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Red Heat
Crime, Thriller, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Walter Hill
Richard Bright as Det. Sgt. Gallagher
Mike Hagerty as Pat Nunn (as Michael Hagerty)
J.W. Smith as Salim
Gretchen Palmer as Hooker
Brent Jennings as Abdul Elijah
Peter Jason as TV Announcer
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Night Clerk
Gina Gershon as Catherine 'Cat' Manzetti
James Belushi as Det. Sgt. Art Ridzik
Brion James as Streak
Ed O'Ross as Viktor 'Rosta' Rostashvili
Arnold Schwarzenegger as Capt. Ivan Danko
Peter Boyle as Cmdr. Lou Donnelly
Laurence Fishburne as Lt. Charlie Stobbs (as Larry Fishburne)
Storyline: Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian policeman sent after a Georgian drug dealer who has escaped to the United States and is awaiting extradition in Chicago. Jim Belushi plays his temporary partner on the Chicago police. When the drug dealer escapes, the two police must overcome their differences in order to recapture him.
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Director Walter Hill Fizzles, Arnold Sleepwalks, and James Belushi is Awful
Walter Hill is an Underrated Director of B-Movies. But when Given an A-Budget His Films Tend to Suffer and this is a Prime Example. It is Not Awful but is More Embarrassing than it Needs to Be. The Comedy is Inconsistent with a Couple of Funny Lines but James Belushi Overacts so Shamelessly that Most of the Time He is Just a Cringe Magnet.

Arnold is OK and His Terminator Like Performance, of a Stereotypical Russian, Works Well. But the Chemistry with Belushi Never Clicks. Ed O'Ross as the Villain is Quite Scary. The Typical Walter Hill Violence is in Evidence but is Rather Ho Hum and Repetitive. Even the Bus Chase and Standoff Finale Fizzles and isn't Filmed with Much Pizazz.

Overall, this is a Huge Waste of Talent and that Includes Laurence Fishburne, Gina Gershon, and Peter Boyle. A Mess Really, this is One that the Director Probably would Like to Have Back Because Considering the Money Spent and the Talent on Display, Walter Hill is Much too Good to Make a Flick this Bad.

It was a Money Maker and was Made at the Height of Eighties Buddy Cop Movies and Arnold's Career was Peeking. But Overall this is Average at Best and at Worst One of the Director's More Glaring Failures.
Red heat is fun , exciting , an cop duo 80s feast .
Wow arnie was good yes he was corny but he was serious an he produced excitement by being brutal because this film was serious on story , Belushi was funny he made a great duo and this is a real 80s feast there is elements , acting , dialouge , sound , and visuals if you buy it will be a great experience this is not actionits a thriller but a great one so glad it was made so just sit back and watch you will watch over and over and never get bored . Classic duo detective film.This came out after raw deal and the ideas of this became an great idea the musics classy and the sound effects are great there is loud thuds when they fight punching its so realistic.
Cliché But Enjoyable
Continuing my plan to watch every Arnie movie in order, I come to 1988's Red Heat.

Plot In A Paragraph: Ivan Danko (Arnie) A tough Russian policeman is forced to partner up with a cocky Chicago police detective (James Belushi) when he is sent to Chicago to apprehend a Georgian drug lord who killed his partner and fled the country.

Arnie teaming up with James Belushi in a buddy cop movie directed by Walter Hill should have been a slam dunk, but it falls flat for some reason.

Belushi (despite being in lots of movies I liked) always seemed like being one great movie away from the big time. Ed O'Ross is your typical rent-a-bad guy, Laurence Fishburn is OK, I actually forgot how hot Gina Gershon was back then too. One of my biggest pet peeves from 80's movies (Lock Up is bad for this) is evident here, when punches sound like shotguns being fired.

In his autobiography Total Recall, Arnie talks about how he signed on for this when all Hill had, was one scene written. Where Danko breaks the guys leg, and it ends up being an artificial leg, filled with cocaine. "I love it. I'm in." Was his reply. He also reveals he doesn't know why it wasn't the success he expected, he doesn't know if American audiences were ready to root for a Russain, if himself and Belushi were not good enough or if Hill simply put together a poor movie.

With a $34 Million domestic gross, Red Heat finishes the year the 31st highest grossing movie. Even though I rarely watch it, I like it.
Review By starwarskid1992
Red Heat, the first and only Arnold Schwarzenegger buddy-cop film.

The Oak is a Russian cop named Ivan Danko who comes to Chicago to bring back a drug dealer, Viktor (Ed O' Ross). Art Ridzik (Jim Beushi) has to babysit Danko after his partner gets killed. Danko and Ridzik begin to like each other while hunting Viktor and end up having to stop a major drug deal.

Red Heat is an underrated masterpiece, mainly because it's trashed for being a rip-off of 48 Hrs.The bus chase is something that was remembered from this movie. Jim Beushi is also great comic relief.

I give a 5 out of 5
Marx all the right buddy-cop movie boxes.
Man-mountain Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger plays a Russian cop (Captain Danko) sent to Chicago to track down and deal with a nefarious drug dealer (played by Ed O'Ross who is all sweaty, unshaven bad guy). It's personal, it's gonna get ballistic and it's all made more entertaining by the fact that he's paired up with James Belushi back when James Belushi was still pretty funny.

Ahhhhh, it's easy to slip on those glasses with the slightly rose tint and praise this as a modern action classic the way they used to make 'em. And the fact is . . . . . . it IS.

The set-up is simplicity itself, there aren't really any twists and turns to tax your brain, Walter Hill directs the action assuredly and all the fun is to be had from watching Ah-nuld and Belushi wreak havoc as they try to bring the bad guys to task.

Throw in a supporting cast that includes Peter Boyle as the standard put-upon boss, Larry Fishburne (before he was Lawrence), Gina Gershon and the magnificent Brion James (R.I.P) in a small but memorable scene and you have guaranteed good times for those wanting a testosterone-fuelled action movie with some amusing lines thrown in every so often.

Not the funniest comedy or the best action movie, not even the best movie featuring either of the leads, but undemanding fun from the late 80s with rampant carnage that will inevitably lead to a considerable amount of paperwork (ref: Hot Fuzz, oh yes).

See this if you like: Hot Fuzz, Lethal Weapon 3, Commando.
It doesn't matter if it is predictable, derivative and dated. It is still enjoyable.
Red Heat might be a derivative buddy-cop action-comedy but does it really matter? No. It might be a bit dated now but you cannot deny that Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi made a great odd-couple of police officers who are polar opposites forced to work together.

Highly decorated Moscow Police Captain Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator) travels to Chicago where ruthless drug dealer Viktor Rostavili (Ed O'Ross, Lethal Weapon) has been located and arrested after evading Moscow Police. There, Ivan Danko meets uncouth and reckless Chicago Police Detective Art Ridzik (James Belushi, K-9) while Viktor is in custody. When the extradition goes wrong after Ivan is ambushed by a group of thugs and break Viktor out of custody, Ivan and Art must stop butting heads and work together to take down Viktor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfectly cast as the highly disciplined Ivan Danko yet finds himself like a fish out of water in Chicago, a far cry from Moscow. James Belushi is tailor made for comedic roles and his role as the unorthodox police detective Art Ridzik is a perfect mismatch with Arnold. Ed O'Ross has a good role as the main villain Viktor Rostavili. The rest of the supporting cast including the late Peter Boyle (Everybody Loves Raymond), Gina Gershon (Face/Off), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), Pruitt Taylor Vince (Natural Born Killers), Richard Bright (The Godfather) and Brion James (Blade Runner) also pop up throughout the movie.

Director Walter Hill might have tried to resurrect his formula that worked a treat in 48 Hrs. (1982) and recycle it here, but it is something that be hit and miss. The end result was a moderate success, but there's only so many times you can try it and use it. Use it too many times, audiences are going to dismiss it and treat it with indifference for being unoriginal.

Red Heat may not be one of the best movies of all time and it is often criticized for being predictable, derivative and dated now. Personally, none of that really matters at all. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen Red Heat, and I can say that it is a worthy time filler that is still a lot of fun.

Rips Fake Leg Off: Cocainum!!! Awesome, just awesome!
Very cool and a lot of fun, Red Heat is a very solid entry in late 80's action movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfectly cast as Danko a Russian cop who goes to the USA to capture the man who killed his partner. He is assisted by Ridzik a tough American cop, who doesn't care about rules, played superbly by James Belushi. Belushi and Arnold have great chemistry and the script takes full advantage of the culture clash you would expect with Danko being serious and tough and Belushi more of a loud mouth American cowboy. They play off each other and it works wonderfully. A word of praise to Ed O'Ross who really nails the villain and makes Viktor Rosta an admirable foe for Danko. Also keep an eye out for a very young Laurence Fishburne in a supporting role and Gina Gershon from Showgirls infamy. The script is tight, with loads of cool one-liners and a steady stream of action, all very well directed by Walter Hill. This is just a perfect choice for fans of cheesy 80's action. It has it all, from Arnold in great shape, to a menacing cool villain, gun fights, naked fist fights in the snow (got to love the 80's) and everything else you could expect from the genre. It could have benefited from a bigger body count and a bit more action in the middle, and its not great in the skin department, even if there is some nudity from some female extras, so its not a masterpiece and you can find better in Arnold's career but its a safe choice for an afternoon of cheesy awesomeness. Just plain old fun.
"Name?" "Danko." "You're Welcome!"
A highly entertaining film that stars Anrold Schwarzanagger as tough and dutiful Russian cop Ivan Danko and James Belushi as the undisciplined passionate American cop Art Ridzik. Ed O'Ross is great as the evil drug running Viktor Rosta who escapes to America after Danko busts him in Russia. Danko follows Rosta to America where Commander Lou Donnelly(The late Peter Boyle) assigns Ridzik and his partner Sergeant Gallagher(Richard Bright) to help Danko out with his investigation. When Gallagher is killed by Rosta and his gang, Ridzik flies into a rage and decides to do things Danko's way-Shoot first and think later. With stalwart supporting performances from O'Ross, Boyle, and a younger Laurence Fishburne, and fine directing from Walter Hill, Red Heat is definitely recommended for all Arnie or Belushi fans. A previous comment stated that there were no good 1-liners in this film. That statement is incorrect. It's just that Arnold played the straight man, setting up Jim Belushi for the great lines. 9/10
Arnold As A Russian.
Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian policeman sent to Chicago to extradite a captured Georgian drug ring leader. His local contact is a tough, wise-cracking cop(played by Jim Belushi). Unfortunately, the prisoner escapes, and now the two very different men must work together to recapture him, and save their reputations, and public safety.

Potentially routine action/comedy is bolstered by two appealing lead performances, and some spectacular action scenes(especially the bus chase). Director Walter Hill reuses the same formula from "48 HRS.", but with greater success. Humor, while crude in places, is still funny, and story builds to a satisfying conclusion. Granted, this is still somewhat over-the-top, but works anyway.
Luke Warm at Best.
Russian cop Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a trip to Chicago to capture an escaped Soviet drug dealer (Ed O'Ross) in this loud and ultimately disappointing 1980s cop flick. Schwarzenegger joins forces with detective James Belushi and the duo seemingly creates more chaos throughout the windy city than the bad guys. Stuck in the middle is O' Ross' exotic, but highly mysterious wife (Gina Gershon). "Red Heat" is not much of a production when all is completed as comedy mixes with some rough drama and with some downright ugly violence. This odd combination ends up being a very poor man's "Beverly Hills Cop" with none of the performers being able to overcome highly suspect direction and a by-the-numbers script. 2 stars out of 5.
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