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Requiem for a Dream
IMDB rating:
Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn as Sara Goldfarb
Jared Leto as Harry Goldfarb
Jennifer Connelly as Marion Silver
Marlon Wayans as Tyrone C. Love
Christopher McDonald as Tappy Tibbons
Janet Sarno as Mrs. Pearlman
Suzanne Shepherd as Mrs. Scarlini
Joanne Gordon as Mrs. Ovadia
Charlotte Aronofsky as Mrs. Miles
Mark Margolis as Mr. Rabinowitz
Michael Kaycheck as Donut Cop (as Mike Kaycheck)
Jack O'Connell as Corn Dog Stand Boss
Storyline: Drugs. They consume mind, body and soul. Once you're hooked, you're hooked. Four lives. Four addicts. Four failures. Despite their aspirations of greatness, they succumb to their addictions. Watching the addicts spiral out of control, we bear witness to the dirtiest, ugliest portions of the underworld addicts reside in. It is shocking and eye-opening but demands to be seen by both addicts and non-addicts alike.
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a wannabe Trainspotting
After watching the above movie again, I was reminded of how much Requiem for a Dream resembles it (from Requiem's initial scene of the television theft, to the more general theme of hopeless drug addictions). And yet it also became more apparent to me how poorly Requiem compares to the British masterpiece, particularly in the method of direction by Darren Aronofsky. To me, his style in this film was reminiscent of the early commercial for DVD players -- catchy, yet in a choppy/gimmicky/dizzying way. Nowhere near worthy of its high rating. 3/10.
the summary of a history.
being someone who had a history with drugs, i found this movie to be slightly more than ground-breaking. i saw this film in the midst of a downward spiral, and it turned me right around! having friends with the same plans, such as sell drugs to buy more made me look at my life and theirs and see exactly what the future had in store.

now, every time i see this movie since escaping that life, i cry. i cry for my past and those who still live in it. this movie has more to say to people my age than any drug education movie we were afforded in school. honestly, i wonder when the school systems will wisen up to what is really going to get kid's attention; movies that show that pros as well as the cons of drugs, or a movie that shows the complete and utter devastation drugs will bring to your life, and the lives of those around you. honestly, had i seen this film before my sophomore year of high school, i would have never even dreamed of taking more than the prescribed dose of advil.

granted, my little summary or comment of this movie does not entail anything informative about the movie itself, i must say, i feel this is the best way i know to express my views.
Innovative, Wow.
The story of four people who get too much into drugs, it poses several questions, not all of them about drugs. One of them is, how stylized can movies become before they are so thoroughly stylized that they lose their narrative roots? It's rather like music in some respects. At one end of the dimension, which I won't try to name, there is a simple tune like, oh, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," which is easy to remember, fun to whistle, cute, and rudimentary (although Mozart did some very odd things with it). At the other, three minutes and some seconds of silence. In movies, at the simple end, we can have, say, a one-hour film consisting of nothing but the same shot of the Empire State Building. At the other end of the dimension we might get something resembling what one sees in a kaleidoscope while stoned. (Or maybe we come back to the Empire State Building; maybe it's not a dimension at all, but a circle.)

This one certainly hasn't lost touch with the events it describes but it's pretty highly stylized too, as far as the direction, photography, editing, and sound are concerned. Sometimes this stylization works to support the narrative and sometimes it doesn. Sometimes it actually works against it. Example: all of the drugged-up scenes are in fast motion, including those involving, not just speed, but marijuana and heroin. The hyped-up action we get while Ellen Burstyn is on diet pills is evocative, peppy, full of accelerated business. But heroin doesn't work that way. And marijuana practically ablates one's sense of the passage of time so that, for instance, it sometimes seems to take half an hour to urinate -- so they tell me. If you stop using speed abruptly you can get some wizard hallucinations. But no one hallucinates on heroin, although this film suggests they do. The result is that the stylization is sometimes over the top, not slowing down enough to give us a chance to take a breath. It's nerve jangling and leaves the viewer a neural shambles. The performances are fine, by everyone concerned. In particular, Jennifer Connoley has by far her juiciest role and, somewhat surprisingly, is up to it. Burstyn is excellent too, her accent pretty well Brooklynized. But some of that shredding of sensibilities is unearned and unnecessary. The editing is increasingly jumpy and shocking, though it never leaves us in doubt of where we are or who we are with. The score is a blend of mostly scratchy, unpleasant electronics and ordinary sounds with the gain on high -- each pill accompanied by a "plop" on the sound track, each flick on a lighter by a "pfft," and so on. (Sometimes it sounds like a Popeye cartoon.) The photography too is highly distinctive. Fisheye lenses abound here. Cameras are fixed by harness onto an actor's body so that the actor's face and shoulders are immobile while the background seems to swivel around him and he walks and turns corners. The effect is so disturbing that it keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

I found Aranovsky's earlier film, Pi, plan irritating and depressing because of the high-contrast photography and other directorially imposed effects. This one is depressing too, but less irritating because, despite the high style, a story is being carried, and the story is about characters we care something about. They may be self absorbed, like the subject of "Pi," but they're hardly self confident. Their weaknesses are pathetic but entirely recognizable. Ellen Burstyn wants to lose weight so she can look good in that red dress, just as she did at her son's graduation. She pursues the cultural ideal of slenderness and youthfulness. Her son and his pardners in euphoria pursue the cultural ideal of pleasuring one's self. The drugs could be a neat stand in for the values that prevail in our community currently. Why else, except out of a desire to look good, would people buy a three-hundred-dollar simulacrum of a rowboat and use it so regularly? Why else, except out of a desire to feel pleased with one's self, would anyone buy a forty-thousand-dollar ten-gallon-per-mile Suburban Assault Vehicle with a revolving machine gun turret atop it? Hey! Look at me, everybody, I'm young, beautiful, and happy! Of course I can't figure out why I'm alive, but I don't ask myself that question.

This is an extremely innovative film, but the director has made clear his admiration of earlier movies, including "The Panic in Needle Park" (the same general idea), "The Godfather" (ominous oranges), "The Little Shop of Horrors" ("Feed me, Sara!"), and maybe "Koyaanisqatsi" (the acceleration of the cuts, tempo, and onscreen movements from moderato at the beginning to molto agitato towards the end).

It left me saddened and panting for breath. I'm not sure I'd like to sit through it too often, but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss it.
This is truly the most tedious, boring, trite, contrived and uninspired film I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. It was so boring that I wanted to walk out of the cinema after the first hour. My companion almost fell asleep. I felt nothing for the characters, who were not really established as rounded, believable people. Some of the visual tricks were repeated constantly and lost all novelty or interest after the first hour. At that point the direction of the plot also became utterly predictable and it just felt so horrendously repetitious. I felt like getting up and shouting at the screen "Die, junkie! Die! Die! I want to get out of here! ", but I didn't want to disturb the other patrons.

***SLIGHT SPOILER *** I was also very offended at the way ECT Treatment was shown in the film. The participant was fully awake. Now I don't know about the U.S, but people are generally knocked out when they receive this treatment in the U.K., and have been for at least 20 years (I know someone who has had the treatment). This is treatment of last resort for people who don't respond to any other kind of treatment. It is not perfect and can have unfortunate side effects, but has saved a lot of people from the slough of despond or even suicide. This was the last straw in destroying any limited respect I might have had for the director. He is just a purveyor of sensationalist claptrap masquerading as deep social comment. *****SPOILER ENDS****.

I don't care that it had a worthy theme - addictions are bad and can destroy your life. The theme has been trawled over so many times that we don't need another attempt, especially one as bad as this. Though it might shock and offend the very sensitive, it didn't shock me. I didn't seem real for even a moment. If anything the visual tricks were wasted, because they just had a distancing effect. All in all, I can honestly say this is the worst film I have ever seen.
Hollywood at its best!!!!!
Ellen Burstyn blew me away in this film! This is her best role so far!

This movie is about four drug addicts. They all have dreams, but as dependence on drugs is increasing, their dreams are turning into nightmares.

The acting is phenomenal. The story and how Aronofsky tells the story is just fantastic! The music is extraordinary. The cinematography is amazing! The directing is great. I also love how Aronofsky expresses his feelings without words and body language but with camera!

I've almost seen a thousand of movies and no movie has ever affected me like this one!

Even though this movie is amazing, I warn you: This movie will haunt you for several days!

Mr.Aronofsky has done a great job, if you feel sick,depressed or got the feeling that you're not going to touch drugs, after you've seen this movie! The movie is very brutal,tragic and honest. I hope you stay off drugs after you've seen this!

This is a cinematic masterpiece and a fantastic work of art!

Way, way, way over rated

I was told this movie is really depressing, but in order for that to be true I would've had to watch a movie with engaging characters. Guess what? I couldn't empathize with any of these losers, because they were flat, one-dimensional and pathetic. Most stories of drug addiction give us some glimpse of a character's potential for success--their charm, their attractiveness, their intelligence, a successful career or academic promise--and then show it all going down the drain. Or maybe we'll see why they turned to drugs, what their problems were, what they need to escape. Here we get none of that. In this movie they start as loser/addicts and end as loser/addicts. Everyone gets what he and she deserves. Some initially neat camera and editing work that gets old very quickly--would've been cool in a music video, but that's about it. Why does Hubert Selby Jr. have to end all his movies with women whoring themselves in especially degrading ways (cf. Last Exit to Brooklyn)? 3/10
So overrated. Not authentic. Shallow.
A wallowing in a false underbelly. Ellen Burstyn's one-note shrieking, Jared Leto's awful accent - it's fake and annoying. This movie rode a wave of bs hype. I love it when people claim it's authentic. There's nothing authentic about it. It's all surface. And people fell for it. It's a fake, an emperor with no clothes. Stuttering muttering and yelling, nothing happens but actors chewing scenery and a once-talented director indulging masturbatory fantasies. There's no there there. If drug abuse was merely an irritant, this film would have some small merit. But it's a problem with more depth than the filmmaker acknowledged. The director went off the rails for this overrated waste of time.
Disturbing, Graphic and Great
I went to this movie hearing plenty of buzz about how graphic the content was. Over the course of the movie you see just how Aronofsky wants to send his message to the audience. The characters start off with somewhat mild addictions and then next thing you know the four main characters are living in hell. I couldn't believe how low they all fell. This movie may be the greatest anti-drug message of all time. I dare anybody to watch this and to not be touched and frightened by these characters. Before the movie started I noticed the audience was quite loud and garrulous, but as it ended and the credits rolled the whole place was stone cold silent. It was amazing.

As a whole I felt the movie was excellent. The visuals were well done and the editing was outstanding. The actors really put themselves into their roles. Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly had very good chemistry, while Marlon Wayans showed he is a talented actor and not just a talented comic. Ellen Burstyn. Wow! She was amazing. I can't believe an older woman would allow herself to be filmed like that. She has some serious guts. Hands down the best female performance I've watched this year, not even close. I was totally amazed by her.

All in all, I would say Requiem For a Dream is a great movie. It had a profound impact on me and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I watched it on opening night. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone. This is a movie everyone should see, but unfortunately not enough will.
DO NOT BE FOOLED, this movie is terrible.
This movie takes drug addiction and turns it into a joke, but its not funny, and its not truthful. After watching this movie I wanted to vomit, but that did not make me feel the movie had accomplished anything. "Trainspotting" was the first in your face drug movie and it handles the subject with much more candor, wit, charm, and truth. The characters in Requiem For A Dream do not stay with you, all you learn about it their stupidity, not their lives. The interesting Direction and visual storytelling cannot replace powerful characters or a half-decent story. Do not be fooled, this movie is terrible.
Killer Performances by Ellen Burstyn...Darren Aronofsky: Stanley Kubrik has called for you to pull up a chair!
Oh my, where shall I begin? Experimental film making bursts into mainstream in this dramatic tail of 4 people who find themselves spiraling down the abyss, after experiencing a rendez-vous with the inevitable consequences attributed to drug use and the ill effect it has on its addicts. This one has no happy ending. There's no sugar coating here. Albeit this film packs a harsh, blunt, and sometimes overwhelmingly genuine depiction of the havoc drug addiction can reap on its victims. Despite the disturbing message of the film, I never the less couldn't help but remain fascinated with it's experimental/avant-guard visual style: A smooth, elaborate and languid progression of cinematic eye candy orchestrated to almost resemble a shockumentary, complemented by an impressive and well composed soundtrack. Some of the visual techniques were similar to the ones Aronofsky used in his directorial debut "Pi", such as split-screen shots and the use of body cameras filmed at varying speeds. At times, the film seemed more like an acid trip than a feature film. A cry for help is clearly felt throughout the film, from its innocent and promising start, to its hauntingly chilling conclusion. The one scene that really blew me away was the scene where Marion (played by Jennifer Connelley) had just sold her body off for a bag of heroin...As she walks out the door of the apartment, along the corridor, into the elevator, down to the street: one can't help but feel the characters disgust with herself, filthy to the core, what it must feel like at..."ZERO". The acting performances, especially by both Ellyn Burstyn and Marlon Wayans are simply breakthrough performances that earned critical acclaim across the board. Enough said. If this review alone does not compel you to experience the Film, I will just have to spell it out: PLEASE EXPERIENCE THIS FILM - it may cause an uneasy stomach, but is well worth it - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! 11 out of 10.
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