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Drama, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Morten Tyldum
Laurence Fishburne as Gus Mancuso
Kristin Brock as Party Friend
Tom Ferrari as Party Friend
Kara Flowers as Communications officer
Julee Cerda as Instructor (Hologram)
Conor Brophy as Crew Member
Lauren Farmer as Party Friend
Emerald Mayne as Party Friend
Aurora Perrineau as Best Friend
Vince Foster as Executive Officer
Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane
Michael Sheen as Arthur
Chris Pratt as Jim Preston
Andy Garcia as Captain Norris
Storyline: The spaceship, Starship Avalon, in its 120-year voyage to a distant colony planet known as the "Homestead Colony" and transporting 5,258 people has a malfunction in one of its sleep chambers. As a result one hibernation pod opens prematurely and the one person that awakes, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is stranded on the spaceship, still 90 years from his destination.
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movie starts at the wrong place
The Starship Avalon is transporting 258 crew and 5000 passengers in hibernation to the colony on faraway planet Homestead II. The ship is hit by debris and malfunctions slowly infect the system. Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is awaken when his pod malfunctions. He is all alone except for robot bartender Arthur (Michael Sheen). He is unable to access the more sensitive ship systems. After a year of loneliness, Jim is suicidal and then he falls in love with Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). He decides to disable her pod and wake her up but keep the decision from her.

This movie needs to start when Aurora wakes up. His decision is workable storytelling if we figure it out along with her. It could be a mystery with tension that turns into an action thriller. Also the movie is too desperate to be romantic. The fact that the audience knows what he did makes it impossible to get into the romantic mood. By starting the movie at the later spot, it can inject some creepiness and tension. It also makes the movie shorter which would help a lot. These are two hot A-list actors. It's easy to see how the studio automatically goes for the romantic route but the story is built for a tense thriller.
Good ideas, Bad scenario
I had really great expectations for this movie, and maybe that's the reason why I was so disappointed. Of course, all the actors are great, and even though the direction is not bad, it's really a typical love movie scenario, with the doubt at the beginning, the intense love, the betrayal, and finally the traditional happy ending. That could've been good without all the inconsistencies there are. For example, why didn't they thought to resurrect the captain, just as Aurora did for Jim? And there was enough place for both of them in the end. It would be Titanic all over again if Rose had decided to stay in the water with Jack. Not a bad movie, some ideas are great : leaving a man alone with his thoughts and robots to see his attitude evolve is interesting, the fact that he sacrificed a life instead of staying alone too, but those ideas could've been pushed so much further if they did not decided to focus on their love story. Honorable mention to Arthur, the best character in my opinion.
A Story of Emotion - With Mystery, Suspense and Excitement
As it began, this was a story that could have left one with the strange feelings of isolation, but it went into a different direction.

This was a romance/love story that follows that path for a while, then veers off in the opposite direction.

This was a mystery, to a degree, that effectively starts when one sees the advertisement, that tells us something has gone wrong.

Mostly this is sci-fi adventure that has a lot of tense moments, as it builds to a pretty strong climax.

I am not going to write about the acting here. I do not know about acting. I like many people do not recognize good or bad acting and I even took a long time to recognize a movie plot that revolves around acting talent (See the 1991 movie "Career Opportunities" with Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly and figure out what famous town that movie will wind up in). Besides it is difficult to determine the difference between good acting and good direction/editing. Bad directing, that's another story.

But this as a whole was a good movie, and more powerful than I expected.
Intelligent and believable Sci-Fi
This review contains spoilers so stop reading if you haven't seen the movie.

Personally I can't understand what the professional film critics didn't like about this movie. Are all movies from now on supposed to be politically correct and without any flawed decisions by any of the characters?

Actually I liked the movie Passengers very much and I did not miss the wild action scenes that have made other Sci-Fi movies so popular. There was drama, an intelligent plot and something for us viewers to think about; "Would I have woken someone up?" I know I would have woken someone up, since being alone for a week or a month is bearable, but to know you will be alone for the rest of your life, totally unbearable.
Romantic Disaster in Space
'Passengers' fraudulent trailer promises mystery and suspense, but in reality it's more than a romance movie spiced up with a brief implausible action sequence. Its threadbare plot kicks off several hundred years in the future, with a spaceship encountering comet debris a quarter way through its 120 year journey to another solar system. The vessel sustains damage and starts to malfunction, awakening one of the 5000 hibernating colonists aboard. With no way to put himself back to sleep, this unlucky Jim faces the dismal prospect of spending the rest of his life alone on the vessel. Unaware of a growing crisis in the ship's vitals, Jim passes the next year discussing his dilemma with a supercilious android bartender, playing solo basketball and unsuccessfully trying to break into the sleeping crew's quarters to seek help. Eventually he begins to lose his marbles and decides to wake another colonist - a vacuous journalist called Aurora - for some company and romance.

'Passengers' has a so-so set-up, but it's soon clear screenwriter John Spaihts has nowhere to go, and the film's most appropriate destination would be a Black Hole. The 'Prometheus' debacle should have been sufficient incentive to purge Spaihts of his obsession with interstellar basketball and smug androids, but apparently not, because Jim and Aurora's soporific flirtations are portrayed through extra basketball practice and more chats with the Jeeves-bot bartender. After some disco-dancing classes, the ship's system failures become impossible to ignore, and this juvenile melodrama U-turns back into action mode with a half-baked 'cliff-hanger' climax.
Eminent Science Fiction
Professional film critics are stupid. That is the conclusion you must reach after watching this movie. I was not expecting much after reading the uniformly negative critical reviews. But I was surprised. The movie is plausible. It is more than plausible, it is realistic. And the acting is so eminent that you are there yourself trying to decide what you would do if you awoke on a fully autonomous spaceship trying to figure out what is going on.

Granted, there are no alien horror creatures, no protracted fast-action sequences, no superficial technical nonsense to cover a thin plot. Maybe this is what the critics were missing.

There is only beautiful scenes, eminent acting, a plausible plot and a surprising ending. But that was enough for me.

So go watch this movie and decide for yourself how implausibly stupid the film critics are.
Ignore the critics- a great movie with lots of suspense
I'm almost convinced film critics are paid off...I thoroughly enjoyed this movie more than most of the "critically acclaimed" films I've watched this year. This movie had everything- love, drama, philosophical/existential questions, and incredibly suspenseful moments (and not just action scenes!!). The acting was great, pacing was good (never was bored), and the visuals were amazing as well. Also the trailer didn't spoil the movie at all, which was nice. My only gripe would be about the ending, which was still fine.

Overall would really recommend watching over the holidays. Really enjoyed it.
Simply stunning...
I think the less you know about this movie, the better it is.

Take a date, preferably not a cynical or critical one, and you'll have a wonderful viewing experience.

Great acting, great visuals, & a great cinematic journey.

There's easily enough science-fiction awe & excitement to sate any fan of the genre.

And a beautifully woven human relationship/condition conundrum will pull on most viewers heart strings.

This is a fantastic film.

Very impressive & enjoyable.
Memorable Scifi Love Story
This is perhaps one of the most memorable scifi love story ever made. I mean it really. It's so great that it should rival The Titanic. I just don't understand why people would say it otherwise.

From the scifi aspect, it is super fantastic. Every technology available on the ship was in fact real science and nothing science fiction about it. Especially if we look at what humans can achieve today. Well except for the artificial gravity technology. I just think that artificial gravity is too far fetch and it will remain science fiction for centuries to come. The only possible artificial gravity that is not science fiction, is a gravity caused by centrifugal force, just like in "The Martian" movie or "Elysium" movie. The ships overall design is artistic, very cool, and unique. If there are people who despise the ship's design, then they are people who won't accept the perfect harmony of technology and art.

The other technology used, like holograms, electronic glass, automated robots, and advance AI, are also real science. There are no fiction about them. The fact that the ship carries all spare parts with it is also a brilliant idea and will actually be a common sense. I mean why not? With decades to travel, surely, something will go wrong. Thus spare parts will be deemed necessary for long voyage across the galaxy.

Well, enough said about the scifi aspect. Let's start about the love story.

Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect actress for this movie. She's hot and pretty. She's able to act seriously at some scenes. She's able to show signs of frustration, hatred, anger, hopelessness, and sadness all at once. I mean she's just perfect for that character.

On the other hand, the male counterpart is not as amazing as she was. The studio should have chosen another actor, because he just doesn't seem to fit in the overall movie. He can't show the perfect emotion as he should have in many scenes. Tom Cruise would probably give more in-depth personality for that character. This is a flaw that the studio made.

The love story itself is rather alluring. Motivated by loneliness, a male will seek out his counterpart to be his spouse. This is the perfect analogy to every human being in this world. The female character then show up and slowly fell in love with the male character. At first, many people would think of it as cheesy. But actually, it made perfect sense. As the only couple in the ship with nothing else to do for decades to come, they might as well hook up and make babies. It's not cheesy, it's perfect logical sense.

Despite all of that, they should have changed the ending scene. Seeing a huge tree and plants growing all over the ship was just terrible. It doesn't fit the expected emotion.

The studio could have made the male character permanently die. It'll leave a perfect romantic scar within the audiences heart. Just like the Titanic movie. Such condition, will make this movie memorable. But if the studio want to make a happy ending, then it is more suitable to show the descendants of the main characters. Well, either way, the ending scene ruined the entire romantic emotion that all audience had.
Very enjoyable indeed!
I'm a forty-something male and I loved this movie. I didn't quite know what to expect, saw some less than glowing reviews, but decided to favor the more positive reviews and head to the theater. I'm glad I did.

If you like science fiction, this has it. If you like romance, this has it. If you like excellent special effects, this has it. If you like a good story, yes, this movie has that too.

This isn't a Star-Trek style high-octane Sci-Fi action movie. It's a solid blend of drama, romance, action, intrigue, stunning visuals, occasional suspense, human psychology, and for me was a winning combination.
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