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UK, Germany
Thriller, Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Christian Alvart
André Hennicke as Hunter Leader (as André M. Hennicke)
Delphine Chuillot as Young Bower's Mother
Asia Luna Mohmand as Child Hunter (as Luna Mohmand)
Julian Rappe as Young Bower
Antje Traue as Nadia
Cung Le as Manh
Domenico D'Ambrosio as Wounded Officer 'Eden'
Eddie Rouse as Leland
Niels-Bruno Schmidt as Insane Officer 'Eden' (as Niels Bruno Schmidt)
Dennis Quaid as Payton
Cam Gigandet as Gallo
Norman Reedus as Shepard
Ben Foster as Bower
Storyline: Two crew members are stranded on a spacecraft and quickly - and horrifically - realize they are not alone. Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. It's pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the ship. They can't remember anything: Who are they? What is their mission? With Lt. Payton staying behind to guide him via radio transmitter, Cpl. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecraft's shocking, deadly secrets are revealed...and the astronauts find their own survival is more important than they could ever have imagined.
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Totally Wicked
I first saw this film on my own, then with a friend, then again with others, then again and again.. this movie is sick, so well made it'll leave you wishing that you could live in it's reality just to experience the adrenaline rush it causes. Kudos to the makers for making life for the characters as they know it get torn and rearranged at a pace equally frantic to that which assails the viewer. The film shows how storytelling in movies has developed in the film medium, to the point you'll forget to breathe at some points, its that intense. I loved this film from beginning to end, and it never lets up. Perfect in it's genre, it stands side by side with 'Alien' as a landmark and makes any other space terror flicks pale in comparison. The plot is tight to the last second, holding you in suspense until it decides to let it's grip on you go.
Quaid, I mean Foster, Start the Reactor!
I watched this on DVD and just finished it a few minutes ago. The film is still fresh in my mind, and left me with a feeling of "man, that was worth it!" It's a good, solid piece of entertaining film. I went in with zero expectations and was very pleasantly surprised.

The film offers solid performances from Quaid, Foster, and the rest, though it isn't going to be an Oscar candidate (no sci-fi ever is anyway, but I digress). The film does some character development, mostly as characters remember who/what they were. It's not Anna Karenina or Gone With The Wind, though. It's a lost spaceship movie.

The film has the mood that's portrayed on the back of the DVD box. It's a claustrophobic lost spaceship flick - very direct. If you like that type of movie to begin with (Alien, Event Horizon, Sphere, etc.), you'll probably find yourself enjoying it. If you don't, you still might like it anyway.

If you're a sci-fi snob demanding that "The Wreck of the River of Stars" be made into a 10-hour miniseries, then go read a book an tell us how dumb we are for enjoying movies. (River of Stars is about a doomed sailboat in space. You get this from reading the title and the first page. Hell, the title tells you what's going to happen.)

Pandorum has a couple of turns in the plot that make it really interesting. I won't call anything a "twist" or "reveal" because that makes it seem like a cheap showman's trick, and Pandorum really does tell a good story.

There are a few parts where I found myself thinking I'd seen something like it before, and there are some derivative elements. But so what? What it borrows from is good entertainment, and it uses much of it to good effect - sometimes better effect.

Is it the greatest sci-fi ever? Certainly not. Is it derivative? Sure, somewhat, but everything is. Haters gonna hate. There are some flaws - one scene specifically that may leave the audience going "why would you do that?" - but even one really dumb move by the characters didn't dissuade me from enjoying the film. You'll know it when you get to it, and just roll with it - the movie's worth ignoring one bit of bad writing. There are some other flaws for nitpickers, and the action scenes suffer from rampant ramping, but it's nothing intolerable, and the story carries on despite giving nits to pick.

There are a few small, VERY creative, very unique special effects that add to the mood of the film. There are also some unique character traits that mix up the film a bit, plus the title space-sickness "Pandorum".

All in all, if you rent it or Netflix it or find it for $10 at Walmart, it's worth it.

I'd give it 7 1/2 stars, but I'm trying to offset the hater 1s.
Film Noir at it's finest
After watching this with high expectations I could honestly say I wasn't let down. I don't think it's as good as Alien, or Solaris, but it was a movie that you don't see everyday. There are few movies like this these days. "Moon" was fantastic but this was different. It felt like Alien mixed with Space Odyssey 2001, and Solaris, both the re-make and original one.

But it did have it's own unique flavor. I was impressed by the production values of this film. Such dark set design, incredible make-up too, but most importantly, a great script! I really loved the screen play, even though the directing was a bit flawed. Perhaps I'm too old fashioned for the modern style of direction, and heavy metal music laced action scenes, but in this case, the director was definitely helped by the impressive screen-play. Even though it reminded me of the films I've mentioned above, it was still unique. The mystery was sustained through the end, and the ending doesn't let you down.

A big reason is the characters. Ben Foster is never one that lets me down and whenever he is cast in a film, I know Im bound for an emotional ride. Dennis Quaid was also very solid, and so were the other cast members who I have never heard of before, but were fine actors.

If you're into the Sci-Fi survival horror genre, then don't miss this film. Other than, Moon, and the Solaris re-make, this genre has been dormant in the past 10 years and it's nice to see a film like this produced very well indeed by the established Paul Anderson.

7/10 Now I can't wait for the "Dead Space" film to come out!
Suspense scary worth it
Pandorum is a great film. I thought it looked stupid to pay to go see it in theaters but when I saw it on HBO or something like that I thought it was stupid of me not to see it in theaters. Pandorum is not one of those movies that is just barely held together by a string and then collapses at the end. It's pretty consistent and even throughout the whole movie wit a decent ending.

Also one of my friends saw it in theaters and he heard this guy say that it was dumb and how one of the characters was too dramatic. Sure I'll admit the movie had some flaws but name one movie where it was flawless.

Also any movie that I've seen I know what rating it got (out of 4 stars). Do u know what the critics gave it? 1 out of 4 stars. Unbelievable. I know that critics criticize all movies that's why they're called critics but cmon. Were they drunk?

If you haven't seen pandorum go see it cause like I said it's worth it. And one more thing. Don't eat anything before or during the movie. I had to learn it the hard way.
I would rename this 'Panboredom'.
I was lured towards 'Pandorum' with the expectation of a good value science fiction/horror. But nay, was this poor-trite…

Ben Foster plays astronaut Corporal Bower, who wakes up on a desolate spacecraft, all alone, with no memory of who he is and how he got there. Whilst exploring the forsaken ship, he comes across fellow survivors and an evil presence that slaughters them one by one.

The premise of 'Pandorum' is reminiscent of 'Event Horizon', 'Alien', 'The Descent', 'Sunshine' and numerous other sci-fi/horror affairs…and it has absolutely no new ideas. But a genre film is a genre film, and that's not what makes 'Pandorum' bad.

German director, Christian Alvart, creates a despairing and unsettling tone that is effective in the first 10 minutes of the film. It reminded me a lot of Alien 3 (which I consider a pretty awful film too). But Fincher, Alvart ain't. 'Pandorum' rapidly deteriorates into an awful mess. I knew this was going no-where fast, but alas, it went beyond nowhere into another stratosphere of shiite-ness. The action sequences were impossible to make sense of, the art design was tacky, the creatures looked SO nonthreatening and false, and the ending was a real fizzer. It has an awful visual style to boot, and character development = zill.

Being impressed with Ben Foster on 'Six Feet Under', this was such a disappointment for someone I always saw as an up-and-coming star. He is utterly forgettable. And god knows why Dennis Quaid signed onto this.

This is complete trash, but not of the enjoyable, tongue in cheek kind. It is very rare that I feel compelled to walk out of a film before it ends. I want to get my money's worth…but after 45 minutes, I was completely unengaged and there is absolutely nothing to reel you back in. 'Pandorum'? I would rename this 'Panboredom'. I hated it.
Pandorum. The men after Earth.
A movie by German director Christian Alvart, whose works are marked with contradictory appraisals of critics. His previous “Antibodies” and “Case 39”, constructed as ordinary thrillers and refer-ring to such classics of this genre as “The silence of the lambs” and “The Omen”, are actually filled with totally different from classical content. This dissonance of genre and plot breeds confusion and misunderstanding. Meanwhile it absolutely fits the situation of postmodern mixed culture. All these features are crystallized in “Pandorum”. The plot. Spaceship “Elysium” (antique word, means “the country of the blessed”) is floating through the stars to the planet Tanis. Crew members wakes up without memories. They try to figure out what’s going on with the ship and they discover, that it’s filled with horrifying, carnivorous mutants and it’s reactor is about to stop. Through the narrow corridors and gloomy iron decks they sneak to the reactor, reload it and escape the ship, which all this time was on the bottom of Tanis’ sea. Kinda happy ending. Simple and ordinary scenario. But, all the screen time you’re caught by the atmosphere of claustrophobia and schizophrenia creeping upon your skin as drops of nasty water. It’s achieved by back-ground and actors’ playing. As Foster’s and Traue’s characters hiding from mutants under the layer of human bare bones or Quaid’s double personality character struggling his previous, hallucinatory identity, your mind starts to confuse itself, looking for effects of previous causes. That only increases the sense of inevitability. But this state is equalized by survival struggle scenes, when the personage of Cung Le uses martial arts to fight evil antagonists or brave girl Traue escaping them like qualified traceur. But these are only visible features. The significance. What distinguish this film from others post-apocalyptic and sci-fi movies is in-imitable philosophical contest between egotistic and altruistic motives within the human. To survive alone by killing or together by helping each other. Much closer to illustrate the Price equation, then the “WAZ”. Another side of within struggle is the question how to behave and who to be in the open space, in the emptiness, nowhere, while Earth doesn’t exist anymore. Here comes “pandorum” – a psychological disorder with it’s symptoms: memory loss, hallucinations and unmotivated violence, sharpening with the fear of inevitability. This thing leads Quaid’s personage to absolute denial, makes him say: “The god has died together with the Earth” and to become amoral monster, much similar to mutants, flooded the ship. He loses all the bounds of law, the sense of retribution, and for this he is punished by the forces of Good (sweet couple of Traue and Foster). So this is to say in spirit of Camus: “The absence of god doesn’t mean the absence of morality”. And all the bad asses should be savagely killed. This after-Earth situation, post-humanity conditions shows concluded picture of unbound mind. Nothing is left and nothing to evaluate. Alvart opens the possibility of this state and then quickly closes it with happy ending and new beginning of human’s life on Tanis. This is the way how all his films go: opening of disputable issue, complicated contest of good and evil, than settlement with the victory of good. If deduct happy ending, we’ll get Richard Kelly, twisted on Christian theology. The middle part, one for interest, one filled with reflection, is left moved away the scene. Also these half-baked mutants with nowhere taken martial arts skills… some nonsense. In whole, it represents a kind of bizarre and cruel postmodern mixture, suitable for mass show and Hollywood conveyor. P.S. enjoy the view of dirty Traue’s breasts.
recommendations for potential viewers
I randomly found Pandorum on Netflix, and on a whim, decided to watch - I'm glad I did. This movie was exciting, thrilling, terrifying, and jaw-dropping all at once. The beginning starts a bit slow, I noted to myself 30mins into the film that the plot was really just unfolding - however, with such a complex storyline, it's no wonder there was a lot of explaining to do. Anyway, the movie's choices in actors were also quite good - I especially loved Nadia's character (I always love a good kick-ass female in movies). Overall, the movie was really action-packed and exciting, however, there were some things I would recommend to viewers:

Be sure you're watching on a television with GOOD sound quality - some scenes are filmed in rather unforgiving acoustics.

Be prepared to pay attention throughout the whole movie - (without spoiling) - I had a lot of trouble figuring out what had happened with their communications with Earth and what EXACTLY the creatures were since I failed to pay attention at the beginning.

Be prepared to have remaining questions about what will happen and how this all happened - they definitely should do a sequel <3...however, if you read into the budget stuff, as Holylwood must, it's a definite no for now :(

Loved this movie, definitely see it if you haven't!
Great movie and I generally don't even like "Sci Fi" movies. There was definitely a creep element to this movie and psychological undertones. The acting was good, plot was great and the meaning is for you to figure out.I do not believe this movie was like Alien and if you watch and pay attention you will realize what I mean. I don't want to give it away! See it. It's worth it and it will make you think at the end. I definitely pondered the meaning of life and our existence when I walked out of that theater. If it's not still in the theater than rent it or download it. Was kind on the long side just to let you know. I was never bored during any part of the movie that's for sure!
Unexpected greatness
Before this film came out here, i heard of the title Pandorum and read the plot and instantly thought that it was another crap film attempting to be as good as a movie like alien or pitch black, but as i watched it the first time only because i heard that actors such as Ben foster, Dennis Quad and Cam Gigandet (Never back down was awesome) were in it, i was astound at how great it actually was. I was so shocked at its greatness that i actually had to watch it again and again.

Not only did this movie have unexpected greatness included but it also had an unexpected story line and ending. I mean the ending scene with the pods emerging from the water and also who better to play the bad guy(s) other than Cam gigandet and Dennis Quad, it was amazing. And if you haven't seen any Cam Gigandet films you'd better do that before the next one. My only criticism is that it didn't have a better soundtrack and a better suited actress to play the girl (no offense). So if you're ever in class and the teacher surprisingly asks you what movie to watch in class, say Pandorum it will be worth it.
Loud insane sound, camera movements rapid, boring storyline.
I had high expectations for this movie. Especially since the tralier seemed so promising. But I was wrong. I don't know about you, but watching a movie should not hurt your eyes and ears. Because, that is all that the movie accomplished. I give this movie maybe a 5/10 because of some of the graphics, but the movement of the camera in some of the action scenes made me close my eyes for many parts of the movie. The storyline isn't very interesting, a bunch of zombie or weird looking creatures chasing you? And all you need to do is run? How did the humans who were awake earlier survive for so many days/months/years/whatever without proper food/hygiene? And the female character was jumping around like some sort of a cat? Sigh!! Seriously, don't waste your time. This movie is highly overrated! Catch yourself some popcorn and maybe some old sci-fi movies which you can simply enjoy from the comfort of your own home!
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