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Raging Bull
Drama, Biography, Sport
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as Jake La Motta
Cathy Moriarty as Vickie La Motta
Joe Pesci as Joey
Frank Vincent as Salvy
Nicholas Colasanto as Tommy Como
Theresa Saldana as Lenore
Mario Gallo as Mario
Frank Adonis as Patsy
Joseph Bono as Guido
Frank Topham as Toppy
Charles Scorsese as Charlie - Man with Como
Don Dunphy as Himself - Radio Announcer for Dauthuille Fight
Bill Hanrahan as Eddie Eagan
Storyline: When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though LaMotta wants his family's love, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it's his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy. This kind of rage helped make him a champ, but in real life, he winds up in the ring alone.
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There is a reason why they are referred to as the greatest....
From my understanding, before this film was made, Martin Scorsese, arguably America's greatest filmmaker, was at the end of his rope. He was about to call it quits. His good friend, arguably America's greatest film actor, Robert De Niro, approached him with a book he had read. The title of the book was Raging Bull. After some coaxing, Robert finally convinced his friend to do the film, and it resulted in a MASTERPIECE!!!!!

"Raging Bull" is the story of former boxing middleweight champion Jake La Motta, and his penchant for self-destruction. La Motta is not in the least a nice guy. He is well, a jerk, who eventually drives any and everyone who has ever cared about him out of his life. He evolved from a lean, trim boxer to an overweight loser who owns a night club.

This film currently ranks on AFI's 100 Greatest Movies at #24, and for very good reason. It contains arguably THE GREATEST acting performance in the history of cinema, by arguably the greatest actor in the history of cinema, directed by arguably the greatest director in the history of cinema. But together, nothing needs to be argued, they are the greatest tag team in the history of cinema. Robert De Niro is flawless, superb, excellent, amazing, any positive adjective is warranted by his performance. There is a reason why they call him the greatest actor. This is it. (also "Taxi Driver") Naturally, Scorsese's direction is flawless, and Thelma Schoonmaker's editing will pretty much speak for itself. The black-and-white(or tinted monochrome) was an ingenious touch, similar to William Friedkin's gunshot at the very end of "The French Connection". It is the most beautiful movie I have ever seen, if it were a woman I could only beg to drink its bathwater. Joe Pesci is excellent as Jake's brother Joey, as is Cathy Moriarty as Jake's long suffering wife. It is sad when you realize that De Niro will never act that great again, but you find solace in the fact that he once did. He is maybe my favorite actor, Scorsese maybe my favorite director, and I only hope to have a millionth of the impact they've had on film. Far superior to "Rocky", even though Rocky is very good and contains maybe the most inspirational theme song ever.

This film was criminally robbed of 1980's Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards, by "Ordinary People", another one of those dysfunctional family drama's. The Academy has since lost a huge amount of credibility, but I find solace in the fact that they honored De Niro with an award for Best Actor, in a performance that warrants two of them and makes me want to shine his shoes.

The film gets nothing less than a 10. It was voted the film of the 1980's decade. I agree wholeheartedly.

Scorsese and De Niro forever.
Raging, marvelously raging, one of the best, if not...
Raging Bull - a movie about a man with bad problems.

What kind of problems... Well a lot. I was disturbed when I watched this, this beautiful cinematic experience. The opening, the distance, De Niro dancing in the ring with a leopard robe, black and white, ohh.... The best cinematography, it is something very VERY beautiful. Words can't express how far my love for this movie has gone and is going. I will give it a second watch...

With all that said, I think you'll know just how much I like Raging Bull. So, Raging Bull is about Jake LaMotta, the most mentally complex protagonist ever. A man who is number #1 in boxing, he is in his eyes at the top of the world. While he is at the top of the world, everything he does and stands for outside the ring get's completely mauled.

My most interesting analysis is Jake's psychology. Does he suffer from some mental dis- order? Or is this man seriously just like this naturally? His name is so accurate, he truly is a bull. A raging one. He does so many things that I think are just crazy. His sexual jealousy, his anger, every inch of detail he looks at, what the hell is wrong with him? I hated him, and that is a good thing. This character of Jake is the most mental wise evil protagonist I have seen so far. This movie had some psychological thriller in it. And what can I say about the black and white cinematography? I loved it so much! It made the movie even darker. This movie is a masterpiece you need to watch, the best movie that has boxing in it, and just all around one of the smartest movies I have ever watched.
That was a bird, it's dead now !!!!
There has been a consistent complaint against Martin Scorsese regarding the fact that the protagonists in most of his films are horrible people and Scorsese makes us watch these horrible people do horrible things and so it is very difficult to find anything likable about them. While I agree that many of Scorsese's protagonists are questionable individuals, but Scorsese doesn't just use them and make them do reprehensible acts on screen just for the shock factor. He has always attempted to deeply study these characters. He explores the environment surrounding his characters and in a way he seeks to find the source and the reasons behind the behaviours and natures of his characters. His protagonists aren't always likable, but they are pretty much always interesting and multi-layered.

Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Cathy Moriarty is a biopic based on the life of famed boxing legend Jake Lamotta. The main character is certainly not an individual that you would like to spend too much time with. He is a misogynist, he is massively insecure, he is violent and regularly assaults his wife throughout the film. The boxing ring and the fights are used as a dramatic theme to show and reveal what Lamotta is thinking and what he is going through emotionally. The boxing ring also acts as a means for Jake to legally vent his frustration and all his accumulated anger. Jake Lamotta, in the film at least, is the result of the environment that he grew up in. It is hinted from time to time that maybe he had to spend his childhood in the midst of extensive poverty, which probably has made him as hard and as abrasive as he is shown to be. He has always aimed for the stars and wanted to achieve his goals without anyone else's help. This is a reason why he always refrains from taking the assistance of the mafia, just to glorify his independence. He views everything as a goal or a trophy. The house that he has bought for his father is a trophy to him and a symbol of self assurance that he is a big shot. His car is a trophy which he uses to woo his then would be wife Vickie. But this uncontrolled materialistic mindset gives birth to a massive sense of misogyny. When he meets his future wife Vickie, he only sees her superficial features like her figure, her legs, her cheekbones, etc. So in a way he sees her only as a human trophy and like everything he has achieved before, he makes it his mission to win her. But once he gets her, he never makes an effort to get close to her emotionally. Another thing that is so apparent about the character of Lamotta is his insecurity. After his marriage, this insecurity of his constantly makes him suspicious about his wife's supposed infidelity which slowly drives him mad. These insecurities lead to volcanic eruptions of rage throughout the film, and the ironic thing about it is that the rage that initially made him a world renowned boxer in the ring also destroys his personal life. The eccentric and violent life he leads ultimately also makes it difficult for him to maintain his performances in the boxing ring.

Apart from Jake Lamotta and Vickie, another brilliantly interesting character is that of Joey played by Joe Pesci. His back and forth dialogue with De Niro is absolutely fascinating. The two brothers clearly need each other and really love each other, but the underlying anger between the two brothers is also apparent.

The direction by Martin Scorsese is another character in the film effectively. He makes us completely engaged in the plight of this character. The direction is so intense, that you can't help but feel drained out. You feel the punches, you feel the knockouts and you can't help but feel connected with Lamotta even if you hate him. The fight scenes are some of the most intense scenes I have ever seen. The cinematography is awe inspiring. The film is in black and white and it looks beautiful. I think Scorsese made the film in black and white as a means to recapture the essence of the films in the 1940s and 1950s which are the decades portrayed in the movie.

Last but by no means least,I have to talk about the editing. Scorsese's long time collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker edits this film with a passion. The editing during the boxing scenes is just awe- inspiring. The zoom-ins, the slow motions, the tracking shots are all perfect.

As soon as the opening credits come on the screen with Lamotta jumping around and practicing his punches in the background in slow motion, I knew this was going to be a masterpiece. Interestingly while we look at Lamotta in slow motion in the opening credits sequence, throughout the film Scorsese shows us many things in slow motion from Lamotta's point of view which reveal what his mind is preoccupied with at that precise moment which range from lust, jealousy and rage.

Raging Bull is a masterpiece made by an auteur in his signature intense style. Jake Lamotta is not your regular hero. He is flawed and imperfect. But Scorsese's rich character study makes him iconic due to his imperfections in the movie and the film ends with a monologue sequence that is absolutely heartbreaking.
As perfect as perfect can be.
Raging bull is my favorite film. Robert de Niro's performance in this film is truly amazing and the direction from Scorsese and the script from Paul Schrader are flawless. The fight scenes are the most brutal that I have ever seen on film even though theres only like 12 minutes of them and the editing is simply brilliant. It should have earned Scorsese a best director oscar but at least they had enough sense to award de Niro the best actor oscar.

I'll come back to this film forever.
DeNiro doesn't come much better than this
(89%) You can tell that this is a Scorsese film through the sheer number of aggravated physical brawls (and not forgetting the no less aggressive verbal fights) which break out every 10 minutes or so, and that's not including any of actual boxing matches themselves. And that's this film's finest accomplishment in that Jake LaMotta isn't a nice guy (which is putting it lightly), and yet seeing him fail is no less painful or easy to witness. Predominantly this is a brilliantly well made with the black and white cinematography being more than just a gimmick as it fits into the stark tale, DeNiro I don't think has ever been better, and the use of score is some of the best in any movie. Overall a must watch.
One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made. An Excellent,Powerful And Unforgettable Masterpiece From Martin Scorsese And Robert De Niro
Raging Bull is one of the greatest films ever made,an excellent,powerful and unforgettable Masterpiece of cinema that combines amazing direction,powerful acting,beautiful music and stunning photography. All of those elements make Raging Bull Martin Scorsese,Robert De Niro and Film making at their best.

Based on the book of the same name and set from the 1940s to the 1960s,Raging Bull tells the true story of Jake LaMotta(Robert De Niro),a middleweight Boxer who is successful and rising to the top in the Boxing ring and wants to become the middleweight champion of the world. While Jake is doing well in the ring his personal life and troubled relationships with his wife Vicki(Cathy Moriarty)and brother Joey(Joe Pesci)lead to Jake's rise and fall in and out of the ring.

Released in 1980,Raging Bull despite being a modest Box Office success and receiving eight Academy Award nominations and winning two for best actor(Robert De Niro)and Best editing(Thelma Shoonmaker)received mixed reviews from critics because the violence and language and lost the Oscars for Best Picture and Director to Robert Redford's Ordinary People which is a fine film in it's own right. But overtime Raging Bull is now seen as a masterpiece and not only one of the greatest films ever made but also the greatest film of the 1980s. Right from it's terrific opening credits and first scene,Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull is a brilliant and powerful masterpiece on so many levels from the acting,direction and everything else is one the main reasons I love cinema so much. The movie is a great combination biopic,sports drama and art film giving viewers a movie that is both beautiful and ugly as well as brutal and harsh at the same time. Raging Bull was one of the last if not the last great film that came from the New Hollywood era that lasted from the late 60s into the 1970s even though the movie was released in 1980. The Black and White photography by Michael Chapman is fantastic,visually stunning and truly adds to the film giving the movie an accurate and stylish look to the 1940s and 50s as well the scenes inside and out of the Boxing ring. Chapman also uses smoke and lighting to great effect not giving the movie an incredible atmosphere but reflecting the characters state of mind. What also makes Raging Bull an outstanding film is the editing by Scorsese veteran Thelma Schoonmaker. The editing by Schoonmaker is sensational because we get freeze frames,fast cuts which give the movie a great pace and quickness that was ahead of it's time and holds up years later. The Boxing scenes in Raging Bull are thrilling,amazing and some of the bloodiest and most graphic Boxing scenes ever caught on film and directed with terrific skill,detail with Actions and sound effects and when every punch is thrown you not only hear the punches you feel them as well and there is devastating impact with each of the fight scenes. What I also love about each of the Boxing scenes is that all of them have a different tone and style with Scorsese mixing realism and exaggeration. The violence in Raging Bull is shocking and at times horrific and will disturb viewers but the violence fits with the movie's tone and spirit. Although the movie has Boxing the movie is more about the man Jake LaMotta than his profession. The portrayal of Jake LaMotta will obviously divide viewers when they watch the film because on one hand we feel sorry for Jake and some of the things he has to endure but on the other hand viewers will dislike Jake because of his abuse to his wife and self-destructive ways bringing his brutality outside of the ring. We also see Jake brought down by his own insecurities and paranoia which makes his rise and fall much more tragic. One of the reasons Raging Bull is amazing because it's not really a Boxing but more of a character study. The ending of Raging Bull is amazing and memorable because it gives Jake LaMotta a new beginning that is optimistic and positive. Will you feel differently about Jake LaMotta at the end? The movie greatly asks viewers that question and makes viewers answer the question themselves. A terrific and unforgettable ending.

The cast is amazing. Robert De Niro is excellent in one of finest acting performances in film history and gives his greatest performance as Jake LaMotta,with De Niro bringing emotion,intensity and anger to his Oscar winning role role. Cathy Moriarty is terrific,beautiful and sexy and Vicki LaMotta,Jake's second wife and holds her own against De Niro and Pesci. Joe Pesci is brilliant and fiery as Joey LaMotta,Jake's younger brother and has great scenes with De Niro. Frank Vincent is wonderful as Salvy,Joey's friend. Nicolas Colasanto is outstanding as Tommy Como,a Mob Boss that wants to help Jake. Mario Gallo(Mario),Theresa Saldana(Lenore)and Lori Anne Flax(Irma)give good performances as well.

The direction by Martin Scorsese is brilliant,powerful and some of best directing in movie history,with Scorsese using zooms,wide,high and low angle shots,a great tracking shot,close ups and use of slow motion while doing an amazing with the Boxing scenes. Outstanding direction,Scorsese.

The classic music by Pietro Mascagni is beautiful,mesmerizing and memorable and fits with the images and tone of the movie. Great music.

In final word,if you love Martin Scorsese,Robert De Niro or movies in general,I highly suggest you see Raging Bull,an excellent,brilliant and unforgettable masterpiece of cinema that deserves to be in every movie lover's collection. Highly Recommended. 10/10.
It really is harder to Stay At the Top than to Reach the Top; just because Life has No Justice.
Whoever is dissatisfied by Raging Bull, I'm sure they watched it with expectations of watching a sports movie, like Rocky. Despite the AFI chose Raging Bull as the #1 sports movie of all time, you can't expect to see the most breathtaking boxing match nor to witness the best crochet of boxing history. Raging Bull can only be classified as a drama/biography. Director Scorsese chose to go with black&white cinematography only to keep the young viewers away from this masterpiece of art. It's not fair to compare Rocky with Raging Bull. Rocky was a populist movie mostly for young viewers, and Raging Bull is a cinematic masterpiece. From a wide point of view, for instance, if you look at one of the Michelangelo's paintings; at first you see a nude woman, if you look longer and deeper you realize that her nudity expresses some thought, if you look continuously and give a life to it in your imagination you discover that the women are not just their bodies. Accordingly, like it is not enough looking once to a painting to understand what opinion does it defend; it is not reasonable and not fair to watch Raging Bull so as to see a sports movie. Also it is not reasonable to see Raging Bull only once. Raging Bull is one movie that, every time you watch it you get a better taste, every time you watch it you discover something new.

Raging Bull taught us that even if you are the best at some skill, even if you are the best of all; you need to create witnesses, admirers and supporters of your skill. It's the only way to reach the top. Moreover, it is harder to stay at the top than to reach the top. Not because someone better than you can defeat you, it's just because of the need to be accepted on every authority; like the Council of Judges, the Media and the Admiration of People. Director Scorsese draws benefit from the hypocrisy of fame. He empowers Raging Bull to make people ask to their conscience if the popular values that people choose can really cherish their values.

In Raging Bull, Jake La Motta was the best boxer of all, but people didn't like him. He was disrespectful, he was uncivilized, he was very ugly, he was arrogant, he was irritable and he didn't care; 'cause he believed himself. Despite the fact that he is the best, everybody disliked him. Soon, he was left alone; and in a very short time he lost everything he possessed. When he opened his eyes back to life, he found himself in prison. The scene that he is punching and butting the wall facing him is one of the most heart rending memorable scenes of the whole cinema history.

At the end, he finally throws in the towel of believing himself, he loses his faith and becomes to learn what he never wanted to learn: The Fame. He starts running his own business at a night club under his name, working as a stand-up comedian at the stage. People laugh at him for the jokes he made out of his memories, the jokes paraphrasing the bitter facts of life; including the very famous joke of the British King Richard-III which he said in the year 1485 just before dying: "A horse, a horse... My kingdom for a horse!". There we understand truly: For every joke there lies a share of a fact underneath.
A talented yet emotionally self-destructive boxer's life outside of the ring is destroying any chance that he has to be truly successful.
Right from the start, he's fighting. Fighting in the ring, fighting with the judges, and most of all, fighting with himself. After the first match that we see him in, we see that Jake La Motta is just as much of a fighter with his gloves off as he is with them on, possibly even more so. His home life is very troublesome; with a marriage where every interaction results in an argument, and a brother/manager who only patronizes him even more, being a great boxer is not what he thought. With every winning decision, his life out from under the stadium lights becomes worse. He meets an 18-year-old girl, and her personality is, shall we say, flirtatious in a bad way. It doesn't take long for his jealousy and covetousness of his young wife soon becomes a major distraction, and as the middleweight title gets closer, so does his demise. Considered by most as one of the best sports movies of all time (alongside Field of Dreams, Rudy, Remember the Titans, and Hoosiers), Raging Bull is a great film not only about boxing, but also about a man who is a boxer. One major difference between this film and fellow boxing classic Rocky is that the movie shows more about life outside of the ropes than it does inside. With the total screen-time of actual bouts at roughly 15 minutes, the sport is simply the background to the story of La Motta. What this movie truly is about is a man who is unstable in his everyday life, and he struggles to keep himself from ruining his own career. In this film, Robert De Niro delivers one of the best performances not only of his career, but also possibly of all time. Famously gaining 60 lbs. to play the last part of this character's story, De Niro's performance as the real-life boxer La Motta brought the very intense story to the big- screen. As one of his two Oscar-winning performances, De Niro turned in everything he had, and came home with the deserved recognition. In addition to the Best Actor, Raging Bull also was nominated for Picture, Sound, Supporting Actor for Pesci, Supporting Actress for Moriarty, Director, Sound, Cinematography, and Film Editing, winning the last one. I personally thought that the sound, cinematography, and directing were definitely worthy of their Academy recognition. This film came 4 years after director Martin Scorsese's successful film Taxi Driver, which also featured De Niro. Like Taxi Driver, this film also incorporates the social ineptness of a man, and how this difficulty has an effect on the people around him. At some point between after 1976, Martin Scorsese had become severely addicted to cocaine, and an excessive dosage one day left him in a hospital room. While visiting his great friend, Robert De Niro brought up the idea of making a film based on a book that he had recently read about an old boxer. Though at first hesitant, Scorsese delved into the story of La Motta, and he made this classic as a result. Now I must remind you, this is a rated R movie, and it is deservedly so. As one may expect, the boxing sequences are pretty brutal, with blood and pain visibly flowing throughout. Outside of the ring, both Jake and Joey La Motta engage in many heated arguments, and the language within these scenes is R-worthy in itself. Though nothing is shown, Jake's wife Vicki is very "friendly" with people, and we hear about it in pretty specific detail. With these warnings listed, I still fully promote this film. This is truly a classic film, and if you are able to endure the violence and language, Raging Bull is a must-see for anyone interested in cinematic history. This is definitely a film that requires one's attention. It is not a movie that necessarily keeps the viewer on the edge of his/her seat, and it is more about the story. The pacing is slow at times, and it can lull for a small amount of time. I definitely loved this film, and I wholly recommend this film.
one of the most powerful movies, ever!
From the story of a one time middle weight champion of the world and his apparent necessity for internal conflict and self destruction, America's greatest director in the history of cinema has carved a masterpiece of a feature, teaming up with the greatest actor of his generation in order to establish what will no doubt go down in history as one of the most powerful films of all time. "Raging Bull", directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert deNiro in the brilliant performance that ensured him a well deserved Academy Award, is a raw feature film that will have you stunned at its conclusion and leave you reeling in your theatre, couch or bed until the final credit has finished rolling off the screen.

The film, adapted from another source, revolves around the rise and fall of Jake LaMotta (deNiro), an ambitious middle weight fighter who has struggled for years along with his manager brother (an unforgettable Joe Pesci) to get a shot at the title for the middle weight champion of the world. Frustrated with himself and the life that he's had to lead, LaMotta presents the complex mind of a self destructive man who's inhumanity and self-destructive nature push him away from all the people in the world that love him and ultimately transform him from a prize fighter into an overweight sleaze with nothing but the clothes on his back. From the flawless and gripping boxing scenes to the raw yet accurate portrayal of his abusive habits towards both his brother and wife, "Raging Bull" succeeds on absolutely every level.

DeNiro's performance in the film is unquestionably his finest piece of work in his own personal career, if not throughout the history of cinema altogether. Completely believable as a boxer, he furthermore went on a diet to put on 60 pounds for his scenes situated in the latter half of the film when he has hit rock bottom which is testament to both his dedication and his unparalleled skill of establishing a believable character. Joe Pesci is absolutely brilliant as his portrayal of Jake's brother, Joey LaMotta, and considering the fact that was one of his first feature films in the spotlight, he completely delivers a character who loves his brother unquestionably but who also has internal struggles regarding his own nature and his methods of dealing with his brother. I fell in love with Joe Pesci due to his performance here, and he is clearly one of the more talented and gifted actors within Hollywood.

Scorsese is also in top form, and you can feel his presence, his brilliance and his uncompromising dedication to showing you the real life and times of Jake LaMotta in every single piece of footage presented to you on the screen. Martin Scorsese illustrates the reason why he is considered by many to be cinema's greatest film director of all time as he takes you on a journey of Jake LaMotta's personal and public existence. Scorsese doesn't leave anything out, and his brilliance obviously lies within the fact that he can illustrate everything about a character in the simplest of scenes to make you empathise but simultaneously make you comprehend the various fundamental layers of such a despicable character in cinema history. And on top of that, he can make you like the character and hate the character at the exact same time - a brilliance unprecedented throughout Hollywood and surely testament to Scorsese's superiority to directors such as Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood who, despite having tremendous talent, cannot realistically present characters to the extent that Scorsese can.

Further supporting cast members, Cathy Moriarty and Frank Vincent deliver completely credible characters with Moriarty well deserving of her Oscar Nomination for her performance as Vickie. The editing was completely flawless and top notch throughout the entire feature with Scorsese's other partner - Thelma Schoonmaker - bringing Scorsese's incredible vision to life once more without a single complaint in the world. Brilliant cinematography ensured a visually compelling piece of work, exemplified further by an Oscar Nod towards this element of the picture also.

All in all, this is arguably the finest achievement from the Scorsese-DeNiro partnership, and it delivers everything that you would predict from our beloved Martin Scorsese. Love, deceit, hate, an underlying theme of violence, some of the best acting ever put on film as well as some of the most brutal and compelling sequences of boxing you'll ever see: all are shown with flamboyance and an honest brutality that we've come to accept as the trademark of Martin Scorsese in this poignant tale of one man's annihilation of self. And who is the only director who could realistically bring this to life? We all know the answer.

Well done, Mr Scorsese. Regardless of what the pretentious fools responsible for the decisions that the Academy makes, the people are fully aware of who the best director in town is.

"Raging Bull" is flawless and perfect. 10 out of 10, all the way.
Scorsese's boldest film yet
Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull is not just a boxing movie, or a man who talks about sex as a joke, but it is the story of the life of Jake La Motta (played by Robert De Niro) who uses his anger and rage in and out of the ring. De Niro plays La Motta with brilliance but in order to play him he had to learn how to box first, both De Niro and Pesci give their career's best performances that really deserved Oscars for their wonderful work, especially Cathy Moriarty for her well played performance as La Motta's 2nd wife. Scorsese has made a masterpiece out of this film that tells us how Jake La Motta was in real life and how he would destroy his life out of the ring. The movie also deserved a lot more academy awards than it actually got, but it deserved best actor for De Niro (for which it actually won), best picture, best director, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best sound editing, and best cinematography. On an episode of Siskel & Ebert where they both selected this film as the best movie of the 1980's I absolutely agree with them but Siskel included another true statement that said "After you're done watching this movie you feel like you actually know that person." and I did feel as if I knew him in real life.
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