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Dominic 'Taz' Alexander 2018 filmography
Taz, (AKA Tattoos by TAZ), is a 32 year old self made, African American entrepreneur, was born in the Magnolia Terrace, New Orleans, the worst projects within the city. Taz IS the movement of the Tattoo Piercing Cultural Revolution, is the heart and essence of New Orleans. Self taught, self made, African American entrepreneur, Taz has been creating tattoos for over 20 years from 12 years old. Deemed a "warrior"- a Spartan Helmet tattooed on his scalp encasing a Mohawk- Taz, being born into poverty and drugs, brought himself and his family out of living lives of addiction and rejuvenated the depressed community through the artistry of tattooing. Living on the edge, Taz defies the "normality" of society making society conform to his image by becoming a legendary superstar throughout the state of Louisiana. His limits are not just confined to Louisiana, Taz is well known throughout the United States for his artistry and humble beginnings. Through his work, he has created a venue in which he can give back to the community, as he is a philanthropist at heart, he has school supply give aways, holiday parties for kids, and teaches the art of tattooing to others in the community. Being born in adversity, strife and tribulation, no holds barred- Taz took leaps and bounds creating the man and the image he is today- the "King of New Orleans" in the tattoo industry. Taz is also a trained Actor, starring opposite Anthony Anderson and Juvenile, in "The Power of Few" and in the New Orleans-based HBO series, "Treme." - IMDb Mini Biography By: Kailee Roberts
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