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Raging Bull
Drama, Biography, Sport
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as Jake La Motta
Cathy Moriarty as Vickie La Motta
Joe Pesci as Joey
Frank Vincent as Salvy
Nicholas Colasanto as Tommy Como
Theresa Saldana as Lenore
Mario Gallo as Mario
Frank Adonis as Patsy
Joseph Bono as Guido
Frank Topham as Toppy
Charles Scorsese as Charlie - Man with Como
Don Dunphy as Himself - Radio Announcer for Dauthuille Fight
Bill Hanrahan as Eddie Eagan
Storyline: When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though LaMotta wants his family's love, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it's his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life, he winds up in the ring alone.
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Possibly the best American picture made to date!
If you have not yet seen this picture, or are considering... Watch this film! Just another Of Martin Scorsese's masterpieces, the film has a perfect balance of truthful acting, dramatic circumstances and beautiful film making, a film you can appreciate on many levels. Not to mention Robert De Niro's Oscar winning performance (Without a question too). Every second he is on screen is visceral, also the relationship with Joe Pesci is one of pre-21st century's best partnership. The cinematography is notable and stunning especially during the actual boxing scenes, with an unforgettable opening! Love this film, director and lead man! 10 out of 10!
DeNiro doesn't come much better than this
(89%) You can tell that this is a Scorsese film through the sheer number of aggravated physical brawls (and not forgetting the no less aggressive verbal fights) which break out every 10 minutes or so, and that's not including any of actual boxing matches themselves. And that's this film's finest accomplishment in that Jake LaMotta isn't a nice guy (which is putting it lightly), and yet seeing him fail is no less painful or easy to witness. Predominantly this is a brilliantly well made with the black and white cinematography being more than just a gimmick as it fits into the stark tale, DeNiro I don't think has ever been better, and the use of score is some of the best in any movie. Overall a must watch.
Raging Bull follows the life of Jake LaMotta who is a hard-nosed, stubborn, punk from Bronx, NY.
Raging Bull is a movie of pure raw emotion of anger, jealously, and grief. A film directed by Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull is a prototypical Scorsese movie as it deals with themes of failure for a man to understand the complexities in life. Another Scorsese movie that emulates this theme is "Taxi Driver". Raging Bull chronicles a prize fighter's journey through success and ultimate failures. Scorsese puts the viewer in a position to understand that in a prize fighter's mind there is no room to see the things that are happening around him. You see a man who is blinded by his insecurities of jealously and paranoia toward a woman who he is infatuated with.

Raging Bull follows the life of Jake LaMotta who is a hard-nosed, stubborn, punk from Bronx, NY. LaMotta grows up in the slums where he uses his hard knock upbringing to become a boxing prize fighter who wins the middleweight championship. As the fame and money started rolling in, LaMotta loses millions as his jealously, greed, anger, and paranoia get the better of him. Before, LaMotta wins the title there's a flashback to the series of events that has resulted in present day where LaMotta is an old out of shape aspiring comedian.

From the beginning, Jake LaMotta and his brother Joey are the center of controversy. Joey doubles as Jake's sparring partner and fight organizer. Everything seems to take a turn when Jake and Joey make a trip to the public swimming pool where the camera angles to a 15 year old girl named Vickie that catches the eye of Jake. Joey who reiterates to Jake that he is already married; however, decides that he would invite Vickie out for the day. Eventually, Jake marries Vickie where he becomes consumed by the thought that she is cheating on him. By his own jealously and paranoia, LaMotta goes on to use his anger and confusion to win the title and later lose it after his guilt finally is too much to handle.

The movie dwindles down and after a few years Jake LaMotta announces his retirement and his plans for buying a nightclub. This leads to Vickie telling Jake that she wants a divorce and had been planning to since his retirement announcement. As things seem to be crashing down around LaMotta who is soon arrested for introducing men at the nightclub to under-age girls. LaMotta spends nights crying in his cell but eventually serves his time and returns home to New York. Scorsese intertwines the theme throughout the movie of a man being lost within himself confined by the emotions of greed, jealously, and paranoia. In the end it all culminates in his return when he meets up with Joey where they share a nervous moment.
A Great Film But ...
Scorsese's RAGING BULL is rightly up held as a wonderful piece of film making . Robert DeNiro takes method acting to new heights . Yeah we've all heard the story about how he built his physique up by going to the gym and then after these scenes were filmed he did nothing but sit on his butt and gorge himself on junk food so he'd physically resemble the bloated and overweight Jake La Motta in later life , but this story is worth repeating again and again . Look at the scene where DeNiro uses the public phone box , he raises his arm to speak into the receiver and you can subtly see DeNiro's pot belly bulging out from his shirt . All the performances are good but DeNiro totally dominates the movie

It's not just an acting masterclass we see . RAGING BULL is very much an art house movie brought to mainstream cinema by Scorsese . Look at the scenes inside the ring . I doubt if a boxer would recognise these scenes as being realistic as such since everything about them are highly stylised . It's not a film that shows the gritty realism of being inside a boxing ring where two modern day gladiators fight one another , it's a film that paints the pain , poetry and ugly beauty of boxing . On a technical front this is absolutely superlative where editing , cinematography , make up and sound mix all come together

" Hey Theo , if it's such a great movie why have you only given this eight out of ten ? "

True it's a great movie and you didn't need me to point that out and when I say it's a very honest movie this is not meant as a criticism , in fact I do wish more movies would be far more honest when it comes to biopics , it's just that the problem with RAGING BULL can be summed up with the scene that starts with Jake and his brother banging on the TV set wondering why they can't get a picture . It's a scene that's wonderfully structured and built upon by the screenwriters , it's absolutely brilliantly acted by all the cast and superbly directed by Scorsese. It's just that it culminates with some extreme domestic violence and finishes with a haunting , nay heartbreaking scene of two children standing there as members of their family are brutally assaulted by La Motta . Don't be confused by what I'm saying , I don't want want biopics to be revisionist sycophants charters , it's just that for a movie to work perfectly the main protagonist must achieve some sort of empathetic connection with the audience and this is where RAGING BULL fails somewhat
Modern-day Citizen Kane. It stands the test of time.
Raging Bull has been raved as the best movie of the 80s and currently ranks number 4 on AFI's list of 100 Greatest Films. I disagree with both, but I do see why some people would think so. It is the most important movie of the decade.

Raging Bull is a genius piece of cinema. The way the boxing scenes, cinematography and all else was done with simple tricks that make for a great flick. Citizen Kane was perhaps the first movie to use genius camera tricks and filming techniques. Movies with genius filming tricks are equivalent to, or sometimes surpass, heavily computer-generated masterpieces like the new Planet of the Apes movies. It shows that less can be more. It can also symbolize a part in the movie and give a scene deep-meaning. That is why I agree with this being the best movie Martin Scorsese ever directed.

Raging Bull tells the story of middleweight boxing legend, Jake LaMotta's rise and fall. He is explosive temper is fuelled by his personal demons of frustration, jealousy, fear and paranoia of his professional and personal lives leads him to the top of the boxing world and destroys his personal life, where he eventually loses everybody that supported him. De Niro was so fantastic and was very deserving of his Oscar. Everybody in the supporting cast was excellent too. This is not a movie about boxing. That is why some people may not like this. If you think of it as a movie about boxing, you will not understand the message or meaning that this movie is trying to convey. Even if you don't think of it as a boxing movie, it may take a few watches to understand the depth. The main theme, which is probably the most important and the movie's main message, is how bad it is when violence consumes one's life: he responds with any kind of situation even remotely negative with the only way he knows how--the monster he becomes in the ring. If you can't figure out the message, you will not think this movie is totally amazing. Once figured out, you will love the movie that much more. Like Citizen Kane or It's a Wonderful Life, the main message is one that is always relevant and comes with a strong impact.
Raging Bull is simply great.
I went to the movie store, bought Raging Bull, quickly drove home, put Raging Bull in the DVD player, and then sat on the couch. The boxing bell loudly rung right after I pressed play, and I felt as if I was the one in the ring getting ready for the fight since I was so nervous about being disappointed after seeing this film since my expectations were so high. I can give you one word that I said after I saw this film, 'Wow'. Raging Bull exceeded my expectations.

Raging Bull isn't a movie about boxing. It's about Jake LaMotta's (Robert De Niro) life outside of the boxing ring. It's about frustration, rage, jealousy, deterioration, family, self confidence, etc. We see how Jake deals with all of his problems outside of the ring. We see all of the regretful choices that he makes that end up coming back to haunt him. We see how he had everything when he was on top, but then is soon left with nothing, nothing worth living for. We see the rise and fall of Jake LaMotta's life.

Martin Scorsese does an amazing job with Raging Bull. He creates a masterpiece with an adaptation and representation of Jake LaMotta's life. Yes folks, for those who didn't know, this movie was based on a true story. His directional take on this film is near perfect, and he is one of the big reasons why Raging Bull works almost perfectly.

The acting in this film is excellent. Robert De Niro is spectacular, his representation of Jake LaMotta is near perfect. He deserved the Oscar that he received for his role in this film. Joe Pesci also turns in a great performance as Jake LaMotta's brother (Joey LaMotta) and also deserved the Oscar he was nominated for. Cathy Moriarty does a great job as the battered wife of Jake LaMotta, her delivery of lines and expressions made me believe that she was the wife of Jake LaMotta. The rest of the cast does an overall good job, they play their part like they should, and they all do it well.

Overall, Raging Bull is a must see film for all of the movie lovers out there. Even if you don't love movies, you should go out and pick up this film as soon as possible. I actually liked that this movie was in black and white, I honestly think that it makes it work better. I had my doubts about the black and white colouring when I picked it up, but I now actually prefer and liked that they shot it in black and white. I can see how people believe that the ending dragged on a bit, and I can agree with that to a point, but I believe they needed to show those scenes since that's actually how it all played out in LaMotta's life. Raging Bull works on all cylinders, from the film editing to the cinematography, it's just truly great all around.

Atypical Sports Story
The usual trajectory in a sports movie involves some underprivileged character discovering he has a talent, being put through a rigorous training by a mentor, riding that talent to national prominence, being undone by personal demons, and finally rediscovering himself. "Rocky" didn't fit the formula and neither does "Raging Bull." "Rocky," I suspect, broke the mold not so much in the course of a search for originality but in order to leave the way open for a sequel. Or, as it turns out, about five or six sequels. But "Raging Bull" dispenses entirely with the formula and follows Jake LaMotta from early in his career to his ultimate degradation as an unfunny host at a seedy bar in New York. And that's it, except for the possibility of a reconciliation between him and his estranged brother, left unresolved.

Scorcese's direction is simply fine. It's identifiably his own, of course, with inserts of home movies, fist fights over girls, an edgy semi-improvisational quality in the delivery of dialog, slow motion punches to the mouth, a musical score that leans heavily on Italian opera and contemporary pop songs. The plot, for whatever reason, doesn't integrate too well its chief themes -- LaMotta's obsession with his wife's fidelity and his career in the ring. You could almost eliminate one of the plot strings and have enough left over for an independent feature. But that's a minor carp in the overall context because the overwhelming presence of Robert DeNiro as Jake LaMotta pretty much manages to pull them together so the seams are not noticeable.

So the movie depends on DeNiro's performance -- and does he deliver! In real life DeNiro is a sensitive, thoughtful, and private guy, but he does a superb job of dumbing his character down and making him sympathetic and ugly at the same time. Let's say that his LaMotta doesn't show a great deal of insight, whether running around in a paranoid frenzy or pounding an enemy into pulp in the ring. And he has one scene that equals anything he's put on the screen before. A down-and-outer, arrested for serving minors in his cheap night club, and thrown in jail because he is unable to raise a few thousand dollars for bail, he repeatedly smashes his fists against the wall and pounds his forehead on the cement, all the while ululating like a wounded animal. What a performance.

He's well supported by Joe Pesci as the brother who is no more insightful but at least has a hold on common sense. Cathy Moriarty is adequate as LaMotta's abused wife.

I'm driven to add something completely irrelevant to an assessment of the film. When it first came out, I was part of a seminar in the Psychiatry Department at the University of Connecticut and we were dealing with delirium, derived from Latin "de liro" -- "I rave." I desperately wanted to somehow sneak into the discussions a play on words involving the title of the film -- "Raving Bull" staring Robert DeLiro. I never found a way of bringing it up without appearing nuts. Now I've got it out of my system, thanks to, after a quarter of a century. Pardon me. (Wiping away tears of relief and gratitude.) I'd like to thank you all for reading this. I owe everything I have to my coach (thanks, Butch) and my Mom and Dad. (Sob.) Much of the credit goes to my cat, Josefina, and to my Mousterian ancestors. (Breaking into a lachrymose cascade.)

This is a violent and sometimes bloody movie. Scorcese spares us nothing in the way of physical or emotional brutality. But it really shouldn't be missed. A good job on the part of everyone concerned.
Not about boxing but about rage and
Robert Deniro as Jake La Motta in Raging bull is a boxer who's violence in the ring spills out into his home life. This not a boxing movie per se but a character study of a near pshcotic pugilist. THis guy is just overflowing with testosterone and has a severly unbalanced mental state. Any thing that gets in his way he promptly smashes. Raging bull is a study of male rage which knows no bounds. Jake La Motta has a massive inferiority complex which drives him to the heights of brutality. IN the ring, Jake is the pride of his neighborhood. Outside the ring however he hurts his family and friends. He wants to maintain control over his wife and does so through bullying and phsical abuse. He realizes she is the better person and feels she must be having an affair whenever he is away. His performance in the ring takes away from his sex life with her. HE cannot lose control of the things he feels he has a right to. In the end who loses everything; his wife his brother's support, and his status as a boxer. WIth age his violent passions subdued in part by his great weight he becomes a mere shadow of his former self. In closing this is a brilliant picture that should have swept the 1980 academy awards. One of my alltime top ten.
Robert De Niro Goes the Distance for Martin Scorsese
In flashback, flabby ex-fighter Robert De Niro (as Jake La Motta) recalls his life, rising from Bronx, NY obscurity to become a World Championship-winning boxer. Unfortunately, the "Raging Bull" finds his soul imprisoned in the boxing ring, with demons on the ropes…

This is an amazing piece of work.

The Robert Chartoff/Irwin Winkler production team does for the seedy side of boxing what they did for the more reputable "Italian Stallion" in "Rocky" (1976). Even without the weight gain, Mr. De Niro certainly deserved his "Best Actor" accolades. Director Martin Scorsese is at an artistic peak and, arguably, should have won as many "Best Director" awards. The supporting performances, from brother Joe Pesci (as Joey) and wife Cathy Moriarty (as Vickie), are also outstanding. Mr. Scorsese, with exemplary editing by Thelma Schoonmaker and superb cinematography by Michael Chapman, creates often wondrous sequences of film art...

One of the best ever…

And, shout out to young apprentice Billy Chartoff, who was learning the ropes in style with "Raging Bull"; remember walking to the movies with sister Jenny from (was it) Apaquoque (or Georgica) Road, EH. Best wishes to you and your siblings. See you in the movies!

********** Raging Bull (11/14/80) Martin Scorsese ~ Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty, Frank Vincent
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