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No One Lives
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ryûhei Kitamura
Laura Ramsey as Betty
George Murdoch as Ethan (as Brodus Clay)
Beau Knapp as Denny
Lindsey Shaw as Amber
Luke Evans as Driver
Storyline: A gang of ruthless highway killers kidnap a wealthy couple traveling cross country only to shockingly discover that things are not what they seem.
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Surprisingly Enjoyable... For a WWE Films popcorn flick!
Hadn't heard much about this one, and was apprehensive at first, given the WWE Films attachment, but I have to admit I was wrong.

After being convinced by the wife to give it a go, I have to say that I didn't really get into the movie until about 15 mins into it. I don't want to give anything away, but it took a few bodies (What did you expect in a film titled No One Lives?) before I really started to want to see the film.

Some of the dialog is rather lame in parts but the overall acting is good. WWE films seems to have recently found a good balance of putting their guys in their films, without them being the "star" of the movie.

This let's proper actors do their part and leads to much better films than they were initially releasing. This and their project Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell were both better than expected! Gore, Violence, Nudity (Albeit disappointing seeing how awful America Olivo's fake tits are done--Imagine 2 basketballs super-glued to a mannequin! They NEVER MOVE, even as she is thrashing about during... Well, you'll just have to see.), and some fun (If these kinds of movies are your thing.) make this an enjoyable watch.

Overall, it's not great by any means, but it is a movie that you can grab some popcorn, huddle close to your gf/bf, and enjoy together.

Like I said, I was quite surprised at how enjoyable this one was...
Better than you think
Ryuhei Kitamura made a film a little while called Midnight Meat Train it starred Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb and Brooke Shields amongst a few notable others, it was sensational and it is criminally under seen. And it showed just what he could do with a budget. Unfortunately the movie wasn't well received financially and has had a tough time finding it's way to an audience. His first feature Versus had a much better fortune but doomed with a low budget and shaky amateur direction it's a mixed bag at best. His second US feature No One lives falls into the middle. It sports a meaty, original concept a young couple find themselves abducted by a group of hoodlums. When the female captive dies the nameless male captive shows his true colors as he escapes and begins to murder them systematically. You see what they discover when examining his car is a young woman seemingly tortured whose been missing for the past year or so and whose picture is all over the news as she is an heiress to a large fortune. To say that the people have messed with the wrong guy is a huge understatement. And although the film is delightfully entertaining it also manages to somewhat explore the complex relationships between captives and the ones holding them. At times it feels a bit hokey and I'd be lying if I didn't say the acting wasn't mostly horrible and the dialogue needed some major work. Still Luke Evans makes for a sexy, delightful villain and although it falls into a few genre trappings and some failed attempts at low budget action it's a fun little gore flick with a surprising amount on it's mind. I do think it's important to realize how much the film has been affected by budgetary constraints and how influenced it is by Asian films. That being said he delivered an uber stylized, wonderfully stylish original horror flick with Midnight Meat Train and even though this may be some what of a step back ward it's still entertaining enough to merit a recommendation if you go in expecting exactly what is a sometimes silly, original, thought provoking, entertaining, slightly hammy horror flick thats equal parts awesome and unintentionally funny at the same time. 3/5
a mixture between a thriller and a gory horror
I was looking forward to see this flick because the director from Midnight Meat Train (2008) Ryûhei Kitamura directed this flick. And MMT being full of gore I expected that this would deliver also some gory parts and it did.

It's a thriller going into a horror with some nasty and gory moments so it delivers for all kind of freaky people. Of course there's nudity involved because America Olivo (Tamara) is by now know not be afraid to show her juggs. And for the fans, yes, she does in a shower scene, naturally going wrong. Maybe some will have difficulties with the bad guy being some kind of superhero because as the title suggest, no one lives. But I didn't had any problems with that fact.

If you dig wrestling you will surely recognize Brodus Clay (Ethan) but he's not that long in the picture but he will be remembered for what they did with his body here. I wouldn't recommend it for people not used to gore because some shots aren't for the squeamish. As I said, it lays somewhere between a horror (the abduction) and a thriller (gang of killers) mixing together.

Gore 2,5/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
badass Luke
"This little piggy went to market,This little piggy stayed home"....just Another hack 'n' slash Movie? No, not quite.

Plot: man and woman are relocating to a knew home in a car and a trailer. Not so law abiding Citizens see an opportunity for fast cash. But neither man nor woman are what they seem...

Slashers are often quite boring, especially the old school style like Halloween and Friday the 13th which in my view have ruined the genre by too many sequels, unimaginative scripting, lack of good acting and directing. A Nightmare on Elmstreet is forgiven due to Robert Englund's priceless comments. Lately though, we have seen a couple of pretty good ones, well, relatively speaking anyway. Belonging to them are Midnight Movie, The Collector, the Collection and Laid to Rest 1 & 2 which all have high production values which make you not just waiting for the victims to get picked off. No One Lives belongs to the latter category.

Another "problem" with slashers is that you almost Always root for the killer. Not because he holds great moral values or is good looking etc etc, but because the victims are impossible to like and because of silly looks and daft acting. Due to that fact most slasher Movies serve only as pre-bedtime Entertainment. No One Lives is different. It has a nice package of a suspenseful first act, perfect pacing and good acting from both star (Evans) and the unknowns.

Though a simple story it is well executed (no pun intended) and Luke Evans has grown on me to become one of my new favorites. I undoubtedly see him as the new action/thriller star. He has the charm, the looks and a badass attitude which works both for heroes and villains.

Downsides? well, it is nonetheless a slasher and as such it is difficult praise all the way. Despite of Luke Evans' performance you still, on the basis of the Movie being a slasher, wait for the killings. Negative is also the obvious plot holes. No One Lives screams for sequel and prequel which is not entirely a good thing I Think.

I give it 6 out of 10 which is quite high for a slasher, but, as mentioned above, it's got relatively high production values and nicely executed.
good slasher
i was glued to the screen for this action packed horror right from the beginning it grabs you into its violent and dark world, good acting even if the blood looks a little fake,its at times quite gory so if this bothers probably not a movie for you, however its highly entertaining and fast paced which i like as sometimes these sorts of movies get a little boring trying to draw out the suspense. it still uses the slasher guide book so even if this is a variant don't expect it to revolutionize anything, while the characters on the whole are all rather unpleasant which is usually a bad thing for me i was not bothered at all here, as well the name says it all. the ending leaves room for a sequel which i would so watch if it was ever brought out.
No one, me neither.
How do these rotten eggs end up being laid? Who finances the hens? No, seriously, who would pay for this marvel to become reality?

There is no thrill, no football match atmosphere, no tension. Personally, I felt tense because of thoughts of impending diarrhoea but it turned out to be boredom induced feeling of discomfort.

The piece is unintentionally funny many a time because of the leading blonde victim, busy squinting her eyes to convey the "I'm-hardened-by-gruesome-experiences-and-will-outsmart-you-all" look and that's all there is to her acting. Guess what, I'm short-sighted, too.

Poorly written one-liners abound, soap opera close-ups and mismatched dramatic music pepper the runtime. The funniest laugh-out-loud gem of a scene is the shower scene. Oh, and by the way, the blonde kept squinting till the bitter end.

On the whole it stank. It stank of broody poo.
This movie WOW!
This is a movie that somehow slipped by me, but man was i glad i found it! i was searching movies that Luke Evans were in i think he's a pretty good actor but nails the roles as an intelligent villain, which he definitely was in this movie and yeah You can say he was a lil crazy too (sarcasm).

For a film in this genre where its become hard to find something close to original or decent i was very impressed with this one and was glued in from the jump i loved the cast and the characters i think everybody did a pretty good job. Yeah it had some some similarities with other movies but definitely had its own spin, not too many movies you find yourself rooting for the bad guy but i found myself doing that in this, i would like to see him play a version of Hannibal Lector.

Overall great movie for its genre good ending and twist at the end, deserves a better rating i try to rate movies for their genre but definitely watch this if you're into this genre you shouldn't be disappointed.
Routine action/horror, but at least not boring
On a technical level, this movie was well made, fast-paced with good action and violence. The characters were kind of thin, though; they're bad and the story - also thin - doesn't get into why they're bad. Had gore and nudity, the typical elements for this genre (action/horror). The villain became more interesting in the things he did, and his interest in the woman he was following - I would say they should have shown the reason for his interest in her, but maybe they did, my memory of the film is a little fuzzy. The villain, however, did confuse me because a few scenes indicated that he was something more than human (like maybe a cyborg or demon)but I'm guessing he wasn't, or the story would have gotten into that. Overall, not great but pretty good.
Spectacular action horror
In the intro, a girl is running around the woods escaping from someone or something. She runs into a trap and while she dangles from a tree she scribbles something into a tree. We learn that she's the daughter of a rich guy.

A couple is seen driving. She keeps telling us how special, different, unique the guy is. They are relocating somewhere we learn.

A gang is robbing a mansion. When the owners return earlier than expected one of the thugs shoots them all. The head of the gang isn't happy, he hoped to talk his way out of the situation.

Our couple goes to a motel and then to a steakhouse to dine. She hints that there's another girl in the guy's life but he reassures her that he loves her. The gang show up at the diner and the killer jerk starts harassing them. The girl tells her guy to take it easy. The gang then leaves. As our couple drives back the gang attacks them, and takes the car complete with little trailer. The couple ends up somewhere watched by one big dude from the gang. The girl surprisingly commits suicide with the bad guy's knife. And now the guy flip out, beats up and kills the big guy.

Meanwhile the gang which is a family affair is at their lair. The killer looks in the trunk of the car and finds a secret compartment with the girl from the intro inside! Of course she isn't quite right in the head and just warns the gang that the guy is going to kill them all. Sure enough, one by one he starts taking them out violently. We learn more about the girl and her relationship to the guy.

I was expecting No One Lives to be some mediocre action flick. But by golly, it's one awesome and wild action horror movie. It's very gory and violent. All the warnings by the girl about how special the guy is are for once true. This guy is something else. But it isn't just about the violence, the guy is smart and devises wicked plans and traps for his enemies. One of the many strengths of this movie is the smart script. Everyone in this movie is articulate. It would have been easy and expected for the movie to give us a redneck gang family that is stereotypically dumb. Kudos to the writer for transcending the typical Hollywood bigotry. Direction is also stellar.

Too much though takes place in the dark at night. It's a movie rule apparently that all horror can only take place at night. Surprisingly it didn't rain on top of that. Sound effects are too loud. And I'm not crazy about the casting of Adelaide Clemens. The acting though is strong all around. Luke Evans does shine as the ruthless stranger with no name. His character reminds me of the Peter Quinn character in Homeland season 2 but a horror version of it. And Evans and Rupert Friend do look alike as well. I hope they'll do more with this character. In the hands of Kitamura/Cohen, No One Lives does have franchise potential.
Have the potential to be a series
Yes a mindless killing spree of a psychopathic killer. Actually that's the point of this movie. Not long, not boring (action starts within few minutes). Actually captures you from the minute the killings start and you wonder how the next killing will be like. Much better killing scenes than most of the films in the market. Definitely good choice of soundtrack (better than most the films) Luke Evans is not one of my favorite artists but he's %100 match for the lead role in this movie. Also a blood curdling quote; Female victim: "Why do you do this? Killer: "Well it keeps me in shape" Well I enjoyed watching and please give a try especially if you are into high tension movies.
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