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The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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Stone age family uses wits and luck to find a new home.
Setup: which planet, don't know. Time: not so sure when. We follow a stone age family who are evicted from their cave by geologic activity. Grug is the father, Eep the teen daughter, Ugga the wife, Guy the perspective mate of Eep, Gran the grandmother, Sandy the young sister, Thunk the clueless brother, Belt the monkey pet of Guy.

Guy knows how to make tones from a sea shell; he teaches Eep. Guy knows that geologic cataclysms are to come; he warns them all. Guy knows how to make fire; he uses it to save the family. Guy knows the value of shoes, which lets him get free of the obnoxiously stupid family, at least temporarily.

Guy negotiates with the family to learn new things to get to a new home. Grug grows jealous when leadership migrates from Grug to Guy.

The family eventually loses its acceptance of caves as a place to live. Grug and Guy bond during an incident with a tar slick, but the dangers are not over yet.

Does the family find its way to a new home that is at least relatively safe?


Art/Animation: 10/10 Brilliant.

Sound: 8/10 The incidental music is a bit florid at times, but still good.

Voice Acting: 8/10 Leachman, Cage, and Reynolds were fun. Stone was OK.

Story: 8/10 Good humour through most of the story, plus a poignant ending.
Simply Brilliant
This was a treat, a feast for the eyes, plenty of belly laughs in fact the laughs just kept coming. The characters were well developed and cleverly observed. The kids (6 & 7) loved it, they got a little scared at certain points and a little upset at the sad moments, but all within reason. There was a little plagiarizing of other movies most notably Avatar, Pitch Black, but wow what a great job the animators did.

What a Tour-de-force it didn't slow down or take a breather, relentless fun, jokes and action. I would say its the equal of Toy Story 3 and that's saying something - definite franchise opportunities and many sequels no doubt, expect a TV show.

Go see it and take the family
The most colourful movie ever!
What a delightful family movie! We chose this not quite knowing what to expect and my goodness we were in for a treat.

The story itself is pretty straightforward - a stone age family loses their home and has to search for a new one, and in the process learn about the really important things in life. Nothing too surprising there then.

But it's the way this story is told that makes it fantastic. This is an incredibly fun and spectacularly colourful movie.

The animation is done with blistering speed and real panache. There is a scene near the start showing the family out foraging for an egg - a simple enough idea but the resulting stand-off and chase with other hunting animals is a thrilling tour-de- force of animation.

And my goodness, the colours! Every landscape and virtually every creature is lush with all the colours of the rainbow and (so it feels) more.

This truly fits the definition of a 'magical' family movie. We were entranced.
Do not forget to "release the baby,"
This movie leads a story of a family living in the prehistoric time known as the 'Croodaceous.' I found this interesting since that ridiculous beginning. There are so many scientific facts all around the movie, but I like the way that they used to tell it to the audience. Anyone can understand it so easily.

The few main characters have the same humorous lifestyle as they can take us into their crazy world. (This is something more than that we've heard about the prehistoric time)

This is not another typical animated movie. DreamWorks have done a great job with that amusing story and the cast.

In any case, do not forget to "release the baby,"
Good fun, great voice-cast - highly recommended
I had seen nothing of the advertising for this movie and I didn't really know what to expect - perhaps more ice age stuff? But no - this has animation with focus on the fantastical, a great voice cast and a story line that is simple yet works surprisingly well and just invites you along for the ride.

Nicolas Cage as Cave-dad is fantastic - Cage should definitely do more voice-acting as it seems to set him free from his usual manic style and just deliver a very different thing. But everyone works - I don't know if the cast recorded their dialog together, but there just seems to be great chemistry between the characters.

And it's FUN! Great comedy - some of it slapstick, some of it from the character interaction and good dialog - and it doesn't take itself overly serious.

A warning to those demanding high doses of reality - this is NOT it. The Croods deliver a prehistoric setting in the best tradition of what-if - strange animals and creatures you could almost believe had existed once upon a time.

Highly recommended.
Great Family Movie
This movie was a movie made for the entire family to see, young and old. There weren't any scenes that I wasn't familiar with. Overall, the movie deserves great praise and stands out, compared to other animated movies that I have seen throughout my life. The graphics are eye popping, and the acting is great! I don't see how anyone could go wrong with this movie as a whole. The Croods do a magnificent job at trying to survive on their own, in places they never imagined were possible! And they pulled through in the way end, no matter how many problems they faced, and to me that is a great moral for families to learn! The movie is well worth the money and is worth the see. I highly recommend you buy this movie on DVD or Blue- ray, because it is truly a great family movie that you can't go wrong with.
Fun family adventure...
When I heard about this film I won't lie, I wasn't that enthusiastic. My reasoning for this is mainly that I thought it would be a rehash of other pre-historic animations we've been barraged with in recent years. Now I'm not pointing any fingers *cough* Ice Age *cough* too-many- sequels *cough*…okay, so I am. But anyway I just figured that there was only so many ways you can tell that "its-the-end-of-the-world" story without killing (pardon the pun) the subject. After watching The Croods however, I quickly changed my mind, because the film doesn't just tackle this subject but a whole lot more.

The film tells the story of The Crood family who are living a simple and desperately frustrating life in a cave where there day-to-day routine consists of hunting and sitting in the dark listening to the same stories from family patriarch and all-round fuss-pot father Grub (Nicholas Cage). All of this changes however when an earthquake destroys there cave and they must travel across the new and fantastic planes of a land they have never explored. Along the way the Crood family pick up Ryan Reynolds' character Guy who shows them that there is more to their caveman lifestyle than simply surviving and forms a romance with the adventurer of the family Eep (voiced by Emma Stone).

The characters that make up this family are surreal in their realism…if that makes sense?! We've got the pre-requisite rebellious teen Eep, the understanding Mother (Catherine Keener) trying to keep the family together, the loud and opinionated mother-in-law that you love to hate (Cloris Leachman), the oft-humiliated middle child (ain't that always the way?), the kid sister and the over-protective father. The actors portraying this everyday family bring an hilarity and sincerity to their roles and really play up to the stereotypes attached to each archetype, to the point where you're watching and thinking "oh-my-god. It's like my family. In fact it's so much like my family that it's kinda scary". The fact that these animated characters seem like real people is important in emphasising that heart-warming message of love and family that we are left with at the end, and also makes those funny family frustrations that much more hilarious.

Fancy reading the rest of my unedited thoughts on The Croods? Come see my film blog... (
Cliché and predictable, but good animation and wackiness
There just isn't much that stands out about this movie. Some puns doesn't seem to make much sense when it comes to the scenarios and characters. Despite the setting taking place in a pre-historic time period, there isn't really anything new. There is a lot of obnoxious wackiness, which is understandable since it's dealing with cavemen. What I did like is how it sticks to the cavemen nature of the characters, while also blending in modern interaction. And I am not just talking about how the characters speak English. It shows the vicious and animal like nature of the characters back then, while also keeping it family friendly. All the voice actors and actresses is alright, again nothing that stands out but for the most part it seems to fit the characters. Nicholas Cage basically 100% sounds like Nicholas Cage. I give credit for the parts near the end, how it connects certain things together. While also bringing out the emotions, although the emotional elements maybe a bit cliché. Overall this is a zany movie that the family can enjoy, despite the predictable direction and all.

Joyous fun
In my life as a parent of a 10 and 12 year old, I have been to see a lot of animated kids movies, some of them quite painful to sit through. This one ranks at the top. The action, the humor, the characters, the plot, all rolled up in to a big ball of fun. I was belly laughing with my kids the whole way through it. And the message is lovely to boot. Excellent casting...the chemistry between the characters stood out in a way I never thought a cartoon could, no doubt due to the talent of the actors and standout animation (not something that I'm usually all that dazzled by.) It was the interaction, along with thoughtful humor of what is important in life, that really put this over the top for me. The complete implausibility of the plot didn't even mildly annoy me, the way stories of this genre sometimes do.

I could actually stand to watch this a second time. Well done Hollywood, please put this level of thought in to more children's movies.
Interesting traits from stone age to be used in a great animation movie? They got them all!
One more masterwork by DreamWorks! I don't know why, but I did not expect too much of this piece. Though, it showed itself a huge good surprise! As I told in the title above, they had many nice ideas about how to use stone age traits to make a great animation movie. The characters are very well developed and I loved their stone-age mannerisms: amazing animation job! Besides that, it has a quite smart screenplay. The general idea may be perceived as a self-help advise not to be afraid and to risk. Though, it it is more than that, or at least it shows a brilliant metaphor for that: humanity only has evolved because human beings overcame their afraid of nature and tried. Screenplay also explores the alpha male struggles, domestication of wildlife, dangers and scarcity faced by the first days of our species. Following the light is also a nice metaphor for knowledge, like the fire of Prometheus. The Noah's moment in the end was also great. The film is intelligent and touching in the right amount.
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