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Domenic Migliore 2018 filmography
Date of Birth:
4 January 1990
Domenic Migliore grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. In his mid-teens he discovered the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Marco Ferreri, and Abel Ferrara. It was then that he began making his own short films with his best friends. Some of the titles include "Nuke the Whales", "The Carnage of Independence", and "Pope Fiction". He started writing short screenplays at the age of 14. He entered several small contests and was a semi-finalist in some of them. At the age of 18 he attended Tribeca-Flashpoint Academy for film, but left early to enter a mentorship program where he met actor/writer/producer Tom Malloy. With Tom's notes he completed two feature screenplays, "Sprawl" and "Routines". "Routines" placed 5th in the drama category of the 2010 Indie Gathering Film Festival Screenplay Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. He is now directing self-produced short films. His film "Midwestern Summer: Controlled Pain" won Best Drama Short at the 2010 Terror Film Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Domenic's interest in film also lead him to photography. Fascinated by photographers such as Andres Serrano, Man Ray, and Alfred Stieglitz, he is very interested in black & white, surreal imagery, and also documentary-style photography. He mainly photographs objects and his friends and family. Domenic lives in Barrington, Illinois. He looks forward to further exploring his interests in filmmaking and photography.
USA ‘2013
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