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Rudo y Cursi
USA, Mexico
Drama, Comedy, Sport
IMDB rating:
Carlos Cuarón
Harold Torres as Trompo Tovar
Axel Ricco as Mena
Jessica Mas as Maya
Eduardo Von as DT Bruno López
Adriana Paz as Toña
Alfredo Alfonso as Don Casimiro
Storyline: Mexican half brothers Beto and Tato - who will eventually be appropriately nicknamed Rudo (rough) and Cursi (corny), respectively - have a typical love/hate relationship with each other. They both work on a banana plantation and live with their extended family consisting of their mother, abusive stepfather, sister Nadia, and Beto's wife Toña and their children. The family are rural peasant class and are barely making ends meet. The brother's fortunes change when into their lives comes Batuta, a soccer scout. Despite their advancing ages, both Beto and Tato are naturally gifted at soccer, Beto as a goaltender and Tato as a striker. Playing professionally has always been Beto's dream, although Tato has other professional thoughts on his mind. Batuta eventually recruits both for different teams in Mexico City. Beto and Tato's fortunes rise and fall, the falls based on those things which hold more passion for the brothers...
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"Very funny movie about Mexico"
Rudo y cursi may be actually one of the greatest Mexican movies i've ever seen, it has great acting, great cinematography and a good script.. This movie is funny in every way and very touching at the same time, I'm Mexican and I don't like Mexican movies that much but this one really did make me laugh, it may the best Mexican movie in the last three years, but I'f your not very aware of the people in Mexico you may not be able to find it that funny, so first I recommend you learn some of the traditions in Mexico, then you go and enjoy this wonderful gem of a movie. Carlos Cuaron did an amazing Job i won't be surprise if in a few years he gets well recognize in the movie business like his brother Alfonso Cuaron. All in all great movie through if you are from Mexico go see it, you'll love it..
Funny but Cynical and Clichéd
"Rudo y Cursi" is about two brothers that are plucked from obscurity in a small village in Mexico to play professional soccer. One is a striker and the other is a goalie. But drop any notion that this story has much to do with the actual sport of soccer. It's much more about success and what this does to people. And even in that regard its fairly clichéd -- one brother gets a sexy girlfriend who makes him buy cars for her and the other brother gambles his money away. By the end of the story their money is gone and they aren't even any wiser. So what's the point? Rudo y Cursi is obscene and cynical, frantic, funny and somehow disturbing. Lots of loud music and quick cutting and jittery camera work. There are some great performances in it and the locations are outstanding. It captures the look, feel and smell of Mexico. But you walk out thinking the world is a rotten place and people are pretty horrible.
Highly Entertaining Rag to Riches Mexican Football Tale
The history of the peasant or working class young man who rises to the top in the world of sports or entertainment only to fall due to betrayal and/or addiction has been told many times before, but this movie from the team of "Y Tu Mama Tambien" feels new and dynamic. Compelling, funny, insightful, fast-paced, philosophical, moving, this tale of two brothers who are able to leave their banana-picker job to become major league football stars in Mexico City is fresh and exciting.

With a vibrant cinematography, an unflinching look at the Mexican realities of the marginally-living rural laborer class and the world of professional football with its egos, deals, and fame, we are presented with a large incisive, ironic slice of Mexican life. Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna as usual disappear into their roles this time as the competing brothers who are not prepared to hit the big time. Poverty, machismo, football fanaticism, gambling, sex, cocaine, family problems, shady people are shown as colorful and obscene as the language used by characters. The scenes are fluid and entertaining; it may be a drama but it is also a fun comedy and totally life-affirming. To top it all, there is a great music video with Garcia Bernal doing Van Halen's "I Want you to Want me" as a ranchera in Spanish. In the end, the movie even at 103 minutes feels perhaps too brief leaving one wishing for more.

"Rudo y Cursi" reaffirms the talents of director Carlos Cuaron, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna.
Just didn't work for me
This Mexican film follows two working class brothers who are catapulted into fame when they become soccer stars. Their skills as footballers are obvious, but the heights of fame, as we are often told, can come with a price. One brother seems to handle it better, whilst the other discovers drugs and gambling.

It's perhaps a story we have seen before in one guise or another and this felt very formulaic. I just couldn't be get involved in the story because of this. I might not be a sports fan or indeed a soccer fan, but whilst I'm sure you would enjoy the film slightly more if you were, the film isn't so much about the football, but about the brothers and their rise and fall.

The film looks good, it's beautifully shot and there are quite nice performances from the leads, Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, who lets face it is always good and cute as well, but for me there wasn't enough depth to the story which seemed to skim through the motions leaving me unsatisfied. The highlight is the video of Gael Garcia Bernal singing some cheesy pop song.

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lost in translation
Tato (Gael Garcia) is a striker and Beto (Diego Luna) is the goalkeeper of a small Mexican town football club. They're half-brothers working at a banana plantation. Their extended family scratches out a living until a soccer scout spots their play. There is one spot on a premier club and the brothers decide to choose by penalty kick. The brothers eventually get on rival teams gaining success and troubles.

For me, this is another piece of evidence that comedy doesn't always translate. It's only the broadest of slapstick that is universal in terms of comedy. Language and cultural differences make it almost country-specific. I see the parts where the movie is trying to be funny. The homoerotic hazing is very broad. However, it doesn't actually get me to laugh.
Had Great Expectations, but This Film Failed to Deliver!
...........................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA...and ORLANDO, FL

Most Mexican films I've seen in recent years have received a well-deserved 8*! Besides, RUDO boasts a redux of the pairing of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, who starred in "Y Tu Mama Tamien". Remember the great portrayals they gave in that film? The superb on-screen chemistry they exhibited? RUDO begins with the title characters as brothers;(Well, 1/2 brothers) working on a banana plantation in rural Mexico. RUDO gets off to a great start, although most of the funnier bits are rooted in the cultural regional oddities demonstrated in the congenial non-stop string of obscenities and insults the two brothers hurl at each other.

I don't use subtitles in Spanish, but for those who do, I'd imagine a lot of the humor is lost, because regional cultural quirks are naturally lost in translation! As RUDO progressed, it became increasingly obvious that my expectations weren't going to be met! Like genetically engineered bananas (You know, the ones that take forever to ripen!) RUDO was picked too soon and served up green! The movie is funny and amusing at times, but could've been a lot funnier, if everybody hadn't been so strained, if they all hadn't TRIED so hard for laughs.

Also, It's extremely tough to forgive the fact that RUDO's basic premise revolves around two 30ish banana ranch worker brothers, who play local soccer on weekends, suddenly becoming the best PRO-Soccer players in all of Mexico. That's a lot of suspension-of-disbelief! Don't miss Music Video: Special Features...."Las Chicas Mexicanas" try just hard enough!

RUDO = 6*(Barely)...ENJOY/DISFRUTELA!?!?!?
Tough and corny
Beto and Tato are half brothers eking out a living in Southern Mexico. When we first meet them, they are at a banana plantation. Little do they know what their lives will turn out to be after they meet Batuta, an unscrupulous soccer scout, who just happens to stop at their small village in the South of the country. Batuta sees an opportunity to sell the boys, who he sees playing and show great potential, to professional teams in the capital.

Tato, who becomes cursi, or a cornball, loves to sing the sugar sweet ballads and has dreams of really making it as a singer. Beto, the tough one, has a passion for gambling; Beto appears to have a knack for winning. As both guys settle into the game, they prove themselves to be assets for the different teams they play. With fame comes money and an opportunity to explore what they really wanted to do in the first place.

After Tato records a video, he attracts the opportunist Maya, who sees in this man, her ticket to a better life. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that Maya only wants to get whatever she can from this hick boy. Beto, on the other hand, falls prey of a loan shark who introduces him to a private gambling club where, after winning initially, he ends up owing his life to the ruthless people that want to collect their money no matter what.

Carlos Cuaron, brother of Alfonso, comes from a family that are deeply involved in the Mexican cinema. In fact, he was part of the team behind the much better ¨Y tu mama tambien¨, directed by his brother Alfonso. This film was not exactly his first one as a director, and he could have used a lighter tone. The movie goes downhill after the somber fate the brothers suffer toward the end of the picture, which should not surprise anyone because in most cases, these unsophisticated boys become victims of their own successes.

The best thing in the film are Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. Both actors show an amazing chemistry where one compliments the other. They give excellent reading to the two peasant boys that go from rags to riches, back to rags. The next best thing is Argentine actor Guillermo Francella who as Batuta gives a surprising performance as the scout that gives the boys a taste of an unexpected life they would never have thought they could have.
More Cheesy Than Rude
In his debut as director someone could expect something more from Cuaron especially if we see starring Gael Garcia and Diego Luna this time as two province ingenuous brothers, amateur futbol players who are tempted for a kind of mercenary scout,played by the Argentine actor Guillermo Francella(exceptional in this role)to try their luck at Mexico City in a Professional team,the movie plays with different situations around the futbol business ,some of them very attached with the reality ,for example that the agents of the futbol players make a lot of money and become the futbol in a very expensive show, the agents have to spread some money to trainers and others in order to their player could have the opportunity to play,some of these points I guess Cuaron could be advised by Hector Gonzalez Iñarritu, Director of Mexican Futbol Federation and brother of Alejandro Gonzalez one of the producers of the film,about these facts difference others very far of the reality as futbol Players begin their career at their thirty and without experience even in amateur competition Aside these points the movie result very entertaining as the way of Garcia and Luna develop their characters although sometimes Luna overact especially his way to speak, sounds like "Ponchito" the personage of Andres Bustamante famous in TV,besides Gael make funny his perform of singer despite of his awful interpretation, a kind of parody of Valentin Elizalde,unlike others very pretentious characters that he plays in different films,the movie got a very good reward in ticket offices mostly because of its starring couple
Rudo y Cursi is a masterwork of modern Mexican cinema
Rudo y Cursi it's a great movie that reunites the Charolastras Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna in a modern comedy that deals with many world and Mexican themes such as: Machism, Narcotrafic, Brotherhood and Gambling. While the movie has some downsides, its almost perfect script, photography, directing, and the good chemistry between García Bernal and Luna makes it really enjoyable and funny.

The film is directed by Alfonso cuarón's brother and writer of "Y tu mamá También", Carlos Cuarón who makes a great job with the movie, taking us to a wide range of emotions while keeping an above all upbeat feeling to it. Another thing that stands out from this movie is its soundtrack which combines in a double CD both Mexican Folklore Music and a modernized counterpart of some traditional songs by modern Mexican bands.

This Movie is the first film produced by Cha Cha Cha Films, an enterprise formed by the Mexican Directors Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro González Iñarritu and Alfonso Cuarón, enterprise that will without a doubt keep growing Mexican cinema.

If you liked "Y tu mamá también" (2001) you will definitely be pleased by Rudo y Cursi.
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