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No One Lives
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ryûhei Kitamura
Laura Ramsey as Betty
George Murdoch as Ethan (as Brodus Clay)
Beau Knapp as Denny
Lindsey Shaw as Amber
Luke Evans as Driver
Storyline: A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.
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Much Better Than Expected
Anything over a 7/10 rating would have to be a really amazing flick but No One Lives didn't disappoint me. I actually didn't have high expectations for this film and had totally forgotten that the directed did Midnight Meat Train, one of my faves from the past few years. The beginning was a bit slow but then the twist came and it totally took me by surprise. The performances yes, could have been better with better actors & a more fleshed out script but all in all it's pretty much a bloody violent romp and if you like that kind of thing, you should really enjoy this. Some points in the film you might get discourages with; the bumbling crooks unable to think rationally, the lack of character development and even more lacking back story, but overall it was a fun kick of adrenaline and a decent premise. If you're a fan of "Vacancy", "Rest Stop", The Collector and films of that genre, you should check out "No One Lives".
Even the villain has someone to fear in No One Lives
For the last few years the WWE has stepped out of the straight wrestler starring vehicles and begun venturing out into a wider variety or mainstream films like The Call with Halle Berry and Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell. Now they have taken a trip back to the world of horror with their latest No One Lives in conjunction with Anchor Bay and starring Luke Evans. The trailer looked bloody and intriguing, but does it live up to the hype?

No One Lives follows a gang who take a young couple hostage, but when the girl is killed and they discover a shocking truth, the tables are turned and they find themselves being hunted by a man who is more than he appears and will stop at nothing until he leaves no one left alive. This film sets the tone from the opening sequence only letting up a bit to set up the rest of the plot to the film. This film is not so much straight horror as it is more a cross between a slasher and revenge flick. What's interesting about this film is that there really are no heroes in this film, but instead a group of bad guys being hunted by a worse guy. They never really give all that much information into the overall motivation to Evans character, but it helps the mystery of what he is capable of. Once things get going the blood starts flowing and never lets up until the end. After the first kill there is one of the coolest gore scenes in some time that really lets you know where this movie is going. There are no real secrets or twists to this film other but it delivers some straight forward gory fun that is sure to please.

This is one of those movies that is light on story, but has all it needs. Sure it would have been intriguing to see more in depth story relating to Luke Evans character, but at the same time the mystery is what made him more interesting. He is great in this role playing both the seemingly normal guy and the psychotic killer with little dialogue but says everything. This movie not only leaves it open for a hopeful sequel, but also gives viewers an insight to what we might be getting from Evans when he takes on The Crow in the upcoming new adaptation.
Better than you think
Ryuhei Kitamura made a film a little while called Midnight Meat Train it starred Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb and Brooke Shields amongst a few notable others, it was sensational and it is criminally under seen. And it showed just what he could do with a budget. Unfortunately the movie wasn't well received financially and has had a tough time finding it's way to an audience. His first feature Versus had a much better fortune but doomed with a low budget and shaky amateur direction it's a mixed bag at best. His second US feature No One lives falls into the middle. It sports a meaty, original concept a young couple find themselves abducted by a group of hoodlums. When the female captive dies the nameless male captive shows his true colors as he escapes and begins to murder them systematically. You see what they discover when examining his car is a young woman seemingly tortured whose been missing for the past year or so and whose picture is all over the news as she is an heiress to a large fortune. To say that the people have messed with the wrong guy is a huge understatement. And although the film is delightfully entertaining it also manages to somewhat explore the complex relationships between captives and the ones holding them. At times it feels a bit hokey and I'd be lying if I didn't say the acting wasn't mostly horrible and the dialogue needed some major work. Still Luke Evans makes for a sexy, delightful villain and although it falls into a few genre trappings and some failed attempts at low budget action it's a fun little gore flick with a surprising amount on it's mind. I do think it's important to realize how much the film has been affected by budgetary constraints and how influenced it is by Asian films. That being said he delivered an uber stylized, wonderfully stylish original horror flick with Midnight Meat Train and even though this may be some what of a step back ward it's still entertaining enough to merit a recommendation if you go in expecting exactly what is a sometimes silly, original, thought provoking, entertaining, slightly hammy horror flick thats equal parts awesome and unintentionally funny at the same time. 3/5
Potential Horror Cult Classic.
Let me start off by saying that my real rating for this movie is more around 8/10. But I put 10/10 because I wanted to help bring up the movies low score on here!

If you've seen the trailer then you know basically the entire movies premise. A couple is driving down the road looking to 'relocate'. They stop for a night at a motel and get some dinner. While having dinner they are harassed by a member of this group of criminals before the leader stops him. Later on the couple is run off the road by the man who harassed them and kidnapped. Though at first the leader disagrees when finding out what has happened, he changes his mind soon enough. One of the bigger members of the group is threatening to torture the couple in a secluded location. Suddenly the lady takes her own life before anything can happen to the surprise of the torturer and dismay of her handcuffed lover. The man escapes his handcuffs and kills the torturer, showing a violent well trained side to him and sets out to get revenge on the rest of the group. But the couple have been hiding a terrible secret this entire time that will disturb even the ruthless criminals who kidnapped them. Thats just part of the plot. There are some more small subplots, but you'll just have to see the movie yourself to find out!

This movie caught me by surprise. Of course anyone who has seen the trailer knows that the twist of the movie is given away. Even the DVD/Blu Ray cover itself gives away the twist. This movie could have had a wider theatrical release and could have been more successful if the marketing was handled better. I feel like, if under the right marketing hands, the movie could have been just as financially successful as the WWE studios last horror movie "The Call". I initially thought this was going to be another mindless B movie from the mostly horrible films the WWE studios puts out. I was dead wrong. Even though what could have been one of the more interesting twists in recent horror movies was given away so carelessly, this movie still packs a decent punch. The Director is Ryuhei Kitamura. He directed his first American movie "The Midnight Meat Train"(No it's not a porno) starring Bradley Cooper and based on a story by Clive Barker. That movie was visually stunning for the Horror genre and was a okay horror movie thanks to the "Clive Barker" aspect. Parts of this movie contain the visual cleverness of "Midnight Meat Train", but some parts do look a bit amateurish. Some say because it's supposed to pay homage to 70s Grindhouse movies. I bought this impulsively and decided to save money and just get the cheaper DVD, but now I kinda wish I had bought the Blu-Ray because I would like to have seen how some of the more visual scenes would have looked in HD. Like most horror movies, this is best viewed at night, literally.

The first 20 minutes are really good and tension filled. The middle part of the movie slightly goes a bit downhill in the horror aspect. The killer wasn't used to his full potential in some scenes and the editing seemed choppy at times. But it was still full of serial killer tension. Some of the dialogue from the less talented actors ruined some of the middle scenes, but it didn't turn into a disaster. The last 20 minutes is where the movie shines the most. It has action, killing, decent dialogue for a horror movie, a good ending, and a nice soundtrack similar to the Saw theme. The movie had decent horror movie music, but the final scene/credits is where the soundtrack really shines. I think the ending was cliché, but very well done. Dexter fans, the last 20 minutes might remind you of that show a bit.

Luke Evans(Immortals, Fast and Furious 6) does a great job in his sociopath role. Some said he seemed wooden and couldn't act well. That was the way his character is supposed to seem. Wooden and awkward, yet charismatic! He plays a great psychopath! The only other notable performance is Adelaide Clemens(Silent Hill 2) who reminds me of Michelle Williams! She was nice in her ominous role. She is also very pretty. The rest of the cast are decent at best, but still better than B-movie standards.

I'm not saying this is better than recent horror movies like "The Conjuring", "Insidious 1 and 2", or "You're Next", but I still think this movie is better than most horror movies that get a wide theatrical release. It was definitely way better than the 2013 Texas Chainsaw Massacre! This had a theatrical run, but barely. "No One Lives" has the potential to become a horror cult classic. I hope that the DVD release will expand its audience! This is a good way to spend a boring night when you have nothing else to do. You don't have to buy it, but at least give it a rental. It is one of the better horror movies in recent memory truthfully.
No one, me neither.
How do these rotten eggs end up being laid? Who finances the hens? No, seriously, who would pay for this marvel to become reality?

There is no thrill, no football match atmosphere, no tension. Personally, I felt tense because of thoughts of impending diarrhoea but it turned out to be boredom induced feeling of discomfort.

The piece is unintentionally funny many a time because of the leading blonde victim, busy squinting her eyes to convey the "I'm-hardened-by-gruesome-experiences-and-will-outsmart-you-all" look and that's all there is to her acting. Guess what, I'm short-sighted, too.

Poorly written one-liners abound, soap opera close-ups and mismatched dramatic music pepper the runtime. The funniest laugh-out-loud gem of a scene is the shower scene. Oh, and by the way, the blonde kept squinting till the bitter end.

On the whole it stank. It stank of broody poo.
... But everyone is bored.
I have a strong dislike of films that pretend to be pseudo intellectual, when instead they're as dumb as a post. This movie is about a maniac who slaughters an entire dorm full of students, apart from one girl he spares to keep as a prisoner. He corrupts her fragile little mind to his way of thinking, until she develops something akin to Stockholm Syndrome (where victims develop a rapport with their kidnappers). Months later, he himself is carjacked... and the criminals who look in his boot discover the young lady all tied up. She's covered in scars, and delivers an ominous warning: You shouldn't have done that. Not to this dude...

Aside from some very sickly arresting gross deaths (don't watch if you've just eaten) it's just 75 minutes of people shouting at each other with a bit of nudity thrown in for good measure. The worst parts are when this killer decides to share his reasons for his psychosis... these I suppose are meant to be eye-opening character moments, when in fact they are mind-numbing gibberish perpetuated by a man who's idea of a good time is to rub someone's head against a running engine.

What did you expect, from a movie part financed by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)? I dare say there are some of their crew in the cast. All I can say is steroids do not improve your acting ability. 4/10
No One Lives does not disappoint.
When I am in the mood for a horror movie I usually want something with a non confusing plot, decent acting , and good pacing. Thankfully this had all 3. Yes there are some little small nit picks here and there but as a whole this is a good end of the working week Friday night movie. The story is pretty good but cannot be fully explained without spoiling it which I do not want to do. I will start with the gore level, this movie has gore but it is never over used to the point it is laughable unlike so many recent horror movies. The performances are pretty good I was only disappointed with a few line deliveries but I let them blow over my head. The pace was perfect in my opinion it sets up a good steady start, gets you asking questions and then the middle flows perfectly into the end you are never left sitting tempted to forward it onto the next death scene. All in all I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be entertained for an hour an a half it is a movie you can switch your brain off and relax, If anyone has any trouble following the basic story then perhaps there at the age they shouldn't be watching it. Give it a try put your feet up and prepare to be entertained and satisfied as No One Lives does not disappoint!!
Good, Silly, Bloody and Gory Movie Ever !
I really love this movie and if you're a fan of the whole horror-action genre this is it. Sure I'm being way too generous with the review but this movie was fun to watch. I love how everything worked in this movie from the gore, blood, acting and just pretty much the whole production. Speaking of acting, Luke Evans is the real star of the movie and did what he does best : acting, yes despite its script, Luke Evans did an amazing job ! Yes the dialogue was at times generic, not weak, and at times funny either unintentional or intentional (be my guess). Luke Evans is pretty much amazing in this movie as he uses his talent to pull off some psychopathic charm to root for whenever he goes in for the kill. Adelaide Clemens is also a highlight of the movie and to be honest, her character Emma Ward was the only character that truly developed from beginning to end. My only complaint is that no one has heard much about this movie and since its release it really didn't have much a solid reception at the box office when it was released on theaters which is a shame to Luke Evans, who's acting has so drawn so many fans and admirers from his years on Broadway to now films (Fast & Furious 6, Immortals and Dracula Untold); The Story/Script was okay but wished for more of a back-story to the criminals that held Emma captive and wished for more scenes with the mysterious "Driver" played by fine Welsh actor Luke Evans. The good would be simply both Luke Evans and Adelaide Clemens. The bad would be that there's little of character development (with the exception of Emma Ward played by Adelaide Clemens and Luke Evans aka The Driver) and generic performances from the other actors due to the script but with a movie like this you just here to watch and be entertain for all its gory and action sequences and might care less for the acting. I'll give this movie a 8/10.
Not your average slasher movie
To cut a long story short, this is an unusual slasher from well-known director with good acting and well-done gore scenes. But (and that took me by surprise) the engine of film is not only "blood & guts" sequences, as one might think. It's more about suspense and characters, than about killing. Luke Evans is very good here, his nameless maniac is a true gem of whole movie, just like Adeliade Clemens's performance. Also it's interesting to see Lee Tergesen (hello, Chet!) here. Don't get me wrong: there's a lot of blood here, and gore-lovers will not be disappointed. But it is only a decorative element here, while you see a story of a very bizarre relationship between killer and his prey. This is, along with acting, what rises film above the rest of similar flicks. If you want to see what if Hannibal Lecter falls in love, this one is for you.
A real surprise take on the road trip turned nightmare genre. Full of blood & painful deaths No One Lives offers a breathe of refreshing life into and old story with a gleeful relish. A couple are headed for new life travelling through heavily wooded areas when they are are targeted by a local redneck gang after another heist job had turned sour. Of course they take on the wrong man in "Driver" but this is no family man turned by events into a desperado but already a vicious killer provoked into attack after Betty, his travelling companion, has her life taken in unconventional circumstances. Other elements are offered up as the "all is not as it seems" plot line unfolds. So plot-wise, for me, it was pretty impressive. It doesn't have a particularly strong cast but Evans is exceptional as the twisted but organised killer something he could have taken elements from into FF6 but didn't. As Emma, Clemens also has a good air of despair and inevitability about her. The rest really are there for the taking. It's bloody and messy throughout the film. Some good lines from Evans add a little dry wit but it never goes over the top or into cheese territory. A great, fast paced slasher movie in essence but dare I say it has a little more class than most and also offers a more original storyline than all the rest.
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