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Storyline: The mercenary Royce; the military Isabelle; the Russian soldier Nikolai; the San Quentin criminal Stans; the Sierra Leone militia Mombasa; the drug lord Cuchillo; the Yakuza Hanzo; and the Doctor Edwin awake in free fall but they succeed to open their parachutes landing in a jungle. Soon they discover that they are on another planet and they are prey of aliens in a deadly hunting game, and they need to join forces to destroy their predators and survive.
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an example of a good sequel, though not a great one
Nimrod Antal is a competent director of B movies. At least, that's how he's proved himself so far (last year's little neo-noir Armored), and Predators continues his streak of work in that area. This time he takes an assignment from Robert Rodriguez, who only produces (and did an uncredited write of the script), and his work here is just... fine. Nothing too special, a good eye for action, and knows what made the original Predator work so well and translates that into this new film, which has a group of various mercenaries and criminals plopped into 'The Most Dangerous Game' with predators on an unknown planet.

What is so special about the film? Well, that may depend on how much of a fan you are of the original film (and whether or not you're die-hard about one film or about those pesky sequels with the Aliens). I liked the original, and it pumpsup the blood of any masculine man's heart when watching such guys like Arnold and Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura out in the jungle fighting a big beast a mask and heat-seeking goggles. That film, and to a lesser extent this one, just did what it needed to do for its audience: give some tense action and some characters who have no choice but to eat grit and fire guns for all they're worth.

Where this film might falter is in some expectability, and some cliché in the script. Only one big misfire happens in the story, and its due in part to the writing of a character and its actor, Laurence Fishburne as "the one that got away", a scavenger from a seasons-before 'game'. He comes in and does a jerky little performance until he (spoilers) betrays everyone. But it doesn't really have much consequence; you could take him out of the film and not really lose too much of the narrative (there's also another double-cross, also expected, but at least it provides a few good scene-chewing scenes with the certain actor). On-screen Adrian Brody gets to do a solid Clint Eastwood impression, Alice Braga looks good to look at, Danny Trejo needed more screen time, and Topher Grace acts much the same as he did in Spiderman 3. How you like or dislike him the movie depends on what you think of Spiderman 3.

There's also some silly scenes, but these actually help, not hurt, what is otherwise a nifty but routine sci-fi adventure meant mostly for the fans. One of which involves a Yakuza, who is the quiet one among the group of mercenaries, and his sword-wielding face-off against a Predator. It's probably the one scene that really had me legitimately on the edge of my seat, even if I was knowing how it should be really stupid. Other silly moments like Brody none-too-subtly going "I'M HERE KILL ME! DO IT NOW!" covered in mud made me laugh, but I don't think that was the intention. It's a self-knowing B-movie blockbuster that is almost as tough as the original, but lacking a certain spark the original had in the script and the performance. The best one can say is it's worth watching way before watching Predator 2 or the AVP movies.
Finally a worthy sequel to a great original
It's clear they had a real long look at the original film and decided to keep the best pieces (the tension, the focus on group interaction, the music) but also try new things with it to attain the same feel of mystery the original was so good at.

The visuals are gorgeous, the acting solid, the writing exciting. And what I really love is the fact that there is very little use of CGI. What little there is, is convincing or subtle. Laurence Fishburn's appearance was a complete surprise to me and I loved his character. Though it reminded me a bit of Pandorum.

Like Sade said: "Never as good as the first time," but still a very well-crafted film.
Whoever made this "Film" should apologise to true fans..........
Please for the sake of humanity, do not compare this abomination to Predator 1 & 2. In fact you should be hung,drawn and quatered for even mentioning them in the same sentence.

This "Film" should be released straight into a box set with AVP 1&2 and then given for free to the mentally challenged muppets who think they are great films.

I felt angry after experiencing this lame cheap film rip off from the con artists in Hollywood. I have never seen people look so depressed and cheated after leaving the cinema. Why you ask? It cant be that bad? ...........Watch it at your own peril. Here are SOME of the points, in Laymans terms: -Some of the worst acting ever seen, this includes poor Mr Fishbourne you can actually see the hurt and shame in his eyes whilst "acting", surely his personal life has not deteriorated too badly. -They got some weedy guy trying to act tough with a pathetic batman voice. He then takes his top off at the end and you cringe at his attempt to look like some sort of Arnie, but has the sort of figure that the great Steven Hawking would be embarrassed of. -Some guy who takes out Aliens with a swiss army knife. -Alien dogs which are just cut and pastes of the beasts in Avatar -Cheap lame effects and CGI e.g: The aliens HUD,infrared,camouflage,spaceships,environment.... in fact everything! -Lame ass cut and paste skanks and references from the True Predator films which just make your blood boil.

There is a cure though folks, just watch Predator 1 & 2 through again and this film will just be an easily forgotten bad dream. Next time you hear someone go on about how great this piece of crap is don't say anything to them just smile to yourself and be grateful your not a complete TW*T like them.
Disappointment Factor: 10
It seems to me that anyone watching this will probably have already seen the original 1987 Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and probably most of the other movies featuring the predator race. If that's true, then you've nothing to gain by seeing this - those who suggest it's new material must have seen a different movie.

In the previews, a big deal is made about how this film is different - new super predators, multiple alien species, takes place on an alien planet, etc. Sadly, the differences are actually minimal, and this is simply a study in plagiarism.

Largely military personnel are cut down by a group of predators. Sorry, super predators. You can tell the difference because they're a few inches taller, have bigger teeth, and their shoulder mounted canons have a different special effect. Should have spotted that.

They're in a jungle. Oh, but not an earth jungle (despite one character recognising and naming the plant life from his knowledge of Earth based plants - incidentally, allegedly a doctor, not a botanist, which is a curiosity in itself).

When you add to this mix one female member of the group to match the mix in the original, the predator whispers from the first movie (not used in a similar way, the same words, which the predator copied from hearing Mac say them in the first movie, but are not spoken by humans in this one...), the same lines being delivered by the main characters as Arnie used, precise duplications of specific camera shots, similar traps as Arnie made towards the end of the first movie, and a final battle between a mud covered human and the last remaining predator, and so on, and so forth.

Yes, there are some differences. For instance, the action starts almost right away, with no chance to meet the main characters and know anything about them as happens in the first, they are just thrown into the action and left to fend for themselves, with nothing but some crap dialogue and, oh, magically, a similar assortment of weapons as Arnie's team.

I watched aghast as the characters are slaughtered one by one. Not because I cared about them, but because so much more could have been done with them before they're offed. The Russian spetsnaz guy, elite special forces, probably the toughest, best trained special forces personnel in the world, is shown to be a trigger happy moron. I know it's an American movie and they have to show US forces as the be all end all of the world's fighting men, but please, this is ridiculous. The yakuza finds an old samurai blade to wield (and uses one of his few lines as a copy of one in Predator 2 commenting that they've been doing this a while) - convenient that the only old fashioned weapon there was just what he was proficient in using, don't you think. And what does he get to do with it? Anybody else seen Seven Samurai? Yep, plagiarism again as he uses it to duel with the predator, having stayed behind to fight him - just like Billy from the first movie, amazingly enough.

I would give this movie one star for it's weak story, weak script, poor acting and unashamed duplication of other films if it wasn't for a great performance from Laurence Fishburne which was sadly far too short, and again, his character was utterly wasted. Still, his few minutes of screen time lift my vote to three stars... albeit grudgingly.

I expected more of a movie with Robert Rodriguez pulling the strings even if it was Hungarian director Nimrod Antal at the helm. I even fell into that old Hollywood hype trap and expected at least halfway decent entertainment for my money having seen the trailer - but the most promising scene in the trailer, where the protagonist is lit up by multiple red dot sights from shoulder canons doesn't actually appear in the film at all.

If you want more predator action in your life, go rent the original again - it may be dated and a bit cheesy in places, but it's a far better way to spend your money, even if you have already seen it many times over.
Back to Basics
The original Predator movie was a classic, largely because of its simplistic plot, but naturally helped along by the presence of Mr Schwarzenegger up against a cool alien.

Then came Predator 2 - the same cool alien, but no Austrian counterpart. Then came those Aliens vs Predator movies and the less said about them the better. Unfortunately, these three misfires left the Predator franchise a bit dead in the water.

Hooray for 'Predators.' Okay, so it'll never outdo the original. In fact, sometimes it gets so close to the original that you could be mistaken for thinking it's a bit of a remake. But it's not. Don't worry about it. Although technically more of a sequel to Predator 2 than the first movie, Predators keeps everything that is good about the original and just sort of shakes them all around a bit.

Predators gives us another jungle, albeit on an alien planet instead of South America, a bunch of hunted humans, this time all sorts of mercenaries instead of one platoon of Americans and three hunting aliens instead of just the loner.

If you can get over having (the only slightly skinnier) Adrian Brody in place of Conan the Terminator and were a fan of the original, you'll probably like this. There are plenty of nods to the first film and it shows us a little more of what those dastardly head-hunting aliens get up to. They even bring their 'dogs' along for the ride.

If you like your action bloodthirsty and non-stop, this ones for you (even if Arnie couldn't make the cameo that was originally written for him).
Not a radical departure from expectations but a solid sci-fi actioner
It is important to note that despite it's perspicuous title, Nimrod Antal's "Predators" is no reboot of its establishing material. It's a honest-to-goodness sequel to the first two Predators films; a long awaited one at that after a couple of detours into the realm of crossovers into the "Alien" universe. It does however represent a stylistic update and intriguing expansion of the franchise's filmic mythology that also spans Dark Horse Comics' graphic novels and its video games.

However, if there ever were to be a more convincing statement of intent in relaunching this franchise, it would have been putting its marquee producer Robert Rodriguez to work in a film so suited to his aesthetics and stylistic idiosyncrasies. But Rodriquez's pick to helm this film almost proves to be reason enough to watch this given that Nimrod Antal is one of the most exciting directors around these days. Antal's direction has always coincided with his a strong sense of atmosphere and character development. With his fascinating debut, "Kontroll" and his cleverly constructed meta-slasher, "Vacancy" as well as with last year's taut action spectacle "Armored", Antal has shown himself to be an effective genre director in that he's both comfortable in affirming a particular genre as he is deconstructing it. And in "Predators", he infuses it with not just a showcase of tried and tested sci-fi ideals but also a discernible impression of a robust horror film.

Antal keeps things moving along at an exhilarating pace by introducing a rag-tag team of mercenaries and criminals getting air-dropped into a highly tropical and vegetative alien planet tailored by the ruthless and single-minded Predator race as a game reserve for the insufficiently armed humans and other prey. Its mise-en-scene immediately hearkens back to the jungle warfare of the first "Predator". As the movie gods demand, the herd gets thinned as the race of alien hunters reveal themselves to be superior in both their technology and understanding of game theory. Kept alive by de facto leader, the preternaturally perspicacious Royce (Adrien Brody), the band of humans begin to formulate their plan of survival against the truly fearsome Predators and their formidable weaponry.

Brody's presence seems almost folly at first – a gruff vocal inflection worthy of Christian Bale's in "The Dark Knight" underscores a predictably rote tough guy but to his credit, a good actor always manages to sell his act despite himself. Like his character, who sees no virtue in human connection but instead adopts a ranger-like approach to survival, Brody doesn't seem to create much chemistry with his cast mates in his relatively new role as action hero. The rest of its main supporting cast are split of into archetypes – Alice Braga is Isabelle, an Israeli soldier and its burgeoning conscience, Topher Grace plays Dr. Edwin, the geeky comic relief and notably, the talented Walter Goggins of TV's "The Shield" and "Justified" is the smarmy knife-wielding death-row convict, Stans. Also, rounding of the surviving humans is the reticent Yakuza gangster, Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Changchien) and the relatively noble Chechnyan soldier, Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov).

Antal manages this character list well enough. As the chase progresses, you get a distinct feel of each human before they start to fall victim to their raison d'être. Besides a late flurry of actual and conspicuous violence, "Predators" actually fares better in its early scenes where the humans explore their predicament and the film plays the suspense card remarkably well. There's an actual interest in finding out the psyches of these mysterious humans who are hunters and monsters on Earth but scurrying mice on the Predator's turf.

If anything else, the script provides little genuine surprises in it storytelling. Given its inherent similarities, the film bares a stunning amount of resemblance to last year's terrific "Pandorum" – where a space crew wakes up with no memory onboard a vessel designed as a Noah's Ark of sorts to vicious creatures hunting them. There's a scene with Laurence Fishburne as the planet's loony veteran survivor that cribs more than just mood but actual dialogue from the superior film.

"Predators" doesn't change the game too much but as far as delivering a solid and experience to its fanbase, it releases itself from the shackles of relying on crossovers and re-establishes the Predator as one of Hollywood's most fertile sources of sci-fi villains.
Predators (2010, R)
The latest Predator movie, "Predators", tries to follow in the difficult footsteps of James Cameron's "Aliens". It's a sequel to the first film ("Predator"), it emphasizes action like the original, and it mixes in a few interesting ideas in its own thought experiment. It shares some characteristics with past films to depict humans as game for hunters ("Death Race 2000", "The Running Man") and to drop humans in a mysterious environment as select participants in a something ("Cube"). The mixture of these elements, with additional ideas about warfare and morality, creates an entertaining brew of action, Sci-Fi, and adventure.

Robert Rodriguez (as producer) and Nimród Antal (as director) breath new life into the Predator franchise. As aliens go, Predators replicate the typical human form as a safe foundation and then get enough simple variations to make the resulting being somewhat alien and believable. The movie perhaps imagines that the Predators control multiple life supporting planets (suggested by their advanced technology), and have enough of them to turn at least one into a hunting preserve, which becomes central to the story. They hunt multiple kinds of species at the preserve, but humans are a particular favorite. And these games have been going on for many seasons. We don't learn much about Predator culture broadly speaking, but we get little hints about them and their intentions.

The dominant perspective is that of 8 newly arrived humans. They wake up in free fall over a jungle, their shoots open automatically, and they don't trust anyone. A little luck helps get a team assembled when Royce (Adrien Brody) and Isabelle (Alice Braga) work together to settle down a trigger happy Russian soldier (Oleg Taktarov). They are suspicious enough of their new environment to seek answers and not just shoot anything they meet. Some of this seems convincing. Someone waking under such strange conditions would likely suppose that other people were also taken from their previous lives and were likewise dropped off. The plot also has enough of the opposite mind set (where a life form attacks fellow game participants in a panic) to make sense of it as a realistic world and not just a simple setup for a death hunt.

Royce (Adrien Brody) emerges as the reluctant leader, but Isabelle (Alice Braga) is the connective tissue of the group. The other humans seem mostly chosen for their skill as human predators in the human world, including soldiers from around Earth, a death row inmate, a silent Japanese gang member, and a Mexican drug cartel gunman. But one member says he's an American doctor, Edwin (Topher Grace), and Royce notes he seems out of place with a team of mercenaries, which adds an element of suspicion between the group members.

The group learns their situation indirectly from plot twists, but Royce makes a few logical deductions from clues around them: A dead special forces soldier, previously engaged in the game, had left a perimeter of defensive traps (for what purpose?). A herd of vicious, thorny alien creatures suddenly attack them and then run away at the sound of a whistle (who directs them?). Royce concludes that the creatures were meant to scurry and test the humans in the same way humans use dogs in game hunting. And, third, the Predators maim a human and use him as a trap to lure other humans (a tactic made popular by Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket"). It isn't clear why the Predators use such a trap when they have such excellent fighting skills and a warrior ethic, but perhaps it's meant to bring out the other humans and open them to attack.

In any case, it presents a theme of survival versus morality. Do they walk into the trap and help the maimed man (reducing their survival chances) or do they leave him and save themselves? It recurs throughout the movie. Of course, a popular movie made to revitalize the Predator franchise can't produce any shocking takes on the question, and can only give the socially acceptable answer. But it does mix in a few unexpected twists on the theme when the group meets a scavenger and survivalist, Noland (Laurence Fishburne), another human soldier who has experience fighting Predators for many seasons. (He measures seasons by the number of times humans have dropped in and Predators have wiped them out). Laurence Fishburne gives a strong and compelling performance with such a short time to make his character convincing.

Noland is in favor of survival over any moral considerations. Noland (Laurence Fishburne) gives us interesting information on their intentions. Predators seek to continually enhance their weapon technology, abilities and techniques by adapting from their hunt encounters and occasionally from their defeats. We don't see how they pass along such knowledge, but we can imagine they must have a communication method or a warrior, trade-secrets database, perhaps accessible from their technology.

Royce is also conflicted on the question. But the Predators are not. The Predators have a warrior ethics and try to avoid turning the hunt into mindless slaughter. They don't always succeed and break their ethos regularly with many technological advantages, including advanced camouflage and energy beam weapons.

One of the best parts to the movie is its vision of the hunting preserve. It allows us to imagine the rules of the place and figure out how it works along with the characters. The action is fast paced and interesting, but it doesn't overwhelm the plot with forced action-stunt sequences; they mostly seem to arise out of the plot. It doesn't deliver a broad or intricate vision of the aliens, but as a rare plus it refuses to destroy some of the novel parts of its scenario after so lovingly putting them together. Usually anything alien from our social norms is prime target for destruction!
A tribute to the original which should have gone straight to DVD
The first Predator movie was great, a classic which suited Arnies wooden acting perfectly. The second was not so, but acted as a good teaser for the AVP franchise and gave a little insight into the Predators culture.

Then we have Predators. I knew before heading out the door with my wad of cash for cinema prices that I was going to regret it and happily in that respect I got exactly what I paid for.

Throw a group of people together in a Cube like scenario, give them a gun of seemingly unlimited ammo (and a super-light Mini-gun) and you have Predators. The discourse between the male/female lead at the beginning immediately told you that the end of the movie would see the two walking off into the sunset(s) and the only unexpected twist was when the hapless "prey" discovered they were on another planet. That to me came as a surprise since whilst walking through the jungle to that point they had come across no alien wildlife/fauna to make them realise that. So an almost identical earth like jungle on a planet in a unique star system? OK.

Of course the big question was why did the Predators need to take people away to another world, when the Earth has plenty of unexplored jungle and since they were already there made the whole scenario seem a little silly.

So Predators for me was a tribute of sorts to the original, with the original score popping up occasionally to try to remind you of better cinematic times. The rag-tag collection of people were about as interesting as that which you would find in an episode of Big Brother and the tribute to Arnie at the end (with the mud) was more of a cheapening of the original suspense created when you saw that the Predator could not detect him.

All in all another cash in of a franchise, of course this will sell, it sold to me and I had already predicted the movie before I got to see it....

If it had been a TV movie or straight to DVD I might have been a little more forgiving.
Trust me when I say this- It's a really good film!
Negativity yet again. Negativity everywhere. Especially when it came to this film (which by the way, I believe was very good). Quite a lot of worked-up hype was going about for this film. I particularly remember seeing the cinematic poster for it in a 'Total Film' magazine back in summer, 2010. I thought to myself "This will be great. It won't disappoint at all...I think"....

Now, particularly, I have chosen to give this film a very positive review and the reasons are quite simple 'the best'. Adrian Brody stars as the mercenary and tough guy- 'Royce', who, alongside many others, is picked out and hunted- one by one- by a group of merciless aliens known as Predators. Their only choice is to group together-one by one-and try and do their best to survive.

Now that's just some honest, but brief information on this Science- Fiction action movie from Director Nimród Antal. He done a damn fine job in directing this film, and alongside the others who had anything to do with the film, made it very good. I didn't find it disappointing whatsoever. Genuinely, I accepted and loved the film. Fascinating works, incredible scenery, stunning visual effects, intense scenes, very good acting, proper good production and of course, outstanding make up work and costume designing.

Forget all the known negativity of this film, us Predator fans either love the film, or don't bother with it. I genuinely don't know a Predator fan who found this film to be at fault. I mean c'mon, so much went into making this near enough- masterpiece (if you like) of a film. It really is good. It's far better than both the Alien vs Predator films and is pretty comparable to Predator 2. However, it's nowhere near as good as the original, 1987 Predator film. But for what it's worth and after seeing it what, like 17 times or so now? I can honestly still say that it's an interesting, thrilling and desirable Sci-Fi film.
Great Effort
Lets be Honest, what did we all expect???

There was never going to be the same suspense as the first film.

If you go into this film with an open opinion and don't read most of whats on here then your bound to enjoy this movie.

Brody I thought was excellent in his role, to many people are quick to shoot him down after seeing him in previous roles however he really was good as the main bad ass.

Fishburn appears as a good cameo however nothing that would drag me to say that he makes a massive impact on the movie.

Good film and great entertainment, pays homage to the first movie without stealing its identity. watch and Enjoy
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