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Night of Something Strange
USA, Canada
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Straiton
David Meadows as Officer
Al Lawler as Sunny
Janet Mayson as Betty
Wes Reid as Eugene
John Walsh as Jason
Tarrence Taylor as Brooklyn
Wayne W. Johnson as Cornelius
Rebecca C. Kasek as Christine
Storyline: Five teenage friends set out for the beach on their Spring Break vacation. Good times are cut short when one of the group, Carrie, contracts a deadly sexual transmitted disease during a bathroom stop. When they stop for the night at an isolated motel, the real terror begins when the STD virus starts running rampant, turning those infected into the living dead. However, there's more going on at the motel than meets the eye.
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The Movie Does it's Job- It'll Disgust You.
I give this movie credit for one thing: It makes a promise and delivers on it. It'll turn your stomach a dozen times over. It'll make your eyes feel as violated as the characters.

That said, there's really no reason to watch this aside from the gross-out style. The acting is beyond atrocious. You'd find more talent in Sharknado 5. The story is nonsensical, but let's be honest, that's not why you'd consider watching this in the first place.

The vast majority of the humor is great for middle-schoolers and some adults who never grew up. There's some passable humor in one or two scenes, but overall, it's nowhere near enough to save this disaster of a movie.

Some people like watching movies about a guy eating bloody tampons and banging corpses. For the rest of us, we will steer far away from this garbage.

2/10 for the fact that this film knows what it is and doesn't try to promise anything different.
Evil Dead Meets Porky's
I saw NOSS at London's FrightFest where it was received extremely well by the genre savvy crowd with the director and producer in attendance. The film's premise is simple enough; teens on spring break head for the beach and stop overnight at a backwoods motel. As to be expected, overnight stays at motels never go well in Horror land. Carnage ensues as an STD ravages the local population, rendering those who contract it into demonic, libido driven monsters. Perhaps not unexpectedly NOSS has many gross out moments and the film's use of practical effects really puts you in mind of 80s splatter movies such as Brain Dead and Evil Dead. Fans of such movies from the era of VHS horror will find much to enjoy here, as indeed will any horror fan, as the movie is littered with numerous references to classics of the genre, including an homage to the family dinner scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and an "encounter" between Freddy and Jason, which is more disturbing than anything in Elm Street's Nightmares... All of the performances are credible, though for me the show was stolen by the motel proprietor, whose every appearance always raised a laugh. The humour of NOSS is very knowing and doesn't take itself too seriously. Funny and shocking in equal measure this is true Indie horror made by a director and writer who has a real affection and understanding of the genre.
Incredibly fun and over-the-top zombie effort
Following the arrival of a strange corpse, a deadly STD is transmitted through a small rural community turning the afflicted into the living dead and trapping a group of friends at a secluded motel forcing them to crazed and intense means to stop the relentless beings.

This was quite the fun and disgusting effort. What really makes this one quite appealing is the utterly revolting subject matter that it dwells in without really offering any excuses for that. The fact that so much of the film is reliant on spewing forth any and every form of bodily fluid from just about every orifice possible, and frankly not just spewing forth this material but dwells on offering as many excuses as possible to issue it in here, ranging from rather innocuous inserts seemingly placed there just to feature the chosen expulsion of fluids but also going for absolutely disgusting imagery to it's absolute pinnacle. Reveling in such extreme images as openly exploring feminine hygiene products, toilet and scatological functions, urinating on corpses and people, engaging in scenes of masturbation and going far beyond rational sense simply for the sensational imagery, the general concept of this one is to provide as many possible sequences to let them come off as normal. Given that the majority of the film is played for laughs, it makes the material potentially less offensive than it could've had going straight as the type of scenarios present here to allow for that kind of crazy themes and ideas even with the continual usage here. With all the gross-out moments and full-on comedy featured here, there's plenty to like with this one with its fine action and horror-based encounters here which are still funny alongside the basic attempt to offer up some scares. The action here is quite a bit removed from the realistic realm from all the crazy expunges of bodily fluids ushered throughout here, and the constant action throughout here makes for quite a fun time as this one goes for a much more engaging time. The early action encounters in the forest showing how the disease is spread through the community is quite enjoyable and gets this off into the proper mind frame quite quickly, and how easily it goes from victim-to-victim provides this with plenty of stellar attacks throughout here with plenty of graphic and brutal killings that oftentimes tips the sleaze factor quite heavily. The later scenes at the motel are just as good, going from the absurd way it transfers the curse through the friends and how they finally end up battling with the creatures as the inability to stop them with conventional means allows for plenty of strong action and tons of bloodletting that gets carried out here as it goes for the flat-out funny finale that really ends this on a positive note. In addition, that provides this one with some fantastic zombie make-up and gore effects which is what really matters in this one. For the most part, it's really just a personal tolerance for all the wackiness displayed, which might not be for all audiences.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Extreme Graphic Language, Full Male and Female Nudity, strong sex scenes, full exposure of bodily functions and drug use.
Complete pile of garbage!
I will waste not one more word then necessary on this piece of crap film.

My summary essentially sums up the movie as a whole....

It's so blatantly obvious the morons who have given this film a 3 or above, let alone 9 and 10 out of 10 ratings are directly connected to the making of this film, are related to the film maker (who I won't bother to mention as the person deserves less then the credit of even mentioning their name) or are paid to rate the film. IMDb is an awesome tool to gauge the quality (or lack thereof), temperature, style and merits of any film in its vast data base, but, IMO, must weed out those who clearly are on the proverbial "payroll" of all involved by positive ratings for their own agenda.

Of the many film Genra's I enjoy, Horror is among the top three and I am not adverse to films considered to be "out there" or even devoid of a solid plot. That said, this waste of time film is nothing less then putrid. In every way imaginable. Even for its "shock value" scenes which are so terribly acted, filmed, directed and set to music fit for "C" level films, it's up there among one of the top three worst movies I've ever seen. And I've seen 1000+ films over the past 35 years.

Please IMDb, figure out a way to vet your user reviews as to not waste people's money or more importantly, time, as a potential viewer relies on the user reviews more so then professional critics. I believe the public tends to be much more fair and honest when reviewing a film. We have no agenda, nothing to gain by writing a review other then to help others in deciding whether or not to view a film by Championing said film or Dead-Panning it.

As for me, and I have reviewed many films on this site as well as have much experience in film viewing, if I could give this film a -10, I would.

Horror fans, run for your lives! Or, at least away from your TV screen.
Laugh out loud comedy horror
Totally loved this film at London's Frightfest. Plenty of well played humour and gross out comedy. The relatively simple idea of teen holiday gone wrong is well executed with excellent make up and sfx. The well written script contains many classic laugh out loud moments and high production values and a well written script means this is a must for horror fans... Go see it. Plenty of horror in-jokes for the film buff and plenty of laughs for the midnight movie crowd. Comedy horror is hard to get right but this film gets the balance perfectly right. Well worth the trip to the cinema or catch it on VOD when released. Can't wait to see what's next from this team.
Campy, gory, disgusting fun
I think the movie is exactly what it set out to be: a completely over the top gory comedy, a zombie movie inspired by the likes of Army of Darkness and Cooties and Braindead and Zombeavers. I mean, it starts with a necrophiliac who gets infected from a corpse and proceeds to turn and rape his mother. It only gets more disgusting from there.

Overall it was fun, but you've got to be in the mood. It's not for everybody and if you think your girlfriend could watch this with you, you are probably wrong. It's nothing really special, but it was original and fresh.
Bloody awesome!
This is a helluva solid film. It's got a great cast, a great look, a quality script, and the creators took the time to make sure all the little details add up (and pay off). And for everyone out there looking for something different than the typical, safe, studio film: this is your dream. It's got a cool story, the director has an incredible and distinct voice, and it takes risks you'll never see in the average theatre (or coming out of the Hollywood system). This movie took the festival circuit by storm, and is one of the most enjoyable things I've seen in 2016. For those of you worried about a plot that involves zombies who want to sexually conquer their foes, despite the fact that this genre is typically really sexist and violent against women, these zombies are equal opportunity offenders. They're not the usual "assault the girl and kill the guy" variety, the creators don't fall into that trap. These creatures want to spread the virus, and the creators are ethical filmmakers! Also - THERE ARE SOME OF THE CRAZIEST MOMENTS I HAVE EVER SEEN IN THIS MOVIE. Buy it, rent it, if it's around doing a screening in your area (at any time in the future) check it out. I've seen dozens upon dozens of indie movies this year, and this is definitely the one to see.
Wild, funny and intentionally over the top
Saw the movie at the Phoenix Film Festival, where it won for Best Horror Movie. We were wary that it was going to be predictable and cover the same well-trod ground as many similar-sounding movies. Teens celebrating graduation, attacked by a monster out in the country. Dying one by one.

No reason to fear that. The director, who spoke at the end of the movie, along with a couple of the actors, said he wanted to make this one exactly as he wanted. He had made a couple of other movies in which the content had been constrained by others. He decided to take this one over the top and throw everything into it. He mentioned some other effects that they couldn't get right, so they didn't get in.

They weren't necessary. It turned out to be interesting and inventive enough without them.

Be warned, you may cringe a few times and it might make you a little queasy if you have those types of problems. But it is a lot of fun if you can stand it.
Basically a masterpiece of the genre - twisted, sick and funny. And the filmmakers have balls, taking things to a level rarely dared. One quick example – after a high school hottie discards a bloody tampon in a gas station toilet a zombie janitor fishes it out and wolfs it down like a tasty morsel.

But as aggressively as Night of Something Strange pursues the gross-out humor it still maintains a level of charm due to the actors' performances. The movie is also for the most part well-shot with smart camera work (especially the night time stuff). And it has one of the best music scores I've ever heard in a low budget indie. The weakest part about Night of Something Strange is its rather generic title.
Brainless B-Movie So Bad, Nasty and Gory that Becomes Funny
When the necrophile janitor of a morgue Cornelius (W. Johnson Wayne) has sex with the corpse of a Jane Doe that died of STD ("Sexualy Transmitted Disease"), he spreads out a deadly virus that turns the dead into sex drive zombies. Meanwhile, the former soldier Dirk (Trey Harrison) and his girlfriend Pam (Nicola Fiore) head to the Redwood Budget Motel to have sex. The teenage school friends Christine Wayne (Rebecca C. Kasek), Freddy (Michael Merchant), his girlfriend Carrie (Toni Ann Gambale), his fat and stupid cousin Jason (John Walsh) and the pothead Brooklyn (Tarrence Taylor) head to spend the weekend on the beach in a SUV but it rains and they stop their car at the same motel. Soon they are attacked by Cornelius and other zombies that want to have sex with them.

The trash "Night of Something Strange" is a brainless B-movie film so bad, nasty and gory that becomes funny. The film is a big joke of bad taste beginning with the names of the characters (Christine, Freddy, Carrie, Jason). The lead actor that performs Cornelius physically recalls the unforgettable Richard "Jaws" Kiel from the 007 franchise and does not have any line along 1h 34 min. The jokes are gross and most of them are related to sex and the scenes have lots and lots of gore. The make-up is amazing and if the viewer is fan of the Troma Entertainment B-movies, he or she will certainly like "Night of Something Strange". My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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