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Rear Window
Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Romance
IMDB rating:
Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart as L. B. 'Jeff' Jefferies
Grace Kelly as Lisa Carol Fremont
Wendell Corey as Det. Lt. Thomas J. Doyle
Thelma Ritter as Stella
Raymond Burr as Lars Thorwald
Judith Evelyn as Miss Lonelyhearts
Ross Bagdasarian as Songwriter
Georgine Darcy as Miss Torso
Sara Berner as Wife living above Thorwalds
Frank Cady as Husband living above Thorwalds
Jesslyn Fax as Sculpting neighbor with hearing aid
Rand Harper as Newlywed man
Irene Winston as Mrs. Anna Thorwald
Havis Davenport as Newlywed woman
Storyline: Professional photographer L.B. "Jeff" Jeffries breaks his leg while getting an action shot at an auto race. Confined to his New York apartment, he spends his time looking out of the rear window observing the neighbors. He begins to suspect that a man across the courtyard may have murdered his wife. Jeff enlists the help of his high society fashion-consultant girlfriend Lisa Freemont and his visiting nurse Stella to investigate.
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Great thriller
Alfred Hitchcock is without a doubt the king of suspense. I have been a fan of his for many years, so I knew I had to see this movie. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.


Jimmy Stewart is great as LB Jefferies, the cranky photographer who's wheelchair bound in his apartment with a broken leg. To pass the time, he begins playing Peeping Tom on his neighbors. Good thing there are some interesting characters around. There's the gorgeous ballerina, who loves prancing around in her undergarments, the party hardy pianist, the couple that sleeps on their fire escape (I love when it rains on them) and the volatile salesman with a bed stricken wife. Things get even more interesting when Jefferies starts to think the salesman has murdered his wife. He's going in and out of his place on a cold, rainy night, and the wife is no longer in bed, where did she go?

Jefferies asks for the assistance of friend and former Air Force buddy Detective Doyle (Wendell Corey), who unfortunately, thinks he's crazy. Not to worry. Even though he won't fully commit to her, Jefferies is able to enlist his beautiful, sociable, and all around perfect girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly) to do his dirty work. Being the fearless type, she's willing to take more risks than Jefferies imagines, a move that almost gets her killed and lands her in jail. Of course, Jefferies soon puts his own life at risk, which leads to the one action sequence in the movie (which is kind of cheesy and dated).

One thing that was unique about Rear Window is that the whole film was shot in the same location, from Stewart's apartment. Hitchcock, not only good with suspense, is also able to do some fascinating camera work. Those shots of Stewart holding his camera are innovative and show how talented he was. I have to say, I don't think movies like this could be made anymore, for it isn't action packed. The mood slowly builds up until you have the final confrontation. No high speed chases, explosions, anything of that nature, just old fashioned suspense. The acting by Stewart and Kelly is wonderful and they had a great on screen relationship, even if Stewart's character is oblivious to the idea of love (how could you be if you had a woman like Grace Kelly)?

If you're a person that loves blood and guts, plot twists, fast paced action, then do not see this movie. Many from Generation X and Y (which I am a part of) would be bored by this flick, but if you appreciate good film making and suspense, go see it, and you'll understand why Hitchcock gets so many accolades to this very day.
Reading from Top to Bottom...Hitchcock's Sophisticated Masterpiece
Not only does REAR WINDOW (RW) have Alfred Hitchcock's trademark wit, suspense, and romance (with a touch of friction) in spades, but it's one of his most well-crafted, cleverly-staged movies; in fact, even though RW is based on a Cornell Woolrich story, I can't imagine this story being told as effectively in any medium other than cinema. However, the technical accomplishments (explained most entertainingly in the DVD's documentaries) would be nothing without the engaging characters. James Stewart's neighbors are interesting enough to warrant their own movies, and in addition to providing a wry microcosm of New York City life (the only dated thing about it is the lack of air conditioning), they all reflect possible outcomes for the somewhat stormy romance between laid-up shutterbug Stewart and the luminous Grace Kelly as his upscale fashion maven inamorata. As Brent Spiner said while hosting a showing of RW on TNT, the real perversion of the film is Stewart's reluctance to commit to the irresistible Kelly! In fact, one of the things I like about the movie is the way it shows these two very different people gradually learning to compromise and work together. The piquant final shot shows that a woman can have a happy relationship with a man without submerging her own personality -- refreshing for the 1950s! Great supporting cast, too, including Wendell Corey, Raymond Burr in one of his last bad-guy roles before PERRY MASON, and the scene-stealing Thelma Ritter. Incidentally, the restored special edition RW DVD was put together just in time to include Georgine Darcy ("Miss Torso"), then one of the last surviving cast members. Darcy died earlier this year; she will be missed.
now i know why Alfred Hitchcock is a legend....
after watching this movie.... i really have to admit that Alfred Hitchcock is a legend... this movie does proves he is a master of suspense till now... no one can ever challenges the greatness of Alfred Hitchcock!

why?? watch this movie,and you will know... there is a remake for this movie...which the star was performed by Christoper reeves...which does not work very well compared to this original masterpiece..Alfred has chosen a perfect actor to become the star of this movie,which is none other than James Stewart.. he and the princess of Monaco (grace Kelly) have played excellently in this movie... the story contains enough suspense for audiences!

at first,before watching this movie..i really thought that this will be a slow paced and boring movie....juz like titanic,Cleopatra, Barry Lyndon, my fair lady and etc...(it doesn't mean that those movie are bad..but instead great,except for titanic)..but after watching it...i was surprised to see the power of the movie!! the story is quiet different compared to other movie!!!! only a master like Alfred Hitchcock can direct a movie like this!!!!

i have to give this movie 10/10*** this movie is perfect, and watchable for everyone... no pornography or sex scenes...and full of suspense...

listen to my advice... a great movie won't need a sex scene..... and here Alfred Hitchcock has proved it in this movie!! the remake contain sex scenes...but not great enough!! another movie is psycho (1960)from Alfred Hitchcock... no sex scenes...but truly one of the greatest horror psychotic movie!! even silence of the lambs and seven are not as good as this movie! the sequel to psycho is psycho 2 and psycho 3...i haven't watch psycho 2...but psycho 3 contains a lot of porn...not even great movie after all...just watchable...

this is what i'm trying to say... if you found a movie from Alfred Hitchcock,watch it!! no matter whether it is expensive or it!!! because you won't regret!!!!!

Hitchcock, Simple and Sweet
Alfred Hitchcock finds a way to take a person who is doing the wrong thing and make him a hero, another example of the genius that was the director. Jimmy Stewart plays Jeff Jeffries, a world famous photographer who broke his leg and is wheel-chair bound. In an age before video games, computers, cable TV, for that matter widespread TV viewing, boredom was adverted by leaving the apartment and doing something. Well, Jeffries and his wheel chair couldn't leave the apartment, so he has to fill his hours by eavesdropping on the neighbors across the courtyard from his bedroom. The entire apartment complex may be one of the greatest set designs of all time, an entire building as a set, looking fantastic, like an actual apartment that could be found anywhere, and the source for the success of the film. An unconvincing set, something that looks fake would take away from the real tension that ensues. Jeffries is wrong in watching all of his neighbors going through their lives each night, as we are told by his physical therapist, Stella (Thelma Ritter), tells him at the beginning of the movie. One night, while Jeffries is looking out the window while going in and out of sleep, he thinks he sees a neighbor kill someone (Raymond Burr). Not sure, he discusses it with his girlfriend, the radiant and beautiful Grace Kelly as Lisa Fremont, and convinces her to go over to the man's apartment to look for clues. That is the setup and Hitchcock pumps up the tension by allowing the audience to see everything the same way Jeffries does, through the rear window of his apartment. There are very few shots that do not originate from somewhere in Jeffries' apartment, a simplistic approach that makes it all seem so real. Hitchcock also fills all of the other apartments with characters that interest Jeffries and ourselves, plus adds a song writer to a studio apartment who supplies the soundtrack to the movie. Every detail shown early in the movie comes into play later in the movie. Hitchcock never cheats, and we are left wondering what will happen next. Rear Window may be the simplest movie ever made, proving you don't have to blow up 700 cars to create a truly tense and spine-tingling movie.
An Interesting Psychological Thriller
One of the most remarkable things about Rear Window is the way in which the perspective of the cinematography contributes to a feeling of claustrophobia for the viewer as we experience everything outside of the protagonist's apartment from his point of view looking out of his window as he recuperates from a broken leg. The film is an interesting commentary on voyeurism, privacy, and gender although I wish that the plot had been a bit more developed than it was and that the audience was given more context for the murder of the villain's wife, the event which drives the action in the movie. I also wish that the conflicted feelings of the protagonist in reference to marrying his girlfriend had been dealt with in a fuller sense.
Did I miss something?
I had heard a lot about this film so was really looking forward to seeing it. I watched it in the company of my wife and her sister and at the end all three of us felt the same about it as my review below. I found it a huge disappointment - it trundled along at a slow pace and I kept waiting for something to happen which would be thrilling or suspenseful etc - typically Hitchcock. I am still waiting. I kept wondering, if someone is a professional photographer with a massive telephoto lens at his disposal, why did he not take any photographs. Isn't that what voyeurs do? Also, could someone tell me the purpose of the back massages - I am no masseuse but there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to them. This movie was a horrible waste of my time.
Overrated Suspense Flick
Rear Window is certainly well shot and the suspense is there. However, the mystery isn't. It's very predictable. That's fine, but unfortunately Stewart isn't a very convincing actor. Coming off of "Vertigo", I was thankful he was portraying a photographer (Jeff). Well, this is supposed to be a "tough" photographer who wears boots, treks through jungles and eats grizzly tribal foods in foreign lands. He doesn't look or act "tough" in any way.

There was a scene near the beginning of the film where Jeff was supposed to doze off, not being able to stay awake and watch out his window any longer. It looked more like he was having a stroke than falling asleep. If a Hollywood actor can't convincingly fall asleep, that's a problem.

The film is filled with just downright unrealistic events.

To go through some of the more extreme examples: At the end of the film after Jeff falls from the window, the policeman pokes his head out to report a full confession with multiple details. This was 10 seconds after they pulled the killer off of Jeff. All that in 10 seconds? I don't think so.

Prior to that, Jeff was hanging only by his fingers/hands on the ledge. He has a big, strong looking man pushing on him but somehow his fingers have superman strength (yes, that is a 1998 Rear Window remake jab at Christopher Reeve). Of course, it's only when the police stop the killer that he falls.

The scene prior to this with his camera flashes was the dumbest killer/victim scene I've ever seen. Basically, the killer is standing at one end of the room and Jeff in his wheelchair at the other. He puts a bulb in his flash and sets it off, temporarily blinding the killer. The camera focuses close in on him rubbing his eyes, stopping him in his tracks then recovering. He takes one more step, and this whole process repeats about 4 or 5 times until he finally reaches him. Of course, it's at this point that the police coincidentally show up and he's able to scream for help. It's comical.

Earlier in the film, Jeff's girlfriend is being strangled/attacked. He and his nurse just watch. He squirms like a pansy and says "Oh gee, what do we do?" Oh gee, golly whiz, what do you do? Well for one, if someone's life is in serious danger, you don't do nothing. You could scream. Yes, screaming out and saying "HEY A**HOLE, I CALLED THE POLICE! WE SEE YOU ATTACKING HER!" would actually be a rational thing to do. But, the police magically show up literally 15 seconds after he calls them and save the day.

The problem is all of these unrealistic scenes were unnecessary. They could have easily been replaced with realistic alternatives. Great movies don't require the viewer to throw rationality out the window (no pun intended). For that reason, I feel the film is quite overrated. I also think the Freud analysis of the movie some people have like "it's a take on society's obsession with voyeurism" is complete nonsense. No, it's actually not. It's actually a crime-suspense film about a nosy, bored neighbor stumbling upon a murder - not a message to viewers about society's inner perversions.
Disappointed - AGAIN!
Alfred Hitchcock......Oh dear, I'm going to upset a lot of people here. But he doesn't quite do it for me. So far I've sat through the 39 steps, North by northwest, Rear window and Psycho and so far only the latter has really entertained me. The premise of the film is great one....A guy laid up in bed, believes he witnesses a murder from his bedroom window, and goes about proving it. I like the idea, but Stewart's inkling and further surmises are so fat outweighed by the evidence brought to his bedside, that he'd be registered mentally ill if he'd continued with his allegations in real life...He is of course proved right! It reminds me a lot of 12 angry men, of which I have the exact same criticism. WHERE'S YOUR GODDAM EVIDENCE!!!!

So what is my problem with Hithcock? Well I guess I'm of an age where thrillers have been made as being a lot more gritty...see Se7en, French connection and I suppose I'm basing my reaction to any other thriller upon what I've been brought up with. To me, there is a whole heap of plot-holes and lack of realism, that I just feel the audience of the day must have been very naive. But that isn't the case as films such as 'M' and Casablanca to name but two have proved.

OK, so I understand that a film doesn't have to be realistic to be entertaining....Was the Wizard of Oz realistic...I don't think so, and to be fair I did find this film relatively entertaining, but I kept thinking it was supposed to be a thriller and those annoyances kept annoying me!!!!

Maybe, one day I will get it...Maybe one day I'll be watching this again and saying to my grandkids how great a film it is.....But I think it'll more likely be se7en or 'M'! May your thunder begin!
Possibly Hitchcock's best
Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" is one of his best known films, along with the likes of "Psycho", "Vertigo" & "North by Northwest". It is perhaps his most purely cinematic film while also showcasing his mastery of the art of suspense.

The story concerns a photographer (James Stewart) who is stuck in his apartment nursing a broken leg. He occupies his time by watching the actions of his neighbours. When he begins to suspect one of them of murder he enlists the aid of his socialite girlfriend (Grace Kelly) and his nurse (Thelma Ritter).

While the film's cast members didn't land any Oscar nominations there were nevertheless several fine performances. You could say that James Stewart's performance almost single-handedly carried the picture but that would seem dismissive of the quality support given by Thelma Ritter, Wendell Corey & Raymond Burr. Meanwhile, Grace Kelly looks exquisite in the female lead and she gives an excellent performance to boot.

The direction of Alfred Hitchcock and the screenplay of John Michael Hayes (both Oscar-nominated) are best considered in tandem. The separate threads of the intricate storyline are masterfully manipulated by Hitchcock with a visual approach that puts us squarely in Stewart's position. Also, I'm not usually one who notices sound design in films but the sound in this film is superb. Little wonder that it was nominated for an Oscar, as was the attractive cinematography. The Edith Head costumes also deserve special mention.

Ultimately, "Rear Window" is practically flawless. It's highly satisfying both as a piece of entertainment and as a piece of cinematic art. Anyone looking to experience Hitchcock at his best would be well advised to start here.
Rear Window
Hitchcock takes all the ingenuity of previous films like Rope and Lifeboat, and translates them to Rear Window, one of his true masterpieces. Taking place in one apartment where the viewer is forced to see what Jimmy Stewart's character sees, we are the voyeuristic witness to all the goings-ons of his neighbours. Frequently we look into their homes and become a passive viewer of their lives, wondering why they do what they do, what they will do next, and whether anyone can see us. Not only is it a technological treat, it is a pinnacle of tension and suspense, complemented by the twisting plot, excellent dialogue, and marvellous performances from all.

Stewart plays LB Jefferies, or Jeff, a well travelled photographer who hates the idea of settling down, of being trapped in the same place for any length of time. Ironically he has broken his leg, and is forced to stay in a wheelchair, in his apartment for a few months. Through his boredom, and his window, he watches his neighbours and the daily actions, giving them nicknames because of their behaviour. There is Miss Torso, an amorous young dancer, the newly-weds who like to keep themselves to themselves, Miss Lonely Hearts who spends her days planning how to catch the attention of men, and spends her nights failing. There is a tormented pianist whose music fills the air, and couple and their annoying dog. Lastly there is Lars Thorwald and his wife who are often arguing. Lisa is Jeff's girlfriend, a socialite who wants the opposite of Jeff- marriage, new dresses, and a place in high society. Their nurse Stella also visits to add some humour and spark. Jeff becomes suspicious when Thorwald's wife disappears, and at night he sees Thorwald acting strangely; taking small packages wrapped in paper from his flat, going back and forwards. Jeff becomes convinced that Thorwald has murdered his wife, and with Stella and Lisa begins to try to prove what they believe to a detective friend. They search for a body, for evidence that Miss Thorwald is alive etc, and soon we too are captivated, wondering if she is dead, or if it is all just a mistake.

The last 20 minutes of Rear Window must rank among the most suspenseful in movie history, and its influence can still be seen today even in modern horror movies such as Ringu. The voyeuristic qualities are impressive and effective, and we are truly brought into the room with Stewart. There is excitement, comedy, romance, mystery, all the trademarks of Hitchcock, all flawlessly shown. Kelly is beautiful and feisty, her entrance memorable, her character strong, and in the end we see that although she will succumb slightly to Jeff's needs, she will remain independent. Stewart is wonderful, giving yet another landmark performance conveying paranoia, annoyance and helplessness like few other actors can. Burr is frightening as Thorwald, and Ritter is extremely good as Thelma, adding much needed relief from the tension with tongue in cheek humour. Each of the neighbours is distinct and we come to understand them. Full of cynicism about people, love, romance and relationships, though not harsh, Rear Window is one of the great films of the 50's, and is still highly watchable and entertaining today.

9 out of 10
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