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The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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Excellent movie for the whole family to enjoy!
I saw this movie at a sneak preview this afternoon. This was a very enjoyable movie for our whole family. Me and my husband sat there and laughed frequently, being completely enthralled with the story and graphics. Meanwhile, my daughter and my 7 year-old grandson sat with us, and they also were laughing throughout most of the movie. It has something for people of all ages to enjoy. It was heartwarming, and at times, it totally pulls on your heartstrings, too. The characters were appealing, and the type you find yourself rooting for as time goes by, and the animals that interact with the humans frequently stole the show! I know that some critics will have issues with some of the fantastic creatures that are seen, and they may take issue with the extraordinary things that The Croods are able to do physically. I knew going into this movie that this movie was a work of fiction, though, and therefore I was able to suspend my expectations of reality, and go on the ride that Dreamworks wanted to take me on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and took this movie for what it was - a lighthearted comedy about a family going through changes, and how they deal with those changes. I would definitely recommend this as a great movie to see!!
Most enjoyable, for young and old(er) :)
This was a really pleasant surprise! I love computer generated movies in general, but hesitated about a story set in prehistoric times. Why? Not sure really, I guess I just didn't think it could be very interesting. Mind you, I have always had a huge interest in history of any kind. While much of this movie is of course largely pure science fiction, it does get the basics across. In a crude (crood?) way, it paints a picture of how cavemen lived, the dangers they had to endure, and possibly most importantly, that there had to be individuals who were not afraid to try NEW things. Without that adventurous nature by our ancient ancestors, I doubt mankind would exist as we know it now. The graphics are amazing, the storyline is fun and never gets boring. In short, a lot of fun to watch, a kind of a combination between cavemen and modern society. Highly enjoyable for anyone, I would say :)
Loved the animals!
As expected from a DreamsWork movie the animation is fantastic. It's quick and fluid, and the camera flows nicely as it follows the action. The Croods themselves have a seemingly unpleasant, bulky design to them but it actually works in the context of the film because the characters live in the wild, so big and broad makes sense. It is a little refreshing to see the main female character is not made out to be a stunning beauty, but rather someone who has been shaped by her environment. The beginning of the movie starts with in dry, mono-coloured landscapes before we get to see the bright colours of the jungle and continually seeing the weird creature reminiscence of designs of Sanders' previous works.

Like other animated movies these days, The Croods has a big name voice cast and they also do a decent, if standard job. No one disgraces themselves. Cage is an unusual choice, but he gives a strong performance. There is only one time when Cage is let off the handle; Unfortunately, that is when we are experiencing the most modernism the movie has to offer.
You Had Me At Tomorrow...
The Croods opens with voice-over narration that introduces the Crood family. The animated sequence is minimalist and emulates cave drawings (a theme running through the film) while it also felt like an homage to Dusan Vukotic, The Zagreb School and other 'reduction' animators of the 1950s and 60s. The story has a monomyth structure that integrates family roles in at the critical spots (future husband as herald, villain as co-paternal figure, etc.). The first scenes have a specular quality and with a minimalist mise-en-scene it might have been regarded that these directorial choices were purely exploitative to the 3-D gimmick. Good fun action establishes the quirks of a 'pre-nuclear' family experiencing 'cave-in fever'. Father Crood (voiced by Cage) has all the qualities and clichés of a responsible father. In fact, the characters and the story are quite cliché - but it isn't exploitative. Freshness is retained through moments of self-reflexivity (the popcorn pile, Guignol shows) and clever situational puns. The minimalist elements of the staging and mise-en-scene are banished like darkness in light once the family are forced to venture out into the more majestic parts of a fantasy world. It is a fantasy world - with dozens of original creatures and hybrids that make one think of Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Some of these creatures provide strong character 'support' such as 'Belt' and 'Duggie'. Even 'villains' are appropriated as pets in this dangerous and threatening but awe-inspiring and enlightening world. The threats are ominous but not frightening. The Croods are cute animated characters and the animation itself is of top quality and exemplar of technical sheen (the luscious fur was the most enticing and tantalizingly tactile lure in the 3-D quality of the film). The cave-family is physically atavistic in appearance, but jovial and comically gentle in demeanor. The diastema creates warm smiles and helps forge loving moments. The ending is a happy one and there is no Bambi trauma moment in the entire film. One of the advantages of digital rendering is the open possibilities that lie outside the more rigid film medium (the 180 flip dive into the water is mesmerizing). There are great moral lessons about growth and acceptance that are convivial and not preachy. My favorite part of the film is a sequence where Father Crood makes his first effort at personal growth by adorning himself in 'modern' innovations like the 'Pre-Funk' George Clinton coif. His ideas backfire into a laugh-out-loud homage to Looney Tunes mayhem. One other homage stood out in the genial portrayal of a quest for paradise - that is Wil Vinton's Adventures of Mark Twain and the Adam and Eve story that Vinton retells within that film. You can't tell me there aren't Biblical allusions either - with the Noah's Ark moments at the end, paradise lost theme and Adam-Eve procreation imperative underlying a more overt father-daughter relationship of trust, growth and acceptance. The relationship of minimalism and magnitude play well for a sophisticated viewer while the genial takes on humanism and family entertain universally.
Unpretentious and funny
The start of the film threw me off. Yes, it is a cartoon for children, but I was initially annoyed by the fact that there was no attempt at verisimilitude at all. The creatures were not realistic. Their world is not realistic. The things these cavemen do is not realistic. I would have preferred a film that at least attempted to show us what the world would have been like for these people.

The movie seems to have been set during the Great Bottleneck that occurred around the Toba disaster. The Crood is a sort of animalistic Neanderthal-like family that learns key lessons from the apparently more evolved Guy.

It bothered me that these cavemen were so....American-sounding, and that they were being used as a vehicle to portray modern American family dynamics.

I suppose this animated movie was meant to be seen on a huge screen in 3D; however, I saw it on a very small screen on an airplane.

Because of these three things I was sorely tempted to switch to a different movie.

However, I stuck it out. Before long I found myself enjoying the comedy, the beauty of some of the animation, and the imaginative portrayal of this ancient world. Cartoons are not supposed to be realistic. Some of the natural scenes depicted reminded me of Avatar. At times the movie is hilarious. This is an unpretentiously fun movie.

It struck me that kids in particular would love this film and its simple message that "Dad's rules may not always be right but Dad is a good guy who in the end will look out for you". The other themes are that "rules are made to be broken" and "get out of your cave and explore the world". Probably a useful message for the internet generation.
Stone age family uses wits and luck to find a new home.
Setup: which planet, don't know. Time: not so sure when. We follow a stone age family who are evicted from their cave by geologic activity. Grug is the father, Eep the teen daughter, Ugga the wife, Guy the perspective mate of Eep, Gran the grandmother, Sandy the young sister, Thunk the clueless brother, Belt the monkey pet of Guy.

Guy knows how to make tones from a sea shell; he teaches Eep. Guy knows that geologic cataclysms are to come; he warns them all. Guy knows how to make fire; he uses it to save the family. Guy knows the value of shoes, which lets him get free of the obnoxiously stupid family, at least temporarily.

Guy negotiates with the family to learn new things to get to a new home. Grug grows jealous when leadership migrates from Grug to Guy.

The family eventually loses its acceptance of caves as a place to live. Grug and Guy bond during an incident with a tar slick, but the dangers are not over yet.

Does the family find its way to a new home that is at least relatively safe?


Art/Animation: 10/10 Brilliant.

Sound: 8/10 The incidental music is a bit florid at times, but still good.

Voice Acting: 8/10 Leachman, Cage, and Reynolds were fun. Stone was OK.

Story: 8/10 Good humour through most of the story, plus a poignant ending.
Everything about this movie is amazing
First off let me say the colors in this movie are so vibrant and bring so much life in the scenes. All the plants and trees are all different types of colors with different shades. The story in this was amazing in this also. I won't spoil anything, but the story is about how a caveman's daughter is tired of the old routine day to day life so she explores and sooner or later the family joins in and goes in on a big adventure. It is my favorite animation at the moment, and as a animator i think Dreamworks made a high quality movie. I hope it wins a Ocsar tomorrow, but this movie is underrated compared to Frozen which probably will take the Oscar. You should definitely see this movie if you or your kids love animated films.
Funny one liners
This film tells the story of a family in the prehistoric times. The head of the family does everything he can to protect his family from the dangers of the nature. One day, a courageous young boy enters their life, and change their lives forever.

"The Croods" has many funny one liners, such as the father proclaiming that he is a cat person, and also the scene of making a family portrait. These scenes made me laugh, but overall the story is just alright. The visuals are good, the fantastical creatures are visually interesting, and the story entertains children. The plot contains points for adults to reflect upon to, such as stepping out of the comfort zone and being courageous. However, the characters are not cute and adorable enough for me, so I knock a mark off from the final score.
Great movie, great story! I highly recommend it!
A great movie to see!! It reminds us to always remember and appreciate our families. We all do mistakes sometimes, and we don't want to listen. But our relatives are our biggest treasure in this life! No matter how angry we can be, we always love them and we always want only good for them.

The Croods show us how it is important to love and help animals! It's so great that kids will see it and understand!

And of course there are a lot of great scenes that explains the science to kinds and make them understand the prehistoric world.

Plus it's so funny! Enjoy!
Really reminded me of 'THE FLINTSTONES'.
'THE CROODS': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Blockbuster DreamWorks Animation film about a family of cavemen venturing outside their cave for the first time. It stars the voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman. It was directed and co-written (with actor John Cleese) by Chris Sanders (who also does a voice in the film) and Kirk De Micco. Sanders is also famous for co-directing such animated blockbusters as 'HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON' and 'LILO & STITCH' (which he also voiced the title character Stitch in). He also co-wrote those films as well as 'THE LION KING', 'ALADDIN', 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST', 'MULAN' and others. This film doesn't quite live up to most others on Sanders' resume but it is a decent animated kids' film.

The movie follows a family (the 'Croods') living in the fictional prehistoric time known as the 'Croodaceous' period. The time was populated by a lot of fantastical creatures and a very small amount of humans. The Croods were lead by the father, Grug (Cage), who was obsessed with never letting his family do anything dangerous or try anything new (and kept them mostly hidden in a cave). This drove his teenage daughter Eep (Stone) crazy, who constantly dreamt of adventures. One day Eep does venture outside the cave and meets a very intelligent young man named Guy (Reynolds). The rest of the family goes out looking for her when their cave is destroyed. The Croods then must travel across the land, with Guy as a guide, in search of a new home and safety.

The film is colorful and visually pleasant. It's also funny and adventurous at times. All of the cast is more than adequate in the film (especially Cage in the lead). What it really reminded me of was 'THE FLINTSTONES', with Cage playing a character very similar to 'Fred Flintstone'. I grew up on that show so the movie is mildly entertaining to me. If you enjoyed that cartoon you'll probably enjoy this movie as well (and kids will probably love it). It's nothing spectacular but it is decent family entertainment.

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