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The Godfather
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone
Al Pacino as Don Michael Corleone
James Caan as Santino 'Sonny' Corleone
Richard S. Castellano as Young Peter Clemenza
Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen
Sterling Hayden as Capt. McCluskey
John Marley as Jack Woltz
Richard Conte as Don Emilio Barzini
Al Lettieri as Virgil 'The Turk' Sollozzo
Diane Keaton as Kay Adams Michelson
Abe Vigoda as Sal Tessio
Talia Shire as Connie Corleone Rizzi
Gianni Russo as Carlo Rizzi
John Cazale as Fredo Corleone
Storyline: When the aging head of a famous crime family decides to transfer his position to one of his subalterns, a series of unfortunate events start happening to the family, and a war begins between all the well-known families leading to insolence, deportation, murder and revenge, and ends with the favorable successor being finally chosen.
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The Story of Michael Corleone Begins In The Godfather
Legendary actor Marlon Brando and Al Pacino,a young upstart who is only appearing on his third film and second major film role star in this classic film based on the bestselling novel by Mario Puzo about the mob in "The Godfather".

This arguably the best film made in cinema history tells the story of the Corleone organized crime family and the succession of the leadership of the family from the aging Don Vito Corleone,portrayed by Brando in an Oscar winning role, to his youngest son,Michael,portrayed by Pacino.Other members of the cast include James Caan, Robert Duvall,Diane Keaton,John Cazale and Talia Shire.The film directed by Francis Ford Coppola tells the story of how Michael's transformation from being an outsider into becoming the mob boss and how the Corleone family were able to retain the power the family has enjoyed under Don Vito against the rival families such as the Tattaglias and the Barzinis.

No question that this film has remained popular among movie fans after more than 40 years it has been released theatrically. It provides a great story of the mob that was actually based on real- life gangsters and it provides the movie fan a view about gangsterism. Added to that,we also will get intrigued on the transformation of Michael from a war hero and an idealistic young man into ruthless and cold-hearted character as he assumes the position of the Godfather.The story clearly explains everything from the moment that his father Don Vito was almost assassinated until he decided to kill enemies of the family such as Virgin Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey and the untimely death of his Sicilian wife Apollonia,who was killed when the car she was driving was bombed. Aside from having a great story,there were a lot of interesting characters in addition to Don Vito and Michael such as Sonny Corleone,Tom Hagen,Kay Adams-Corleone, Connie Corleone and many others.Great performances by the thespians who portrayed them contributed a lot to these colorful characters.Finally,the script written by Coppola and Puzo remain memorable after many years as many of the dialogues continue to be popular such as "I will given him an offer he cannot refuse" and many others.No question that the screenplay being imitated and lampooned for so many years is a testament to its continuous popularity.

After having stated all these characteristics of cinematic excellence,there is no question that "The Godfather" remains to arguably the best film ever made.
Count Me In The Minority
First I have to say that it is very difficult to watch this movie for the first time (which I just did) and approach it with an open mind. The glowing reviews it gets everywhere (many of course calling it the best movie ever made) gives one extremely high expectations and the possibility of being easily disappointed. The many parodies of the movie also give it a cult status that makes one think one knows the story even if one has never seen it.

I thought "The Godfather" was a good movie, but nothing more than that really. I personally wouldn't call it the greatest movie ever made; not even one of the greatest. It was good, worth watching once and I'm glad I've finally seen it, but nothing more.

The portrayal of mob life in the post-war era seemed realistic enough, and the appropriate atmosphere was set. The opening scenes (revolving around Don Corleone's daughter's wedding) gave me mixed feelings. I thought the whole thing went on too long, but it did demonstrate that Corleone's "business" never ended - he was constantly meeting with various people looking for favours rather than being front and centre at the wedding. Brando, of course, won (and refused to accept) the Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Corleone, but I wasn't actually taken with his performance. First, I really didn't think of him as the Lead Actor. Al Pacino (as Corleone's son Mike) was, I thought, far more important to the story and far more interesting to watch. Brando had - to me - an almost cartoonish aura around him. Over-rated in my view. But Pacino was excellent, and the character of Mike the most interesting in the movie, as he evolves from the returned war hero who wants nothing to do with the family "business" to the eventual "Don."

It's not that I thought this was a bad movie. It was quite watchable and for the most part very interesting. I just think I've seen better.

Perhaps the Greatest of All Time?
I never liked the IMDb top 250 list. So i haven't thought about this one for a very long time. Then i watched Shawshank and immediately became a fan. Somewhere i read that Godfather was at the top of the 250 before Shawshank and that's when i decided to take a chance with Godfather.

I wasn't a fan of gangster flicks so it's fair to say i never thought i'd sit through all 3 hours and minutes. What can i say? This film changed every thing about my taste in movies. After watching this i ended up as a fan of gangster movies and i went on to watch some pretty old movies and some of the longest running films. (And now i am a fan of IMDb's 250)

I had a go at this movie again (for the 5th time)yesterday and compelled to write a review here.I'm not gonna say anything new here after all these 1687 reviews but anyone reading this i guess you probably watched the movie and inspired enough to read the reviews here. If that so give me a thumps up!

In my opinion The Greatest Gangster Film ever. And Arguably the greatest movie of all time. 10 out of 10.
It's all business
For mafia members murders are nothing but business. They never kill for pleasure. Only in case of need, cold revenge or even summary justice (punishment of traitors for instance). Besides this they all have normal family lives with most cherished spouses and children and are usually very religious making pompous wedding, christening and funeral ceremonies in the Church or under priests' directions. This reality and atmosphere is splendidly shown in this movie that Coppola directed in a superb way and with a competent and strong hand. The cast has a stupendous performance. Marlon Brando plays a magnificent part in the role of the old godfather of one of American powerful mafia families, mastering his intonation and facial expression effectively thus creating an unforgettable character in the history of cinema. The action unfolds itself along the movie in a very captivating way. I want to stress particularly the sequence of the christening in which the new family godfather (Al Pacino) makes all the oaths in the name of the child (of whom he is also the Catholic godfather) and before the priest while a parallel cut shows us all the time a series of murders of rival mafia chiefs that were taking place at same time in several other places and which had been ordered by himself. The contrast of the religious scene and the violence of the killings is really impressive and full of meaning. This is maybe the best movie about mafia ever made.
Louis Restaurant subtitles
I hope nobody minds, but there was some discussion about missing English subtitles in the Louis Restaurant meeting scene with Michael and Sollozzo, and I had difficulty finding any apart from a general translation found here which does little to help beat and continuity.

I think this effort does the trick, it fits the dialogue as far as I can tell, not being even passing fluent in Italian. But I don't think subtitles should be exact translation anyway; different languages have their own feel to them.

If I am in breach of anyone's copyright after all these years, please let me know.

1:25:25.23,1:25:26.21: I'm sorry…

1:25:26.21,1:25:27.04: Leave it alone.

1:25:31.13,1:25:35.02: What happened to your\Nfather was business.

1:25:37.22,1:25:42.04: I have much respect\Nfor your father.

1:25:42.05,1:25:45.14: But your father,\Nhis thinking is old-fashioned.

1:25:47.07,1:25:51.08: You must understand\Nwhy I had to do that.

1:25:51.12,1:25:54.50: I understand those things...

1:26:09.40,1:26:15.53: I had the unspoken support\Nof the other Family dons.

1:26:16.07,1:26:21.07: If your father were in better health,

1:26:21.15,1:26:23.07: without his eldest son running things,

1:26:24.15,1:26:26.07: no disrespect intended,

1:26:26.14,1:26:27.25: we wouldn't have this nonsense.

1:26:30.21,1:26:32.21: How do you say…?

1:28:50.17,1:28:52.01: Everything all right?

1:28:53.08,1:28:55.01: I respect myself, understand,

1:28:55.19,1:28:57.01: and cannot allow another\Nman to hold me back.

1:28:59.11,1:29:02.11: What happened was unavoidable.

1:29:03.14,1:29:06.21: We will stop fighting until your father\Nis well and can resume bargaining.

1:29:06.42,1:29:08.54: No vengeance will be taken.

1:29:09.19,1:29:09.19: We will have peace,

1:29:10.15,1:29:13.21: but your family should no longer interfere.

Thanks, and kindest regards,

The Best Of The Set: By A Mile
Spoilers Ahead;

I am not a big fan of the sequels even the second is a big step down from this one. What a cast? Like an earlier reviewer said; REWATCHABLE!! Yes, I am Italian, not a Sicilian, and I have seen it hundreds of times. What a cast: Brando, Pacino, Caan, Duvall. Even the supporting cast is excellent with the film noir legend Richard Conte as Barzini. Puzo wrote such a rich, deep script. The characters suck you in and are so lifelike. Each brother is radically different from the other. Fredo, the mama's boy, the useless one who Michael kills off in the second one. Sonny, the human volcano, with a temper that has to be seen to be believed. Michael, the quiet and deadly one most like Vito but colder more ruthless. Michael was always outside the family looking in; he was held in contempt by the rest as the soft college boy who didn't want to get his hands dirty. This is the answer to the riddle of how he could kill Fredo, his own brother, later in the second one. Notice where he sits at the wedding, as far away from the family as he can get.

Events suck Michael into their world but he never is really in the family. We see his cruelty by the end of the movie as he slaughters the heads of the five families and his own sister's husband Carlo who fingered Sonny. The key scene for understanding Michael is the baby's baptism; watch the juxtaposition of the images with the words the priest is saying. As he renounces Satan he performs the very actions he is renouncing. Coppola was so good at using images to contradict words; it is really his signature. Pacino becomes the very image of Satan as he murders all those people while standing reciting the holy words of baptism renouncing the very deeds as he is performing them. What a work of art!! Only Francis Coppola could do this.

The film, to be fair to its critics, does gloss over the mafia a bit. We do not see old store owners shaken down with blow torches waved in front of their faces. I do think Puzo and Coppola do show the awful cost of the evil. Even here, Michael slowly transforms from a diffident outcast at the back of the family to a ruthless Don. It appears here that he is like Vito but that illusion is dispelled by his ruthlessness far exceeding Vito's. Michael because he was an outcast simply does not feel the bonds of family as Vito did. There is a coldness about him; he is like an iceberg. The movie is three hours long but it moves very quickly. The only parts that drag are the scenes of michael's exile in Sicily. It really is the story of the brothers and how radically different their fates are; Fredo is sent to Vegas where he becomes a weakling fop beaten up by Moe Greene, Sonny's temper ends up killing him like you always knew it would. Michael gets sucked in; there is always great resentment in Michael for the destiny he never wanted.

The second film shows Michael's estrangement from the family deepening. It culminates in him killing Fredo for putting him at risk. I always think it is important to see Michael as Puzo and Coppola paint him: a loner who protects himself ruthlessly. He really could care less about the family; he is all about power and control. Vito, for all his evil, cared and loved his family very deeply. Look, Fredo almost got him killed when Sollozo's men attacked, he fumbled and dropped his gun. Vito did not kill him; Michael was not so forgiving. It is a true masterpiece. I LOVE IT
Short and clear
This movie is strong, good script, great casting, excellent acting, and over the top directing. It is hard to fine a movie done this well, it is 29 years old and has aged well. Even if the viewer does not like mafia type of movies, he or she will watch the entire film, the audiences is glued to what will happen next as the film progresses. Its about, family, loyalty, greed, relationships, and real life. This is a great mix, and the artistic style make the film memorable.
This was an Awesome movie which i ever watched in my life
First time i saw this movie i did not understand the actual realty of movie and characters acting was speech less. Rest i can said when i saw and understand this movie after my 5th 100% successful attempt to watch full movie then i realize this was the awesome movie i need to buy original, and well be in my personal collection . Currently my family and my friends also buy the original blue ray of this movie very hard to find a seller because all want this one to their collection part.

fabulous acting, superb story and played with characters am speechless. We all knows we well not again see to like this kind of level of movie in any decades hats off to all super actors in the movie.
Best movie of all time
One of the best movies I have ever see, and I love it everything about this movie. Nothing in this movie is too much, every scene in the movie is perfect. The movie is with best cast ever, best directing, good story. It is about crime, family and their relationship. The best thing about it is that movie don't have any flaw. The best way to describe it is with word MASTERPIECE. When movie is in parts I, II ... often only first part is good and others bad, but it is not case with this movie. It's 40 years old movie, and still one of the best, I thing that information tells a lot. Don't miss this movie, because most of you will watch it again and again. :D
Family is important
What matters is family, you pick a side and you stay on that side, if you switch side, you're the enemy and will forever be the enemy until you're dead. You look out for your family, and make sure everyone is okay. You don't discuss business at the table when having dinner. Power and Money - "Business" comes second! It's the Corleone family against Barzini and Tattaglia and 3 other mob leaders. The Corleone family is the biggest most powerful mafia family in New York, and the family you turn to if you need a problem to disappear. A lot of blood is spilled and Don Vito Corleone also known as the Godfather (Brandon Marlon) is almost killed in a shooting by another gang. Mike and Sonny are his sons. Sonny is his right hand at first until one day when he gets killed by a gang after going after his sisters boyfriend for assaulting her. Then Mike steps in and takes over, Don Vito gets older and more cripple and soon he dies too, that's when Mike (Al Pacino) becomes the new Godfather, and kills the 5 mafia leaders, to take control over New York, and eliminate all potential threats.

Ah, I just love this movie, slow pace and leaves nothing for your imagination (sometimes I don't like that about a film, but it works in this one). Can we just take a minute to appreciate Marlon Brando's role interpretation, I love the way he worked with the body language, his voice and acting calm. And same goes for Al Pacino, just amazing! I'm so glad I finally got to see this film.
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