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Rudo y Cursi
USA, Mexico
Drama, Comedy, Sport
IMDB rating:
Carlos Cuarón
Harold Torres as Trompo Tovar
Axel Ricco as Mena
Jessica Mas as Maya
Eduardo Von as DT Bruno López
Adriana Paz as Toña
Alfredo Alfonso as Don Casimiro
Storyline: Mexican half brothers Beto and Tato - who will eventually be appropriately nicknamed Rudo (rough) and Cursi (corny), respectively - have a typical love/hate relationship with each other. They both work on a banana plantation and live with their extended family consisting of their mother, abusive stepfather, sister Nadia, and Beto's wife Toña and their children. The family are rural peasant class and are barely making ends meet. The brother's fortunes change when into their lives comes Batuta, a soccer scout. Despite their advancing ages, both Beto and Tato are naturally gifted at soccer, Beto as a goaltender and Tato as a striker. Playing professionally has always been Beto's dream, although Tato has other professional thoughts on his mind. Batuta eventually recruits both for different teams in Mexico City. Beto and Tato's fortunes rise and fall, the falls based on those things which hold more passion for the brothers...
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Had Great Expectations, but This Film Failed to Deliver!
...........................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA...and ORLANDO, FL

Most Mexican films I've seen in recent years have received a well-deserved 8*! Besides, RUDO boasts a redux of the pairing of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, who starred in "Y Tu Mama Tamien". Remember the great portrayals they gave in that film? The superb on-screen chemistry they exhibited? RUDO begins with the title characters as brothers;(Well, 1/2 brothers) working on a banana plantation in rural Mexico. RUDO gets off to a great start, although most of the funnier bits are rooted in the cultural regional oddities demonstrated in the congenial non-stop string of obscenities and insults the two brothers hurl at each other.

I don't use subtitles in Spanish, but for those who do, I'd imagine a lot of the humor is lost, because regional cultural quirks are naturally lost in translation! As RUDO progressed, it became increasingly obvious that my expectations weren't going to be met! Like genetically engineered bananas (You know, the ones that take forever to ripen!) RUDO was picked too soon and served up green! The movie is funny and amusing at times, but could've been a lot funnier, if everybody hadn't been so strained, if they all hadn't TRIED so hard for laughs.

Also, It's extremely tough to forgive the fact that RUDO's basic premise revolves around two 30ish banana ranch worker brothers, who play local soccer on weekends, suddenly becoming the best PRO-Soccer players in all of Mexico. That's a lot of suspension-of-disbelief! Don't miss Music Video: Special Features...."Las Chicas Mexicanas" try just hard enough!

RUDO = 6*(Barely)...ENJOY/DISFRUTELA!?!?!?
not as good as i expected
This 2008 film from the newly formed film production company of Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna follows two brothers (played by García Bernal and Luna) who get caught up in fame and an extreme case of sibling rivalry. Starting out as banana farmers they are discovered by a talent agent and begin to play professional soccer. They are swept away by fame and it eventually takes over their lives.

I must confess that I was expecting something a little bit better, especially coming from such big names such as García Bernal and Luna. The plot line is interesting but the characters themselves were somewhat annoying. García Bernal's Cursi and Luna's Rudo are both overly immature – they fight with each other and whine when they don't get their way, even though they are grown men! It seems like there is no depth to the characters and it is hard to find any redeeming qualities.

The only deeper meaning to be found throughout the movie comes in the form of a voice- over commentary made by the talent scout at various points throughout the movie making comparison between life and the game of soccer. I get the connections, but the movie is still lacking some serious character development.
Second level hooligans
This film deals with the question of celebrity, more specifically the incapacity of talented people who come from lower level classes to really grasp an unique opportunity to ascend to an upper social and economic class, although having acknowledged this chance and desired very much to realize it. Rudo and Cursi demonstrate, in fact, their incredible blindness as to the many dangers they would eventually meet in their way to popularity and affluence. Being so terribly incapable, socially and psychologically, of recognizing those threats, they are easily entangled in them, finally sinking again into the poverty and the mediocrity they had come from.

As in Mexico, also in Brazil and most of Latin American countries, soccer is one of few routes a boy who comes from the lower classes has, in order to improve his and his family's life conditions. And if he is a talented player as well as intelligent, determined and has the right contacts, we can imagine that he will really amplify his chances of success.

However, this happy end is nothing more than an exception: the recurrent story we witness in all of these countries is that, without a minimum psychological structure and proper guidance, these youngsters – like Rudo and Cursi – are hardly able to take advantage of such an opportunity, and will almost inevitably become preys of those vultures – pseudo-friends, self-seeking lovers, dishonest coaches, drug dealers, clumsy or incompetent relatives, swindling partners and intolerant and sadistic fans – who tirelessly and possessively hover all the time around their victims.

A short sequence in the film that, in my opinion, synthesizes a paradoxical point in the relationship between celebrities and their fans. The sequence has no more than one minute, and occurs at 1 hour and 11 minutes of the beginning: in front of a hotel, the soccer player Cursi is approached by two fans. Although they ask him an autograph, these men paradoxically also threaten the player's physical integrity, unless he succeeds in scoring against the opponent team, Nepaleros, in the decisive game, the next day! What is quite interesting in this scene is the fact that, being a famous soccer player in a country in which this sport is so popular, Cursi is inevitably surrounded by many of these frightening hooligans, who may be able to declare their total love to the player provided he never fails, but may also be implacable with him at the slightest fault.

My theory is that we can recognize nowadays in the world of soccer not one, but two somewhat different categories of hooligans – although both are characterized by an irrational violence against their opponents. The first and most common category of hooligan is the "traditional" one, in which the individual is a proud member of an "army" formed around the soccer team he worships, aimed to systematically fight the adversary teams. These delinquent fans basically imagine themselves as "warriors" invested by their beloved organization with the mission of destroying Evil, represented by the other team. "Hooligans", a film made by Lexi Alexander in 2005 with Elijah Wood in the main role clearly exemplifies this category of criminal.

A "second level" of hooliganism exists, however; and, although it may be less frequent, it is somewhat more complex: an additional psychological component may be present in his profile, besides the mentioned proneness to perform collective acts of violence. What I mean is that there is a special type of soccer fan who is so fanatically involved with fighting his team's enemies that the slightest possibility of failure in this mission is simply unbearable to him.

My guess is that this particular kind of hooligan is mainly found in poor and emergent countries. Raised up in the local society's lowest socio-economic levels, many of these individuals had experienced poverty, abandonment, lack of values, violence and even abuse for the most part of their lives, in the miserable slums in which they grew up. It shouldn't, therefore, be a surprise to anyone that they come to show an abnormally great necessity of something – for instance, his belonging to such a group of "warriors" – to be strongly tied to.

Add to this frame an permanent (and understandable) feeling of frustration, an intimately restrained rage and some not so conscious believes such as: "The world is evil", "I deserve more", "Nobody is reliable" and/or "The enemy is everywhere", and the scenario is ready for a violent reaction of such a fan against an insubordinate idol who eventually fail to correspond to this fan's paranoid expectations.

Having written this, it is almost impossible for me not to remember the tragic murder of Andrés Escobar, central back of Colombia at the World Football Cup of 1994, who scored against his own team, leading to the opponent's – the USA – victory. Some time after that game, when leaving a nightclub in his own country, Escobar was shot eleven times by four men. Perhaps, in "Rudo y Cursi", poor Cursi was aware of this episode, when he eagerly tried to please those two fans who asked him an autograph!
lost in translation
Tato (Gael Garcia) is a striker and Beto (Diego Luna) is the goalkeeper of a small Mexican town football club. They're half-brothers working at a banana plantation. Their extended family scratches out a living until a soccer scout spots their play. There is one spot on a premier club and the brothers decide to choose by penalty kick. The brothers eventually get on rival teams gaining success and troubles.

For me, this is another piece of evidence that comedy doesn't always translate. It's only the broadest of slapstick that is universal in terms of comedy. Language and cultural differences make it almost country-specific. I see the parts where the movie is trying to be funny. The homoerotic hazing is very broad. However, it doesn't actually get me to laugh.
Carlos Cuaron Strikes!
Two siblings rival each other inside the world of professional soccer.

This film is marketed as being from the creators of "Y Tu Mama Tambien", which is not only true but very wise marketing. But let us not be fooled, this film is not on the same level, even if it looks just as good and has the same folks involved.

Aspects of it are quite good, and the Cheap trick karaoke is fairly amusing. But this rivalry of two soccer players is not very compelling. In "Mama", there was another rivalry between two young men, but that seemed more powerful. This is a situation where we feel no need to care about one or the other.
More of the same for Mexican cinema.
I am sick and tired of Mexican movies that claim that Mexico City is the Mecca of all things and the only privileged place in the country where you can be successful, and at the same time declare that people living outside of Mexico City are either stupid savages or uncultured lame-os. Also, I've had it with Mexican movies where the characters fail miserably at everything they aspire to, and are always punished at the end. And, why does the Mentor character always have to be a foreign guy? Old Mexican folks just get no respect. I know these are all cultural things, but come on, let's move on. The only funny scene is the Cursi music video, but you can watch that on YouTube. Anyway, I'm guessing that if you are a soccer fan, you'll love this movie, if you don't mind having all the game action off-camera, for no apparent reason other than lazy film-making.
More Cheesy Than Rude
In his debut as director someone could expect something more from Cuaron especially if we see starring Gael Garcia and Diego Luna this time as two province ingenuous brothers, amateur futbol players who are tempted for a kind of mercenary scout,played by the Argentine actor Guillermo Francella(exceptional in this role)to try their luck at Mexico City in a Professional team,the movie plays with different situations around the futbol business ,some of them very attached with the reality ,for example that the agents of the futbol players make a lot of money and become the futbol in a very expensive show, the agents have to spread some money to trainers and others in order to their player could have the opportunity to play,some of these points I guess Cuaron could be advised by Hector Gonzalez Iñarritu, Director of Mexican Futbol Federation and brother of Alejandro Gonzalez one of the producers of the film,about these facts difference others very far of the reality as futbol Players begin their career at their thirty and without experience even in amateur competition Aside these points the movie result very entertaining as the way of Garcia and Luna develop their characters although sometimes Luna overact especially his way to speak, sounds like "Ponchito" the personage of Andres Bustamante famous in TV,besides Gael make funny his perform of singer despite of his awful interpretation, a kind of parody of Valentin Elizalde,unlike others very pretentious characters that he plays in different films,the movie got a very good reward in ticket offices mostly because of its starring couple
"Very funny movie about Mexico"
Rudo y cursi may be actually one of the greatest Mexican movies i've ever seen, it has great acting, great cinematography and a good script.. This movie is funny in every way and very touching at the same time, I'm Mexican and I don't like Mexican movies that much but this one really did make me laugh, it may the best Mexican movie in the last three years, but I'f your not very aware of the people in Mexico you may not be able to find it that funny, so first I recommend you learn some of the traditions in Mexico, then you go and enjoy this wonderful gem of a movie. Carlos Cuaron did an amazing Job i won't be surprise if in a few years he gets well recognize in the movie business like his brother Alfonso Cuaron. All in all great movie through if you are from Mexico go see it, you'll love it..
Highly Entertaining Rag to Riches Mexican Football Tale
The history of the peasant or working class young man who rises to the top in the world of sports or entertainment only to fall due to betrayal and/or addiction has been told many times before, but this movie from the team of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" feels new and dynamic. Compelling, funny, insightful, fast-paced, philosophical, moving, this tale of two brothers who are able to leave their banana-picker job to become major league football stars in Mexico City is fresh and exciting.

With a vibrant cinematography, an unflinching look at the Mexican realities of the marginally-living rural laborer class and the world of professional football with its egos, deals, and fame, we are presented with a large incisive, ironic slice of Mexican life. Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna as usual disappear into their roles this time as the competing brothers who are not prepared to hit the big time. Poverty, machismo, football fanaticism, gambling, sex, cocaine, family problems, shady people are shown as colorful and obscene as the language used by characters. The scenes are fluid and entertaining; it may be a drama but it is also a fun comedy and totally life-affirming. To top it all, there is a great music video with Garcia Bernal doing Van Halen's "I Want you to Want me" as a ranchera in Spanish. In the end, the movie even at 103 minutes feels perhaps too brief leaving one wishing for more.

"Rudo y Cursi" reaffirms the talents of director Carlos Cuaron, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna.
One of the Mexican Ways of Life (or maybe "The real soccer game")
Rudo y Cursi shows the rising up of to Rancheros "Country people", that are living the dream to became rich and famous just because of their talent at Soccer Game.

Filled with some true life coincidences take it to the extreme, this movie will left any one in Latin America and Europe with a great taste of fun but not those unfamiliarized with the soccer fever and all the tricks and vicious that we all have heard but I believe, for the first time, are shown on the big screen.

If you like soccer, or are familiarized with the people that love it, you will have tons of stories to relate it, and have real fun with real life facts.
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