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Terminator 2: Judgment Day
USA, France
Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator
Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
Edward Furlong as John Connor
Robert Patrick as T-1000
Earl Boen as Dr. Peter Silberman
Joe Morton as Miles Dyson
S. Epatha Merkerson as Tarissa Dyson
Castulo Guerra as Enrique Salceda
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Janelle Voight
Xander Berkeley as Todd Voight
Ken Gibbel as Douglas
Robert Winley as Cigar-Smoking Biker
Peter Schrum as Lloyd
Jenette Goldstein as Janelle Voight
Storyline: Nearly 10 years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for termination by a cyborg from the future. Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target for a newer, more deadly terminator. Once again, the resistance has managed to send a protector back to attempt to save John and his mother Sarah.
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He's back.
Probably the greatest science fiction / action film ever Terminator 2 is almost the greatest sequel ever. That goes to Camerons other opus Aliens. In fact Cameron is so good at sequels Titanic 2 would probably be something to look forward too rather then fear. Unlike another Amityville Horror film.

T2 takes place several years after the original. Sarah Connor has had her child - the young John Connor. Unfortunately she also came off as slightly nuts while raving about robots taking over the world and so she is locked up in a mental hospital. While this is happening another Terminator has been dispatched, this time to kill John himself. The T 1000 is a liquid metal Terminator capable of reforming into different shapes. Thankfully to combat our meltable foe Arnie returns, this time as the good guy to protect John and his mother.

Its hard to review Terminator 2. Its just far too good for words. The villain played by Robert Patrick is probably the most villainous of all villains, the action is probably the most action packed of all action sequences. Plus it will also make you cry at the end. An action film. Seriously. OK just me then. Still a kind of bizarre situation where you find yourself close to shedding tears for a toaster with legs. But Terminator 2 manages it. In fact you feel Terminator 2 could do anything and get away with it. A bit like a woman in that respect.

I don't know how Cameron created my two favourite films of all time. I'm sure God had something to do with it. Id like to thank him but I'm far too bust watching this film to pray.
We've Nuked 'Em!
This film is a mini-gun of action scenes, tearing you apart before throwing you several meters across the cinema. But nowhere does a dystopian film start more aptly than in the opening shots of a sweltering LA traffic jam transposing into nuclear fire.

The dynamic difference between Terminator 2 and the original Terminator is that Arnie now plays an anti-hero. Despite that being common knowledge before the film was released, for me that is a spoiler. Because the first meeting of the T-1000 and the T-800 should lead us to suspect that the machine in police uniform is the saviour, and the robot in biker leathers is the monster. And when the T-800 protects John Connor instead of killing him, we are thrust into the There are so many fantastic action scenes to relish in this film - the bike chase scene with one-handed shotgun reloads, the police shootout scene with the T-800 brandishing a helicopter mini-gun, the T-800 surfing the upturned nitrogen truck. This is the standard of the action genre.

You should acknowledge, however, that Terminator 3 has action scenes, perhaps on an even greater scale than Terminator 2. But this film is more. The industrial soundtrack emphasises the unstoppable, pitiless drive of the machine. The development of mother and son develops, somehow, what should be unchanging machine. Taking the place of the missing father-figure for John Connor, the T-800 becomes the protector we desperately need in the face of the relentless T-1000.

Credit must extend to Cameron's unique direction, who mixes an intense and serious action with occasional dark humour - witness John's attempts to make the T-800 speak 'cool language'. In painful contrast, the tone becomes franchise slapstick under Jonathan Mostow's direction in Terminator 3 - hear the self-congratulatory bird singing in the aftermath of the mini-gun shootout.

Your final focus, however, should be on the implications that the T-800 has on our relationships with each other. To take the words of Fight Club's Tyler Durden, "Our fathers left us. If our fathers were role-models for God, what does that say about God?" Sarah Connor offers us one possible reply to this indictment, "Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too."
King of the Action Flicks?
Most action movies follow a pretty predictable sequence. There's nothing written in stone, but the movie tends to have an introduction, an epic conclusion, and then fills the intervening hour or two carefully switching between scenes of suspense, heroics, setbacks, triumphs, evil ploys and noble sacrifices. The more you watch, the more you notice the formula.

Terminator 2 is one of the few good action movies that dares to throw the formula out the window, and that is what makes it so great. Instead of structuring the plot to build suspense by the book, Terminator 2 makes the bold move of telling a linear story where every scene actually has to be multi-dimensional and build the plot in a creative and new way. This is very hard to do, each scene practically has to be written from scratch like a chapter of a good book, and the difficulty of making that style of film-making succeed is why so many films rely on the trusty old formula.

The structuring of Terminator 2 is a subtle thing to notice, but I do think it contributed to its success, and certainly to the relatively serious respect its given as a film. No one is going to confuse it with an art house film, of course, but at the same time, it does something that formula thrillers like "Air Force One" don't even try to do, it tells a story in an original, genuinely creative way without relying on traditional suspense-building clichés. In its own way, this film is a work of art.

Of course, the film has much more obvious assets. The film's calling card will always be the epic action and special effects sequences - Arnold riding his bike off a ledge, twirling his shotgun around to reload it, tearing aside his fake skin to reveal the metal parts below - "Terminator 2" was a stunningly exciting film when it came out, and its visuals don't feel dated at all even 18 years later.

Still, though, a lot of other films have had competent special effects. Why do people consider T2 a classic instead of films like "Independence Day", which also invested heavily in effects? It's not enough to just generate 15 minutes of jaw-dropping visuals in a 2 hour movie. You need to be creative about what you're actually depicting. A $10 million scene that's carefully crafted into the film's narrative is always going to do more for the audience than a similarly expensive scene that doesn't bother to give the audience any real reason to care about what's happening. Terminator 2 is a movie where the director spends time on the non-action scenes, treating them as more than just filler, and this really pays off because instead of seeing a nifty visual sequence with some character you don't particularly care about, the excitement of the action scenes in Terminator 2 is actually enhanced greatly because you like the good guys on a deeper level than in a formulaic action film.

T2 is one of the high watermarks of action films. Everyone should see it, it's that simple.
One of the all time greatest sci-fi movies
Even after fifteen years since the film came out, the special effects, and intensity still roar and excite to this day.

Arnold Swartzenagger leads the cast in a brilliant tale of futuristic cyborgs, and robots sent from the future to terminate in the past.

If you've seen the first film, then you'll be able to follow the sequel much better, but to be honest, you don't really need to see either the first or third to follow this one. And, quite frankly this is the best of the three. I'm not really much for science fiction, but this is one of the few that I really do enjoy. Robert Patrick gives a chilling performance as the 'bad' robot sent to destroy John Connor (Edward Furlong), and terminate T-1000 (Swarzenagger), who is ironically there to protect the son of the woman he was sent to kill in the last film.

The whole film is almost non-stop intense, and there are times when you're heart will jump out of your chest, because it gets so nerve racking.

Edward Furlong, in his debut role, gives an amazing performance as the son of Sarah Connor, and the leader of the future.

I would give it a 10, however, there are times when the movie tends to slow down, for long periods of time and can get a bit boring. However, the rest of the time it's nothing but thrills and nerves at your doorstep, for an entertaining ride in the future, past and present. A great sci-fi film, that will never let you down.
The best sequel of all time!
"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is an extremely good sequel to the sci-fi classic "The Terminator". Although I like the first movie much better, I think the second movie was pretty good for a sequel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in this film as the Terminator himself, except this time he is one of the heroes (which made him a big Hollywood star). Linda Hamilton also returns as Sarah Connor, one of the heroes, and she is much stronger than in the first movie. And Earl Boen returns as Dr. Silberman, possibly the most hated character in the first movie (and in my opinion, even more hated in this second film).

The new characters introduced are the menacing T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick) who is a menacing evil Terminator model, John Connor (Edward Furlong) who is Sarah Connor's son, and Miles Dyson (Joe Morton) who is the person responsible for the future war between the humans & the machines.

This sequel brilliantly focuses on all the main characters very well (although not as much as in the first film). A special bond is created between John Connor and the Terminator towards the end, and Sarah develops a special bond to her son.

The special effects in "Terminator 2" have improved greatly over the first film (although I like the first movie's special effects better for some reason). There were some spectacular explosions, and the T-1000's "liquid metal" effects were awesome and will remind hardcore-movie-fans of the watery creature in "The Abyss".

To sum up, there are many great things about "Terminator 2". Nevertheless, it lacks originality in some areas despite some new ideas & modern special effects. The original movie "The Terminator" was a more original film and was such a classic for its time in the 1980's. But still, the 2nd movie was pretty good for a sequel and it was very good.

I give this film a 10/10.
Movie that everyone should see!
Greetings from Lithuania.

WOW! The best word that describes this movie is "wow"! Not only to say that this is the best Action movie of all time, this is probably one of the greatest movies ever made . The people in my country watched this film when there where limited VHS cassettes at all. And again, my favorite Director did an timeless epic-masterpiece. Yes, an epic. Every scene in this movie is beyond the perfection. The timeless plot. Groundbreaking effects. Unforgettable "Hasta la vista, baby." .

Perfect direction for a sci-fix action film. When the action starts, you're in for the ride of your life. There never be the same movie like T2. What else I can say about this film? A Must see for everyone.
The best action movie ever!
This is one of the best action movies ever made. Director James Cameron hits the right combination of action and emotion. He proves that there is still room in an action movie for some feeling. It expertly switches to hard boiled action movie, to making you feel about the characters.

The Terminator is both killing machine and father figure, the father John never had. He is always lit in a cold steely blue, which gives him a hard sculptured look. The sunglasses cover his eyes, giving him no emotion. He throws people out his way like rag dolls, they are helpless to stop him. Yet, he is helpful to John, his protector.

We really believe that the T-1000 is an unstoppable killing machine. He blends in like a chameleon, unlike the Terminators hulk. It seems that there is no way to stop him. He can change to the form of any person he kills. His outward appearance is that of a normal human being.

Sarah has become a hardened, prepared for the nightmare of the future. She is trapped in a mental institution for trying to blow up a computer factory, for the horrible truth only she believes. She is tortured to the point of appearing insane.

The cinematography contrasts a hard blue with an orange red, fire and ice. It sets the mood very well. There is blue light for danger and fear and red for love and family.

The music is like the Terminator's mechanical heartbeat, a pulsing rhythmic beat. It uses sampled strings and percussion. It also pauses for an emotional moment.

The movie is fast pace and pulse rising, but also dramatic and careful. One of the best, an action classic!
I don't think we could have asked for a better sequel
Review based on the Special Edition cut:

In 1984 young director James Cameron took us into a new world with 'The Terminator,' a film that was a great success. Two years later he would dazzle us again with 'Aliens.' He had proved he was no one hit wonder, but the 1980s would soon be over and one burning question remained: Will there ever be a 'The Terminator 2'? Fortunately for those of us who cherish the original that day came 7 years after that films release and the world would never be the same. This sequel, the first of a few, turned out to be bigger and took the concept farther, which is exactly what a sequel to a Science Fiction classic should do.

Pros: Excellent work done by the cast. Compelling score. Dazzling special, mechanical, and visual effects. Beautifully photographed. Moves at a good pace. Like the original this film has some real heart and intelligence in it. Successfully builds on the mythology started in the original. Some solid action sequences and set pieces. Good humorous bits. Director/co-writer Cameron once again impresses and has a great handle on the action and drama.

Cons: You really have to suspend your disbelief at times. Not many, but some effects don't measure up, especially the dummy used for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Final thoughts: Fans of the 1984 original had to wait quite a while for the story to continue and I think we were greatly rewarded. It's lucky that the original creator returned to continue this and that the studio cared about the quality of the film. This film could have been just an attempt to make lots of money, which it did, but unlike so many blockbusters it's more than just big explosions and mind-blowing effects.

My rating: 4.5/5
Linda Hamilton rocks as Sarah Connor
In my opinion, Terminator 2: Judgment Day is one of the best sequels of all times. Considering 90s cinematography technologies, James Cameron did an outstanding job. Every detail of this cult movie, from the plot to the music was awesome.

In the first movie, the terminator was the bad guy. With a tremendous body like Greek gods and his robot-like accent, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a perfect fit to the Terminator character. He was sent back from future to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), the mother of an unborn child who will become the leader of a resistance against the machines. We all know the story. But in T2, he came back to protect the son of Sarah Connor which I believe was a very good twist. Arnold did his part very well again as the cyborg of our dreams. What surprised me was the transformation of Linda Hamilton's character. I honestly didn't see that coming. Sarah Connor was a vulnerable young girl in the first movie. But she turned into a bad-ass woman who has lots and lots of guns. I was really impressed.

I have watched this movie so many times over the years and it never gets old or boring. Just watch it.
Schwarzenegger's Best Film, Hands Down
Oh yeah, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"......The greatest overall action film next to "Die Hard" and the greatest science fiction one next to "Aliens". It is, without a doubt, my favorite movie of all time and I would give this 20 stars if I could and this is a film that everyone recognizes and knows about and this is a film that absolutely gets what it deserves.

In 1991, Arnold Schwarzenegger had finally cemented his reputation as the world's greatest action star after a couple great classics (The Terminator, Predator, Total Recall and the Conan films). This is the movie that defined Schwarzenegger forever as the one and only "Terminator", the cyborg sent from the future to protect the kid (Edward Furlong) who will save the entire world. Even though he's a machine, he learns what humans need to do and what they were put on this Earth for. And like what action films lack, T2 develops its characters flawlessly, and yes, EVEN the Terminator is given development as a character! When the T-100 arrives to the mid 1990's, he is basically awkward and socially clueless and knows nothing about human emotion or interaction. As the film progresses, he learns how humans behave and learns a few one-liners from John (Hasta la Vista, baby) and Spoilers: at the end before the Terminator melts himself in molten steel, his humanity is completely obvious, "I know now why you cry, for it is something I can never do." And just before he completely disappears in the molten steel, he gives the "thumbs-up" gesture, something that John had taught him before.

It is also probably the most heart-breaking ending and even the most insensitive guy will cry to that.

Also, Linda Hamilton makes one of the greatest ever screen performances by a female, and even challenges the performance of Sigourney Weaver in "Aliens". And her character has really developed from the first movie. The main problem with most movie sequels that have been made is that they usually act like the film before it never happened. But Sarah Connor has transformed from a timid waitress into a smart and brutal militaristic woman. And it shows off James Cameron's film-making genius and he truly knows how to make a great action film and a great sequel to follow it, because of this and "Aliens" (which I will write up a review soon) 2 of the greatest sequels ever made. During the course of this film, Sarah Connor has already developed a phobia for Terminator's due to her experiences in the first movie. And during most of the film, she doesn't trust the Terminator at all and even tries to destroy its CPU chip (only in a deleted scene). But at the end, when the Terminator is just about to destroy itself, she shakes hands with him and makes peace with him.....very,very touching moment. Also, Hamilton did a great job at providing the narration, with some greatly written lines, and she utters them with perfect drama and suspense to reveal the story in the beginning and what's next for the future at the end.

Also, Edward Furlong really makes a name for himself in his film debut. He is absolutely perfect as the juvenile offender who is affected by the absence of his mother and biological father. Throughout the film, he becomes attached to the Terminator and teaches him the meaning of human life. And no one else could've done the role better or equally as great. FYI, it's not really that easy for a kid with limited acting experience to pull it off.The line, "She's not my mother, ''Todd''" shows what Furlong can do and says that line with the perfect facial expression and delivery. And Furlong and Hamilton are really the 2 who provide the intense emotion that has capitalized James Cameron's films ever since.

The villainous T-1000 (Robert Patrick) has gotta be the icon for movie villains, 'cause the whole "liquid metal" thing is so cool. And the film was even a landmark for special effects which make the action scenes stand out and make them among the best in the genre.

This is further proof of why every action fan needs to have James Cameron alive to give em a reason to live. I'm already looking forward to "Avatar" and "Battle Angel", and I'm sure those 2 will kick @$$ once they come out.

If it weren't for this film, every other action flick that you see these days wouldn't be the same. When you watch it, just keep in mind that this movie changed a lot of things. It's not just an excellent action epic, but a very emotionally charged story about human survival.
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