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Seven Samurai
Drama, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Akira Kurosawa
Takashi Shimura as Kambei Shimada
Toshirô Mifune as Kikuchiyo
Yoshio Inaba as Gorobei Katayama
Minoru Chiaki as Heihachi Hayashida
Daisuke Katô as Shichiroji
Isao Kimura as Katsushiro Okamoto
Yukiko Shimazaki as Rikichi's Wife
Kamatari Fujiwara as Manzo, father of Shino
Yoshio Kosugi as Mosuke
Yoshio Tsuchiya as Rikichi
Kokuten Kodo as Gisaku, the Old Man
Storyline: A poor village under attack by bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves.
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In 1954, Kurosawa made foreign film history with Seven Samurai. Everything about this film is just absolutely terrific. The film lasts around 3 1/2 hours, and every minute of it is unbelievable filmmaking. Kurosawa's blend of stellar craft, captivating cinematography, ravishing art direction, and unforgettable characters makes this one of the most intelligent films ever made. The first hour is devoted to devoloping the many four-dimensional characters which inhabit the film throughout. When watching the film, the audiece cares for, trusts, mourns and ultimately believes every single attribute the characters have. Samurai set up the way that many action films are made today; films like Predator and Alien still work within it's boundaries. The battle scenes are terrific and the fast-paced editing is ground-breaking. If people have a problem with subtitles and long movies, then see this and your opinions will change. The sheer filmmaking of Kurosawa will not disappoint. Also see Yojimbo and High & Low.
a fascinating movie with its all reality
Let me tell you first: everyone, who wants to watch an honest action/war movie (whatever you can call) without considering its year, length or being black&white should see 'Shichinin no Samurai'. Unlike movies, where you can see running ultra muscular men with their ten-grams-weight swords, there are shaking hands in this movie.There are screams, exhaustion and naive strategies. And rightful(?) slaughters, that you will watch until satisfied, in these strategies...

'Shichinin no Samurai' says: People die hardly, but instantly.

On the other hand, it's obvious that this meaningful movie shouldn't seem to be just an action movie. You can see all levels of Japanese society and live the period through all the movie.,
One of the greatest movie classics of our time.
Being a young filmmaker, I am constantly trying to discover films that can teach me how to push the boundaries of my imagination. I also need to be inspired by the power of the human spirit. Furthermore, because of my struggles in the "business" of making film, I need to constantly be reminded of the poetry of making personal films even if they are epic by theme and nature.

Seven Samurai provides me with all of the above. A simple but beautiful story that contains some of the most memorable characters and character combinations I've ever seen in film. The characters are so rich that you could devote an entire movie to each of them.

I sat in awe as I watched it for the first time on a digitally restored version on DVD. Criterion did an amazing job in its restoration of the film. If you ever get a chance please watch it on DVD, which contains a section which compares the original and restored versions. They showed a scene, which lasted no longer than a minute where they had to remove 3500 particles! The difference is amazing.

When I watch Mifune on screen I think immediately of Kurosawa. When I think of two of them it immediately brings to mind other great collaborations; Fellini and Mastroianni (and Masina); Bergman and Von Sydow; Scorcese and De Niro. It's rare when you have the greatest actor and director working together at their genius peak. It's almost as if the two were one leading their cinematic cavalries on film, and somehow, neither of them could have been as great on their own.

I also have to comment on Kurosawa's collaboration with his cinematographer Asakazu Nakai. Even though the film is about the outcastes of the time, their camera captures the poetic beauty of humanity and nature working together.

I went to Japan last year and I am now ashamed that I didn't visit Kurosawa's grave. I am indebted to his contribution to cinema and his influence on my dream.

A couple of hours.. or maybe days.. after I watched it, I fell in love with it.
There was absolutely no other reason for me to watch Seven Samurai, other than my plan of watching all movies currently in the top 250. I wasn't looking forward to it, I don't care for action movies, or Japanese movies, and the playtime of 200+ minutes.... Let's just say I put of watching this movie for a long, long time.. But then, with nothing else to do or to watch, it was time. And I won't lie to you, I have struggled through it. It was long, it was slow, it took me a while before I got what the story was about and some of the scenes didn't make sense to me. Still, I watched the full movie and I'm pretty sure I'm better for it. The best movies take effort to watch, and this one took a lot of effort. But I learned something from it, the story ended up grabbing me, not right away, but at the end. Some of the scenes were amazingly complex, at times it looked and felt like total chaos for minutes! It's a rich movie, with many stories to tell, I've never seen anything like it, that's probably one of the reasons why it was so hard to watch, but I understand now why it's in the top 250. It deserves to be! Watch it, wait for it.. and after it's gone, you will love it!
Having recently rented both THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (the American remake of SEVEN SAMURAI) and RAN (7S director Akira Kurosawa's later take on Shakespeare's KING LEAR), it is somewhat tempting to compare 7S to both. However, I will restrain myself and restrict my comment to perhaps the more apt comparison: SEVEN SAMURAI vs. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

ACTION: The Japanese original wins here hands down. In 7S, the villagers attack and destroy the bandits' hideout BETWEEN bandit attacks on their village, motivating the surviving 33 bad guys to PLAUSIBLY fight to the last man, which they end up doing. Since 7S relies more on hand-to-hand combat than M7 (which is dominated by gun play), the earlier film is much more gritty and believable in its more extensive battle scenes.

MUSICAL SCORING: This one is a tie. Both movies feature exceptional scores. While M7 has one of the most hummable themes ever, 7S has a strong samurai motif in its own right, plus great use of portentous percussive rhythms from the opening credits onward.

COMIC RELIEF: Another tie, though this one is likely to find many viewers choosing the movie from the cultural tradition in which they are most comfortable.

ROMANTIC INTEREST: Here, a cursory glance would perhaps award a nod to M7, since the youngest samurai seems to be (figuratively) miles away from the village lass he'd earlier compromised by the time the closing scene rolls around, while M7 ends with the comparable gunfighter not only in his lover's arms, but preparing for a life in agriculture. However, I would give the edge to 7S, which would have lost much credibility for an M7-type close, given its historical setting in feudal Japan. A bigger factor in S7's superiority here is the pathos evoked by the story of farmer Rikishi and his wife, which begins in mystery (to the viewer, as well as the samurai) and ends in tragedy. Not every love story can have a happy ending, particularly in believable action movies.

SUMMARY: These are just a few of the reasons why I rated SEVEN SAMURAI (at 10 out of 10) 25% higher than director John Sturges' 1960 remake, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.
An excellent way to spend 3 1/2 hours
After getting used to shoot-em-up action flicks that rely more on computers than characters to sell tickets, watching a masterpiece such as this is very refreshing. Most people just won't bother sitting down for over 3 hours to watch a foreign-language black and white film, and it's their loss.

The story is relatively simple: a village of farmers is threatened by a gang of 40 bandits who will return to destroy their village when their crops are harvested. The elder statesman of the village suggests hiring samurai to help defend the village. The farmers then proceed to find seven samurai who return to the village and prepare for the final battle with the bandits.

What is so great about this film is the character development. It is intriguing to watch how the farmers and samurai relate to one another, and how the farmers learn to defend themselves instead of running and hiding as they do in the beginning of the movie. The acting is excellent and every minute of the 3.5 hour film is used to develop each character, both the samurai and individual farmers.

In a time where acting, plot, and character development and interaction take a back seat to special effects and cheesy, overused subplots, watching a film like this really makes you appreciate what a great action film is all about.
How is it possible for a film to be this good?
What else can I say that hasn't already been said about this film? Nothing much but I'll still tell you my own experiences about watching this film.

I had just recently become interested about Akira Kurosawa after being very impressed by some of his films: Dersu Uzala and Ran. Now when I had the chance to watch this man's most recognized work that has said to be the first modern action film, I could not let it pass by. This film was 51 years old when I watched it. Being born to this generation which grew up with fast-paced, explosive action films filled with computer effects, I shouldn't have been entertained when watching this colossal 3½ hour, slow-paced, black&white film with no computer effects at all. Despite all that this film shines bright for it is film-making at its best. If there is one film in this world that is completely flawless then it must be this one. All aspects in this film work perfectly: acting, directing, art direction, costume design, cinematography, editing, sound, everything!The Best thing about Kurosawa is the way he uses the camera to tell the story: visually stunning yet simple. Honest film-making with no tricks.

If you haven't seen this film and have intentions on seeing it, then you are an idiot. Sorry but this film is larger than life and you just can't die without seeing it or you shall always feel that you have missed something grand.(Note: this last paragraph is only directed to fellow film-fanatics)
A really great epic film, beautifully told with stunning acting
This is one of those great epic films that stands the test of time. I only saw this film for the first time in 2000, almost 50 years after it was made, and was astounded by it. It was an epic that truly told the whole story. Whereas most movies today manage to skirt around huge chunks of what would happen, this movie manages to show them all, and not in a boring way. The samurai don't even reach the village in danger until more than 30 minutes into the film, all that time being spent getting to know each of the characters and the motivation and history behind them. We get to truly learn what it takes to be a samurai, and what truly sets them apart. By the time we arrive at the village we have become attached to some of the samurai in a very personal way, respecting each of them in their own way. The rest of the movie progresses as if it were a documentary, not a fictional film, where we see each and every piece of the grand puzzle that happens in this village. I can't recommend this film enough, though I must throw a disclaimer out that if you're not a fan of epic movies with subtitles you may not be as interested. It is a 3 1/2 hour long movie! But if you can find the time to sit down and watch it, I doubt you'll be very disappointed.
Kurosawa's Masterpiece
i am disappointed to see that Seven Samurai has dropped slightly on the top 250 list, as it is without a doubt my favorite film of all time. Akira Kurosawa's epic tale about bravery and honor is three and a half hours in length, but i assure you, not a single second of this film is wasted. Kurosawa spends 2 and a half hours developing his characters in a way that in unrivaled by any other film. He develops and intense mob mentality of fear and selfishness in the peasants, that he masterfully contrasts with the brave, self sacrificing actions of the Seven Samurai. And so, after over 150 minutes of careful character development, Kurosawa ends the film with a one hour battle scene, that is not defined by intense action sequences, but by acts of valor and sacrifice, that truly bring the characters full circle. I strongly recommend this film, and i hope that the "black and white" barrier that plagues most movie goers would not stop them from watching this movie. It is truly a wonder to behold.
One of those films to watch before you die!
When you have undergone a journey, you feel, that a change has occurred, that there is some growth, some learning and development within you that was absent at the start. Many films you watch, start at point A, and after the end, bring you back to point A. This film however, carries you along with it, so you feel part of the events that have unfolded before your eyes. At the beginning, you are thrust into the suffering of the village folk, their pain and desperation. As the film progresses, you get to know them, that they are more multi-faceted than first perceived. At the end, however, it is the samurai than you connect with, and like them, the euphoric singing of the farmers seems alien and distant to you. So you start the journey with the farmers, and finish it off with the samurai. Yes there is a melancholic feel that is not freed from the film; what's more is that it is what we can connect to better than any joy displayed in bouts. Such is the mood of the film that the ambivalence of life is inextricably linked to it.

There is little else anyone can say about this film, beyond what has been said already. The pace of the film, which I was slightly wary of before watching it, was perfect I thought. The depth and detail of the plot required a painstaking build-up, if only for verisimilitude's sake. The interactions between the farmers and the samurai, two different strata of society, reveal the blatant similarities they share, concealed beneath the veil of social standing. Toshiro Mifune's character is the bridge between the two, and tellingly sacrifices his life, for the love of his ancestry, and to prove himself a true samurai. His acting is wonderful, along with Takashi Shimura's and the rest of the principal cast. Shimura who looked pathetic, decrepit in Ikiru, is a strong, canny leader here, particularly to Katsushiro. The film itself of course, can also be seen as the coming-of-age story of Kutsushiro, from a novice samurai 'child' to a war hero and lover. There is little the samurai could take away from the battle, but his growth could be one.

For us though, there is a milestone in film-making to take away, something that will remain with us for a very long time. We experience an EPIC, in every sense of the word, and watch every other film, in comparison to this masterpiece!
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