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UK, Germany
Thriller, Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Christian Alvart
André Hennicke as Hunter Leader (as André M. Hennicke)
Delphine Chuillot as Young Bower's Mother
Asia Luna Mohmand as Child Hunter (as Luna Mohmand)
Julian Rappe as Young Bower
Antje Traue as Nadia
Cung Le as Manh
Domenico D'Ambrosio as Wounded Officer 'Eden'
Eddie Rouse as Leland
Niels-Bruno Schmidt as Insane Officer 'Eden' (as Niels Bruno Schmidt)
Dennis Quaid as Payton
Cam Gigandet as Gallo
Norman Reedus as Shepard
Ben Foster as Bower
Storyline: Two crew members are stranded on a spacecraft and quickly - and horrifically - realize they are not alone. Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It's pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the ship. They can't remember anything: Who are they? What is their mission? With Lt. Payton staying behind to guide him via radio transmitter, Cpl. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecraft's shocking, deadly secrets are revealed...and the astronauts find their own survival is more important than they could ever have imagined.
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Original in some ways, but not very coherent or enjoyable
The movie has some interesting aspects but overall was too incoherent and the cinematography to jerky to really enjoy.

There were a a few characters you know from other movies ... the main heroine was very Trinity. The plot was what dragged the movie down and the religious overtones were also pointless and incoherent.

Scientifically it didn't make much sense either and the humanoid creatures were just way too evil props there to keep the action going (barely). Would have been better without them and more story. Was Earth really destroyed? Who knows who cares....

Payton's diatribe at the end was also a pretty pointless "give into the dark side" with no real thought, background and purpose. Madness maybe.

This movie captured chaos, madness and claustrophobia well. That's about it.
Excellent Space Movie - must see if you are into sci-fi/horror fan
In my opinion no one can top this movie because this is the Best Excellent, Outstanding space movie ever. For me this is the best sci-fi in the last decade, the only one which I enjoyed from beginning to the end without being bored for just one minute or even half of minute ! Very suspenseful and engaging throughout. This was and is, an excellent movie well scripted, awesome acting and surprising twists leave this movie with you catch into it. A must watch for space thriller fans! Dark, full of terror, suspense, really excellent movie, excellent acting of Ben Foster and Antje Traue...Hopefully there's coming second part of the movie Pandorum isn't suppose to be an action space flick, it's not a generic star wars clone And it is defiantly not a AvP off. It isn't supposed to be, this movie is more of mystery suspense with a mint of tragedy. I thought this movie wasn't going to be good at all, but I was way wrong! This movie is extremely awesome. It kind of reminded me of Dead Space. Great story (always kept you trying to figure things out) a must see. This movie has Intense, very scary, great actors and a space ship full of monsters. Great set design and the movie has its own feel. Original story line (not another reboot), A bit like aliens/event horizon/and a zombie movie so perfect for me I LOVED IT!!!!! In addition this is vastly underrated movie. One of the best space films of recent years. Great story, with plenty of twists and a great ending, cool mutant design as well I found it so amazing!, reminds me Dead Space video game. It's a survival horror movie which has its thrilling moments, really very good story and creepy creatures. I enjoyed much more than the last 5 Resident evil and other space movies, so for me this one is the best Sci-Fi movies I have ever seen. Excellent cast, involving story, crazy action, scary moments, adventurous. a very excellent movie to watch at night in the dark. Worth buying, entertaining enough to watch more than once. Alien, Event Horizon, and now Pandorum - Gothic science- fiction horror. Pandorum is an original story with a great twist that actually make s sense, excellent acting with believable characters, all in an imaginative environment. Its dark, very scary, and very serious stuff. EXTREMELY EXCELLENT AMAZING MOVIE!
A good Sci-fi Scary movie
I have to say this movie was better than I expected. If you liked Aliens and Resident Evil...this is like both of those movies got together and had a sequel. Well not quite, but the story was good and had no gaping holes in it. The acting was good without going over the top.

I loved the way this movie started; guy wakes up from hyper-sleep…his memory is not fully functional, he knows things are not right and has to save the day.

I thought the story was great in that they did not over-explain everything like they have in so many sci-fi movies. The mid plot line was very good never found myself asking "what the hell are you doing", and the ending was very good without being so trivially expected.

Of course Dennis Quaid is a great actor but I really liked watching Ben Foster. He was one of the best actors in 3:10 to Yuma.

Special effects were good but did not need to be over the top because the story was solid. Worth the price of admission.
Pleasantly surprised by this film
I went into this movie looking for something to kill boredom. I am not a sci-fi fan by any stretch of the means. I do love horror movies, so that aspect drew me to this title. I was amazed and shocked by how much I loved this film. It thoroughly impressed me. I was completely entertained every step of the way.

This movie had it all- great cast and actors, suspense, horror, gore, and the story line was unbelievably good. The visuals and graphics were great to. I enjoy movies that don't fully rely or have a lot of CGI. I will definitely be watching this again in the future as it had gone down as a favorite in my mind.
Really, Wow.
Really, wow means, go see this movie because at the end you will say to yourself, "Really Wow, didn't see this coming!". Not to give anything away in this film, I wouldn't do that, but it will keep you entertained from the beginning to the end. If not, you will love the ending. It's original. It's thought provoking. And it keeps your attention. There are some downfalls to this movie, for horror buffs the creatures are kinda comical, but to love this movie you have to look past that and just watch the storyline. The second bad thing about this movie, it was too short. I was so entertained I wanted it to be longer. Time zips by. There's a scene towards the end that you will find yourself grasping for air. A lot of horror flicks lately have not given me that effect. This reminds me of a great throw-back black and white Twilight Zone episode but for new-comers. Go rent it.
"Descent" On A Spaceship
This is a pretty decent, suspenseful movie that reminded me very much of the movie "Descent" - except for the fact that it's set on a spaceship rather than in a cave. That environment, though, creates the same claustrophobic feeling of the other movie, and as the movie progresses, there's the same seemingly hopeless sense that grows as a small group of people try to survive against strange, human-like ravenous creatures.

The movie opens with a pair of astronauts being jarred awake from some type of suspended animation. Apparently, earth has exhausted its resources, and this group on the spaceship is being sent to another earth-like planet to colonize it. Something, though, has gone dreadfully wrong. Astronauts Payton and Bower (Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster) awaken to a nightmare. The crew has disappeared, and there's something on the ship with them. The mystery unfolds slowly but deliberately; the suspense is built quite well. A few other scattered survivors are introduced, and the origin of the ravenous creatures gets hinted at a few times but is never definitely explained.

This is a good sci-fi thriller; very enjoyable for fans of the genre.
Solid horror thriller
Dark sci fi thriller with overtones of horror and psychology might not be original, but entertains.

As you may have picked up from the blurb, Pandorum is set in space like Event Horizon, and is a similar sci fi horror style to that Sam Neill flick, but features a number of people waking up aboard a space ship with no recollection of their mission, their objectives, the date or their location.

Suffice to say Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster spend the rest of the movie trying to figure this out and how to save themselves.

Pandorum is not a truly great movie - the dialogue is very muffled at times, caused by substandard audio capture in the first place, and the majority of the location is almost pure darkness - certainly a good test for blu ray but not your patience.

But what it lacks in certain areas, it makes up for in being basically entertaining. The viewer WANTS to know what has happened to this mission, wants to know where they are, and wants to know who everyone really is - to that extent it's a decent story and it's quite well told.

What it lacks are the production styles and cinematography - too much incoherent darkness with fast cameras and a lack of easy identification of what's going on.

There is also a niggly feeling of miscasting - neither Quaid nor Foster suit their roles. They're not awful, but they don't appear comfortable. Cam Gigandet is the only one who is half decent and that's quite worrying given he's alongside 2 major players in the Hollywood scene while he's still relatively minor.

Nevertheless, for its faults, it's a basic and simple yarn - bread and butter entertainment and worthy of a watch. There are better, but there are much worse.

Gut-wrenching fear throughout the entire movie!
Pandorum kept me on the edge of my seat, in gut-wrenching fear throughout. The lead actor, Ben Foster, plays a character who, likewise, is terrified through most of the film as well. What I love so much about Pandorum is that Ben's character refuses to be paralyzed with fear and keeps pushing forward and survives myriad horrific circumstances despite his fear. I love what he does with the role.

Pandorum is *not* for the faint-hearted. You'll see things that may haunt you for days afterward.

The plot is *solid*. The cinematography and special effects are top-notch. Fight sequences are tight.

The quality of this film cannot be overrated. If you like space movies, thrillers, survivalism, and seeing humans pushed to the limits, I guarantee you will love Pandorum. It's of the same caliber as Alien, Prometheus, and Predator.

Part of the information on Pandorum with IMDb says there are supposed to be sequels but it is doubtful they will be made. I really hope sequels are made.
It could have been a video game.
As I recall most video game adaptations are worthless right? oddly this movie should have been a game or make a game similar to this premise.

Pandorum, which was nicely explained in the movie as a space madness, and hence giving the movie its title, the seemingly mutants of this story the first instance you see the shadow on the wall is a nice tip of a hat at Aliens.

in a nice pace between action and story telling which to me doesn't come around as much as it should. all unfolds in flashbacks and word of mouth thru other characters. which is nice combination when nothing but flash backs is tripe. also to note the flashbacks are not overwhelming.

Being the gamer that I am, it felt like a good story of a video game that has never seen the light of day.

I love that the clichés are kept minimal at best.

and the argument between Lt. Payton and Corp. Gallo comes out nice in the big secret payout. Granted it did seem abit obvious but the fluid motion to the finale was nice.

Bottom Line: It was surprisingly something I went into just to get out of the house and was expecting a let down turns out to be a good flick. worth watching definitely, and i hope i am not alone on think this somehow could have been a survival horror video game. or at least this could have been the script for one.
Space Zombie film with a story to tell...a damn good one.
This is definitely one of the best Sci-Fi movies I've seen. The trickiest part of any futuristic Sci-Fi is to create an environment that looks and feels believable as dictated by the background setting. Pandorum succeeded in this with flying colors. The film sets really convinced me that the space-ship is indeed from the year 2174 all thanks to the amount of detail and quality of the film sets, no cheap 'Farscape' space decks here.

The story was unique and kept me captivated throughout its duration unlike 90% of other films. If you are a fan of 'Night of the Living Dead', 'Event Horizon' or the TV show 'LOST' than you should check this out.

I stumbled upon Pandorum by accident...this movie should've been played on our local cinema circuit. Really awesome movie.
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