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Saving Private Ryan
Drama, Action, History, War
IMDB rating:
Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks as Capt. John H. Miller
Tom Sizemore as Sgt. Mike Horvath
Edward Burns as Pvt. Richard Reiben
Barry Pepper as Pvt. Daniel Jackson
Adam Goldberg as Pvt. Stanley Mellish
Vin Diesel as Pvt. Adrian Caparzo
Giovanni Ribisi as T-5 Medic Irwin Wade
Jeremy Davies as Cpl. Timothy P. Upham
Matt Damon as Pvt. James Francis Ryan
Ted Danson as Capt. Fred Hamill
Paul Giamatti as Sgt. Hill
Dennis Farina as Lt. Col. Anderson
Joerg Stadler as Steamboat Willie
Max Martini as Cpl. Henderson (as Maximilian Martini)
Storyline: Opening with the Allied invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944, members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion under Cpt. Miller fight ashore to secure a beachhead. Amidst the fighting, two brothers are killed in action. Earlier in New Guinea, a third brother is KIA. Their mother, Mrs. Ryan, is to receive all three of the grave telegrams on the same day. The United States Army Chief of Staff, George C. Marshall, is given an opportunity to alleviate some of her grief when he learns of a fourth brother, Private James Ryan, and decides to send out 8 men (Cpt. Miller and select members from 2nd Rangers) to find him and bring him back home to his mother...
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Laughable pro-war propaganda movie
Of course the first combat sequence was great, but unfortunately I was considered a sociopath for snickering at a man wandering around to pick up his dismembered arm while the camera is still shaking on the ground -- it becomes obvious Spielberg tries too hard to elicit the emotions from a cynical person like me. I eventually become sick and nauseated at having been forced to watch the ultimately annoying and repetitive guerilla cinematography while the violence and mayhem prevails. Is it supposed to depict the reality of war? Maybe yes, but all it does is always impact, impact, impact and I felt little or no emotion. After the first sequence, SPR stooped for the lowest level -- and I tried to keep awake during some tedious parts, but I ended up snickering and laughing at a few utterly lame and manipulative scenes (Remember Edward Burns' arrogantly stoic character and Tom Hanks' Capt. Miller's speech?).

One of the biggest problems with the film is the audience at first showed distain for the translator because he's a "coward" (why the critics say this in their reviews is beyond me) and then cheered when he shot one of the German soldiers to death just to show his courage -- I found this disturbing. After the final battle, the music began to cue and there comes the greatest manipulative climax I've ever seen -- from the slowly progressing (and clichéd) morph scene to the banality of a final nationalistic scene with the U.S. flag waving for another 25 seconds.

After I left the theater quietly, I let out intense rib-aching laughter all the way driving home. This is what Mr. Goldman observes as "phony and manipulative, to serve our Country". I'm sorry if I sound crude, but I debunk SPR for being blatantly manipulative and hypersentimental on par with Patch Adams, another worse movie that year.

This is my honest opinion - to observe, dissect and criticize -- and I don't trust the critics anymore because they went overboard just for the realistic depictation of war violence, calling the movie "the greatest war movie ever made!" In truth, older war movies are much better in terms of writing and acting (Path of Glory and The Longest Days) -- despite the fact they're tame for not being profane and gory. And most importantly, SPR shouldn't be shown in English classes in high schools just as another critically overrated The Clockwork Orange shouldn't. It only serves to desensitize the kids because of the "war is bad" propaganda coupled with the U.S.-saluting totalitarianism. The epitome of a double-wham hypocrisy just like the propagandizing Nazi films.
Good for 30 min, then nothing
It's just Hollywood after the beginning. Other movies are much better, when it comes to the manuscript. This one lack something. Like a story you can believe in. Sure, for all americans it's great. Risking many people to save one in order to not let one mother loose ALL her children. But the other 8-12 americans who die? What about their parents, wifes, girlfriends and children?

Please! It's has realistic battle and death scenes. That's all.
Pro war, sentimental, and manipulative
Saving Private Ryan is an example of a genre of film making that should have died out long ago. Far from being anti war, it is a glorification of war. While the Americans are righteous, the Germans are evil, and Spielberg invites us to enjoy the spectacle of their death. German prisoners should be murdered, (or else they will come back and kill you, so do it to them first).
Brilliant, despite simplified characterizatins
As of three years ago, I have made a point of watching this film on June 6th every year, so that the true meaning of this historic date will never be lost. I know it sounds trite, but with holidays such as Memorial Day quickly becoming an excuse for cookouts, I feel the need to reinforce the terrible and awesome sacrifices that have shaped the course of history. This movie does just that. For all of it's character development shortcomings, it still ranks as simply the most powerful cinematic depiction of war I have ever seen.

And as a side note, the whole character development issue almost seems moot, considering the context in which most of these men knew each other. Ready to die for their brothers, many ironically knew very little of each other's personal lives, except for snippets learned during the calm interludes, when the soldier would share stories or letters from a world far away.

That is why the betting on what Hank's character does as a civilian makes so much sense. To many, life at home was a carefully guarded treasure that served as a very personal and private link to sanity and hope. If you haven't seen this film, make it a point to do so. You will find a whole new appreciation for the ability of the common man who, faced with impossible odds and true terror, is somehow able to accomplish the extroardinary. It will renew your faith in mankind, while simultaneously horrifying you at man's folly.
Cinematography the only redeeming thing
I heard so many great things about 'Saving Private Ryan' that my curiosity for this movie turned to pure shock as I watched it. I have to say that I really do not like war movies, so thats an obvious bias against this movie, but there were sooooooooooo many things about this movie that just made it a laughing stock of me and my friends. The cinematography in this film is simply amazing, in fact i'd say some of the best cinematography i've ever seen, but despite it's technical excellence, SPR is a pathetic, manipulative attempt by Speilberg to make him feel better about himself. The only character development in the movie takes place in the scenes before that particular character's death, it's happens in EVERY case; it's like clockwork. The ending is absolutely horrendously manipulative, and in fact the whole story doesn't really make sense as a result of it. SPOILER ALERT - don't read any farther if ya don't want to ruin the flick for yourself. At the beginning we have the shot of that old man at the grave, then it closes in on him and his memory begins of what happened... the only thing is that we find out the old man is really Ryan, not Tom Hank's Character, so i'm wondering how Ryan has all these memories of the beaches and the rest of the movie. Theoretically shouldn't the 'memories' start when Ryan enters the movie? Oh well, I can see arguments against my point, but the use of some certain camera angles REALLY makes the point of saying that the old man is Tom Hanks. I found this movie, above all things (even manipulative) to be extremely boring. Here's another case of a movie that had a about a 12 minute story stretched out to infinity. There are hundreds of little things that made me laugh about this movie in the wrong way, and obviously I won't go into all of them but I do feel this movie makes the German Armies look rediculous, specifically in the tank scene. There is many shots of the American soldiers running across open areas with dozens of germans shooting at them but they hardly ever get shot, while the Americans seem to hit somebody with every single bullet, and three people with every explosive. Other humorous moments include Tom Hanks diffusing a potentially hostile situation by telling everybody that hes a school teacher and the weak,poetry loving-'i've never shot anybody'- soldier killing a guy for no real reason in the situation. The performances were pretty good, I guess, but the script was so laughable that most of the things the guys say make you crack up no matter how well they say them. If you wanna see a good war movie, see Platoon, or if you hate war movies like I do, and you feel like watching a war satire, check out Starship Troopers.
It's not history, although ambitious
Spielberg set out to make a realistic depiction of the Omaha Beach landings to kick off his film, which is about a fictional mission of a squad to rescue one Pvt Ryan, of the airborne, dropped inland behind the beaches. One glaring idiocy of the film is why they would dispatch soldiers from the Omaha sector to rescue someone dropped

behind the Utah sector, especially when 4th Infantry Div soldiers are

already in contact with a large portion of the airborne troops. The answer is, of course, because that gives Spielberg his opportunity to display the Omaha landings rather than the Utah beach landings next door, which were too easy and lacked any bloody combat. If the only thing anyone knows about the V Corps landings at Omaha came from this film, then they would have been better off skipping the film, or at least the opening scenes of battle. Read a book and learn what happened at Omaha. You'll find that it wasn't anywhere near as bloody as Spielberg's film leads one to believe. Omaha Beach was considered bloody only because of comparison with landings at the other 4 beaches, which were virtually walkovers. The rest of the movie is not much to see, with many errors in the combat sequences, especially with respect to tactics that would have been used. Spielberg's film is badly flawed as history, and the story is downright unbelievable - why not radio the 101st and order Ryan off the line? Why send a few guys to walk thru the entire German 7th Army and search in a 400 square mile area for some guy named Ryan? The US Army wasn't always the most efficient, but they would never have sent off a squad on such a cockamamie mision.
Powerful Stuff!
I will just start off with saying that this is an excellent movie. Tom Hanks' character is superb as he again proves that he is one of the best actors still going today.The direction is magnificent, bravo Steven Spielberg who shows that war is absolutely not glamorous. Spielberg can enthrall audiences like no other.The battle on Omaha beach was powerful ,extraordinary stuff.

We start this movie with the attack on Omaha beach, D-day 1944.Captain John.H.Miller(Tom Hanks)leads his regiment up on to the sands meanwhile being bombarded by Nazi gunmen.

When Omaha Beach is seized by the American and British forces John is asked to embark on a mission to save a soldier who's three brothers had just died and who now has a ticket home to his grieving mother.John agrees and begins the task of saving Private Ryan all the while his regiment wonder why they must risk their lives to save one man.

This is a great movie but very intense and powerful.The battle scenes are superb.A definite must see for any lover of great movies.Go watch this movie one of the best in its genre. 10/10 - Unmissable
another overrated spielberg film
so overrated. this film relies is saved by its gore and superb performances from tom hanks and tom sizemore. i dont see what the deal is all about. outside of jaws, and the indiana jones trilogy he hasnt made an excellent movie in his entire career. this movie is made cheesy by its use of a flashback to frame the story. not only that, it drags in parts by adding humor and trite dialogue where it should be focusing on the action. i think most of the credit to this film should go to the director of photography, the effect and make-up crew and tom hanks and tom sizemore. too bad that stalker never made it all the way to spielberg.
a MUST see!!!!
i first saw this movie on T.V. one night with my father, but only saw bits and pieces. I decided to rent it one night and watched the whole thing in my basement. From the start to the finish i thoroughly enjoyed the movie.i had seen a couple other world war two movies, but none of them compared to this. it was interesting how Spielberg made everything look like it was back then, with the costumes, weapons and scenery!!! overall, this movie seemed like one of the best out there, and i personally think it's spielbergs best. If you haven't seen it yet, then i HIGHLY recommend you go out and rent it some time. It's a great movie and definitely worth watching!
I enjoyed moments of this film
I don't think anyone is ever going to argue how great that opening landing sequence is – just the shear chaos in which those men were consumed – I found the chaos comparable to the scene in `Platoon' where they assault the V.C. bunker…however, it does not (any part of the movie, in my mind) match up the finale of Platoon, in which one is so confused, your heart pounds, and it is in the end more horrifying than any of the combat sequences in Private Ryan.

What really got to me about this film, were several things though…first and foremost, is the `dumb German' syndrome, which leaves me with a bias feeling. Why in the end, did Miller, Ryan, and Sarge have know problem mowing down the by passing Germans, then survive the same gauntlet, with almost twenty German's firing at them?

Another thing, is I couldn't help but notice how far people flew through the air whenever hit by a mortar, or stepped on a land mine…or hit by a grenade…so on, so on. I won't pretend to be a war-vet, or someone who's witnessed this, but it seems unlikely to me. However, I'll stress my own ignorance, and say `don't take my word for it.'

All in all, I found it to be a worthy action flick – comparable, in my mind, to `The Big Red one.' It has sad moments, and moments of brutality, but in the end, just left me with impressed memories of some of the combat sequences.

As a sidenote, I think that the best ww2 films ever made are "The Thin Red Line" and "Bridge on the River Kwai" two films that don't deal heaviliy with combat (TTRL more so). Saving Private Ryan tried just a little to hard to force feed it. I recomend all of these films, but for your knowledge, those are to me, the best.
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