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Star Trek
USA, Germany
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
J.J. Abrams
Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, retired
Zachary Quinto as Captain Spock
Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock
Eric Bana as Nero
Bruce Greenwood as Capt. Christopher Pike
Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
Zoe Saldana as Captain Nyota Uhura
Simon Pegg as Capt. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
John Cho as Captain Hikaru Sulu
Anton Yelchin as Commander Pavel Chekov
Ben Cross as Ambassador Sarek
Winona Ryder as Amanda
Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk
Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk
Storyline: On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien time-traveling vessel looking for Ambassador Spock, who, in this time, is also a child on Vulcan disdained by his neighbors for his half-human heritage. Twenty-five years later, Kirk has grown into a young troublemaker. Challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to realize his potential in Starfleet, he comes to annoy instructors like young Commander Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency at Vulcan and the newly commissioned USS Enterprise is crewed with promising cadets like Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov and even Kirk himself, thanks to Leonard McCoy's medical trickery. Together, this crew will have an adventure in the final frontier where the old legend is altered forever as a new version of it begins.
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And when I say "alternate" future I mean "unintelligent and pointless"
This is a really disappointing movie. This reboot of the Star Trek universe is way off the mark. The original series certainly shows its 1960's roots, but the characters, and almost all of the stories, were intelligently written and imaginatively and consistently developed.

The relationship between Kirk and Spock was built around each providing a counterpoint for the other's strengths, with Spock, of course, balancing Kirk's passion with a healthy dose of reason. Between them, they formed a symbiotic medium, reflecting the human condition that leadership and advancement comes from a balance of both reason and passion.

The original Kirk was passionate and decisive, but was not reckless. Nor was he consumed by his own crude, punk emotions. He was a leader who understood that his responsibilities extended to his ship, his crew, Star Fleet, and the rules and aims of the larger society. He let this guide his decisions. Even by himself, there was responsibility, rationality and reason within him. Spock represented, and added to, the pure rational component of any argument. Put together, the two characters showed us that goals and problems are best addressed by moving the human condition towards a stronger sense of responsibility, rationality and reason. It was a vision for the future.

Against that, in this new movie, both characters have moved decidedly away from the rational and towards the emotional. Kirk is now just some one-dimensional, self-obsessed, reckless angry rebel who treats every situation as an opportunity to start a bar fight (literally and/or figuratively). One expects future dialog to be along the lines of "Spock, did you see the way that ambassador glanced at me during negotiations? He needs a lesson in respect. Fire all photon torpedoes!!" Who in their right mind would want such a character as a starship captain?

And the new Spock has had the strengths of his rational side completely neutered. This new movie makes it obvious that his rational Vulcan side is ineffective, unimportant and weak, and that the emotional human side is where all the important cool parts are. The arc of the story in this movie seems to be constantly telling him: "Dude...stop thinking so much! What you need is to do is get yourself a girlfriend, get laid, have a few shots of Jack Daniels, and go punch a few people."

Similar dumbing-down occurs with the destruction of Vulcan. Six billion lives lost from a culture that was as advanced, peaceful and intelligent as the Vulcans ( was the Vulcan's who first reached out to humanity to make First Contact) is an tragic, important event. The original series would have made THAT the point of the event, as it should be. But in this movie, the only really important thing was that Spock's mother was killed. Well! Now it's personal I guess! No wonder he's mad! Why is it that movies such as this can't talk in the important abstract? Why is there always the need to introduce the personal vendetta? Why can we not have an important cause that is worth struggling for in its own right?

In the aggregate, whereas the point of the original relationship between Spock and Kirk was that the addition of stronger reasoning adds to our human capacity, the point of this movie seems to be the opposite: that what humans need to do is reason less, think less, make everything personal, give authority and responsibility the finger, break as many rules as possible, and get into as many bar fights as we possibly can. I was hoping that we'd left that attitude behind us with the passing of the Bush years...but I guess not.

As a side rant on that...the American psyche is frustrating in its contradictions. We live in gated communities to keep us away from exactly the bar-fighting trash represented by Kirk in this movie. We want harsh, lock-em-away laws if such characters challenge our peace of mind. But in the movies, we celebrate those same characters fighting authority, breaking all the rules, thumbing their noses at exactly us and those we appoint, punching anyone who asks them to be reasonable, killing anyone who tries to stop them, and winning only by fighting, not by thinking or working together. The same effect shows up in shows like Prison Break. How does a society both impose capital punishment AND cheer for the (supposedly) wrongly convicted to fight against the police that are trying to enforce the very laws that us as a society put in place? If we recognize that people are sometimes wrongly convicted...why are we killing them?

The other sad direction in this movie was the removal of Vulcans and Romulans as alternate societies. Again, we seem to be taking the attitude that only "us" humans matter. The "others" are uninteresting, unimportant, and potentially get in the way. Whereas the original series celebrated the idea of different societies, and recognized that any society (even all of humanity itself) will benefit by coming together into a larger common society with others of sympathetic goals, this movie promotes the idea that we would be better off if everyone was more like us, or better yet, if everyone else BUT us would disappear. In this movie the "us" is humanity compared to the "them" of other planets. In our world, the "us" is our culture or country compared to the "them" of other cultures or countries. Again...I was hoping that such a provincial attitude would pass with the Bush years...but again sadly, I must be mistaken.

The original series was a vision for the future...a larger, more interesting future. The new movie is a vision for the past...a provincial, isolationist, fearful past. In the end, the world, and the galaxy, are both poorer places because of this movie when compared to the vision and intellect of the original series.
And I had such great expectations.....
I must admit that I had goosebumps at the beginning. Wow, I really love Star Trek, that is, the Star Trek I grew up with.... Picard, Riker, Data...Furthermore, all the past Star Trek movies are great, so this one will also be good...Or will it?!? As a recent thing, I begun watching the original Star Trek series, with Kirk and Spock. You can imagine, when I heard about this movie, I was thrilled :)

So, what about this movie? Well, it is quite bad, with no Star Trek feeling in it. Though, I know why it made so great at the box office. It is because people love this kind of movies. But if you are a hard core ST fan, it's really hard to chew it.

Spoilers, don't read if you haven't seen it!

My personal list of mistakes.

1)First mistake is that you lose half a movie because of character development.

2) Captain Pike had no first officer? The humanity was left with a bunch of raw cadets. Please consider today's armed forces. Where the hell, on this earth, all the experienced troops go out to war leaving their homeland unprotected. Anyway, I would imagine Pike could never promote a cadet like that. BUT hey, the movie has only 2 HOURS and at the end Kirk must be captain, you get the point :)))

3)Then, of course, Chekov loses Spock's mother in the most idiotic scene I have ever seen. By the way, anyone noticed how the transporters take FOREVER to dematerialize?

4)The romulans were digging up the planets with some sort of a chained drill (how ancient is that?). I'm just wondering, maybe(though very unlikely) there were no space ships around to disable that drill, but I would AT LEAST expect some sort of interceptors to be a last line of defense, for any planet. The only defense of Vulcan were 3 cadets jumping with parachutes? Give me a f***ing break please! And you could also stop and think why would a mining drill prevent teleportation and communications? Or was this forced in just to have the "exciting" parachute jump?

5) Kirk's mutiny made him end up on the same planet as the old Spock and Scotty. That is really cool and original...WOW, good call there. They found each other, probably, within hours, on a very hostile planet :)). Again, I must remind you, the movie is short, we must have a full crew by the end. Nevermind on how we do that ;)

6) Red matter?!? I missed that...Never heard of it. Hell, that's some powerful stuff. Again please, how did you come up with it? And if one drop was that powerful, why was Spock carrying like a tone of it?

7) Old Spock failed, to save the Romulan homeland, because...he arrived TOO late. Anyone here thinks they should have come up with a better story?

8) Nero, instead of destroying Earth goes after Spock? Yeah, of course... Anyway, nice looking mining ship you got there Nero, with lots of ammo on board. Apparently it can destroy entire fleets. Not too safe inside though, dangerous walkways, one wrong step and you're gone...

9) Kirk and Spock, they only sent those 2 on the enemy ship, instead of a trained assault team. 10, 20, 30 men...Give them hell, but noooo, instead we get an overrated shoot'em up comedy.

There is other stuff wrong, but hey, if you liked it, no matter what I think.

Good sound and effects in this movie. I must rate it a 3.
Star Trek for Generation Y
Here's the sitch, I'm 40 years old. I grew up with the Shatner and Nimoy universe of Star Trek and loved most of the movie outings they did. I was also a fan of Next Gen and Deep Space Nine, although Voyager and Enterprise, not so much. So I have to say, I wasn't really sold on this version. Being honest, if I hadn't known any previous versions of Star Trek and came at it with fresh eyes, I probably would have loved it. But age and previous knowledge (and love) of Star Trek Lore has probably tainted my view and overall enjoyment of this movie.

I have to say, yes to the action sequences but no to the young 90210 crew and Melrose Place situations. When they said that this was a "reboot", I didn't realize they meant it so literally and I guess that in some way exonerates this version and how the events unfold in the movie. In retrospect, probably the only way they could have gone. I did find the story to be weak and the attention to detail in regards to "real world" science (which the original universe was noted for), very lacking. I'm not sure how realistic it is to promote a cadet to first officer over other already serving commissioned officers. Having Checkov and Scotty as comical characters also didn't work for me but the Kirk/Spock/McCoy characters were pretty good.

For the sheer grandioseness of the action and effects, it may be worth going to see this movie. Some of the sets didn't work for me though, especially engineering, which looked like it was shot on the inside of a massive steel mill or pipe works.

I'm not going to say "if you were a fan of the original, you will be disappointed", because I am sure there are some die-hard Trekkers out there that probably loved this version. So I don't want to stop anyone out there from going to see it. My personal opinion, I was disappointed in this "reboot". My advice to Trekkers is to go in with an open mind. Any previous knowledge of Star Trek Lore needs to be forgotten (which I had trouble doing), to truly enjoy this movie.

This is definitely a Star Trek for the next generation and a parallel universe that I probably won't be participating in again.
It sucks
OK, so I have Nichelle Nichols' autograph, and a photo of me with James Doohan. I guess I was a Trekkie in my younger days -- but only for the original series, and I guess the films with the original crew, not the spin-offs. All the more reason I really wanted to like this film.

I don't even know where to begin. This film is a mess. It doesn't work for me as a popcorn movie, let alone as Star Trek. The plot is ridiculous and full of holes. (Black holes, get it?) Trekkies have always been able to forgive ridiculous plots (e.g. Star Trek movies three through six), as long as it meant we'd get to see Kirk and crew back in action. This so-called reboot is barely recognizable.

Rather than doing a sustained impression of William Shatner's Kirk, Chris Pine appears to have opted instead for a sustained impression of Christian Slater. Never mind how Pine plays Kirk, the character hardly resembles the original anyway. Instead of James T. Kirk, the master tactician who lived and breathed Starfleet, but wasn't afraid to buck the system, we get James T. Kirk, the reckless a-hole who has issues with authority.

Then there is Spock. Instead of cool, logical, level-headed but still part human Spock, we get vindictive, whiny Spock -- who is having a hot affair with Lt. Uhura, who herself appears to be a descendant of Beyonce.

All of the remaining characters -- including the villain -- are written and played fairly one-dimensionally. The only characters that seem to come close to the originals are Scotty -- who is in the film all too briefly -- and Chekhov.

Yeah, I know, this is now "alternate universe" Star Trek, because Nero and "Spock Prime" went back in time and changed the past, present and future. That shouldn't mean everything has to suck.

Woe to Leonard Nimoy, for not being able to resist a little more Spock money. The producers obviously lured him into this film to give it some Trek credibility (Trekibility), but it doesn't help. Shatner should be glad he wasn't asked.

Well, I know I am going against the grain here. This film has done huge box office, so JJ Abrams and crew will make more of them. Let me save you the trouble of waiting, or traveling to the future to see them: They will also suck.
A Star Trek Movie only in name
Star Trek is a Star Trek movie only in name. I won't give the plot to you, but you probably already know it. The plot is tiring, and its been done many times before. The whole thing with a time traveling ship, old idea. The evil aliens seeking revenge for an old or new wrong, also so old. The Enterprise barely reminded me of a Starship, more like a chemical plant with wings. I know that they are trying to be sci-fi, but at least put up the money to build something new.

The movie carried none of the flavor of any of the earlier movies. All the high ideals of exploration and morality are gone. Scratch that, some of the aliens are very cheesy. Actors wearing cheap makeup pretending to be aliens. It is almost comical in that respect. Add in the funny sound effects and the movie is more like a Starship Troopers Clone. They couldn't even get the plot line right, with the earlier movies and shows.

If you are one of those people who enjoyed the earlier films, like First Contact or maybe even The Undiscovered Country; don't waste your time or money on this film.
Review from
Star Trek. When someone speaks this name, various images, ideas, characters and phrases come to mind. I know they certainly do with me. Characters such as Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data, Janeway, Seven of Nine; ideas like the prime directive; phrases like "Live long and Prosper", "Good God Jim, I'm a doctor not a….". I wouldn't consider myself a "Trekkie", but I do have a deep affection for this series and world.

To my great delight, I was fortunate enough to see an advanced screening last night of JJ Abrams re-imaging of "Star Trek". I must admit that I was skeptical at first about taking such iconic characters and recasting them, even in younger iterations, because most people think of the characters of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov with the actors that originally portrayed them. These portrayals are engrained in the pop culture consciousness of the world and hence my skepticism arose. Fortunately, my doubts were unnecessary.

This is not your father's "Star Trek". From the moment the movie begins, so does the action and it never lets up. However, this movie has more than just incredible and intense action, it also pays homage to the series of old. Sure, they wanted to bring us a Trek for the 21st century, but they also realized that they needed to respect the source material and fans of a series that has been around more than 40 years. However, you don't need to know much about Star Trek to enjoy this movie. Each character has been given a background and history that lets you know a little something about each one. There's a lot to be told in an origin movie and it is handled deftly by both the writers and the director.

But, what really made the movies for me were the actors chosen to play these roles, especially Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock and Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy, aka "Bones". This movie would not have worked if the casting of these three characters had not been spot on. Both Mr. Quinto and Urban uncannily channel their predecessors, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley. They took on some of their inflections, mannerisms and expressions to really give you a sense that they are just younger versions of the originals. Chris Pine, however, takes on the most memorable role in Trek history and makes it his own. This Kirk is not only the womanizer, lover, and captain that you already know, but as portrayed by Mr. Pine also has a swagger, bravado, intelligence, and is a complete adrenaline junkie. We could not have asked for a better Kirk in this movie.

They have laid a solid foundation for a new series, with new life, perfect cast and a director with a true vision. If the first movie can be this good, my expectations for further adventures have risen exponentially.

This is my first review for our website and as such might not be very good since I have no experience at writing reviews. I intentionally didn't reveal any plot points so as to not spoil anything for whoever may read this. I may in the future reveal areas that may have spoilers but mark these sections so you can skip over them. I'll be seeing Wolverine tomorrow and hope to have a review up by tomorrow night. Until we meet again, "Live long and Prosper!"
Star Trek lives long, but does it prosper?
I got an invitation for the Bulgarian (pre)premiere of the new Star Trek and I saw it on April 27. It is an OK movie, but I feel that Star Trek and its fans deserve more.

The movie starts with a kick. Some huge and really advanced Romulan ship encounters a federation ship. The Romulan captain Nero is searching for Spock, but nobody has ever heard of him, and the Romulans lose their temper right away and kill the captain. The new captain is now Kirk Sr. who takes control over the Federation vehicle and sacrificing both the ship and his life rams himself into the Romulans, saving the lives of thousands of people, including his wife and newborn son - James Tiberius Kirk. Kirk the father flying towards his certain but heroic death while listening to his wife giving birth to his son, now this was some epic drama.

We see James T. Kirk racing down a country road in a stolen retro car, listening to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" while being chased by some flying traffic cop, which was a cool scene, though completely irrelevant for the story.

We see young Spock teased and picked on in Vulcan school (I didn't know the Vulcan's have bullies at school as well) and having troubles because of having a human mother.

Then as expected Kirk has grown into a rebellious teen/young adult, and he is trying to use his charm on Uhura at a bar, in the process finds himself in a fight with four Federation cadets, and after being badly beaten is recruited by his father's old friend Captain Christopher Pike.

Little by little we see all the rest of the familiar crew - Dr. McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and so on, and I admit that it's really fun to see them while they take their first steps towards the final frontier.

And from this point on the movie is quite predictable, there are no serious plot twists (but there are a number of plot holes).

Comes out that the Romulans are some angry miners from the future who are after Spock who didn't save their planet from annihilation. After seeing the end of their world they came back in time to get their hands on Spock, planning to destroy Vulcan and make him watch. Spock on the other hand came back in time hoping to make things right somehow. But the Romulans came like 25 years before Spock and when hey didn't find him it all ended with the death of Kirk's father.

Now the Romulans are here again, 25 years later, back in tie with a vengeance, creating a black whole that engulfs Vulcan among with Syler's... pardon me, Spock's mother. Captain Christopher Pike is captured, they want him to give them some security codes so they can do to Earth the same they did to Vulcan, and it is up to Spock and Kirk to stop them. I mean... it is up to Spock, Kirk and Spock to stop them.

The old Spock from the future is here now, helping Kirk to become a captain of the Enterprise, telling Scotty the beaming formula he is supposed to discover himself some years later, and telling the young Spock that he is actually Spock too...

Guess what? All this creates an alternative universe. That's the excuse they came up with for the reboot.

All in all, it is a good way to waste two hours, but it is nothing memorable. The main flaw is the unnecessary use of shaky camera and unstable frames. I know they use it all the time nowadays and we see it in like every action movie, but still it is not an excuse. I guess this is the way they want to create pace and make it more dynamic, but actually when you walk out of the cinema I wouldn't be surprised if you have a headache. The constant twitches are really annoying, and they were used even in simple dialog scenes. I really can't understand why they shake the camera so much and in some scenes it just made absolutely no sense. I mean, come on, you spent millions of dollars on sets and CGI, give me some static shot, stand still for a while and let us enjoy the view! Otherwise we have to wait for the DVD and push the Pause button, hoping that the creature or the spaceship will be on focus and we will be able to see some more details.

Speaking of CGI for millions of dollars... they created black wholes engulfing planets and giant alien monsters chasing Kirk through a snowy wasteland, but they didn't add steam coming out of their mouths. When it's cold and you breathe there is usually steam coming out of your mouth I wonder why there wasn't any while Kirk and Spock were in an ice cave... It's not the only movie where they make this mistake, but it's really annoying when you notice it and makes the whole snowy set look fake.

But let's point out some good things as well - fan service! The short skirt uniforms, Uhura is hot and there is a green-skinned Orion slave girl! Well, it's not like a blue Twilek babe, but after all it's only Star Trek ;) The best is that the ending pays homage to the original series and they finally play a motif from the Star Trek theme. I have absolutely no idea why they didn't use it throughout the whole movie, the old Star Trek soundtracks have brilliant themes and I think they should have used them.
boe_dye sez: how about now we reboot the star wars saga in an alternate reality where Padme doesn't die...
*****SPOILERS BEGIN HERE******** Words cannot describe how utterly disgusted I am at this. The teasers were right, this ain't yo daddy's star trek. This isn't even my Star Trek.

This isn't even Star Trek and has no business being called Star Trek. Oh sure the names are there, and yes it's glitzy and expensive with lots of explosions...

Spocks mom dies...

for the really hardcore, there is a reference of Cardasians...

OH yeah, and there is Uhura making out with Spock on the transporter pad, and before that asking him if, and I quote "just tell me what you want of me and i'll do it" in a turbo lift as a way to console Spock after Vulcan had just been destroyed. What a way to make Uhura a cheap thrill ride...

It's okay though, cause OLD Spock, played poorly by Leonard Nimoy says that is an "alternate time line" and because of that it makes everything better...

Let me put my view into perspective. I watch the Old series, I watch the Next Generation, I watch DS9, I watch Enterprise. And I'm not even one of those guys who wears the uniform and lives the lifestyle...

But you know, I am so tired of Hollywood butchering the things that I grew up on.

And Trekkies? Oh the Trekkies will hate this.

Yeah, sure there is the Kobayashi Maru, which in all honesty is about the only thing canonical to this whole mess of a film, but other wise it was just one slight after another.

Chekhov is suddenly this wiz kid physicist, scotty is basically a garage mechanic, Uhura is suddenly this linguistic genius, Spock is just a tool, Sulu is a ninja, and Kirk... Well, Kirk is apparently the smartest person in Iowa with a genius I.Q. and a pension for being a rebellious wild child.

And for a moment let's talk about the Leonard Nimoy cameo. Why it's got Leonard Nimoys endorsement it must be good! And look he even says some key Spock Quotes! OOOO...

Yeah so what. It is a cheap ploy to get the trekkies to spend their money on something that will very soon be universally known as the absolute worst Star Trek in history.

It's even worse then 5...

In my many years and dollars of going to see movies, I have only walked out on 1. Tonight was my second. I never in a million years thought that I would walk out on a Star Trek movie. Never. But I went in there expecting and knowing it would be a reboot...

I never imagined this being a slap in the face.

People who know nothing of Star Trek will probably love it. However when they go back to watch the originals, they wont get it.

People who love Star Trek will hate this, and be thankful that there will always be the series.

But you know? It's okay that Spocks mom dies! It's okay that Spock and Uhura are lovers, and that she throws herself at like a cheap call-girl, it's okay that Chekhov is even there and all these things are okay! Because it's an alternate time line! And that makes everything better!!!!!!!! True Fans, you have been warned. This is not anything remotely close to the Star Trek that we know and love. It is hurtful and near hateful towards the series that has inspired us to look up into the star and dream of boldly going where no man has gone before.

It is disrespectful towards all of the black woman who were inspired by Nichelle Nichols to rise above the stereotypes of that day and age and become more then what they told they could be.

It is a perversion towards all of us kids who dreamed of being Captain Kirk, and discovering new life and new civilizations. A Kirk who was a seasoned hero and not hot headed firebrand who was given command like being given an expensive sports car by a rich uncle.

And it is an insult to all of us who crave knowledge and that delicate balance between logic and emotion.

**********End Spoilers*********
Just awful
I'll admit I am not a trekkie. I saw the movie because the trailer looked interesting. I want my 10 bucks back.

In a sentence, this movie was idiotic eye candy. Strong, meaningless emotions were intermingled with fancy special effects and a nonsense plot. If you want to see the movie because of the trailer, stick with the trailer; it's all the content you get. Anyone that says this movie was good wasn't paying attention at all. The target demographic of this movie must have been toddlers.

They quickly rushed between scenes ignoring any relevance to, or continuity of, the plot. Characters made bold speeches and impassioned decisions that were either meaningless or simply defied in the next ten seconds. Characters also blatantly threw out their catch lines every chance they got to speak. I got a sense this movie wasn't geared toward trekkies but to people who just knew the catch lines. Awful.

I back up what I say; here's a list..


-The first scene where the young kirk threw a car off a cliff had nothing to do with anything.. at all.

-The plot was free of any logic. Romulus's planet is destroyed. Why didn't they evacuate? Why was one man (spoc) charged with billions of lives? How did a miner find a way back in time? If it was common knowledge why didn't everyone just go back in time to destroy the supernova? Why didn't he just save his planet when he got to the past? Obviously even if he destroys the federation and the vulcans the supernova will still destroy his planet. And how the hell did he go back in time? Oh he got sucked into a black hole. Just like the one he put in the center of the vulcan planet? Just like the one that destroyed him at the end? Why didn't they all just go back in time at the end and save EVERYONE??

-If you really payed attention, few scenes actually made sense with regard to where they were and what they were doing.

-Kirk makes spock beat his face in and then becomes captain. Spock has a severe emotional breakdown and they're best friends in less than two minutes.

-You don't have to drill to destroy a planet with a black hole. A planet wouldn't be around for minutes if it had a black hole at it's center. At the end they create a black whole with like 10000 times the red matter as before right next to earth.

-Romulus could kill kirk at one point but just doesn't.. for no real reason..

-At some points they're warping around faster than light speed. Sometimes it takes them a few minutes to get somewhere. Sometimes it takes half the movie.

I have more points (like why were the drill operators wielding axes from 150 years in the future, like, they don't have guns in the future??) but suffice to say I felt dumber having watched this movie. I hope it tanks.

Disgusting Vulgar thrashing of Star Trek Franchise
Like everything in this world, it seems we are all in a mad dash to dumb down everything for 5th grade comprehension. I'm sorry but there is no way this movie deserves any praise. The story line literally was just one 1 billion to 1 probability after another. The motivating reason behind the bad guys actions were sophomoric. The whole storyline from beginning to end was impossible to believe possible.

First off scotty, spock, and jim all end up on the same planet by accident. The bad guy, whatever his name was, was motivated by an event spock had no control over and was trying to prevent. "Jim" was just a prick, not cool, and no one in there right mind would give him control of a star ship acting like that. LOL. Absurd, Absurd, Absurd.

Really, A cartoon has deeper and more coherent plot lines.

This movie is a joke, appealing to those that enjoy visual effects, and big explosions, that's all you'll get, if that is what you want, this is the movie for you, if you want something with a better storyline than "See Spot Run", save the gas.
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