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Drama, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Morten Tyldum
Laurence Fishburne as Gus Mancuso
Kristin Brock as Party Friend
Tom Ferrari as Party Friend
Kara Flowers as Communications officer
Julee Cerda as Instructor (Hologram)
Conor Brophy as Crew Member
Lauren Farmer as Party Friend
Emerald Mayne as Party Friend
Aurora Perrineau as Best Friend
Vince Foster as Executive Officer
Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane
Michael Sheen as Arthur
Chris Pratt as Jim Preston
Andy Garcia as Captain Norris
Storyline: The spaceship, Starship Avalon, in its 120-year voyage to a distant colony planet known as the "Homestead Colony" and transporting 5,258 people has a malfunction in one of its sleep chambers. As a result one hibernation pod opens prematurely and the one person that awakes, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is stranded on the spaceship, still 90 years from his destination.
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Great Movie
Do NOT listen to the critics. This is a great movie. Stunning special effects. Great acting and story. I NEVER listen to critics EXCEPT the regular viewing public. They have steered me wrong wrong so many times. This movie makes you think "what would I do" if I was in this situation. Now the critics put up so much negative information then people just give up. So sad. Critics rarely like ANY Sci-Fi films and we know the academy doesn't. Bottom line does this movie entertain you. The answer is YES. Since you are engrossed in the happenings on screen the sense of time just goes away. If you like Chris Pratt and JLaw you WILL like this movie.
Loved it
We finally made it out to see Passengers (2016), and to break it down real quick and simple; "It had me at Hello" (the beginning) lol. When the marketing started and the trailer first came out, this film was already a success. The film "Passengers 2016" has an amazing cast such as Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Guardians of the Galaxy), Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games, Joy), Michael Sheen, of course, and Laurence Fishburne; who else could you need in this film? Every actor and actress were fully on their game in this movie, the graphics were unbelievable; the story was perfect!

From the moment this film started we were totally thrilled, of course, one of my favorite genres, so we were like kids in a candy store. The concept art, the effects; where to start without giving things away? I'll just leave it at "OMG, This movie was great!"
Offers a Controversial Ethical Dilemma
Passengers follows the 120-year trip of the spacecraft Avalon to an off-world colony, carrying over five thousand passengers looking to start a new life. Unfortunately something goes wrong along the way and Jim is woken up from hibernation early - ninety years early. He finds himself alone on a luxury cruiser where his travel bracelet will only allow him basic amenities, with only an android barman for company. Slightly spoilerish, but I will be discussing at length: After a year of painful loneliness, Jim discovers Aurora's pod, is captivated by her beauty, watches her boarding logs and reads her books and falls into an obsessive infatuation that leads him, out of desperation, to decide to wake her up and condemn her to spending the rest of her life aboard the Avalon, just like him.

It's this moral and ethical dilemma that drives the film's most interesting premise, and is the most controversial part of the film that has people and critics up in arms. To me, this is where the film's biggest strength lies. It turns Jim from a charming and likable chap into something a bit more grey and murky. The film posits to it's audience; what would you do in his situation? There's no denying it's an awful choice to make, to condemn someone to your fate. It's far more noble to suffer the malfunction by yourself rather than drag someone down with you. But if you were in that situation, facing complete loneliness without any human contact for the rest of your life? Everyone would be tempted, and most I'd gladly wager would come to the same conclusion as Jim.

The movie's third act moves this ethical foundation to the sidelines in favour of a more bombastic climax, as Jim and Aurora discover that the ship's problems extend much further than just some malfunctioning hibernation pods, and the lives of the other five thousand crew and passengers are at stake. From a narrative standpoint, the third act does little than to add a bit more excitement for more attention-deficient viewers, and unite Jim and Aurora to lead to a more bittersweet close. If I was directing this movie, there are probably a few different avenues I'd have liked to have attempted that would've changed the tone of the film a little more. It was a premise rife for a mystery. Say, if it opened with Aurora waking up and being greeted by this handsome gentleman that she slowly falls for, it would've lent a bit of mystery as to the surroundings of her waking up, and could've been used to place some suspicion on Jim and paint him in a less than heroic light. Or for the ending to have a bit more of an emotional force or sense of legacy (I won't expand on that, but you can guess what I mean once you see it).

Passengers' other great strength is with the acting. You don't cast two of the most promising young stars today for no reason, and they're both worth their staggering paychecks. Chris Pratt is as effortlessly charming as ever as Jim. His first year on the ship, entirely alone, is heartbreaking, and the conflict inside him surrounding the moral dilemma is a pain to see on his face and in his body language. He certainly employs those puppy dog eyes that he does so well. Jennifer Lawrence once again proves why she's one of the most talented actresses working today. Besides the simply fantastic chemistry she shares with Pratt, a talent they both seem to share effortlessly, her own performances of love, desperation, anger, and shock are simply on another level. The moment she learns she was woken up by Jim, you can see her stomach sink at the crushing realisation of what's happened. Michael Sheen is simply great as Arthur, the android barman as well, providing words of wisdom and a deadpan expression throughout, while Laurence Fishburne and Andy Garcia never really get enough to sink their teeth into (particularly the latter, who appears for a matter of seconds and has no lines at all).

The visuals are also quite impressive. The starship Avalon itself is an impressive imaginative design, spinning some iconic tropes and clichés of sci-fi ship design that crafting itself something new. It takes the spinning circles held together by gravity, but twists them into an appearance that more resembles strands of DNA. I can't say this is an entirely realistic movie in it's treatment of space (the sun they pass is far too dark, for example), but this is sci-fi after all, and not a retelling of The Martian. Where Passengers really excels in it's visual flair are the setpieces. Every room is a physical space with smooth, clean architecture. The variation in design and colouring from the bar to the Mexican restaurant, for instance, brings life to an otherwise dead and clinical environment.

Passengers is a sci-fi that offers different questions than many other sci-fi films tend to gravitate towards. It still plays around with ethical and philosophical questions like most, but Passengers is far more controversial in it's treatment, and for me this is a strength rather than a weakness. Jim is a likable charming guy driven to something horrible by pure desperation and grief, and it shows his humanity. It shows that we all live in a grey ethical area and we can all succumb to horrible actions in extreme circumstances. Even fundamentally good people are capable of doing terrible things. I give Passengers a solid, critic-defying 8/10.
Excellent movie that once again displays paid critics are out of touch.
It takes a lot for me to take the time to review a movie. In this case I feel strongly compelled to do so, and heartily agree with those who found this movie to be thoroughly enjoyable. I almost passed on this movie because I mistakenly read a few critic reviews. So I will proceed to counter a few of the critics arguments.

1) "A conclusion (to the movie) that's as egregiously contrived and corny as it is predictable". Yes, this genre has one of two ways to end. They all do. Good or bad. To guess correctly doesn't mean it's predictable or that you're a genius. There were a number of times in the movie that the script could have gone one way or another, and I was in suspense each time.

2) "....production design is polished to the point of looking chintzy." "Polished"?? The ship is a highly technological feat of engineering that's carrying 5,000 passengers 90 years into space. It's SUPPOSED to look "polished"! As a design artist who is into sci-fi I thought the set designs were well done.

3) "...."Passengers" increasingly succumbs to timidity and begins shrinking into a bland science-fiction adventure". Probably written by someone who is not into sci-fi or feels that the genre is not as legitimate as other "higher" forms of art. The movie was thought provoking and raises quite a few questions of morality and acts of right-or-wrong. The concept is also far more original than most sci-fi movies.

4) "....perfunctory, suspense-free spacewalks". Did these people watch the same movie as I did? There were three spacewalks in the movie. The first two were not meant to be suspenseful, but to convey what it would be like to actually do so for the first time. The last was anything but "suspense-free"!

In conclusion, my recommendation is to not be swayed by over-paid critics or critic wanna-be's. If it's a genre you like, and it's got relatively acceptable reviews (by regular movie-goers like us)....give it a shot! In the case of "Passengers", I think you'll agree with the 70% who liked the movie.
Take a seat because you're now a passenger in this thrill ride
Jennifer Lawrence made this movie, her brilliant acting has come through once again. The way she personifies her character in this movie and it includes her others as well, makes you feel that she is actually that person and that the audience is drawn in to ride with her character throughout the whole film. When we talk about character development and acting, actors/actresses portray someone who is parallel to reality because the circumstances a movie presents to an audience are typically unrealistic. In some instances the characters are put into situations that are realistic to the ones we face in life, this movie carried with it some important meanings and posed philosophical questions to the audience about their own existence all done through the acting of Lawrence and Pratt. Together they worked as a team and combined with the amazing lighting of the set and camera work to show the audience true emotions that are rarely seen in Hollywood films. If there was one scene in the movie that stood out, it was the scene where Aurora found out that Jim had woken her up, this scene carried with it so much emotion that the audience is forced to choose who they support because up until this time, we favored Jim because he portrayed everything we don't want in life unhappiness and loneliness. I think it was crucially important for Aurora to be told by Arthur because then the character development does not happen to the extent that it does in the movie and instead you would have a boring 2-4 minute conversation between Jim and Aurora about why he woke her up and this would not develop our understanding of both their character motivations. In the end even though it may have been a typical Hollywood style ending, I felt satisfied that the price I paid to see this movie was definitely worth it so overall this movie deserves the 9 I am giving it because of the brilliant acting that combined with the lighting, camera work and editing to bring us a movie that I would recommend to anybody who is going to visit the cinema in the new year.
J.Law & C.Pratt pulled a classic joke (on us)
I was highly disappointed by this movie. Passengers was a movie with a lot of potential, but it ended up in a plot which even I could have written better. And I'm not a writer, neither have I a creative mind.

Jim's character could have really been expanded into more detail. When Aurora said: "We wouldn't have end up together in real life"; I couldn't agree more; Jim is such a bore.

All the action parts of the movie were highly predictable and over exploited. It almost seemed like it was a cheap knock-off of Titanic.

The acting skills of both of the lead actors were alright, same as usual. Visuals were okay. Music could've been better, and the end could've been more tragic. Even the predictability was predictable at the end.

In the end, I don't regret seeing this movie, because I had such a laugh. AT IT.
Thought the movie was Awesome!
I thought the movie was overall very good! There were a few scientific inconsistencies, but the story-line was great. After done watching, it got me thinking for a while- imagining what it would be like to be there. This was the best movie I've seen in a while. I really hope there are future movies similar to this. It was very exciting and I never got bored of watching during the movie. It would be great if they came out with a sort of squeal later. 11/10, I seriously think this was a very good movie, especially if you like sci-fi movies in general. The second half of the movie was the better part, yet, the whole movie was astonishing.
So Boring and Sexist and Bad, just BAD
The script is terrible. I don't understand how this film was pitched and chosen to be made. It makes no sense on so many levels and even so it is supremely boring! JL doesn't come into the film until we have already endured what feel like a 90 year journey in just 45 minutes. AND when she does she is not that likable, she's a bore. And this film will put anyone into a life-suspension chamber. Save your money and/or time. Skip it. I wish I could say more about it but there are no words. How can you ask for 2 hours of your life back?! I feel like Jennifer Lawrence's character, and scream "this is MURDER!" And poor Lawrence Fishburne - he tried to save the movie, I mean the ship and just ends up dying like 5 minutes later. And how pathetic that Andy Garcia actually showed up on the set to just stand there and look at a green screen. He should fire his agent. Sony Films should fire the entire film department. Only Jennifer is laughing all the way to the bank with her 20 million dollars.
I really enjoyed the journey we are taken on through with the depth of the characters and their experience.
I really enjoyed this movie and it's a shame that it's somehow attracted some very negative reviews, so I'd like to take this chance to respond to some of the negativity that I've read and why I think it's a great movie.

The conclusion of one of the reviews I read was basically this 'This movie is by stupid people for stupid people. Tons of missed opportunities. Good leads. But stupid people, stupid people everywhere.' A bit ridiculous really, but what some people seem to think is that the movie lacks a plausible realism in several areas. But to that I say this, it's a sci-fi movie, of course it's not going to be realistic, I don't watch a sci-fi movie to check if everything passes my satisfaction of realism, and I think it defeats the whole point of what the movie is trying to achieve. Sure maybe if I was a scientist or something I might realise how the movie is somewhat stupid in regard to real science, but I'm not, and yet I'm certainly not stupid.

Another point I've read is that the relationship between the two protagonists is not realistic, and that in reality if she found out what he did she wouldn't forgive him and how their relationship was merely based around playing basketball and some dancing game. I actually thing there's great depth in the relationship between these two characters and the movie spends a great amount of time building this. *big spoiler alert* I think the conclusion that she would want to spend her life with him despite what he did is a plausible one, I think she could have very well realised that him being an engineer and the 1 person who got awoken was an ideal person to fix the ship and actually save everyone's lives. Also he clearly wouldn't have been able to succeed in doing so if he didn't have her help, so he actually needed to wake her in order to save the ship. She in turn also played a role in saving everyone and actually they are both heroes, and this becomes far more important in the grand scheme of things. Also there's a moment when she tells him to make sure he comes back because she can't live on the ship alone, so we can clearly see how she's understood why he did what he did.

Lastly, and this point I actually agree with somewhat, is that the act of the guy waking her up wasn't a choice of pick someone who might help to fix the ship, but instead a creepy choice as he get's obsessed with her and sleeps with her without telling her the truth. Well partly I'd say look, we're all human, humans aren't perfect and you will always have people out there who'll do immoral things. Also at the end of the day this guy did spend over a year alone, that's plenty of time to lose your mind and do stupid sh**. Overall we are given the message that what he did was OK, and despite what he did we are supposed to like this character by the end of the movie. Sure we could have easily had a negative ending where he get's some karma for what he did, and it all could have ended more negatively, I suppose more like a thriller than a romance, which would have completely changed the whole dynamics of the film. Still, I like how the movie makes us ask these questions, and actually succeeds to show us the message of how human beings are not perfect, we can make mistakes but we can also make up for them.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the ending and I really enjoyed the journey we are taken on through with the depth of the characters and their experiences. Only in a sci-fi setting could we have experienced such a story and the certain questions it presents us with, which is a sign of a great movie. Also it is paced very well and the build up to the climax is executed wonderfully.
Intelligent and believable Sci-Fi
This review contains spoilers so stop reading if you haven't seen the movie.

Personally I can't understand what the professional film critics didn't like about this movie. Are all movies from now on supposed to be politically correct and without any flawed decisions by any of the characters?

Actually I liked the movie Passengers very much and I did not miss the wild action scenes that have made other Sci-Fi movies so popular. There was drama, an intelligent plot and something for us viewers to think about; "Would I have woken someone up?" I know I would have woken someone up, since being alone for a week or a month is bearable, but to know you will be alone for the rest of your life, totally unbearable.
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