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Now You See Me
USA, France
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Louis Leterrier
Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley
Mélanie Laurent as Alma Vargas
Stephanie Honore as Atlas Groupie
Jessica Lindsey as Hermia
Caitriona Balfe as Jasmine Trassler
Han Soto as Agent Painters
José Garcia as Etienne Forcier
James Rawlings as FBI Swat
Michael Kelly as Agent Fuller
Michael Caine as Arthur Tressler
Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Hobbs
Woody Harrelson as Merritt Osbourne
Common as Evans
Dave Franco as Jack
Jesse Eisenberg as Michael Atlas
Isla Fisher as Henley
Storyline: Four magicians each answer a mysterious summons to an obscure address with secrets inside. A year later, they are the Four Horsemen, big time stage illusionists who climax their sold out Las Vegas show with a bank apparently robbed for real. This puts agents Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Dray of Interpol on the case to find out how they did it. However, this mystery proves difficult to solve even with the insights of the professional illusion exposer, Thaddeus Bradley. What follows is a bizarre investigation where nothing is what it seems with illusions, dark secrets and hidden agendas galore as all involved are reminded of a great truth in this puzzle: the closer you look, the less you see.
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Could have been better
Even magic/caper movies need SOME sense of reality. This movie is so full of holes and unbelievable situations it's almost funny. If one can really see it as a fantasy film, then fine. You'll enjoy it. If one wants any coherency SKIP IT. SPOILER ALERT: The twist could have worked if what the Ruffulo character did was believable...but there were SO MANY instances that the writers had him do that did not justify the ending. Too bad, because the photography, music and even some of the acting was just fine. The story should have been completely re-written. Film was also very choppy and it looks like scenes were filmed and cut or should have be written and filmed. Am tired of Jesse Eisenberg playing the same character in EVERY MOVIE IN WHICH HE APPEARS. His acting range is A-B. Give somebody else with real talent a chance at his roles.
massively insulting to the intelligence of audiences everywhere
by far one of the worst films I have seen in some time, it takes massive leaps that require the watcher to suspend their disbelief to the point that you actually have to dumb yourself down to believe the plot. The CGI prestige was laughable and all in all the film was disrespectful to magicians, illusionists and hypnotists by depicting each of the horsemen as a smug, know it all dick. The plot barely carried itself and the acting became poorer as the story went along. I would only suggest watching this film if you fancy feeling like you have smashed yourself in the forehead with a hammer and then had Satan jack off into your mind.
Good Trailer, Poor Film
I'm not wholly sure why I don't like this film, but I really don't. I think that it tried too hard to be clever, and I clearly didn't 'get it'

There is nothing wrong with the cast, I like them all and there's no one I would single out as having an 'off day' or providing a poor performance. There are many twists and turns in the script, which I would normally approve of but I'm not sure that the lack of a story is the problem. The main story is unnecessarily convoluted with a condescending need to re-cap events and explain how you were misdirected the first time you saw this. When the director keeps showing me something and then saying that wasn't what happened it doesn't take long for me to stop caring about what just happened. The result is a film that's much too long and takes far too long to get to the point so that when the final twist did happen I just didn't care anymore.

I was intrigued by the great trailer for this film, but it over-sells the actual film which was very disappointing.
Promising idea sunk in key areas
"Now You See Me" came out of nowhere and became the sleeper hit of 2013, getting good word of mouth during its theatrical run. Having seen the movie for myself, I am kind of puzzled by its popularity. Certainly, the movie is far from the worst movies I have ever seen - it's colorful, and doesn't have a dead spot despite running almost two hours long.

But there were some things about the movie that annoyed me enough to prevent me from liking it. The biggest problem is with the characters. Except for Freeman's character, there is not one likable character in the movie. The law enforcement agents investigating the magicians are loud and obnoxious, and the four magicians come across as extremely smug. (Also, there is no attempt to give the magicians real and separate personalities - they all act alike.)

The characters were the main reason why I didn't like this movie, but there were other problems as well. One other major annoyance is the depiction of the magic acts. They have been jazzed up with CGI and other special effects so they don't feel like REAL magic acts - they come across as artificial. Also, as the movie progresses, the various feats the magicians pull off slowly become more unbelievable (and not fully explained) that eventually I wanted to cry out loud, "Oh, COME ON!" Less slight of hand and a more realistic approach would have been a much better approach.

(Note to Michael Caine fans: His role is really just an extended cameo appearance.)
The real trick was making so many great actors so terrible.
I'm just after leaving an advance showing of Now You See Me and I think it was horrendously bad. Just awful, truly terrible in so many areas, some being:

Dialogue- This reeked of laziness. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine's dialogue especially. It was wooden, inauthentic and the sort of dialogue that was so obvious that a child could figure it out from the context in the film. If they needed to say have the dialogue that was being said in this film, weeeeeellll, you're doing it wrong. Subtext anyone?

Characterisation- Again, really lazy. Every single character in the film was one dimensional with not even a HINT of a human variability or individuality. If some is a 'baddie', all he does is bad things. The 'romantic interest' runs around after our protagonist lovingly. The Four Horsemen magicians also I couldn't have cared less for. Worse still, I didn't care about a single thing any of them did.

Plot- I thought about this on the way to my car after leaving. Few major flaws. One, there was no tension at all for pretty much all of the film. You had the Four Horsemen magicians running about like Robin Hood and you were kinda rooting for them somewhat. Then, two, you had Ruffalo and the French lady running around trying to catch them, who you were also kind of behind too. There was only one real 'baddie' in Michael Caine but he was a cursory villain and not the main event really. Ruffalo's 'revenge' against the safe maker whose faulty safe killed his father was pulled out of nowhere. Even at the end there was no alteration in the states of our characters. The good guys stayed good just like they'd been at the start (why did I watch this film again?).

Cinematography- This wasn't as bad the elements above but there was definitely a spot when Ruffalo was in New Orleans standing street level among cars when I probably physically squinted and thought 'sweet lord, what is this film trying to do to me?'.

Overall, I'd say avoid this film. Weak writing, weak performances from great actors (who i don't blame), pointless plot. Worst film I've seen in a while. Sorry :(
An insult for intellect of human being
When I just think that I saw the worst, this movie slaps me so hard and makes me re-edit my list of worst movies. It's an insult to intelligence, common sense and I feel angry as hell that I needed to inform all the movie fans to avoid this piece of garbage at all costs. This movie's idea was to be brilliant, but it turned out to be horrible. To make things clear, I had zero expectations before the movie, but being insulted like this, it just makes me feel mad.

I wonder why it got 7.3 instead of 2.3...probably some kind of magic, or maybe I did not "came in closer".

Stay away from this if you tend to be a happy person.
Worst.. movie... ever...
I really had high expectations going into this movie.

Turned out to be 100% crap.

Those poor actors... I can't imagine what made them do it (actually I can: $).

I supposed if you're between 8 and 15 years old you might find the visual effects ("magic") fun.

But the story is just a huge boatload of bs.

Save yourselves the pain, don't watch it.

Please... for the love of god, don't let them make a sequel.

The french chick is really hot though. So if she's in it I might even check it out.
Now you see me...but I wish I hadn't
I remember seeing the trailers for this and I thought it really looked great. Reading some of the reviews on here, many of them "claim" that people with a low IQ dislike the film. Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn but I don't think I'm a stupid individual and I've seen thousands of movies...more than your average joe because I love movies. However, this was a stone cold dud. Decent cast, some real twists and turns but a blatantly complicated plot line that makes little sense and tries way too hard just to be complex. A truly smart film can be smart and tricky without trying SO hard. Now You See Me just throws in all kinds of tricks and twists without any build up or thinking about whether or not it makes sense. It was a very interesting experience when the big final twist of the movie was revealed and everyone in the theatre I was in gasped and then that was immediately followed by many people whispering "That's dumb," "That doesn't make sense." They are exactly right. The big twist has no groundwork laid for it and makes no sense at all but by that time you are so completely lost in the silly story that you won't care that it doesn't make sense.

The cast certainly is not the issue for this film. The cast is actually pretty good. I'm just surprised they actually signed on to this but then again it is making okay money at the box office. I didn't much care for Jesse Eisenberg's character. That's not to say he didn't do a good job, I just didn't like him much. His character is smug and egotistical but fits the role nicely and carries the cast well. I thought Woody Harrelson was excellent in his role as a mentalist that can hypnotize. He was probably my favourite character and yet there wasn't a lot done with him which is unfortunate. Isla Fisher and Dave Franco I lump together because while they were good they were mostly underused and sort of the sidekicks to Eisenberg and Harrelson most of the time. I think if I was making a film like this I would ensure the four of them share an equal amount of screen time and have strong characters. But they do well. Mark Ruffalo is the FBI agent trying to get to the bottom of the group of thieves. Ruffalo is good, shows lots of intensity and the appropriate amount of angst for cop vs robbers. Unfortunately for her I thought Mélanie Laurent was very near pointless. I suppose she was there to give the audience yet another possible suspect, and also to give Ruffalo a romance but both those angles were completely unnecessary and her monotone line delivery was enough to put you to sleep. Finally, we have two legends Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. The best scenes in this movie easily are the ones with just the two of them on screen because their chemistry and on screen charisma is enough to carry any scene. However they are definitely blatantly used for their name power and the weak script does nothing for them.

Given director Louis Leterrier is a talented director, I'm surprised at really how bad the film was shot. Were there some nicely shot scenes? Yes there was but few and far between. I have actually seen all of Leterrier's films and this was by far the worst of them. I will give props to them in the opening scene when they play a magic trick that actually worked on me...they picked the car that I picked...I wonder if it works on everyone? After that the film falls into a complex web of lies and deceit and completely silly twists and turns that make little to no sense. Perhaps there are two many hands in the pot. There are no less than five screenwriters and story artists on the film. Its hard enough to find two writers that can jive and work together let alone five. Basically, Now You See Me was a huge disappointment for me. In a summer of blockbusters you need something better than this. 4/10
Now You See Me 8 times in 3 days...
For all those insulting the movie saying it is impossible to re-watch obviously have not tried it, perhaps you'll catch more plot points that you thought weren't there or perhaps you'll listen to the characters when they say the closer you look, the less you actually see. So many details criticized over and over because people couldn't figure it out, but take a step back because I have all the answers to all the questions because if you watch it, if you listen, you can see all what is going on with no plot holes, no confusion. I watched it 8 times in 3 days because I loved it so much and the thrill is still not gone. Some may have seen the ending coming, some may call it an impossible, dumb twist and not know what's happening, but watch it twice and you will see you are both wrong. Spoiler: Dylan Rhodes was behind it all because his father was Lionel Shrike who died because he was debunked by Thaddeus Bradley and Dylan wanted to avenge him. The 4 Horsemen's motivation was becoming a part of the eye which requires you to blindly follow a chain of commands, and the carousel, it was all because Lionel Shrike performed his first great trick there which gave the first glimpse of what they mean by the closer you look, the less you see and all those lines. The clues were not obvious or big as to the ending, but they were there, just look at the big picture, pay attention, but not too close or it may be all given away too soon or not given away at all.
The Flaws of "Now You See Me"
The 4 main magicians are unlikeable.

They clearly have stolen money from the French bank but are let go. They would have been at least told to not leave the state of Nevada.

The drugged guards from the French Bank are never found or speak up? Flash paper still needs an ignition source.

Merritt McKinney (Woody) can hypnotize anyone at will. How did Common get hypnotize? Over the phone? The New Orleans show was sold out in seconds after the Vegas show. How did the audience members all be victims of Hurricane Katrina? How did they get all the bank account numbers? Again, the magicians clearly steal money from Arthur Tressler's (Caine) account. This money would have been returned to his account if found to be transferred illegally.

When did Jack Wilder (Franco) become Jason Bourne?

How did no one see the bus have a car attached to the front? No other drivers would have reported this? What if the car flipped in the other lane killing a family of four? How could they not foresee that?

The mirror box trick only works if you are not in the box.

The case against Thaddeus Bradley(Freeman) would never reach court. Who has the money they supposedly stole fly out of their parked SUV when police show up. Where did FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) go at the end? Wouldn't his disappearance spark doubt on Bradley guilt? I thought Bradley was surrounded by his crew. When did he steal the money?

How did Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) make time to do his secret magician stuff? The FBI never notices he is missing? I though he was spending all his time on some big case.

They steal (phone switch, banks, etc) and assault Federal agents. In the end, they are not still wanted or sought after? By the end of the movie,Rhodes would have been wanted for questioning. How the heck did he travel internationally?

BTW- I didn't like this movie….
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