college, and I have eagerly awaited the movies since they were announced some four years ago. I just saw the Extended "Two Towers" last night at the Seattle Cinerama, and I was absolutely stunned by how improved it is over the earlier edit (which I saw three times in theatres). As good as "Fellowship" is, I feel that the restored "Two Towers" blows it away.

****** SPOILERS ******

So many things that felt half-finished in "TTT" now contribute to the richness of detail that makes this such an epic. The stable scene with Brego, Aragorn, and Eowyn is pivotal in setting up several later scenes. The migration of the trees of Fangorn to Helm's Deep, the flashback to Boromir in Osgiliath, and Theodred's funeral all serve to bring the story much more in line with Tolkien's vision. Even the raiding of the stores by Merry and Pippin is wonderful, injecting some of the lightheartedness of "Fellowship" into what is a much darker story.

****** END SPOILERS ******

This trilogy will stand as a singular achievement in cinema history. In an era when many big-budget films are mindless, sadistic two-hour pageants of explosions and gunplay, it is remarkable that these films were made at all, let alone with such faithfulness to very complex source material. Bravo to New Line, Peter Jackson, Howard Shore, the entire crew, and of course the magnificent cast, especially Ian McKellen.
im not one to like fantasy...i liked the first LOTR movie, but i wasnt crazy about it. i thought it was an ok fantasy film. then comes "The LORD of the RINGS: The Two Towers". it such a great improvement over the first and probably the best sequel ever thats better and more fulfilling then the original. "TTT" got robbed at the oscars: peter jackson deserved best director and this movie deserved BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR!. hopefully next year, both peter jackson and return of the king will finally win the oscars they rightfully deserved. as claudia puig from usa today said..."THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS' is among the most breathtaking achievements in recent cinematic history" i agree. "ttt" stands above every movie in 2002 and is certainly THE VERY BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR AND THE BEST FANTASY FILM TO EVER MAKE IT TO THE BIG SCREEN!
Magnificent epic
The Fellowship of the Ring was a monumentally entertaining film, the Return of the King was an amazing wrap-up to the epic of our times, but the most dramatic moment for me came at the end of the Two Towers. After 3 hours of sweeping vistas, excellent Shakespearean acting, and otherworldly sights and sounds, we are treated to a scene that still sends chills down my back and rouses me like nothing since the final scene in Rocky. A lone rider (we all know who), set against the top of a hill, massing legions of horsemen behind him. He appears just as the heroes are losing all hope. Once he begins his descent down the hill with his army behind him, the camera begins a slow pan over the top and down with them, showing the size and scale of their forces. The evil army below looks up with surprise, a bright light fills the screen, the camera focuses on the lead rider (again, we all know who) who lets out a wrenching battle cry, the music swells to unbelievable heights, and I am swept away like I've never been before.

This is cinema at its very best.
best movie
Well Lord of the Rings Trilogy is the best movies ever. Lord of the Rings the Two Towers is amazing, with the Ents and the battle of the Ents. The flooding of Isengard. It's amazing stuff to see, honestly. Special affects are so well done. The extended one is obviously better. Fangorn Forest is real beautiful place,so old n mysterious looking, I mean it. The braking of the Fellowshiphas happened, separated in three parts; Frodo and Sam on the road to Mordor, Merry and Pippin captured by the Orcs and Urak-Kais,Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli on the pursuit to get Merry and Pippin back. A good thing that Gandalf is back, he's a real help to the Fellowship. Also the kingdom of Rohan is so beautiful, very viking looking.Honestly Fangorn Forest is the best part of the movie. It's just so funny and emotional. Treebeard is so amazing, he just so slow moving, and he takes his time to do everything. It's quite awesome. The parts are also very well played(the hobbits are the best). It's amazing, anybody who has not seen it should watch it. PETER JACKSON IS THE BEST DIRECTOR EVER!!!!!
The Two Towers! What Is It? The Answer Is: My Precious!
The second part of The Lord of the Rings saga maintains the style, momentum and integrity that made the first film as brilliant as it is and thus what Peter Jackson gives us is one of the best sequels ever and certainly the best film of 2002. I prefer the first film for being closer to the book but I completely understand the changes made from book to film and I see why they are necessary to keep the film's narrative flowing instead of dropping dead. The film is not without a few weaknesses mainly because of it being a middle part linking The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King and therefore not having an obvious beginning or an end. This doesn't stop the film from being an experience that people shouldn't be cheated out of.

The acting is, like in the first film, very good and at times even brilliant. Viggo Mortensen improves greatly and provides a more well rounded and believable Aragorn and proves his qualities as an actor especially in the quit moments (of which there are too few in the theatrical release, this was remedied in the extended cut). Also Elijah Wood deepens his character considerably and shows many of the darker sides of his character in the film. This provides for some interesting exchanges between Wood and his faithful companion played by Sean Astin. Bernard Hill is introduced in this film along with the method actor, Brad Dourif. Both of the aforementioned are excellent in their respective parts even though there are some inconsistencies in Hill's character compared to the character from the book. These changes were obviously made for dramatic purposes and are very plausible. Ian McKellen's character, Gandalf, has been somewhat reduced in the second film but instead he steals every scene he is in. Likewise, Hugo Weaving's character has been reduced but he is still very good and keeps his character in the same style as in the first film. Orlando Bloom and John Rhys-Davies returns as well and I have to comment on the choice to make Gimli into comic relief, because while I understand the necessity given that Dominic Monaghan's and Billy Boyd's characters have taken a turn towards more serious characters there had to be someone to relieve the dramatic tension, I found it a shame that Gimli had been reduced to some bumbling clown. Fortunately most of his comic remarks worked. Among other characters introduced are Faramir, played by David Wenham, and Gollum, played beautifully by Andy Serkis. I'll get back to Faramir but for now I have to comment on Gollum. Gollum is quite simply the most interesting film character in the last decade and this relates both to the ground breaking special effects but also Serkis' performance, which was most unfairly not deemed fit for an Oscar nomination. Overall the acting is excellent like in the first film and all actors manages to develop their characters in ways that are at the very least acceptable.

The effects and fight scenes in this second film are among the best ever and is perhaps only bested by some of the effects in the third film in the series. The Gollum character and the battle for Helm's Deep seem to be excellent examples. Gollum is quite simply the most stunning and beautifully created CGI character of all time and he displays extraordinary emotional range. As previously stated The Battle for Helm's Deep is among the finest battle scenes ever created. Well paced and choreographed and above all the editing in between the hectic battle sequences and scared citizens provides for some emotional depth as well (something that was sorely needed in the battle sequences in Star Wars: Episode II). This gigantic battle isn't the only battle in the film. There are many other interesting battles but I'm not going to spoil them so you'll just have to see the film yourself. The battles are consistent with the style that was laid down in the first film they are simply on a much more epic scale.

Some people have raved that the changes made from book to film were too radical but I completely understand and condone the reasons which were obviously dramatic purposes. Especially David Wenham's character has been criticized and after watching it the first time I was a bit unhappy with his character as well but when you think about it the changes in the character were at the very least essential to maintain the narrative structure. There are other examples but it would really be pointless to mention them because the reason is exactly the same as in the case of David Wenham's character. Dramatic purposes.

Overall The Two Towers serves as an excellent link between the Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King and it deserves every bit of praise coming to it. One of the very best films of all time.

10/10 - On my top 10 of best films
As good as its prequel
In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Two Towers was my favorite, but it is as good as the prequel. Peter Jackson won his major triumph again! The thing about the Two Towers is that, it makes everyone wondered what was going to happen, the fellowship was broken and the dark lord is winning over middle-earth.

The Two Towers explained the path of the hobbits and the king. The film follows its prequel as did the book as Frodo and Sam make their way towards Mount Doom to destroy the ring of evil. They encounter a new creature called Gollum that is bound to the ring, and claims he knows the route into Mordor. Is he a friend or foe?

it then shifts to Merry and Pippin who are held captive by a band of Uruk-hai. the Uruk-hair get destroyed in a battle against humans, and Merry and Pippin flee into the forest of fangorn. There they meet the most beloved character in The lord of the Rings books, treebeard, a creature that is a walking, talking tree that must gather the other trees for an inevitable battle against Saruman.

And lastly, there's Aragorn, and his two friends Gimili, a dwarf, and Legolas, an elf. They follow the Uruk-hai, till the damned creatures meet their miserable fate. The trio encounter a band of human riders from a country called Rohan, which tell them the direction of the uruk slaughter, which leads the trio into Fnagorn forest, where they meet an unexpected friend, and learn that the folk of Rohan are being attacked by Saruman, and must make a stand against an army of 10,000! Can these three gatherers change the fate of middle-earth in the little time they have?

Peter Jackson has proved himself of filming great battle sequences, unique special effects, a great storyline of an unforgettable tale, and moral lessons all people must learn. 5/5
a definite step down from part 1
People often worship this part of the trilogy but it was effectively ruined by the grossly unrealistic portrayal of the battles. A bit of rudimentary research could have prevented that up but Peter Jackson, who otherwise has a great eye for detail, clearly didn't respect his material or his audience enough to do his work properly, or, he was badly advised.

spoilers follow

For example; One does not launch mass cavalry charges down steep slopes. Anyone who has ever rode on a horse would know this. Historically, people have not been so crazy as it inevitably would lead to a mass pile up at the bottom and a complete disaster. One also does not charge cavalry directly into a well formed pike formation even on flat terrain, let alone down a slope. It is suicidal and skilled, experienced soldiers would avoid such tactics as a matter of routine.

There were other very badly handled scenes but I won't start listing them all but they are there for anyone to see.

It is really disappointing to create such wonderful costumes, bring in lots of motivated extras and state of the art SGI effects and then neglect to do even the most rudimentary research on the simple physics of battles (let alone intelligent tactics). It is also disappointing that the viewing public accepts such incompetence as justifiable "artistic license".

As an analogy, think of an otherwise well produced WW2 movie that portrayed soldiers and equipment doing things that were physically impossible or downright crazy. Wouldn't that hurt any film that set itself up to be an epic?
Good - but far from perfect.
Problem with LOTR films is that they are always going to be compared to the books and peoples imaginations - and those of us with better imaginations than others often think of cooler things they'd rather have seen in the movie than others, or shown in different ways.

Getting away from that what you have isn't worth a film. It's a slice of a slice of a slice of a greater whole that was never going to be perfectly encapsulated into 12 movies - let alone 3 and let alone 3 with sum total of 3 years planning taking place prior to making the first film and then a continuous sequence of production. That doesn't lend kindly to perfection by any stretch of the imagination - and it shows. Because it's only a slice if you watch it and haven't got the background to fill in the gaps then all you have is a mediocre story, mediocre emotional value and very little that you can actually get your teeth into. You never get any kind of attachment to the characters - Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are getting on my nerves already and I was banking on Jackson straying completely from the book and bumping those two off - meanwhile Frodo and Sam look destined to lead a clandestine homosexual arrangement, because that's what it is - a big boys book of camping in woods and fending off mystical beasties.

Maybe if you watch all 3 films end to end it'd make sense - but right now the first film stands alone as an excellent piece of work, almost worthy of Tolkiens words whilst the second film goes back on the principle of 'enlightenment' and filling in background gaps by throwing everything in quickly and with little or no care for the people who haven't read the book. It sooooooo desperately needed a voice over, a few more historical flashbacks, a little more time introducing and attention paid to rather important characters such as Boromirs brother etc.

Anyway. CGI scenery is 'good' so long as you ignore the glaring wobbly bits (such as the Big Gate scene closing on the ranks of filed evil men) dodgy editing and inability (Still!) to get shadows and depth right. Sometimes matte paintings are the way to go if you can't realistically do it using a computer. I know that doesn't allow for big panning motions across mighty castles on hilltops etc but quite frankly I don't care much for this scenic extravaganza, I'd rather them cut the wasteful 15 or so minutes of watching people run, or horses slowly ride etc and have some background info - or at least give us a voice over with some pointers in the meantime. CGI creatures are on the whole well done, but again look like plastecine (or is plastacine?). Gollum stands apart in this respect as he is actually surprisingly well done. However, the artists could have done with actually "looking" at the effects the lighting in the scene had on the actors. Too often you'd see Sam or Frodo with their face half in shadow, then Gollum sticking out like a sore thumb because his 'shadow' doesn't come from any source within the scene.

Oh - and with all this CGI going on, nobody thought of fixing Legolas eyes. If we're going to see them so often in the film as he stares off into the middle distance and makes some profoundly obvious statement - then the least they can do is make them the same colour throughout.

Despite all this - it ranks as probably the greatest Sword+Fantasy type film. Unfortunately considering it's only up against B-Movie Conan and the hit'n'miss Legend and the lacklustre Dungeons&Dragons this isn't much to brag about. However, it does go an awful long way towards making Sword+Fantasy movies respectable. Hopefully someone will now be brave enough to take on the far more movie friendly "Dragonlance Chronicles" (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Winter Night, Spring Dawning etc) and do them proper justice.

It's an 8. But only because I have an odd taste in movies admittedly, which would put Spaceballs as a 10. I apologise in advance for this travesty of judgement.
Better Paced than the first, the battle for Isengard was excellent
We have been waiting an entire year for this one!!! The Two Towers picks up right where last years Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring leaves off. The director, Peter Jackson, did not include a recap of the last movie, so if you don't remember what happened in the first movie you better rent it and refresh your memory before you head off to the theater.

When we last left our fellowship, it had splintered apart. Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) and Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin) continue there quest to return the all powerful and evil ring to Mordor where it can be destroyed. They take on the creature Gollum (Andy Serkis) as their guide to Mordor despite Gollum's obsession with getting `his precious' back. Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) begin by trying to find the kidnapped Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd), but end up getting caught up in a battle to save a race of humans. The evil wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee), controlled by Dark Lord Sauron created a grand Uruk-hai army that is sent to destroy the race of Humans at the fortress Isengard. The presumed dead Gandolf (Ian McKellen) also returns to lend his assistance in battling Lord Sauron's troops.

This film was better paced than the first in the trilogy. There were still some breaks in the action that were a little dull, but the dialog was necessary to further the story. With three separate stories going on simultaneously between the three groups of the splintered fellowship, the film kept the action moving quickly. Clocking in at 179 minutes, it is just one minute longer than the first film. This time, I didn't mind the length. The battle for Isengard comprised about a third of the film, and it was very intense.

The rest of the film had a lot of the same excellent cinematic shots as the first movie. The shots tracking the actors from above (done by helicopter) with the beautiful New Zealand mountains and countryside in the background were just amazing. The landscapes helped to keep me involved with the story when the action slowed for dialog intensive scenes.

The creature Gollum played a very key roll in this movie, and the computer-generated character was very lifelike and amusing. He reminded me of Dobby the `house elf' in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Gollum and the Dwarf were the two main comic relief characters in this very serious film.

To conclude, we had to wait a year for this film, and it lived up to expectations! A final reminder…this is the middle film in the trilogy so you can expect another ending that leaves you wanting more! Not to worry though, the third and final film is due out next Christmas.
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