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The Identical
Drama, Music
IMDB rating:
Dustin Marcellino
Ray Liotta as Reece Wade
Gary Beaty as Steve Douglas
Ken Dodge as Sergeant
Caylin Cervetti as Angela
Noah Urrea as Ryan Wade (9 Years)
Waylon Payne as Tony Nash
Erin Cottrell as Jenny O'Brien
Amanda Crew as Helen Hemsley
Brian Geraghty as William Hemsley
Seth Green as Dino
Chris Mulkey as William Hemsley (Older)
Ashley Judd as Louise Wade
Joe Pantoliano as Avi Hirshberg
Storyline: In 1936, William and Helen Hemsley (Brian Geraghty, Amanda Crew) welcome identical twin boys into the world. But their joy is quickly tempered by a sobering realization; how could they give these children any kind of a life beyond the desperate poverty that haunted many families in the midst of the Great Depression? When evangelist Reece Wade (Ray Liotta) reveals that he and his wife Louise (Ashley Judd) cannot have children, William feels the Lord's prompting to give them one of the infant boys. Both brothers are born with passion, drive and awesome musical talent, but take very separate, yet converging paths. Drexel Hemsley (Blake Rayne) rises like a comet and changes the music world forever. His adopted brother, Ryan Wade (also played by Blake Rayne) struggles to find the purpose for his life. All the way into manhood he wrestles with pleasing Reverend Wade, his loving but controlling father, who is convinced his son Ryan is called into the ministry. Ryan is encouraged by his ...
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Better Than Expected
I really enjoyed this movie. The performances by Liotta, Rayne & Judd were heartwarming. I have only seen Liotta in "Goodfellas", so his portrayal of a preacher was impressive. Ashley Judd also gives a heartwarming performance as the preacher's wife. Blake's physical resemblance, especially his profile is remarkable, & he is very like able in this film. The story was a wee bit "schmaltzy" here & there, but it was refreshing to see a good & wholesome story you won't be embarrassed to take your parents or kids to. The music is NOT Elvis' but my goodness the voice is really close. The story is interesting & I kept wondering...will he ever meet his brother...mother...father? No spoilers here, go see it, I bet you'll leave the theater wondering "what IF Elvis' twin had lived?"
Fabulous Movie!!!
I have been reading the critics reviews and they are full of it!!! They would lead you to believe that this is a movie you do not want to see. We'll some of the best movies I ever seen the critics have hated!! It's a personal opinion of some one who THINKS THEY know what does and doesn't make up a good movie, most movie critics are egotistical idiots who think THEY get to decide for us!! This was a wonderful movie without sex, violence or bad language. Imagine that a move the whole family can watch and feel great about when they leave. It's entertaining with a message that there is a plan for everyone's lives and if you have a dream....go for it we all all capable of accomplishing great things! I laughed, I cried, I applauded!!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE you will not be sorry you did!!!
One of the BEST movies that I have ever seen!!!!!
I truly loved this movie and it was full of excitement, incredible music, talent, and respect towards others.

It supported family values and shows that love is deeper than blood and ones true hearts dreams can not be bought. It taught incredible biblical values with the appreciation of Messianic Jews and Christianity!! It was interesting to see the great love and dedication it takes for any parent to bless another family with a child no matter how difficult it may be. To overcome ones desires and to think of the better life an adopted child would have and how its all part of Gods great and bigger plan is truly amazing.

What a blessing it was to find this movie!! A true MUST see as I was Jumping for Joy and wishing the storyline never ended!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!
Wonderful family entertainment, loved it!
I just needed something to be 'background noise' as I worked on my own projects. Turned on this movie on Netflix on my 2nd large monitor next to my 'working' monitor. Ended up getting an unexpected two-hour break from work due to cancelled meetings, so I sat back in my chair and focused on the movie. It started rather slowly and since I had not read the synopsis here, I didn't know what to expect, but hey I had my popcorn so I settled in to watch. It is an excellent family type movie or maybe a kinda 'chick flick'. NO sex. NO swearing. NO smoking. NO drinking (by the main characters). Just normal, average folks trying to lead good lives. Blake Rayne starring in his first movie ever. He is a well-known Elvis impersonator and that is obvious after the first 10 minutes of the movie. So what? The MAN is handsome, looks like a member of Elvis' family, and boy! can he sing! There's a lot of singing in this movie, early rock music. Apparently some of the other commentors didn't like that, but as a MUSICIAN, I DID. (Non musicians tend to 'like' 'pop' music because they don't grok music. Fine. But real musicians have a different 'understanding' of music.) Other reviewers have explained the premise of the movie, so I won't bother. I go more for 'sensation'... and this movie filled me up emotionally. I thought Ray Liotta gave an Oscar-winning performance, because for the FIRST time I saw how well he can ACT. I didn't know it was Mr. Liotta until halfway through the movie. Ashley Judd was fine, but she is really a one-trick-pony actress, she knows how to play -- Ashley Judd, but she does it exceptionally well. Seth Green is so cute, and quite a good b-rate actor. Actually all main actors in the movie were obviously professionals. BTW, this is NOT a religious movie even though Ray plays a minister and biblical quotes show up once in a while. As far as I am concerned, most people are sheeple anyway, and if the prevailing zeitgeist is 'anti-Christian' rhetoric, that's what the sheeple will baaaaa baaaaa baaaaah in comments for movies of this type. Good entertainment, moral and family strong. LOVED IT. However, the typographer responsible for the end titles (Sherwood Jones) let a typo escape proofreading (I saw the typo), and whoever was responsible for the type fount and kerning didn't understand type for streaming media/TV/movie screens either. The kerning should have been relaxed TV spacing (tight NOT touching), but the titles were, in fact, over kerned, possibly minus 1 when they should have been plus 1), (eruditely yours). Ms. KnowItAll (but I do so BFD) PS this movie may have financially 'bombed' at the theatres, but so did "It's a Wonderful Life". This is a good family movie, that leaves you with a good feeling, and I am BETTING it'll be on TV/streaming media devices for decades to come, just like "It's a Wonderful Life."
A real (pleasant) surprise!
The Identical was a real surprise for me. With most stories about twins separated at birth, viewers may expect the twins to meet, cause trouble together, switch places (ala The Parent Trap), etc. This story bucks those expectations and goes in a direction you will not predict, telling a truly original story. It isn't a tale about an Elvis impersonator (necessarily). Nor is it preachy for a faith-based film. The religious elements are natural and part of the characters' logical makeup. Secular viewers need not cringe, in other words, because any scripture spouting happens when you'd expect it to (and it applies nicely to the situation presented). It's good to see Ray Liotta play a role that isn't a mobster, and Seth Green's character is a lot of fun. New actor Blake Rayne does a lovely job as well. It is a touching film, and one you'll be glad to see. --Ann Margaret Lewis, mystery author
This is a movie for everyone. Substantive. Real. Thoughtful.
This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It has a lot of substance. Most movies are entertainment that are meant to amuse. Amuse means "not to think." This movie is not amusing. It is real life. Something meaningful. It will be well worth you time to see it and then buy the DVD when it comes out to watch it again. I've seen a lot of critics take the movie to task, but I don't know what tree they fell out of. There are specific communities that should have an appreciation for this movie. Christians, Jews, African-Americans, Adopted children and their parents, Elvis fans, Southerners, Music lovers, Movies lovers. You will love it. Your family will love it. Your friends will love it.
Great Film
Very enjoyable movie about identical twins, each with their own cross to bear. And, if you're an Elvis fan, it's all the more entertaining. Blake Rayne is excellent in the double role. Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd portray the parents of "The Identical", both at their best, as is Waylon Payne. This story is very heartwarming and will bring tears of sadness and tears of joy. With all hope, it will rate with substantial popularity. The soundtrack has good rockin' music, all tunes with the magic of the Elvis sound. Finally, a movie I can brag about and say that I'll go see again, buy the DVD when it's available, and definitely the soundtrack. It's this kind of entertainment that's been a long time coming.
Basically a twist on the Elvis story.
Not that THE IDENTICAL is not interesting, it is bogged down borrowing freely from the legendary life of Elvis Presley. In the mid 1930s, William and Helen Hemsley(Brian Geraghty and Amanda Crew)are blessed, or cursed, with the birth of identical twin boys. The Hemsley's suffer the depression in the deep south and decide to give up one of their boys to a childless couple, the Reverend Reece Wade(Ray Liotta)and his wife Louise(Ashley Judd).

Drexel Hemsley(Blake Rayne), from his humble beginnings rises in the world like a flaming comet and gains fame as the adored rock 'n' roll star Drexel "The Dream" Hensley. The other boy, Ryan Wade(also played by Rayne)struggles buried under the thumb of his adopted father, wanting him to enter the ministry. Ryan, like Drexel, has the God-given talent to sing. He would finally actually become an imitator of Drexel, called "The Identical". I would watch it again.

The film becomes so predictable and contrived, but yet compelling enough to stick around and enjoy the music. Some of the better tunes: "City Lights", "Gypsy Man" and "Your Love's Keepin' Me Tonight" by Rayne. Other songs are provided by The Morph Kings, Darcey & Mo and The Ricky Reese Band.

Veteran actor Liotta seems to over-act his role, while Miss Judd is sympathetic, but a little stale. Of course, Rayne, a former Elvis Presley impersonator, does the best with what he's got. Also in the cast: Seth Green, Joe Pantoliano, Erin Cottrell, Gary Beaty and Danny Woodburn.

There is only one Elvis and his fans will either be highly agitated or mildly pleased with THE IDENTICAL.
Quite a fine movie for those who enjoy singing AND a good story.
I was attracted to this title because I have long been fascinated with identical twins. Although "identical" genetically, some sets behave almost exactly the same while others are quite different. I am close friends with a set who look alike but are quite different in most ways and have taken, so far, quite different paths in life.

This story plays on the concept of identical twins separated shortly after birth and growing up in different families but as adults are almost the same. There have been a number of studies over the years of such identical twins growing up quite differently but being almost the same as adults.

It starts in the 1930s when the parents of the twins can't make it financially so give one of them for adoption by the local preacher and his wife who had just witnessed that they could not have children. Because this was an unusual action the parents pretended one of the two babies had died and held a funeral, even burying an empty box and installing a headstone.

The boy grows up as Ryan Wade and his adopted father plans for him to follow the calling, become a minister. Even though Ryan goes to divinity school, his heart isn't in it, he drops out, works at blue collar jobs like delivery man or auto mechanic after his stint in the Army. Then he learns about famous singer, Drexel Hemsley, who looks exactly like him and sings the way he does (the same actor, a singer and Elvis impersonator plays both roles.)

His own career gets kick-started when his wife encourages him to enter a Drexel "sing-alike" contest which he of course wins, then gets a manager and begins his own successful career, but only by impersonating the famous Drexel, who in fact is his brother.

Ray Liotta overacts a bit as the preacher Reece Wade, but Ashley Judd is just right as the preacher's wife Louise Wade. The real life singer Blake Rayne, not an actor before this movie, plays Ryan Wade and Drexel Hemsley, but almost all the focus is on Ryan and his path to discover who he really is.

I really like this movie, Rayne's acting style is pleasant and the story has a lot of meaning.

SPOILERS: As Ryan's career as "The Identical" had taken off, Drexel's small plane crashed and he was killed. (This type of accident happened a number of times to real singers in the 1950s and 1960s.) Then Ryan's dad had a mild heart attack, in the process Ryan found a letter explaining who he really was. He had a short meeting with his birth father, now blind, at Drexel's gravesite, and later thanked his adopted father for all that he had done for him. His singing career continued.
What If Elvis Story
I saw "The Identical", starring Blake Rayne-a former Elvis impersonator in his first movie; Ray Liotta-The Place Beyond the Pines, Observe and Report; Ashley Judd-Divergent, Olympus Has Fallen and Seth Green-Old Dogs, Without a Paddle.

This is a weird kind of 'What If...' story that parallels the life of Elvis Presley. They use different names but there is no doubt who the story is based on. Most Elvis fans, I'm included, know that Elvis had a brother that died at childbirth. In this film, a depression era family, around 1936, has twin boys and for financial reasons, has to give one of them away-they even claim that he died and they bury an empty box. Ray and Ashley are the lucky couple to receive the give away baby, and most of the movie focuses on him. Ray is a preacher and raises Blake to become a minister, like himself. The other twin, who is also played by Blake, becomes a famous rock and roll singer that is nicknamed 'The Dream'. The only problem is that the plain, preacher's son Blake seems to have a hankering for singing, too. He starts singing and when people keep telling him how much he looks like 'The Dream', he becomes an impersonator called The Identical. Seth plays Blake's childhood friend that is a drummer in the band. When I first heard about this movie, I was wondering if they would use real Elvis songs but I was pleasantly surprised to hear new songs-they do sound like songs that Elvis would have performed-and the star, Blake, does the actual singing-he was an Elvis impersonator in real life, remember? I may be a little prejudiced, being an Elvis fan and all, but I remember seeing Elvis live and not only does Blake look like him but he sounds pretty good, too. It's rated "PG" for smoking and drinking and has a running time of 1 hour & 47 minutes. I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.
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