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The Humanity Bureau
Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Rob W. King
Nicolas Cage as Noah Kross
Melanie Walden as Security Minister
Nikolas Filipovic as Spiky Hair
Sheldon Bergstrom as Gas Jockey
Mel Tuck as Chester Hills
Jett Klyne as Little Noah
Leo Fafard as Motel Clerk
Jakob Davies as Lucas Weller
Destinee Dunkin-Klyne as Schroder's Daughter
Lorne Cardinal as Border Ranger
David Lovgren as Irving Ravetch
Vicellous Reon Shannon as Agent Porter
Hugh Dillon as Adam Westinghouse
Kurt Max Runte as Adolf Schroder
Leanna Brodie as Farmer
Storyline: A dystopian thriller set in the year 2030 that sees the world in a permanent state of economic recession and facing serious environmental problems as a result of global warming.
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It's OK, nothing special, but definitely watchable.
Its an OK film but nothing special. Another post nuclear apocalyptic plot with more holes than a kitchen strainer. Really there isn't much point in going through them as to be honest, the film transgresses these failings and oddly still manages to pull off something worthwhile. Also I have little doubt someone really peeved with the oversights will write a detailed review listing them all for your benefit.

I sat through it easily and mostly enjoyed it because in spite of its shortcomings it does immerse you quite successfully in the story. A tale more about the characters, their interaction and their journey through trying circumstances as they're chased by the 'bad guy' played by Hugh Dillon. Except for Hugh Dillon whose role is overdone, the performances are very strong and the character interaction is what really raises the bar of this film. Cage along with his duo of co-conspirators really brings the baton home. Jakob Davies who plays Lucas gives a very able performance.

The script is OK for the most part, average in some places but very good in the sections that matter where the real story progression is key. The science in general is sketchy, but then little or no attempt has been made to justify the setting other than to say 'war happened, now stuff's messed up' so I'll give it a pass. There are few gadgets interspersed with contemporary technology, but don't over-think this one or it will easily come unstuck and the bottom will fall out of your experience.

Good direction, good cinematography. Some reasonable special effects but very obviously no large cheques were written to bankroll this one.

I definitely liked aspects of it. Much of this film is just peripheral rubbish that adds little to the experience but again its still reasonably entertaining so I won't pick at it.

Anyway, I'm Giving it a 5 as no half marks are possible and its not quite a 6. Cage and the cast do a good job with the material, but the story is still a little weak and could have benefited from a few band aids.

I think its a reasonable film though not really as good as you'd expect given Cage is featured. If your a cage fan watch it. He's done a lot worse so this will by no means be his lowest ebb. Actually to be fair, I think his performances are always good, its just the roles he takes don't always do him any favours.

I 'kinda' recommend it, if that makes sense.
This is an awful movie...
I've just watched this, and I have to say - it's horrible.

It's pretty sad to see the demise of a great Hollywood actor, being forced to take roles in such awful, low budget films to pay the rent (and tax). Such a shame - Nick Cage is pretty much ruined forever now.

The movie, without revealing the plot, takes a 70 year old truth and projects it forward in a very predictable "run it by the numbers" sort of way. The plot line is thin. The acting is thin. The story isn't worth watching or listening to.

It seems to me, that writers are being specifically forced to write stories that deliberately focus on using ultra low-budget locations, very small casts and low budget FX to keep the overall film budget super-low to de-risk everything. This very notion is utterly evident here, where everything smacks of a "cheap, low budget and straight to DVD/TV Movie" effort.

It's largely unwatchable in places. Examples of this are:

1 - Early on, someone that Cage's character is talking to attempts to murder him. The acting and dialogue is utterly, utterly dire.

2 - Towards the end, a child is escaping the clutches of a villain in an old warehouse. This is so stupidly acted and "storied" that it's laughable.

3 - The main protagonist/villain is so awful throughout, they really ought to curl up in a ball and hang their heads in shame at their performance.

The big "reveal" at the end. Dear, oh dear. It was lame, predictable and utterly underwhelming. Don't touch this with a barge-pole and go watch Wind River instead if you want a good, absorbing thriller!
Not Even Close to Soylent Green
First is the idea of Man Made "Global Warming" as after the Liberal British Union Party destroyed the British Economy with their "Tax The Rich Rich Pay Their Fair Share" that resulted in the Rich and Rich British Business Owners to Flee the UK (including Rock and Roll Band The Beatles), result the Failure of British Icon Manufacturing, the New Economy as Supported by the British Scientists of the British Flat Earth Society became "Global Warming", but did not explain the previous Ice Ages, Repeated Freezing of the Thames River, after "Global Warming" was debunked, they changed the name to "Climate Change" while completely ignoring the Actual Causes of "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" that happened before according to the Real Earth Scientists as Geologists, that indicated based on Earth Samples the Causes as the History of the Earth, Polar Axis Shift the North Pole was once the South Pole, the South Pole was previously the North Pole, changes to the Earth's Magnetosphere (protection from Solar Activities), Changes to Earth's Orbit around the Sun as became more Elliptical than Circular, and many more of Earth's History as locked in layers of stone uncovered by Actual Earth Scientists as Geologists.

How the "Global Warming" Scam worked, Demonrat Vice President Al Gore, demanded the establishment of "Carbon Credits", created the Al Gore Brokerage Firms to Buy Carbon Credits from Corporations that created less Carbon Emissions and Sell Carbon Credits to Corporations that created too many Carbon Emissions,the Result MORE Carbon Emissions while Demonrat Al Gore became a Multi $Millionaire. The British "Global Warming" Corporation aka "Climate Change" was done on a Larger scale as the British Multi $Billion New British Economy.

Second, Novels like Dune talk about the extraction of water from the Dead. Movies like Soylent Green depict a future form of cannibalism that everybody was participating in, as to why they could not really object. Yet in this movie the Government's actions of The Humanity Bureau are self defeating as getting nothing useful from the Ordered Deaths of Citizens.

Third, the water must go someplace else on Earth, as the Earth's Atmosphere is considered as "closed". If the Earth's Atmosphere ever became "Open" like the Planet Mars then everything will be dead long before "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change".

Fourth, The American Founding Fathers studying Plato's The Republic knew that from a Democratic Form of Governance Evolves the Tyrannical Form of Governance as depicted by this movie, as to why the American Founding Fathers made Democracy Illegal by Eliminating the Demonratcy 1781 Articles of Confederation with the Republican 1787 U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 4 Section 4 "a Republican Form of Government" to stop the Tyrannical form of Governance from happening again as the 1786 to 1787 Demonrat Rebellion's Tyrannical Lynch Mobs were murdering anybody that spoke against Demonratcy and the Demonratcy 1781 Articles of Confederation.
Much Much Better Than The 4.1 Rating This Now Has.
Two things have caused me to write this review. 1. The low and misleading rating. 2. A review that started "I've just watched this, and I have to say - it's horrible."

I hope by now most of the regulars here know better than to let every IMDb rating or review, on every movie, decide for you if you'll watch the movie or not. I have found those ratings and those opinions often times to be flawed although more often than not they are close to accurate. That is to say, 3.9 and below are usually accurate and not very artful examples of movie making, skill or imagination. 4.5 are often better than that 4.5 rating but not all the time. That's why it bothers me that this has a 4.1 and might be overlooked by a sci-fi buff or someone simply interested in a good movie, because of the IMDb rating. I watch minimal, 80 movies each month from all genres mostly from the 2000's up to today. I'm sure I watch at least 1000 movies per year. Easily. If all you watch are 30-50 movies each year and you expect them all to be Academy Award eligible or Marvel Studios Productions, lest they are are not up to your standards ' then yeah, you might think 'Humanity Bureau' is "horrible." It would be nice if more of these people who claim that a particular movie with, a good plot, good actors and some kind of a budget is "horrible", gave an example of a comparable movie that was 'great' so we would know what to compare it to from his or her viewpoint.

I give this movie a 10 in part to counterbalance the 4.1 that I feel it doesn't deserve. It's a good story, a cautionary tale relevant to the political climate we live in these days where we are called on to trust that the government has 'our' best interests at heart when really they have the interests of the elites at heart and good should trickle down to us...eventually. The acting is good, you can't do something for more than 20 years and not be excellent at it so Nicholas Cage, of course, was convincing as were most of the rest of the cast. Cinematography, for those of you who pay attention to that sort of thing, was relevant and artfully done. The movie put a lump in my throat in a couple of parts, always a sign for me of a well-crafted story. Can't say what those parts are without a spoiler alert so I won't. Hopefully, you'll see for yourself.

Also, keep in mind America is a much tougher audience than other parts of the world and despite money, effort, thought and time, far beyond anything the armchair critic has ever undertaken, many of them will still completely trash the efforts of people waayyy more creative and imaginative than themselves. This movie is better than a 4.1, but that's the opinion of someone who watches movies incessantly from all around the world. Still, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'd hands-down watch this movie again (something I rarely do) compared to oh, say...2001 A Space Oddesy.

Just watch it for yourself and then decide. It is not a waste of time.
different approach to post apocalypses
I am tired of post apocalypses movies where the only argument is how some men kill other men, this films is more clever than that, and although it is a b series movie with a very low budget, it has given me a nice time watching it, no boring moment, and nice ending. I agree that this movie deserves quite more than the high 3 it has now.
Decent post apocalyptic movie
I think Mr. Davis was expecting to much for some reason. I enjoyed the movie myself. This is a made for cable/DVD movie so based on that the writing was good and I wasn't board as the story unfolded.Just wanted to give my 2 cents since me and Mr. Davis came away with different opinion.
just plainly boring movie
No action, no characters, no chemistry, no plot, no.... nothing. Wish to say more but.... nothing to say actually. Absolutely useless, pointless, boring movie. Actors just spending time, you can actually see what they do not want to play at all. I honestly do not understand why in 21 century movie business still can't cancel dead project at very beginning phase.
Oh dear how sad for all the good old actors of yesteryear - Is this where they go to die!
It seems many of the movie greats have become straight to DVD fodder now. They have all gone down the Lance Henriksen, Ron Perlman, John Cusack route and I am very sad to say we have to add Nick Cage to the list of has beens. Is it because they are too old? Well, No I certainly don't think so; Nick and John Cusack both seem to be dying their hair with boot polish these days but at least Nick hasn't had too many face lifts like John Cusack (seriously have you seen him in CELL & SINGULARITY - He looks like a woman). Nick looks half decent for a guy in his 50's so why why why are they not being offered decent roles?

This was really cheap from the very opening scene with the drone next to his car it looked so bad it wasn't even good enough to appear in a home made video. The cars were supposed to be smartphone computer controlled and it is supposed to be the future but they were all ordinary cars with nothing scifi about them except the Humanity logo - very, very poor show old chep!

The movie lurched from one cheap location to another as a different reviewer pointed out quite correctly to save money obviously. The guy with the eye patch - what can i say but cringe, cringe, triple cringe!!!

The acting was wooden and plodding as though they were all just picking up a cheque and the artistic integrity mattered not. The story really was like a retread of an old tired cliché and the poor effects just made the whole thing seem like another pointless exercise. I though singularity was poor but this is actually worse.

Scifi channel movies are better than this - if that doesn't give you the SP then nothing will!
Not a spectacular movie, but shows a future toward which we are driven...
It is a low budget movie, of course, but the idea is good: the leaders of this world lie to us, are manipulating us, are pushing us toward a very dark future, where only few of us live only to work as slaves for the elite... They lie to us and they kill us saying that the earth can not sustain us anymore, because we are too many... The truth is they want to keep only few of us, easier to control... Because of the message, this movie is good.
Cage is not deserving of such low budget films
The idea is brilliant - it is entirely possible that in the near or not-so-near future (the way things stand at this time) that there may be such a Humanity Bureau as an official government agency. This has been prophesied recently by other releases e.g. "What Happened to Wednesday".

It does not warrant Nicolas Cage starring in such low-budget crap though. An absolute travesty and short of criminal. Cage is a good actor and mustn't be associated with rubbish like this. Vicellous Shannon is funny and should be given his own comedy show or something.

The whole production team incl. scriptwriters and Rob King should either be given bigger budgets or not be allowed anywhere near film production. The film is not even watchable at the best of times and frankly, my 5-year-old can make a better film with an iPhone and a 10-year-old laptop.

Don't waste your money or your time with this film.
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