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Storyline: The mercenary Royce; the military Isabelle; the Russian soldier Nikolai; the San Quentin criminal Stans; the Sierra Leone militia Mombasa; the drug lord Cuchillo; the Yakuza Hanzo; and the Doctor Edwin awake in free fall but they succeed to open their parachutes landing in a jungle. Soon they discover that they are on another planet and they are prey of aliens in a deadly hunting game, and they need to join forces to destroy their predators and survive.
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The Sum of its parts
The first thing that came to my mind when I watched this movie is that the Predators are not scary anymore. Back in 87 when the first movie came out everyone agreed that these creatures from outer space were creepy. The $98million profit figure is proof of the movie- goer's fascination with creepy extra-terrestrials with futuristic weaponry, infra-red sight and lethal combat abilities. Of course, there was also guv'nor Schwarznegger.

Fast forward twenty three years to 2010 and we have a group of soldiers, mercenaries, gangsters and psychopaths on a strange planet pitted against the same creatures. Director Nimrod Antal uses the same formula that has been used in Hollywood for the past few decades, a bunch of clueless people versus bloodthirsty foes. One would almost expect Adrien Brody and Alice Braga to be doing it in the bushes while the predators hack an unwitting friend in the next scene but fortunately the movie treads a different path. The Predators look and behave in the same manner with minor improvements. The CGI work is certainly done well,the characters have believable backgrounds, there is sufficient action to please the action movie buff but somehow the movie fails to impress. There isn't any mind- blowing special effect to talk about or visceral fights to eagerly discuss.

To sum it up, Predators is a faithful addition to a franchise that was created in the eighties. The characters are believable though they fail to make you care about them, the action is solid but feels strangely lackluster. On a positive note Adrien Brody proves that he can grunt if he wants to. Maybe someone should make a gangster movie with Adrien Brody in the lead role.
What a Waste
I've been waiting so anxiously to watch this film since I liked the original releases of Predator movies. This film is no way near any of that. There are quite a number of unrealistic things in the movie.

1. Why did Laurence Fishburne acted like a crazy man and gave up the position and let Predators killed him without a fight? 2. What happened to the Doc (Topher Grace) at the end? I am not sure if I could call that a twist. I would rather say that's cheap story writing.

3. Why did the Chinese man started fighting with just a bare sword? Pretty pathetic. What is more stupid is that he is able to kill the predator with just a plain old sword while the main actor (Adrien Brody) struggled so hard to kill the last one with a better axe kind of thing.

Insanely the story ended just like a cheap love story. All in all this is one great waste of money and time.
This will have your attention so its good movie
I say it a movie which have your attention long enough is good enough to be seen and liked but for some that is just another excuse for watching a lame movie. This is a good movie i have been the fan of the only first predator movie back in 1987 when it came out and i have loved that one. Now one day i heard that Robert Roderiguez is producing a movie named predators with Adrien Brody in lead i say what the hell i get excited forget it why I'm telling my story sorry. The movie in whole a lot is amazing with keeping in mind the old predator the fights and intense sequences are good enough to keep you awake Adrien Brody showed that he isn't just a drama person he can do action too.Nimrod Anatol does a great job The Movie Takes its time but delivers it with precision enough. Its Just not only for predator fans but also who love a bit of action with special forces type of persons. You'll enjoy this movie just give it chance. you will have your time well spent and enjoyed too.
Almost, but not quite...
Ah, I wanted to love this movie so much, but there's just a few things that left this movie a little short of the mark. In saying this, there's plenty to entertain as well.

The writers have quite clearly used the '87 version as a template, retaining most of the great parts as well as adding a few twists of their own. This format really should have given us a wonderful sci-fi movie, but they've let themselves down in several regards.

The first is the obvious fact that they didn't bother recruiting a military adviser for the set. We were supposed to believe that these actors were a random selection of hardened killers from various hard-core backgrounds, but they came across as nothing more than uncomfortable amateurs.

The actors spent most of the first hour stumbling around, huddled together in tight little groups like a bunch of scared school children. They kept firing their weapons from a hip position and not surprisingly depleted most of their ammunition within the first couple of acts. We're supposed to believe that a Russian spetsnaz with a 2,000 rounds per minute Gatling gun would struggle to hit a charging pseudo-boar, running in a straight line. They also seemed determined to uncaringly follow trails and had no idea how to move through the bush.

Due to these layman errors, I found it difficult to really get into the movie for the first half hour or so. I was really quite irritated by the amateurish bumbling around.

Anyway, my final gripe is with the cast itself. Very few of them were actually suited for the roles they played. Brody is nowhere near gritty or bad-ass enough to play the soulless leader. Laurence Fishburne, well... where exactly are all of the pies hidden on this alien planet? I found that I simply didn't care what happened to the cast at all and felt little attachment to any of them.

Despite the annoying flaws, I was finally able to disengage my brain and settle down into an enjoyable movie experience. The action set pieces were great fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the hints at Predator culture, how they tick and I especially loved their technology. The end fight, while not quite as epic as Arnie's hand-to-hand in 1987, was still pretty awesome as well.

Overall, for me this movie would've rated 8 or 9 stars were it not for the annoying issues I mentioned earlier. If you're a sci-fi fan, this is an absolute must see... just be sure to leave your brain in the car and try not to take it too seriously. :)
Echos the Predator of Old!
This movie is great. It doesn't insult the viewers like AVP did, this movie doesn't touch on those two films at all. It uses the original film for background and thats all. It was very well written and well acted.

Adrien Brody impressed the hell out of me in this film but the entire cast was well selected. Alice Braga does an excellent job of playing her character but not over playing her character. That's a serious pet peeve of mine and finally someone got it right.

People who say this movie sucked need to crawl back under the rock they came from and come back out when they grow a brain. Not an Oscar worthy flick but a damn good one anyway.

8/10 only because I predicted the ending in the first 10 minutes.
A filmmakers anticipation: If an action flick isn't dumb, the audience wont understand
Just have been in the cinema. I was an IMDb victim. Yeah, because of the (in sum) good reviews. Now i know it was the 'this is different, so i have to praise it in order to get praised' reflex. The difference is to use (one) quality actors.

This movie is bad. Worser than T4. There is not one believable scene and now we come to this argument: believable.

Scifi is meant to be a genre were interesting situations appear. situations, which normally wouldn't happen, like dropping on an alien planet and survive against alien hunters. As long as people react real, it could be very entertaining how they manage to survive and what you, the audience would do. There is no deus ex device in this flick, but it wouldn't make any difference:

- 8 people staying rooted on the spot shooting with their Gatlings until out of ammo on one wolf like creature with no success - a moment later one shot does it right??

- They use rotten one liners like "i am ready to die, you too?", "doesn't matter who they are or where there come from, i kill them all"

Dumb scene - dumb dialog... ...and so on alternating until the credits.

Dumb action scenes are NOT interesting, they DO NOT make tension, they are just annoying.

Antal Nimrod took the opposite way what made predator or aliens so great.

Nimrod must think very bad of his audience. He don't want us to think while and after about this movie. Adrien Brodys mission is to talk us from one scene to the next with constant conclusions about the situation which are only knowable if his character 'royce' has the script in his pocket (besides he immediately identified a plasma weapon).

Brody, a known actor of format must have denied reading the script or is quality management not meant to be used by the actors? His role is unbelievable nonstop-nonsense, paired with the batman voice.

The rest are mega-close ups, close combat scenes and jungle.

Some days ago i saw Rambo (first blood) again. Yesterday the original Predator. Action movies with interesting character and/or story are not common these days.

Action filmmakers today get caught by the coolness trap. Just to say its cool doesn't make it cool, more the opposite. A little less polemic in an example: Dutch (Schwarzenegger) and Dillon (Weathers) are Predator original characters. They are always trying to be cynical with a smirk on their face. When things go dangerously wrong, they act like everybody else, but face the situations and don't try to be cool anymore but to survive until the air is cleared. That makes them lifelike and touchable. Royce (Brody) just try to be cool, because the script says so. He doesn't make any facial expressions, nor he makes any interesting character streaks. He is just here. Like any other character in Predators.

In this movie, they (Nimrod and Rodriguez) tell you everything: who is cool, what you have to think, why the character do what they do except of doing it the logical and less dangerous way, but they owe as an explanation why they are allowed to handle millions of dollars for this outcome.

There are some other major problems, like the use of thinkable every possible clichés (fe: Russians wear blue-white striped shirts), the use of archetypes, shaky-cam, and so on... Forget this flick. It is garbage. Or don't believe me and see for yourself but be aware that you subsidize future film projects of this 'format' and nothing will change.
Robert Rodriguez is a legend
As I was watching this film all I could think of was how much of a legend Robert Rodriguez is, that is until I discovered that he was the producer as opposed to the director. I guess the difference I see is that the director tends to have a lot more creative input to the movie whereas the producer sees the movie come together from a more business orientated view. However, the modern movie tends to have a lot more input from a lot more quarters that, say, a book, meaning that one cannot generally point to a single person as say 'that is his/her film' though the accolades generally go to the director (and they generally also appear first on the list of the crew).

Basically Predators returns to the style of the original film, namely a group of soldiers wondering through a jungle being hunted by, and hunting, the predators. However, unlike the first movie which involved a special forces team in South America, we have a number of 'dangerous' individuals dropped onto the planet so that the predators can hunt them. Also, we are dealing with more predators than we did in the original films (and the AVP movies are pretty much being ignored here).

Mind you, I suspect that you could still insert this film (as well as Prometheus, though I did not particularly like Prometheus) into the Alien-Predator universe and still have a somewhat consistent approach to the film. I do suspect that there are suggestions in the AVP movies that the aliens were created by the Predators to hunt, and the thing with Prometheus was that there was a suggestion that it was not until that film that the aliens were created (whereas in the AVP movies they had been around for a lot longer than that).

I still really like the AVP movies, where they attempt to bring the best of both of the movies into a single movie, as well as attempting to answer the question that has been floating around since the mid-eighties, and that was who would win out of a fight between an Alien and a Predator. One could also through in the question as to who would win out of a fight between a Terminator and an Alien or a Predator (though I have not seen a TVP or an AVT movie, or comic book, yet, not that I have looked all that hard – I'm sure they do exist).

The thing that seems to flow through this movie though is that the Predators kidnap the most dangerous of the humans, equip them, and set them off on a hunt. However, there is also the idea that these humans are not necessarily humans, but rather they are monsters. However the problem with equating these humans with monsters is that many of them still have human aspects to them. For instance the Yakuza still desires to fight an honourable fight, and the unknown special forces guy (who we never learn who or what he is, even at the end) goes back to help the others. However, it is also interesting to note that the one that seems to be the most human is actually the most monstrous, though this is not revealed until the end of the film (and sorry about the spoiler, but I do mark all of my movie commentaries as such).
Not bad for a human :)
I've seen this movie lately and I have to tell that it was better than I expected. I liked the idea of the predators' dogs and the different kind of predators - like dogs and wolves - hunting each other. But maybe they should be called different kind of "Hunters". Of course there were some scene that could have been made better: the killing of Noland, who managed to survive many hunting seasons before, the fight of the predators and the "narrating" scenes of Royce. If the predator in the first movie killed all people of Dutch, this team should have been killed within, let's say, 20 minutes. Including the arrival. What were the predators waiting for when they found the prey? How could they imitate Cuchillo's voice asking for help if he never asked for help? Remember, in original movies the predator was only able to repeat what he have heard earlier. But not counting these mistakes, the movie (the actions) is pretty good.
Different, less tech, best characters. I watch it over and over
First time I saw this movie I was surprised at how different it was from the first 2. I later bought it on sale and just cant stop watching it. The characters, their interaction, how they work together and how they settup for continued relationship with the outworlders just amazes me. I love the scene where the criminal jumps on the Predator "F-you space fa&&*t"

Sometimes something different is better. The first movie was exceptional in how different it was and the fun characters. The second movie went to one extreme of bloodiness and how outrageously brave and durable little humans could seem to be. This third movie become the other extreme of really knowing the characters. I love it. If we can see generations of Earth's best matchup against these predators and then maybe even join them against a common enemy later on ? This series hasn't even begin to be exhausted.

Really awesome movie by itself for the military minded AND a great intro to a whole new set of space alien genre films.

These movies get better and better and better. Awesome.
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