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Night of Something Strange
USA, Canada
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Straiton
David Meadows as Officer
Al Lawler as Sunny
Janet Mayson as Betty
Wes Reid as Eugene
John Walsh as Jason
Tarrence Taylor as Brooklyn
Wayne W. Johnson as Cornelius
Rebecca C. Kasek as Christine
Storyline: Five teenage friends set out for the beach on their Spring Break vacation. Good times are cut short when one of the group, Carrie, contracts a deadly sexual transmitted disease during a bathroom stop. When they stop for the night at an isolated motel, the real terror begins when the STD virus starts running rampant, turning those infected into the living dead. However, there's more going on at the motel than meets the eye.
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Incredibly fun and over-the-top zombie effort
Following the arrival of a strange corpse, a deadly STD is transmitted through a small rural community turning the afflicted into the living dead and trapping a group of friends at a secluded motel forcing them to crazed and intense means to stop the relentless beings.

This was quite the fun and disgusting effort. What really makes this one quite appealing is the utterly revolting subject matter that it dwells in without really offering any excuses for that. The fact that so much of the film is reliant on spewing forth any and every form of bodily fluid from just about every orifice possible, and frankly not just spewing forth this material but dwells on offering as many excuses as possible to issue it in here, ranging from rather innocuous inserts seemingly placed there just to feature the chosen expulsion of fluids but also going for absolutely disgusting imagery to it's absolute pinnacle. Reveling in such extreme images as openly exploring feminine hygiene products, toilet and scatological functions, urinating on corpses and people, engaging in scenes of masturbation and going far beyond rational sense simply for the sensational imagery, the general concept of this one is to provide as many possible sequences to let them come off as normal. Given that the majority of the film is played for laughs, it makes the material potentially less offensive than it could've had going straight as the type of scenarios present here to allow for that kind of crazy themes and ideas even with the continual usage here. With all the gross-out moments and full-on comedy featured here, there's plenty to like with this one with its fine action and horror-based encounters here which are still funny alongside the basic attempt to offer up some scares. The action here is quite a bit removed from the realistic realm from all the crazy expunges of bodily fluids ushered throughout here, and the constant action throughout here makes for quite a fun time as this one goes for a much more engaging time. The early action encounters in the forest showing how the disease is spread through the community is quite enjoyable and gets this off into the proper mind frame quite quickly, and how easily it goes from victim-to-victim provides this with plenty of stellar attacks throughout here with plenty of graphic and brutal killings that oftentimes tips the sleaze factor quite heavily. The later scenes at the motel are just as good, going from the absurd way it transfers the curse through the friends and how they finally end up battling with the creatures as the inability to stop them with conventional means allows for plenty of strong action and tons of bloodletting that gets carried out here as it goes for the flat-out funny finale that really ends this on a positive note. In addition, that provides this one with some fantastic zombie make-up and gore effects which is what really matters in this one. For the most part, it's really just a personal tolerance for all the wackiness displayed, which might not be for all audiences.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Extreme Graphic Language, Full Male and Female Nudity, strong sex scenes, full exposure of bodily functions and drug use.
Possibly the worst movie I have seen in a long long time
I have still not fully digested how bad this movie was... billed as a comedy horror it was neither scary nor funny, but instead resides somewhere in between the realms of pathetic and sad. The best part of this ridiculous waste of time and money was the relief at seeing the credits role at the end...
Basically a masterpiece of the genre - twisted, sick and funny. And the filmmakers have balls, taking things to a level rarely dared. One quick example – after a high school hottie discards a bloody tampon in a gas station toilet a zombie janitor fishes it out and wolfs it down like a tasty morsel.

But as aggressively as Night of Something Strange pursues the gross-out humor it still maintains a level of charm due to the actors' performances. The movie is also for the most part well-shot with smart camera work (especially the night time stuff). And it has one of the best music scores I've ever heard in a low budget indie. The weakest part about Night of Something Strange is its rather generic title.
Starting to think that the filmmakers encouraged friends to give this movie positive reviews.
Terrible, terrible. The filmmakers didn't take themselves very serious. Which was their greatest flaw. This is what happens when a film is devoid of anything serious; bad decisions are made. There is no sign of serious filmmaking. They weren't serious about casting. They weren't serious about story. They weren't serious about lighting/composition. How can intentional cheesy dialogue be effective when the actor is incapable of delivering the lines? And the cinematography was awful. With zero motivated lighting except to be able to see what is in frame. No redeeming qualities. I am shocked to read any positive reviews for this film. I'm starting to think that the positive reviews were written by friends/family of the filmmakers.
Wild and entertaining
A morgue janitor decides to rape a female corpse that died from "radiation exposure/STD? - some living cells." Back at home he suffers from groin pain, turns into a zombie, and attacks his partner, rapes her, and rips some of her insides out. She too turns into a zombie and attacks a mail man who also becomes a zombie. The janitor zombie is run over by two guys in a truck and ends up in the truck bed.

Meanwhile seven kids leave for spring break--a couple separately and 5 together. Everyone ends up at some point at some gas station, including the janitor and later at a motel where they are attacked by these sex-crazed zombies.

In addressing the issue, what if zombies were into sex?, Night of Something Strange aims to be extreme, vulgar, gross, adolescent, obscene, nasty, etc. And it succeeds at that. Most horror, even, or especially R-rated, is sanitized to death and boredom. Then there are movies like this one, which relish in being graphic. In addition it's supposed to be a teen comedy so you have all bodily functions and all body parts involved. It's not particularly funny but it does rely heavily on outrageously gross situations the actors and actresses were willing to put themselves in. There are countless nods to horror movies as one can tell from the character names: Jason, Freddy, Christine, Carrie, but also to other great movies like Heat.

I appreciate graphics horror movies, not so much graphic comedies, but Night of Something Strange blends the two well to create surprises and shocking scenes at every turn. You'll be amazed by the stuff they come up with here. So it's an entertaining movie no doubt. And if it's true that the budget was as low as shown on IMDb, then the movie is quite an accomplishment. You can't help but like a movie that's so enthusiastically outrageous.
Strange But Beautiful
This film is a gross-out tour de force that starts strong and doesn't stop. While it is clearly hampered by budget, the gore keeps coming in resourceful and innovative ways. There is so much creativity and comedy crammed into the run time that I defy anyone not to at least enjoy this movie.

Having said that it definitely caters more to fans of low budget and gory horror. This movie isn't about scares, it's about grossing you out to the point where even the most hardened gore-hound winces and has to look away. There was also clearly a lot of thought put into the story and it looked like the people making the film really loved the experience, and this translates well into the actual movie.

Overall I can't recommend this film enough if you are a fan of low budget horror, it's funny, it's disgusting, and with a little more polish it could have been an instant classic. Whatever the case it is certainly worth a watch!
Flushing this one may clog the toilet
The existing reviews seemed so good I decided to give this a try albeit the lame movie premise(zombies with VD?).Big Mistake! Kept waiting for it to get better,no such luck.I have no idea which movie the few previous "positive" comments were about but it could not have been about this one. It wasn't even funny in a corny way.Somewhere between the worst B movie ever and a school film project. With ratings of 10/10 and critiques like"one of the best and funniest horror movies I've ever seen" I don't know which is worse the movie or the blatant fake reviews. Harsh critique I know but I feel I had to get some kind of compensation for 1.5h of time lost. The movie is about zombies spreading through V.D,let this review be your prophylactic and save your senses.
A must see for horror fans!
Hands down one of the best and funniest horror movies I've ever seen (and I've seen 'em all). Damn this was good! Just when you think it can't get worse, it does ten fold more. Jonathan Straiton plus out all the stops and his inventive camera angles up the gruesome moments to the max. I'm not a huge fan of 'funny' or campy horror movies but this one is unique in that it's not a comedy but is hysterically funny at times. The cast is top notch. Every one played it straight to perfection. No campy or over the top performances which would have hurt an already way over the top movie. I can't imagine how this group will ever top this!
Shoot him in the other brain
The film starts off disgusting with a graphic scene of necrophilia by Cornelius (Wayne W. Johnson) of a woman with STD who died from radiation sickness. The film then become a rape-zombie film, but nothing like "Lust of the Dead." Christine (Rebecca C. Kasek) introduces the "teen" cast going on holiday which formula-wise sets her up for the Final Girl...but the black guy (Tarrence Taylor) doesn't die first.

The appearance of Scream Queen Brinke Stevens early on as a teacher cameo, sets you up for an homage/ spoof film. The characters have the names Freddy, Jason, Christine, Carrie, Samara, Pam (Jason's mom) and Dirk (?) ...not Ash? I started to make a list of the gross and disgusting scenes, but found it was easier to list the non-disgusting scenes. About every scene ended with something either barf-worthy or off colored humor. I will mention there is a Hershey squirt to the face and use of used feminine hygiene product as food. There is also the formula creepy store owner and creepy motel owner. I loved the cigarette gag. The only other dead person I know who can keep a cigarette lit indefinitely is Keith Richards.

Not for everyone. Disgustingly good.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Nicola Fiore, Jennie Russo)
Sick and Twisted
Seriously,the writer(s) of this offering should,at the very least,be committed,because there is something seriously,seriously wrong with them. The entire movie is one long,disgusting,gore fest featuring,necrophilia,necrophilic rape,cannibalism,anal sex,rampant zombie rape,bullying,you name it,this movie has it. As a lover of all things horror,in particular zombie movies,this creation was a complete insult to all genres of horror and an assault on the senses of anyone with even a semblance of morality. I'm left thinking the actors were desperate for money and recognition of any sort to even get past the script. My recommendation is to leave this tripe out of your life.
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