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Ride Along
Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Tim Story
Eric Benson as Marko's Gunman
Anna House as Cafeteria Lady
Jay Pharoah as Runflat
Gary Owen as Crazy Cody
Benjamin Flores Jr. as Morris the Kid (as Benjamin 'Lil P-Nut' Flores)
Tika Sumpter as Angela Payton
Bryan Callen as Miggs
Bruce McGill as Lt. Brooks
Kevin Hart as Ben Barber
Dragos Bucur as Marko
Ice Cube as James Payton
John Leguizamo as Santiago
Storyline: Ben must prove he is good enough to date cop James' sister. By doing this he goes on a "Ride Along" to show that he is not weak and he will do whatever it takes to get James' approval but along the way runs into a few obstacles that he has to overcome in a very funny way.
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Better than the sequel.
Ride Along is one of those examples that some sequels shouldn't be made, if they're going to do a sequel it better be as good or even better than the first. Ride Along is a pretty good buddy action comedy flick, some of the dialogue could have been changed, some of it is crass and unnecessary, but other than that it's fine, when it comes to the comedy it isn't even funny, there's only two scenes that are humorous and that is the scene where "Ben" (Kevin Hart) mistakes a woman for a man and where "Ben" pretends to be "Omar", the movie overall is watchable.

The twist is predictable and is barely even a twist, it's so cliché that that plot-twist is in 80% of cop-themed films.

The pacing of the film is perfect and has a cool instrumental hip hop film score composed by Christopher Lennertz.

The performances are natural, the scenery is not all that, "Ben's" apartment however is very nice although on his salary as a high school security guard i doubt he would be able to afford a place like that in reality and it is never established what his fiancé does for a living.

Great chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the Trivia says this movie was originally going to star Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds - that would not have worked, they just seem like a wrong pairing.

Ride Along 2 was slightly funny at times, but it was extremely boring, Ride Along 1 is more serious, the sequel was trying to be too much like the first one with basically the same plot.

Hopefully Ride Along 3 will have a better story than the sequel and hopefully it'll be as good as or even better than the first one.

If you like your buddy/comedy flicks, Ride Along is worth watching more than once.
Meh...not great
Making things more frozen than necessary is Ice Cube, scrunching up his face in attempting to portray a hard-ass of a cop; one of those lone, righteous moralists who is willing to go against any and all authority in order to prove himself as being right all along about his case. Of course he is, but what is confusing is how the film seems to condemn his behavior as a loner, yet justifies his actions during the course of the story. It is never clear which side the movie falls on and it most likely does not matter. Truthfully, none of the characters or plot points seem necessary at all except to showcase the difference between Hart's ambitious high-school security guard trying to become an Atlanta policeman and Ice Cube's tough-as-nails detective on the hunt for the most ferocious kingpin in the city, so terrifying and imposing that no one has ever seen his face (You will guess who it is right away; the opening credits give it away).
You're not good enough for my sister
I see that while Ride Along is still in theaters in a first run we've already got in place a planned sequel with the highly original title of Ride Along 2. Ever since The Godfather no one has ever bothered to come up with original titles for movie sequels. No reason to expect originality from the folks who produced Ride Along.

I'm sure Ride Along will find its share of enthusiasts. It's an amiable comedy about an Atlanta police officer Ice Cube thinking that no one, but no one is good enough for his sister Tika Sumpter. Especially Kevin Hart who is a school security guard and is her current boyfriend. Hart is into video reality games and Ice Cube is going to give him a dose of reality.

Hence he invites him on a Ride Along for a day in his patrol car. A number of funny situations occur as Ice Cube leaves Hart out there on his own to deal with some interesting people. Looming over all of this is Ice Cube's quest to find arms dealer Laurence Fishburne known only as Omar and unknown even to his own crew.

Nothing special, but what confidence these producers have that Ride Along will find an audience. I'm sure it will.
So-so, a little melodramatic
My first review on IMDb so bear with me

This movie has been out for a few months. And I kept passing it up. I finally got it via red- box. It was the on,y thing interesting that I was wanting to see. And I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I went in expecting it to be uproariously funny but it's not it's good fir chuckles but not anything else.

There could have been more to this movie. It's funny but not totally. Nice premise but could have been beefier. The acting on Kevin hart at times was over the top but decent. For me it would have been better if there were more development with both characters not just one storyline focused on one character u know. Like it would have been nice to see not only James character evolve but Ben. Like growing more sure and confident. Other than that go in with an open mind when seeing this movie it's pretty funny and has nice action sequences. But I couldn't help feeling like there could have been more............

If you are looking for a good time pick this but wait for it to get cheaper it's not really worth 15 bucks in my opinion
Harts Hilarious!
………… Every Second…………. Every Minute……. RIDE ALONG is a full dose of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart with the latter being at one his finest performances that will split you up laughing. Ben Harper (Kevin Hart) a security guard is accepted into the police academy (Which actually carries no further into the plot of this movie). The closest Harper has been ever to hold a gun is in his first person shooter games on Xbox. Harper who is dating the hotness Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter) is seeking for approval of the relationship to take it to the next level from her brother, the Captain of Jump Street aka Ice Cube who portrays James Payton. James is a bad ass cop who has been chasing a ghost suspect by the name of Omar for the past two years with no result. James who trusts no one tags along Ben for ride along for the day. The security guard who cannot talk a 10 year old down maybe the missing link to the great Omar mystery?

A day on the force is nothing as what is expected by Ben. Clearly the Xbox FPS guru is no match for the real world of cops and robbers. Hart often does bring to mind the works of Martin Lawrence when he used to be the funny cop on the big screens with BAD BOYS, BLUE STREAK & NATIONAL SECURITY. Much like that Hart will keep you curling up into balls of laughter over and over again with his wordplay. One of the best moments of the movie is when Ben and James take to the shooting range. Whilst I don't want to give the moment away, it's a moment to die for. Ice Cube on the other hand fits the role of James like a glove. It's like Jump Street all over again. For some the performance may come as monotonous and to some his style of acting may seem rigid and Jump Street like. To me it seems an intentional effort so that Harts character is allowed enough space to grow in its right as cowardly brother in law to be. Although a variance in the performance (as a cop) maybe something to consider for RIDE ALONG 2 which is already in production for release in 2016.

Director Tim Story has never been one of my go-to directors when it comes to comedies. In fact his track record has not been the strongest of them all. Whilst BARBERSHOP was watchable, I never was able to connect with THINK LIKE A MAN. RIDE ALONG maybe the turning point for him and indeed he is heading in the proper direction of finally entertaining his audience. Looking forward to his next.

It will keep you engaged and it will keep you entertained. A perfect entertainer for a lazy day.

A Good Laugh-maker though a bit slow
A crazy comedy about a fast-talker Ben (kevin Hart) who recently got accepted into the Police Academy, is trying to prove himself to his future brother in-law James (Ice Cube) who is a Vice-division cop. James then agrees to take Ben to take a ride along with him the next day, responding to real-life police situations.

In my opinion, Kevin Hart's acting does just OK for this movie, but not that it is great. In comparison, we have Chris Rock or Chris Tucker who can improvise fast-talking acts in older movies. Recently we have Tyrese Gibson who also can do that part better than Kevin Hart.

At first I'd think that maybe the scenario or the dialog is just not compelling enough to be improvised, but then I remember Kevin's role in Grudge Match alongside Sly Stallone and Robert De Niro, which is not so funny by itself.

Ice Cube's acting is just as expected if you have seen Torque or XXX 2. And this movie's genre of comedy just shift Ice's acting into a new level of good because the movie emphasize the realness of the acting.

Getting Lawrence Fishburne on a comedy is just a genius move. So after you see Morpheus in The Matrix, it adds to the character of Omar here. It gets you serious, as when Omar shoots Roberto dead, then it slams you with the comedies. That gives you the kind of roller-coaster ride of a comedy.

Although, this movie possibly marks the move to the newer era of stars, when you see Lawrence Fishburne and John Leguizamo getting sideline roles to Kevin Hart and ice Cube.

But the whole scenario itself is quite funny overall. It builds up rather slowly but cracks me up real time at the later parts of the movie. I should say that because I think of myself as a person who is not easily amused by Hollywood comedies. In other terms, my LPM (Laughs Per Minute) rate is quite low on watching Hollywood comedies.

At the later parts of the movie the catch of having an explosion after a joke is hilariously funny. After building slowly for about the first half of the movie, with jokes not really bringing me to a laugh, the last half of the movie is just a fun part to watch.

One of the most funny parts of the movie is.. "Now you and me… and him…" LOL, now that's what morphine can do to you LOL EOFL..

For me it's a 7 out of 10 scoring. No wonder it can retain box office number 1 spot long enough.
No Idea Why I Liked It So Much, But I Did!
I really enjoyed this movie. There. I said it. I thought it was funny. I'm not a big fan (Not a fan at all) of buddy-cop movies, and so a few months ago when me and a friend walked into the theater to see this movie, I wasn't too excited. Not to mention that we bought tickets to see this (We normally would just walk into a movie like this), and I wasn't very happy to spend money on it. We had seen The Lego Movie earlier, and I enjoyed that so much, I didn't want to see this and walk out of the theater disappointed. But against all odds, I really liked it. Kevin Hart carried the movie, and he and Ice Cube had really good chemistry. I, being a nerd like Kevin Hart's character, thought it was funny how many posters for games and stuff he had, and me and my friend were constantly pointing them out. So, believe it or not, the movie isn't half bad. In fact, it's pretty good. As long as you're not expecting The Dark Knight or Avatar or anything, you'll probably, at the very least, enjoy the movie.
It was okay...I guess.
This film provided some good laughs but the comedy was clearly aimed at an American audience because it just wasn't that funny (sorry, I like the USofA very much). Ice Cube was not funny at all. As expected, Kevin Hart was pretty funny but other than him, nothing was funny. I kind of enjoyed it but it is just another generic American comedy. As ever, I compared this to Anchorman 1 and 2, which for me, are the kings of comedy. It's probably unfair to compare a film such as Ride Along to such comedic "perfection" as the Anchorman films because it will be hard to beat them. Anyway, I didn't really laugh much because the comedy was too American, Ice Cube wasn't funny at all, Kevin Hart "saved" it, his character's girlfriend was hot, and the story wasn't very good, but then again, it's a comedy, so it's not supposed to have a captivating story :D
Back to the old school - 80s style buddy cop comedy that's great fun for those who like this kind of thing
Yes, this is a stupid film just like the trailers suggest. Yes, it is an 80s comedy buddy cop throwback set in an alternate universe where police brutality, beating and shooting suspects, attacking members of the public and other multiple code violations have no consequences, where death and injury are laughed off, where dull criminals with snazzy suits and low IQs meet for buys in disused factories and beautiful intelligent young women are madly attracted to dim losers and are both incredibly accommodating and utterly marginal. Is it funny? Yes if you like dumb humour. Is there action? Yes, though its not super spectacular. Is it a fun night out at the cinema? Yes, if you like the kind of old school buddy thrillers like this.

Directed by veteran Tim Story, maker of lightweight fluff (including the overly lightweight Fantastic 4 movies) it follows the genre beats pretty closely. Tough undercover super cop James Payton (Ice Cube) is tracking down the mysterious gang boss 'Omar' who is looking to buy weapons from some nasty Serbians, alongside his cop buddies Santiago (John Leguizamo) and Miggs (Brian Callen) Meanwhile his hot smart sister Angela (Tika Sumpter) is madly in love with idiotic short video game addicted wannabe cop Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) but he won't consent to their marriage (black families are obviously traditional like Italian and Hispanic ones) In order to scare him off he takes the rookie cadet on a 'ride along' through Atlanta, testing his gamers bull machismo with set up situations like comedy Hells Angels, an angry bankrupt tearing up a supermarket and questioning a sassy ghetto kid about his brothers whereabouts. However the sheet gets real when clues that Barber's gamer weapons knowledge extracts leads them on a breadcrumb trail to 'the big buy' and the mysterious Omar (a very unthreatening Laurence Fishburne earning an easy paycheck) making off with loot and in the end having to rescue Angela from the villain's clutches.

As you see, pure 80s formula, even including a robbery in a strip club (80s thriller rule 5 - always visit a strip club) an opening truck vs car chase and a 'walking down the street amid ambulance and police cars at night with final wisecracks' ending. In many ways it is a spiritual partner to last years "The Heat" except with two black guys instead of two women. Its also a lot funnier, perhaps because Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have more charisma and talent than Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, and because the writings tighter and the direction better.

Acting wise, Ice Cube, a fierce counterculture rapper when the originals were playing, shows again his sure hand as a charismatic and winning leading man (as well as a deft comic) while Hart does the shout whiny thing that would be considered monstrously racist if not done by and mainly for African Americans, and makes a nice comic engine to Ice's cool straight man. Fishburne, Leguizamo and Callen just coast along doing what little is required. Sumpter on the other hand is underused in the sort of limiting role women had in 80s genre flicks (accommodating lover- prize -hostage) and while looking the part she seems able and willing to give so much more. Who knows? Maybe she can be a breakout in any sequels.

Lightweight (but well made lightweight) stuff it won't change anything but it may make you feel a little better, and joins the growing list of 'retro 80s' movies hitting our 21st century screens.
Ride Along Review
Ride Along a film with a lot of hilarious moments which you wont be able to contain your laughter! If you enjoy Comedy and Action movies this film is definitely for you.

It is all about where a Cop and an FBI agent come together after the cop is going out with his sister and the FBI - Ice Cube doesn't like the way he is. The Cop - Kevin Hart then goes on operations with the FBI agent to find out he is getting set up which leads to a very funny scene which then leads to a number of other operations.

8/10 for this film it is funny from the very start until the very end! Not many films are able to do this.
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