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Dolores Sutton 2018 filmography
Date of Birth:
4 February 1927
Date of Death:
11 May 2009
Dolores Sutton was born in New York, New York on February 4, 1927 as Dolores Lila Silverstein to Benjamin and Mary Silverstein. She died on May 11, 2009. She graduated from NYU with a BA Philosophy, 1948. While working on her Masters in 1949, she wrote a radio script (Siblings), sold it to NBC, and landed the voice role. Dolores' first television appearance came on the Jack Benny Program (1950) playing golf as an old lady in a gag scene. When Jack asked how old she was, she wobbled off with her cane and replied, "39 just like you". Dolores was well known on daytime television with featured roles on Valiant Lady (1954 - 1955), Date with Life (1955), and From These Roots (1959 - 1960). She also had recurring roles on As the World Turns, The Edge of Night, Ryan's Hope, All My Children and General Hospital. Numerous television appearances occurred until the 1990s. Her proudest accomplishments came in the theatre. She had leading roles in three Broadway plays and eight Off- Broadway plays. Several notable performances at Chicago's Goodman Theatre came in the mid-60s, as she was nominated three times as Best Actress for the Sara Siddons Award s. Television writing credits include Lady Doc, The Secret Storm, and Loving. Lady Somebody, a two-part film sold to television. She was also the playwright for Down at the Old Bull and Bush, The Web and the Rock, Company Comin', Born Yesterday, A Perfect Ganesh, Detail of a Larger Work, The Front Page, The Exact Center of the Universe, A Drop in the Bucket, Spring Storm, and Signs and Wonders.
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