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Red Heat
Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Walter Hill
Richard Bright as Det. Sgt. Gallagher
Mike Hagerty as Pat Nunn (as Michael Hagerty)
J.W. Smith as Salim
Gretchen Palmer as Hooker
Brent Jennings as Abdul Elijah
Peter Jason as TV Announcer
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Night Clerk
Gina Gershon as Catherine 'Cat' Manzetti
James Belushi as Det. Sgt. Art Ridzik
Brion James as Streak
Ed O'Ross as Viktor 'Rosta' Rostashvili
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Capt. Ivan Danko
Peter Boyle as Cmdr. Lou Donnelly
Laurence Fishburne as Lt. Charlie Stobbs (as Larry Fishburne)
Storyline: Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian policeman sent after a Georgian drug dealer who has escaped to the United States and is awaiting extradition in Chicago. Jim Belushi plays his temporary partner on the Chicago police. When the drug dealer escapes, the two police must overcome their differences in order to recapture him.
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"I vill not leeeve dis cuntree vivout viktuuur."
Irritatingly unfunny action-comedy sees James Belushi and Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up as a mismatched US/Soviet cop team, with "hilarious" consequences.

Belushi, an hysterically funny, off-the-wall zany comic... in his own mind... overplays his formula "loose cannon" role with irksome predictability. Arnhuld does little better with Ivan Danko, a character you might call one-dimensional if he were that complex.

The film is one of constant contradictions. The brief nudity and frequent bad language work against the MOR buddy cop comedy. The settings are low-key and squalid, yet directed with a brash, mainstream feel. There are good actors, such as Laurence Fishburne, yet wasted on severely underwritten lines, sloppy editing and indifferent direction. All the items commonly associated with half-assed low brow actioners are present: hysterically screaming, half-dressed women; characters yelling with "comic" effect as a vehicle goes out of control and flies through the air; plus police chiefs that threaten you'll be "back to a desk job on Monday."

The cold war politics are dealt with in a childishly patronising way, while the plot is a series of perfunctory set pieces loosely strung together. There doesn't even appear to be three full acts, the climax drawing short and having little emotional resonance.

Yet it's impossible to really slate the film, as it was really just one in a long line of "seemed good at the time" weak star vehicles for then up-and-coming Arnie. It might not be any good, but he does get to take his shirt off, shoot a few people and get into fights. Well that's all right then. 4/10.
Marx all the right buddy-cop movie boxes.
Man-mountain Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger plays a Russian cop (Captain Danko) sent to Chicago to track down and deal with a nefarious drug dealer (played by Ed O'Ross who is all sweaty, unshaven bad guy). It's personal, it's gonna get ballistic and it's all made more entertaining by the fact that he's paired up with James Belushi back when James Belushi was still pretty funny.

Ahhhhh, it's easy to slip on those glasses with the slightly rose tint and praise this as a modern action classic the way they used to make 'em. And the fact is . . . . . . it IS.

The set-up is simplicity itself, there aren't really any twists and turns to tax your brain, Walter Hill directs the action assuredly and all the fun is to be had from watching Ah-nuld and Belushi wreak havoc as they try to bring the bad guys to task.

Throw in a supporting cast that includes Peter Boyle as the standard put-upon boss, Larry Fishburne (before he was Lawrence), Gina Gershon and the magnificent Brion James (R.I.P) in a small but memorable scene and you have guaranteed good times for those wanting a testosterone-fuelled action movie with some amusing lines thrown in every so often.

Not the funniest comedy or the best action movie, not even the best movie featuring either of the leads, but undemanding fun from the late 80s with rampant carnage that will inevitably lead to a considerable amount of paperwork (ref: Hot Fuzz, oh yes).

See this if you like: Hot Fuzz, Lethal Weapon 3, Commando.
Vulgar, Violent, but some good ideas
In this pastiche of cliches and jumble of ideas, beyond the hodgepodge of swear words, bullet holes, and fight scenes, are two interesting philosophies: 1) that both communism and capitalism cannot withstand the pressures of criminal enterprise because both communism and capitalism are flawed ideologies; and 2) that the criminal element is as easily contained as knocking off the head of the monster. Granted, both of these philosophies are barely advanced in the plot and script, but the thoughtful viewer can discern it for himself. Because of this, I found this rather pedestrian film to be of interest, since I am interested in socio-political ideas, especially the idea of waking the sleeping giant within society, i.e., you and me. Will this film lead to provocative exchange of ideas? Unlikely. So, let's move on to the action part of this movie: SPOILERS AHEAD....... there are a couple of half-way-interesting gunfights, a bus chase scene which involves both Russians squaring off, and some limited fight scenes involving Ah-nold. The tough-guy dialogue is fairly lame, although Victor comes off as a pretty scary character. Jim Belushi has a field day with wisecracks and puts a wicked punctuation on each line of script, but the writing in this department is hit-and-miss. Arnold does little more than predate his android antics in Terminator-- in fact, one bloody scene has Schwarzenegger hauntingly resembling T2. All in all, I guess I'd give this movie a 7 and may watch it again.
A buddy film that works and works well
Red Heat is a surprisingly good movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi have good chemistry in this Russian cop/cop buddy film. In this film at least it makes sense for Arnie to have an accent. There is some good lines and the back and forth between these two is pretty funny sometimes. When Jim Belushi plays a cop he puts on this irreverant "I don't like the rules but I get things done" style. It is this style combined with Arnold's "complete objective at all costs" style that makes this film work. The footage that was shot in Red Square is breathtaking, and overall the movie manages to take a basic plot and make it entertaining. On a side note, the holdout gun used by the villian (Ed O'Ross) in the movie is pretty damn cool if you're into that kind of thing. Bottom Line: This is worth getting, or you can rent it every once and awhile if you can only take Arnold for so long.
The Heat is on
"Red Heat" is very much of the mismatched cops formula, but there's also a mutual respect bubbling underneath. That, coupled with wit that never hijacks the movie are its winning qualities. Also, Schwarzenegger's not bad as a Russian. And the culture-clash humor isn't as clumsy as you'd think. Arnold's reaction to hotel porn is pretty great. It's all in the way he plays that scene.

Both actors are likable in their respective molds; Arnold as the unyielding honorable Russian, Belushi as the smart-mouthed jaded cop. But the leads really sell this thing, and I ended up liking Belushi a lot more than I'd expected. Package all of this in a violent Walter Hill actioner and it's a good movie indeed.

Review By starwarskid1992
Red Heat, the first and only Arnold Schwarzenegger buddy-cop film.

The Oak is a Russian cop named Ivan Danko who comes to Chicago to bring back a drug dealer, Viktor (Ed O' Ross). Art Ridzik (Jim Beushi) has to babysit Danko after his partner gets killed. Danko and Ridzik begin to like each other while hunting Viktor and end up having to stop a major drug deal.

Red Heat is an underrated masterpiece, mainly because it's trashed for being a rip-off of 48 Hrs.The bus chase is something that was remembered from this movie. Jim Beushi is also great comic relief.

I give a 5 out of 5
they don't make em like they used to

This is quintessential Arnie 80's madness.

The violence is brutal and raw while being totally improbable. In one scene Arnie is performing a shootout with a .44 magnum, and must shoot about 50 rounds without reloading. Only in the 80's was this possible.

It has a workout scene, some naked women, Arnie punching through a window, big guns, he even says "Trust me" (In Russian). You can't go wrong.

It has rough edges, but that is part of it's charm. It's really a well put together film, nice cinematography, a great score by James Horner.

Also Arnie sports one of his best film hair-dos, like Guile from street fighter.
functional cop movie
Moscow Police Captain Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger) loses his partner while trying to take down drug lord Viktor Rosta. Viktor escapes to America. Later, he is captured in Chicago and Ivan arrives to extradite him. Viktor is out to avenge his brother killed by Ivan. Det. Sgt. Art Ridzik (James Belushi) is forced to partner with the Russian after Viktor escapes with the help of his crew.

This Walter Hill film is a functional buddy cop movie. The comedy isn't that great. Arnie is a solid Russian but he's not that funny in this role. Belushi is a jokey loud-mouth. They are lots of old style gun action. This is nothing special although Arnie is pretty good as a robotic communist. I'm not sure that's a surprise.
"Red Heat" is White Hot!!!
Writer & director Walter Hill did what all good filmmakers have done at some point in their careers. He recycled some situations from his earlier works, and his post-Cold War thriller "Red Heat" constitutes the result. This police procedural, buddy picture borrows notions from earlier Hill movies such as "The Driver" starring Ryan O'Neal and "48 HRS," co-starring Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. Basically, muscle-bound, bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is appropriately cast as a hard-boiled Soviet cop, Captain Ivan Danko, who is dispatched by his Moscow superiors to retrieve a Russian citizen who has been arrested for running a red light in Chicago, Illinois. The irony is the wicked Viktor Rostavili has struck a deal to purchase five million dollars in heroin and smuggle the narcotics back to Mother Russia. This part of the screenplay by Hill, along with "Bullitt" scribe Harry Kleiner, and "Kelly's Heroes" scripter Troy Martin Kennedy, relies on the standard-issue plot about one cop being sent to a faraway place to retrieve a prisoner and escort the felon back to his jurisdiction. Don Siegel's "Coogan's Bluff" put Clint Eastwood in a similar situation, while the John Wayne thriller "Brannigan" put the Duke in an extradition fueled plot.

Eventually, our 'fish-out-of-water' hero, Captain Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger 0f "The Terminator"), teams up with a tenacious but trouble-prone Windy City cop, Detective Sergeant Art Ridzik (James Belushi), who yearns for payback. Not only did Danko lose a partner back in Soviet Union during his pursuit of Vicktor, but also Ridzik loses his own partner, Detective Sergeant Gallagher (Richard Bright of "The Getaway"), as Danko is poised to board the plane with Rostavili. Out of nowhere, a group of bald African-Americans know as 'clean heads' disguised as armored car guards surprise Danko, beat him into submission, and release Vicktor. They murder Gallagher during this sudden, blitz encounter. Meantime, Danko discovers a key that Rostavili had to a bus station locker. Danko musters his strength after the ambush to drag himself across the floor and seize the key. Like a similar key in "The Driver," Vicktor's key opens a bus station locker that contains his loot. Diagnosed with a concussion, Danko doesn't let his cracked skull or two obnoxious Soviet diplomats spook him about his loss of Rostavili. Of course, Danko shouldn't have been packing iron, but he brought along a piece anyway and got it through customs in the diplomatic immunity bag. Ridnzik and he set out to find the evil Rostavili, and they talk to a woman, Cat Manzetti (Gina Gershon of "Showgirls"), who married Victor for $10 thousand. Manzetti has a bad habit of turning up at the wrong time in their investigation. She is in the Chicago Hospital where one of Vicktor's gunsels is being treated for serious gunshot wounds inflicted by Ridzik. Vicktor dispatches a man dressed as a nurse to inject a bubble into the wounded man to kill him. Our heroes blast this ill-fated nurse into the next world, and Danko lets Manzetti escape. Danko has to relinquish his automatic, but Ridzik loans him a .44 Magnum revolver.

Director Walter Hill has fashioned one of the best testosterone-laden, guy movies with "Red Heat." Neither Danko nor Vicktor is willing to back down from each other. The shoot-out in the Garvin Hotel when Vicktor sends the 'Cleanhead' gangsters into the wrong room after Danko is bloody. The outrageous finale when Danko and Rostvavili charge each other in passenger buses makes for a spectacular, slam-bang showdown. Danko is the ultimate, irrepressible, hard-boiled cop. Nothing stops Danko from nailing Vicktor, and Vicktor is a thoroughgoing dastard. Ed O'Ross makes a memorable villain. Incidentally, the initial confrontation between Vicktor and Danko reminded me of Nick Nolte's Texas Ranger in "Extreme Prejudice" meeting the pot-growing rednecks at the bar. "Red Heat" lives up to its name.
The heat is off.
Tough Russian cop Captain Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent to America to capture Georgian criminal Viktor Rostavili (Ed O'Ross), who is in Chicago master-minding a massive international drugs operation. Unaccustomed to U.S. police procedure, the fish-out-of-water cop employs no-nonsense, Soviet-style law enforcement to get his job done, much to the dismay of brash American detective Art Ridzik (James Belushi), with whom he has been partnered.

The problem with this film is that it doesn't live up to its title: instead of a red hot action flick that burns up the screen with intense ballistic gunfights and spectacular scenes of destruction and chaos, we get a rather tepid buddy cop movie, heavy on the humour and frustratingly light on the carnage. This mightn't have been so bad if the comedy had worked well, or if there had at least been some kind of chemistry between the leads, but the predictable script rarely delivers decent laughs and James Belushi makes for an uncharismatic foil to Arnie's efficient, stoic bad-ass.

When the action does kick in, it's all too brief and staged with surprisingly little style or imagination by director Walter Hill. The film's closing action scene, which sees Danko and Viktor careering through Chicago in buses, lacks the much needed wow factor, feeling more like a routine mid-film moment rather than a satisfyingly climactic finalé. All told, Red Heat is far from Arnie's best and not a patch on Lethal Weapon, the previous year's buddy cop blockbuster.
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