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Spirited Away
Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Hayao Miyazaki
Rumi Hîragi as Chihiro
Miyu Irino as Haku
Mari Natsuki as Yubaba
Takashi Naitô as Chihiro no otôsan (voice: Japanese version)
Yasuko Sawaguchi as Chihiro no okâsan (voice: Japanese version)
Tatsuya Gashuin as Aogaeru, Assistant Manager (voice: Japanese version)
Ryûnosuke Kamiki as Bô (voice: Japanese version)
Yumi Tamai as Rin (voice: Japanese version)
Yô Ôizumi as Bandai-gaeru
Koba Hayashi as Kawa no Kami
Tsunehiko Kamijô as Chichiyaku
Takehiko Ono as Aniyaku
Bunta Sugawara as Kamajî (voice: Japanese version)
Noriko Kitou as Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Shiro Saito as Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Akio Nakamura as Kaonashi (voice)
Storyline: Chihiro and her parents are moving to a small Japanese town in the countryside, much to Chihiro's dismay. On the way to their new home, Chihiro's father makes a wrong turn and drives down a lonely one-lane road which dead-ends in front of a tunnel. Her parents decide to stop the car and explore the area. They go through the tunnel and find an abandoned amusement park on the other side, with its own little town. When her parents see a restaurant with great-smelling food but no staff, they decide to eat and pay later. However, Chihiro refuses to eat and decides to explore the theme park a bit more. She meets a boy named Haku who tells her that Chihiro and her parents are in danger, and they must leave immediately She runs to the restaurant and finds that her parents have turned into pigs. In addition, the theme park turns out to be a town inhabited by demons, spirits, and evil gods. At the center of the town is a bathhouse where these creatures go to relax. The owner of the bathhouse is...
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A film Disney should learn lessons from
My previous experience with Studio Ghibli began and ended with 'My Neighbour Totoro' but upon seeing the fantastic 'Spirited Away', I feel as if a whole new world of anime and Hayao Miyazaki has just opened up to me. Until now, apart from the odd Disney flick and, of course, 'My Neighbour Totoro', I had long consigned animation to childhood but this film is a perfect example of how how rich and diverse even an animated film can be.

'Spirited Away' centres on ten-year-old Chihiro, a little Japanese girl who accidentally stumbles upon the Spirit World while exploring a mysterious passageway with her parents. When her parents are turned into pigs for stealing food, it falls to young Chirhiro and Haku, her guide in this strange new world, to save them before they become bacon. Not only are the characters well-depicted and engaging (with a few adorable little creatures added in to gush over!) but the story is very involving. During Chihiro's quest, not only do we see she and Haku grew as characters but we learn much about Japanese mythology and the moral of how not everything is as it seems. The atmospheric and other-worldly quality of the film leaves the audience feeling as if they too have joined the young heroine in this strange new land where the impossible seems possible.

Although this film will no doubt appeal to young children who will easily identify with Chihiro, there is a dark air to 'Spirited Away' that will draw in teenagers and adults. Certainly, older viewers will be left awe-struck by the intelligence and strength of the plot and the characters. Highly recommended to anime fans and those who are just looking for a film that is unique and interesting.
Artistry with a capital "A"
This is a not to be missed film if you value imagery.

Though the plot is not as engaging and the action a bit slower than "Princess Monoke", it makes up for it in its sheer beauty. It is not a child's movie, but I am certain a 10 to 14 year old will love it. Think of it as an anime version of "A Secret Garden" and you will get my point.

A Movie Where Many Childhood Dreams Are Reborn...
It is so ironically tragic that many great movies such as Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away are often overlooked by the public, suggesting that commercialism is the way of reflecting the possibility of achieving blockbuster status in the box-office, even as if most of these recycled products receive poor reviews (remember Shark Tale? It's horribly cliché but millions of viewers still watch it). Is it because of technology that drives its influence to the public without providing any necessity that is its substance? Or is it because Spirited Away is considered another ordinary 2D cartoon that should be suitable for little children and not the rest of us? Sadly, this is reality and we all see as it is right now (providing that we live in a topsy-turvy world with unfair paradoxes) but it doesn't mean that Miyazaki's masterpiece has a chance to change our reflections on life. In fact, there are doses of good reasons on why this movie is so special to us, aside from its family-friendly context.

Hayao Miyazaki, who has directed many of the most acclaimed animated movies in animation history (under the banner of Studio Ghibli), has stated that Spirited Away is 'for the people who used to be ten years old and the people who are going to be ten years old'. Perhaps, he really knows how children see things in their own eyes, as he might use to face during his childhood times (that's why most of his movies feature flying ships/creatures, tons of imaginative elements derived from Asian/Western cultures, some preferences from classic fairy tales, etc.) Most importantly, Mr. Miyazaki uses this tagline as an essential plot device to show the innocence, the bizarre, the horror and the wondrous revelation that the main protagonist (Chihiro) sees, feels and experiences throughout her spiritual journey, a path that we all had crossed as children before the madness of the world overwhelms our innocence. Fortunately, movies like Spirited Away succeeds in regaining our former consciousness, pulling us into his imaginative world where our childhood memories have never died; they are merely hidden inside our hearts and Mr. Miyazaki is enable to reshape them with everything this movie has to offer.

Instead of the cliché-ridden plots that mar state-of-the-art-animated films of today, Mr. Miyazaki refers to his personal experience in Japan as another plot device while maintaining the classic storytelling technique to create an entirely refreshing concept based on real-life situations. If you think Spirited Away features some of the most incomprehensibly bizarre characters you've never seen, fear not! Like all good movies, despite their oddity, they all are no different from us in terms of how they adapt to life and their functions to keep the company going. That also leads to the fact that Spirited Away is really not a good vs. evil show (like Star Wars); despite its scary images, powerful spells and evil-looking monsters, they are all surprisingly ordinary with mere characteristics of maids, bosses and customers. So don't expect a Darth Vader-like antagonist to cover the whole world with darkness while unleashing a large army of robotic troopers to destroy everything in their sights.

The overall animation is simply breathtaking. Even as they are all hand-drawn, the characters' expressions and body postures are all wonderfully done in a very natural way, the same applies to these beautiful background settings painted painstakingly by some of Ghibli's most talented artists in Japan. Speaking of animation, when watching it up close and personal, it does bear some resemblance to Disney's Snow White as well as his classic movies (unlike the new, recycled Disney movies of the early 2000s) in terms of its cel-shaded look and the way most characters move and interact (strangely, though, Mr. Miyazaki is not a big fan of Disney. Ironically, Disney is the only company that understands his movies' significance to moviegoers around the world, so it serves as a distributor to Ghibli's animated movies in North America.). Unlike most current anime that requires CGI to excite the audience, Mr. Miyazaki fortunately decides not to rely much on fancy digital applications (there are some subtle CGI effects, which are cleverly implemented on certain parts of the movie).

Disney, in its other matter, has done a good job in translating the movie's original Japanese context to its English counterpart without radically changing the flow and theme of its entire story, thanks to Pixar animator and executive producer John Lasseter (however, Disney's marketing power fails to attract more moviegoers). Despite the audience's varied reactions on English and Japanese tracks, in my opinion, I find both of them outstanding and seem to have a natural pattern to influence the mood of the movie. Once again, Joe Hisashi, the composer of many of Miyazaki's movies, has provided some of the finest and most memorable cues ever to bring grace to the screens (one of my personal favorite is a cue in which Haku finally remembers his original name, shedding its scales in the sky). Without these important audio elements, Spirited Away could have been another uninspiring, lifeless show.

It is no doubt that Spirited Away has indeed changed the way we look at animated movies, similar to the way the original Star Wars trilogy, the first two Godfather movies and films by Steven Spielberg did. It is also true that whatever I write in this review, a single picture tells a thousand words; you still need to watch it with your own eyes, feel it as you are still a child and you will understand a thousand reasons why this movie should receive an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. However, like many artistic filmmakers, Mr. Miyazaki is not interested in such glamorous spotlights and moneymaking propaganda, as he continues to inspire newer generations with his latest waves of masterpieces, starting with Howl's Moving Castle.

Thank you, Mr. Miyazaki for proving once again that childhood memories will forever endure within our hearts and souls until the end of time.
Beautiful and full of story
It takes some movies a lot of time to build story, to change it and adapt it. Some films don't even succeed in developing any kind of depth of character.

Spirited Away surpasses all expectations. The story twists and turns, never once losing viewers yet still seems to make the fantastical happen. The characters are well thought out and all lend to the amazing plot. There are not a lot of films out there that can pack so much in in such a short time, however Studio Ghibli manage it nonetheless. One of my favourite titles out there.
Mystical, engaging, wonderful!
Spirited Away is one of the most perfect movies I have ever seen. The least I can say about it is that there was not a single moment during it that my attention wasn't completely focused. The plot was fantastic and full-bodied. Each character was given so much personality, even the little soot spiders weren't treated as two-dimensional.

In a way the whole film felt like a dream, in that it is seamless. It flows, effortlessly, from scene to scene, from emotion to emotion - straight from terror and tragedy to comedy - without the subtle bump that wakes you up, that lets you know that the makers of the movie and the creator of the script had wanted you to be crying but now you really should be laughing. It was so LIFELIKE. Sometimes in real life the most grim moments contain honest elements of comedy that do not seem out-of-place. But trying to put that sort of convoluted emotion into a film creates a very thin line that too many have fallen off of.

There was no part of the film that felt fake, or rushed, or shaky; the intensity of the story line and the determination of the lead character was obvious throughout. More than causing interest, this movie made me FEEL. I was sucked into the drama. I can rarely say that a movie made me laugh and cry without feeling like an idiot, but the caliber of this picture is so high that I don't even feel embarrassed. I laughed. I cried. And you will too.
Miyazaki's wonderful, euphoric tale is a beautiful and mesmerizing adventure that is near perfect in every way
I have built so much love up for Spirited Away over time that I can't even begin to explain it. Miyazaki has made this film with such integrity and grace that you can't look away from it's unbelievable charm and amusement. This was the first Miyazaki I had seen, and by far it is equally as great as the others and is also, like the rest are, one of the most admirable and lovable animations I have ever seen.

To start off, the movie itself from start to finish is entertaining, clever and fun in every way. I really grew to love and care for almost every character because even though he doesn't take that much time to describe some of them in every little detail, the way he uses his time to show their personalities is excellent and you almost practically know them from the first time they're shown. He also gives his characters great depth as the movie goes on, and even though Chihiro was a bit annoying at the get go, you actually start to feel sorry for her and love her as you do most everyone because their traits and characteristics are so splendidly displayed.

Also, the humor and plot he manages to work with are brilliant and fascinating, even if it's meant to be a little childish and inane every now and then, it totally works! He throws weird and eccentric surprises one after another that always keep you on your feet and guessing what's going to happen next, and he manages to get giggles and smiles from the kid-quality jokes and antics because they're so well done and delivered at the right times!

I truly have to praise Miyazaki for the artforms that are his sensational, remarkable, undeniably acclaimed animations and I have to say that as a director, he's growing to become one of my favorites for perfect examples such as Spirited Away. I could go on, but I really don't know how else to explain how phenomenal this masterpiece really is, so I suggest you see it if you haven't, and watch it again if you didn't like it, because I'm hopefully positive it will manage to titillate your senses in some way, or form, as it certainly did me. This comment hardly even begins to do it justice that it's that spectacular. Trust me.
My very favorite movie, and the exact reason why i watch movies in the first place.
What this movie does so well, and why i love it so much, is because it takes me to a completely different world, so beautifully drawn and so magically in every single aspect and filled with wonderful characters that makes this film, like no other film, leave me with an inner joy that is indescribable.

The only thing i truly hate about this film, is that I'm always so disappointed when it's over, and I'm left in this boring inferior world called "reality" again.

Anyways, if you for some weird reason haven't watched it yet, i got one advice for you:

Watch it. Now.
Exceeds all expectations.
I recently bought this on DVD for my 11 year old sister as a birthday present. The only real background info on it I had at the time was that it was an anime in the vein of Alice In Wonderland. However, in all aspects, (including the one that is most often in contention among anime fans, the English dub,) reached and then exceeded my expectations.

Chihiro is a little girl who is unwilling to join in with her gung-ho parents who are setting off to live in a new town. However, when her father's bad driving has them at a dead end in a forest glade, they discover a tunnel that leads into what seems to be an abandoned theme park town. However, when the sun goes down it becomes clear that this is a ghost town of a different sort, a place where spirits return each evening to relax and refresh themselves. Chihiro finds herself working at the towering Bath-house of the Spirits and trying to find a way of getting back to her home, encountering many incredible creatures along the way, including the brave water spirit/dragon Haku, gruff but kindly boiler-man Komaji, cranky witch/owner of the bath-house Yubaba and the mysterious wraith No-Face.

On the strength of the US English dub, it is an enjoyable and exhilarating film, with a well-written story, fantastic dialogue and, given the nature of the film, totally believable characters. Daveigh Chase is marvelous as Chihiro, and brings across her complex emotional states brilliantly. The supporting cast, including many Disney regulars, are on top form, and whilst it has no real stars on board, the skill of those involved proves it isn't necessary. I often found myself wondering if Wendee Lee was one of the cast members, but on discovering it was Susan Egan I felt like a complete dolt. David Ogden Stiers, the Peter Sellers of Disney, is a treat as Komaji, and Jason Marsden and Suzanne Pleshette are fairly engaging as Haku and Yubaba/Zeniba respectively. Bob Bergen and John Ratzenberger both make good cameos as well.

The visuals and sound are crisp and clean and unpretentious, the story is accessible whilst still being quirky and inventive. Whilst at the time of it's release I was repelled by the fact that it seemed a tad too Disney-ish, I now think I can safely say I was wrong. This isn't Alice In Wonderland; it's in a whole different class.

And by the way, my sister loved it too.
About ten minutes into 'Spirited Away' you realise that this movie is going to be totally unlike anything you've ever seen before - even the director's previous movies. Half an hour into the the thing, you feel like you're witnessing some sort of collision between Walt Disney and David Lynch. Put simply, 'Spirited Away' is damn weird - sometimes charmingly weird, sometimes excitingly weird, but sometimes just plain old what the hell is a 'stink spirit', and why does it have a bicycle stuck in its side type weird.

If you think that is supposed to be criticism, think again. 'Spirited Away' is every bit as incredible as the most incredible things written about it would have you believe. It simply transports you to a meticulously realised universe of spirits and mythology; a world utterly brimming over with fantastical sights and characters. The realisation of this whole mise-en-scene is a monumental cinematic achievement. You come out of the movie really feeling like you've just spent two hours in some incredible parallel universe.

The attention to detail is staggering, the surprises endless (and I just mean every damn camera shot has something in it that will make your jaw drop to one extent or another), and somehow through this barrage of unheralded ideas the central character comes through rock solid, as do all of the supporting ones.

That isn't to say that characterisation is the movie's long suite. Perhaps it's just a cultural thing, but it seems to me that even the best Japanimation doesn't _quite_ have the Disney capacity to make you fall in love with the characters. Or perhaps you could argue that Disney is just overly sentimental. In any event this is really the only very slight fault I could find with 'Spirited Away' - and it is slight, because there are scenes, particularly in the latter part of the film, which will bring a lump to your throat.

One quibble: people keep saying how much better the animation is in this film than in Disney (well, Disney aren't even doing hand-drawn animation anymore, but you know what I mean.) I think they mean that the backgrounds and drawings are better. The animation - literally the movement from frame to frame of the characters - is not up to top notch Disney standards. Watch a car drive along the road in the early part of the film: it is conspicuously jerky, unlike the smooth panoramic, sweeping animation of Disney in the past decade.

However, except in those very early scenes, it isn't very noticeable, and even if you did notice it, you would be so gobsmacked by the amazing, almost poetic backdrops in so many of the scenes that you'd soon forget about it.

I guess I've picked a few holes in 'Spirited Away', haven't I? That's why I'm only giving it a meagre 9.5 out of 10.0.

It's a masterpiece. See it.
It really was good!
The tale of the Chihiro, the small girl who finds her self in a strange and daunting spirit world working to save her parents and return them all to the world from which they have come. Not knowingly seen or heard of Miyazaki's work before ( although it takes a few times for a name to penetrate my consciousness), I was without preconceptions about the film apart from my friend's "It's really good!" as she handed the DVD to me as a birthday present. I have to agree with her. This film rocked. Appealing, I should say to many age groups, (I saw it with my mum and some 30 something year old friends), it in turn scared, startled, moved me, made me smile and laugh and warmed the deepest cockless of my heart. This has everything from adventure and mythology(Japanese of course) to friendship and love. I was with the little girl and her friends every step of the way. It is a bizzare film but very watchable and completely enchanting. The animation is much softer than the usual Japanese Manga style of cartoon, and the tale certainly not as bloody. (Barely bloody at all) I saw the American dubbed version and the Japanese, subtitled version one after the other, and I prefered the latter. A good film, when well subtitled, leaves you with the feeling of actually having heard the characters say the words in English, and this was the case with this film. The translation in the 2 versions were not the same and to me some of the subtleties in the Japanese version were lost in the American version were there was the added pressure of having to syncronise the words to(cartoon)lip movement. There were also some cultural adaptions from the Japanese version to better suit an American audience, which I prefered without. Having said that, the American(English) version stands successfully in it's own right. My friends(& mum)who only watched the American version thoroughly enjoyed it. The DVD extras such as interviews with Miyazaki and the American director/producer? and the lead up to the Japanese release made fun watching too. Some of it just to get a little peek into the life/hard work/mad stresses behind making the film. I gave it a 10.
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