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Ride Along
Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tim Story
Eric Benson as Marko's Gunman
Anna House as Cafeteria Lady
Jay Pharoah as Runflat
Gary Owen as Crazy Cody
Benjamin Flores Jr. as Morris the Kid (as Benjamin 'Lil P-Nut' Flores)
Tika Sumpter as Angela Payton
Bryan Callen as Miggs
Bruce McGill as Lt. Brooks
Kevin Hart as Ben Barber
Dragos Bucur as Marko
Ice Cube as James Payton
John Leguizamo as Santiago
Storyline: Ben must prove he is good enough to date cop James' sister. By doing this he goes on a "Ride Along" to show that he is not weak and he will do whatever it takes to get James' approval but along the way runs into a few obstacles that he has to overcome in a very funny way.
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It's what you expect
We've all seen this type of movie before. It's a buddy cop flick where the 2 guys don't see eye to eye in the beginning but by the end they learn to appreciate one another. The only difference with this one is that Kevin Hart is trying to get approval from Ice Cube to marry his sister.

No need to dwell on the story as the trailer pretty much describes it. Ultimately, if you like Kevin Hart you will more than likely enjoy this movie. I for one, am a huge fan and love his stand up. I also liked him in "Think Like A Man". His physical comedy as well as comedic timing are very good. I probably wouldn't have even seen this movie if he wasn't in it.

So a 6/10 is purely based on the fact that I wasn't bored throughout the film and I did laugh quite a bit, not extremely hard but enough to where I didn't regret seeing this in theaters. Like I said before, the main reason is Kevin Hart, if you're a fan of his see the movie. If you're not, skip it.
Stupid and annoying.
I can't believe they actually green-lit a sequel to this movie. This has got to be one of the worst buddy cop movie I have ever seen. Well a cop and wannabe cop movie or whatever. This movie was just boring, unfunny and annoying to sit through. The only part that I thought was kinda slightly cool was when the wannabe cop tried to integrate his video game skills into a real gunfight but that is about it. At first I thought Kevin Hart was the super annoying one with him exaggerating everything, it really started to get on my nerves. Exaggerating every situation does not equal it being funny. Than Ice Cube started to get annoying as well. When it comes to the plot, it is generic as it gets when it comes to cop movies. Laurence Fishburne is also in this and man that guy really let himself go. I almost couldn't tell it was Laurence Fishburne. The whole time I was just checking my time for when this movie would end. During almost the whole time I was like "okay this is going to happen and this is going to happen, can it get things moving now?". It didn't seem they even tried.

Today was a good day....
Kevin Hart aims for the big time in his first major starring role, and guess what? It's a buddy movie where Hart wants to be accepted by the big brother, but he hates him....

No points for originality, it's been done countless times before, and you know what the outcome will be from the word go, but if you switch your brain off for a couple of hours, there are a couple of funny moments to be found.

Hart obviously wants to channel Eddie Murphy, by way of Will Smith, but alas he's relegated to Martin Lawrence by way of Chris Tucker, just not as annoying as it sounds.

Ice Cube plays the same role he has done since his Portrayal of Darryl in Boyz..., hard to please, very hard to get on with, but in the end, you know he's the salt of the earth, and is only looking out for his families best intentions.

Put these two together, and you get endless jokes about status, music, Harts confidence, while all the while, a little subplot regarding a man called Omar who may or may not have some of the police working for him.

It's not a brilliant film, the script is a little stale, but when Ice Cube threatens someone and they scream a line from a Michael Jackson song, it can't be all bad can it? Average at best, Hart will become a big star for a while eventually, this is just his first step into the big time, and it will suffice.

But it doesn't warrant a sequel.
VIEWS ON FILM review of Ride Along
In 2012, Tim Story and Kevin Hart collaborated on the compulsively watchable, well casted Think Like A Man. Ride Along (the flick I'm reviewing) is their second stint so you'd think that said actor and director would successfully go two for two. Think again. This surprising, financially well off release, is an abomination of bad. You can tell just by the opening credits sequence, that "Ride" is an early front runner for worst film of 2014. Things open with a cheesy drug deal scene involving Ice Cube's character going undercover. Then what culminates is a shootout between the good guys and the bad guys coupled with slow motion shots/freeze frames to announce everyone who worked on the vehicle (a technique that paints the remaining running time as a joke right off the bat).

Filmed in a quick 35 day shoot, referencing the police drama Training Day (whatever), and containing very mediocre chemistry between the stars in a lame imitation from the buddy cop genre, Ride Along follows the challenged hyperbole Ben Barber (Kevin Hart). He wants to be a full fledged cop, wants to marry his girlfriend (Think Like a Man alum Tika Sumpter as Angela), and ultimately, yearns to be accepted into to the family by his girlfriend's brother (James Payton played defensively and arrogantly by tough guy Ice Cube). Cube's Payton, is a police detective and Barber's girlfriend's only other relative. In order for Barber to get Payton's blessing to marry his sister, Barber has to accompany Payton on you guessed it, a "rriiddee along." Without any character buildup and total disregard for the concept of logic (Cube's character lets Hart's character perform acts as though he were a real policeman when in fact he's not reached that pinnacle yet. His only job is to observe and in the law enforcement world, his participation should never happen), things are set in motion. Eventually, Barber gets in deep and helps Payton infiltrate a master criminal (the nameless yet faceless "Omar").

Ride Along, as putrid as it is, touts itself as an action comedy. Well the action scenes are so incoherent and messy, you can't tell who is shooting at who. Story, known for mostly directing the funny, is a novice here. He sets up car chases and gunfights that come off as vaguely pedestrian. Then there is the aspect of comedy and Ride Along provides almost no earned laughs (I might have chuckled once, that was it). This might sound redundant, but every amusing (or almost amusing) scene in this thing was included in the trailer. If you've seen said trailer but haven't set foot in the theater, don't worry, you aren't missing much.

Oh and I forgot about the actors and director for which I only fault because they agreed to sign up. Why would an upcoming hint of star talent (Hart) and a pretty respectable filmmaker (Story) be okay with the final cut of this ho hum garbage? Furthermore, why would Laurence Fishburne (who looks a little rough here) and John Leguizamo who are decent actors, decide to collect paychecks for something as mind numbingly stupid as this (they play thankless villains who spew inane dialogue and fade in and out of the proceedings)? Then there's Bruce McGill. He has always been an effective supporting player in a countless amount of flicks. Unfortunately, he really phones it in as the token angry/mad police chief. As for Ice Cube, it's just another umpteenth January release for him (that's never a good thing). You know things are bad when he decides to appear in anything that begins the new year (would you consider Are We There Yet and Torque to be classics? Me neither.).

But let's get back to star Kevin Hart. He was so reliably funny and off the wall in Think Like A Man, but has nothing of relevance to say in Ride Along. This script is clichéd with clunky, flimsy dialogue that renders him unfunny for pretty much the whole thing. There is only one scene where he gives us a glimpse of why we love him so much as a comedic voice. He saves Ice Cube's character by posing as a drug lord in order to help him escape. Everything else he does seems to be a letdown. I don't think it's all his fault because I know what he's capable of. However, in this movie it's hard to believe that his Ben Barber is able to have a job as a security guard at a high school, get into the police academy even though he can't even fire a gun properly, and actually date a sophisticated woman considering that his character comes off as such a goofball nincompoop. Sadly, Hart's misinterpreted persona and improvisational technique are painful to witness. He gets nothing juicy to bounce off of. He talks fast just like in any other movie. But here he just talks to be heard and you almost feel sorry for him (I put the blame on a combination of four screenwriters for this catastrophe).

Now I never give a movie zero stars because I've heard how hard it is to make one. So I'll give this thing a star and add a half star for effectively using the city of Atlanta as its go-to locale. I've lived in Atlanta and the urban landscape is pretty darn believable here. It doesn't look like anything was filmed in a Hollywood studio (posing as the ATL) or Canada (where production costs are extremely low). But back to my angered, languished criticism. With grating, inept dialogue, characters and situations that aren't believable or plausible, and good actors who play those characters and dent their reputations in the process, Ride Along is cinematic proof that Thanksgiving comes early in 2014. Translation: this movie is one big, giant turkey. It's a "ride" you would never want to get on.
Take it for what it is
If you accept that Ride Along is going to be a flawed film, you will have a great time watching it. The start of the film is actually pretty terrible, but it gets much better and more entertaining along the way.

The acting is above average, with great performances from Kevin Hart and Laurence Fishburne. Kevin Hart is still Kevin Hart, but considering Kevin Hart's captivating hilarity, I really can't complain.

The plot is a little unrealistic and little overused, but some mediocre dialogue is pulled off well by the actors, and there are enough unexpected twists and great gags to keep everyone entertained.

The soundtrack keeps things rolling along in true R&B fashion, accompanying some nice shots of Atlanta, excepting the horribly done first action sequence. Just no.

Ride Along is a party film to watch with friends, and it will stay that way.
Great combo
Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is a security guard at a high school. He just got accepted into the police academy. His girlfriend Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter) wants him to befriend her brother James (Ice Cube) who happens to be an Atlanta police detective. James comes up with the idea to have him ride along for a day after he asks permission to marry Angela. James is after a mysterious master criminal Omar (Laurence Fishburne).

It's the same Kevin Hart mouth except he's nicer than usual here. He's like a yappy dog but his jittery tiny butt just annoys Ice Cube. That's a great combo and the perfect setup for these two. Ice Cube can't smile and Hart can't stop talking. It's about humiliating Hart and he's great at that. I think this comedy duo will be even better for the sequel when they become friendly.
A Good Laugh-maker though a bit slow
A crazy comedy about a fast-talker Ben (kevin Hart) who recently got accepted into the Police Academy, is trying to prove himself to his future brother in-law James (Ice Cube) who is a Vice-division cop. James then agrees to take Ben to take a ride along with him the next day, responding to real-life police situations.

In my opinion, Kevin Hart's acting does just OK for this movie, but not that it is great. In comparison, we have Chris Rock or Chris Tucker who can improvise fast-talking acts in older movies. Recently we have Tyrese Gibson who also can do that part better than Kevin Hart.

At first I'd think that maybe the scenario or the dialog is just not compelling enough to be improvised, but then I remember Kevin's role in Grudge Match alongside Sly Stallone and Robert De Niro, which is not so funny by itself.

Ice Cube's acting is just as expected if you have seen Torque or XXX 2. And this movie's genre of comedy just shift Ice's acting into a new level of good because the movie emphasize the realness of the acting.

Getting Lawrence Fishburne on a comedy is just a genius move. So after you see Morpheus in The Matrix, it adds to the character of Omar here. It gets you serious, as when Omar shoots Roberto dead, then it slams you with the comedies. That gives you the kind of roller-coaster ride of a comedy.

Although, this movie possibly marks the move to the newer era of stars, when you see Lawrence Fishburne and John Leguizamo getting sideline roles to Kevin Hart and ice Cube.

But the whole scenario itself is quite funny overall. It builds up rather slowly but cracks me up real time at the later parts of the movie. I should say that because I think of myself as a person who is not easily amused by Hollywood comedies. In other terms, my LPM (Laughs Per Minute) rate is quite low on watching Hollywood comedies.

At the later parts of the movie the catch of having an explosion after a joke is hilariously funny. After building slowly for about the first half of the movie, with jokes not really bringing me to a laugh, the last half of the movie is just a fun part to watch.

One of the most funny parts of the movie is.. "Now you and me… and him…" LOL, now that's what morphine can do to you LOL EOFL..

For me it's a 7 out of 10 scoring. No wonder it can retain box office number 1 spot long enough.
Not groundbreaking but highly enjoyable!
One of the worst preconceptions you can take into seeing this movie is that it's "the new Bad Boys" or the likes. 'Ride Along' could be the beginning of a fun new all-black buddy cop, providing it goes from strength to strength, but what laughs it does bring are sometimes well thought out and then otherwise seriously wacky! When Atlanta high school security guard Ben decides to join the police force before proposing to his girlfriend, he is opposed by veteran detective and scary prospective brother in law James. He feels the need to prove himself as James doesn't like him, so when he breaks the news, James offers to take him on a ride along for a day, to see if he's cut out for police work.

Cue the laughs as Ben proves anything but hopeful, but when James follows the hot trail of the city's most elusive crime boss, Omar, it seems that Ben might prove his worth after all.

With a few old-school rap references here and there, Ice Cube steps comfortably into a lead role much better written for him than with the likes of 'XXX 2: The Next Level' or 'Ghosts of Mars.' He's always been a natural screen actor, but next to Kevin Hart, he's pretty heavy set and grouchy, to often hilariously awkward results.

Hart himself has the gift of the motor mouth, which often works and then sometimes just portrays him as a really annoying midget who deserves whatever pranks Ice Cube plays on him. This serves to really set the tone and then gradually change the dynamic as things get serious, but the more serious things get, the better the comedy.

'Ride Along' is a very glossy throwback to 'Bad Boys', yes, but Hart reminds me of Axel Foley minus the street smarts. Ice Cube doesn't stick to a convention, though. He brings his own brand of no-nonsense.

Backed by a cast that lends weight, my only problem is Bryan Callen as Miggs. What the hell is a stand-up comedian doing in a comedy role that is anything but funny? He was wasted. John Leguizamo wasn't far off either. Apart from that, get onto this for a good buddy action movie with some great laughs!
Gun Control; Making fun of behind your back
I went along with a mate of mine, to the most anticipated film. I totally enjoyed the film. The plot of which I would give, if I could, two items thou spelt out to me one of which was a bit of a disappointment. Oh don't get me wrong, it was totally enjoyable and comic ie very comedy assessment. The issue of Gun Control cropped up(which namely exist in the US). The character Ben(Kevin Hart), said and I quote "confident". In that he felt more confident if he had a gun on his persons. Secondly is the part of which I was disappointed with. Ben overheard and SAW James(Ice Cube) actually making fun of him. Part of the film was where a "126" and where there was a guy who was of drunkenly disorderly. When Ben was trying to control him and arrest him etc., he was made an ass of. That was grand didn't mind. However that same guy was actually an actor hired by James so that James could get rid of Ben altogether. But what really bothered me, was Ben knowing he was being made fun of and actually seeing it in front of him(the others didn't know he was there watching all along), was half way getting into telling James that he knows that he was being made fun off, BUT did not tell him. The girlfriend told Ben that the Code 126 is used for rookie ie newbies etc., but the fact that he didn't have the balls to confront James(of which he actually attempt it).

So bottomline: 2 issues

Have the balls to Completely make the person know you know you are being made fun off or whatever Secondaly owning a gun, does it make you more confident????
A Buddy Cop film without the fun
I like Ice Cube, so I decided to try this out. As far as Buddy/Cop films go my favorite still is THE OTHER GUYS. RIDE ALONG is very similar to THE HEAT, because both movies try hard to be funny and engaging, but the characters fall flat. Case in point, Ice Cube's character is a tough as nails, no-nonsense detective who likes basking in the glory. Like Melissa Mcarthy's foul-mouthed cop in THE HEAT, they just leave a bad taste in your mouth. As for the foil, Kevin Hart is annoying, whinny, and unfunny. I've seen his stand-up, I know he's got the funny, but like Sandra Bullock's uptight character in THE HEAT, you just want to slap both characters upside the head and tell them to get over it. The story is by the numbers, and you pretty much know what's gonna happen. It was nice to see Laurence Fishburne, but felt bad he was in this mess. One of the reviewers got it right when they said all the good stuff is in the trailer. 4 out of 10.
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