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Nice Guy Johnny
Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Edward Burns
Vanessa Ray as Best Friend
Harper Dill as Maggie
Anna Wood as Claire
Matt Bush as Johnny Rizzo
Kerry Bishé as Brooke
Brian Delate as Frank
Callie Thorne as Roseanne
Max Baker as Max
Jay Patterson as Dr. Meadows
Marsha Dietlein as Nicole
Storyline: Johnny Rizzo, is about to trade his dream job in talk radio for some snooze-ville gig that'll pay enough to please his fiancée. Enter Uncle Terry, a rascally womanizer set on turning a weekend in the Hamptons into an eye-opening fling for his nephew. Nice guy Johnny's not interested, of course, but then he meets the lovely Brooke, who challenges Johnny to make the toughest decision of is life.
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Good for just passing the time.
I enjoyed this movie quite allot, OK it was a bit slow and predictable but it was definitely watch-able.

Can't say I was a huge fan of the cinematography however as I did feel like I was watching a reality show sometimes. Just a few of the angles weren't well thought out.

Acting was passable, I don't think any of them were bad however the English caretaker was a little unnecessary.

Cute story line but it has all been done before. Wouldn't pass it off as comedic at all its more of a mellow romantic drama.

I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone but it was good for an afternoon of boredom I suppose.
Awful and Boring
I cannot see why people think this movie was so great,I found it annoying boring and a good waste of time maybe because it was so low budgeted of a movie. What I hate about it was that Matt Bush has such an annoying voice and I really haven't like any movies he or Edward Burns have been in and I see there is not that many. The storyline was kinda boring is why I think I hated it,if there was more money for this movie then it may have been a little more exciting,but if you make a cheap movie then your going to get cheap results.

Many actors and actress in this movie I haven't really seen before so I may take a look but not likely.

If you don't like boring movies then do not watch this one.I give this movie 1 out of 10..
not much except for breezy Kerry Bishé
Johnny Rizzo (Matt Bush) has an overnight radio talk show in Oakland but he had promised his fiancée Claire (Anna Wood) to get a proper job if he can't make $50k by age 25. Claire's father gets him a cardboard warehouse supervisor job interview back on Long Island. His free-wheeling uncle Terry (Edward Burns) argues against this move and tries to set him up with tennis instructor Brooke (Kerry Bishé).

This is a rather lackluster story. Matt Bush is not a terribly charismatic lead. He's acting more like a clueless teenager. Edward Burns delivers a limited indie with his writing, directing and acting. The only truly greatness comes from the enchanting Kerry Bishé. She floats in like a seaside breeze and lifts up the movie whenever she's on the screen. The rest without her is a passable bore.
Waste of Time
I'll preface this by saying I have never seen an Edward Burns film, not for any particular reason, I've just never seen one.

After this movie, I doubt I'll bother seeing another.

It wasn't a BAD movie, just poorly cast and rather pointless.

If this was written by the main actor in order to show that he can act and that he's a viable choice for films, then I could see the point of this movie. Otherwise it's a story that's been told a million times before, completely predictable and cliché.

The main actor isn't bad, just poorly cast. He's completely unbelievable as a radio personality or as a romantic lead, he looks and sounds 14.

My other minor gripe is that I don't know who this movie is really for. If it's a romance designed to appeal to women, then the main female lead is either poorly written or poorly directed. She's completely uninterested in the guy until he says he has a fiancée, then she's in full on flirt mode, very unappealing.

So overall, don't waste your time, unless your a huge Ed Burns fan apparently.
Thoughtfully written, Beautifully Played
In one early scene, Nice Guy Johnny says "I'm not really the sleep-on-the-beach kind of guy." His new found friend responds, "You could be." And in those three little words, worlds turn.

It's a beautiful moment in a gorgeous, emotional film. These three words stand for a pretty big idea: Just because you decided at one very early point the 'kind of person' you are, you really don't have to stick with that the rest of your life.

Not only does Kerry Bishé say those words so beautifully, but everything she and Matt Bush have put into their characters leads you on a touching story of hopes repressed, revealed, and let free.

Great writing by Edward Burns brought to glorious life by hard-working actors. Too bad this kind of magic doesn't happen all that often in the movies.
Smaller is Better
All I can say is that I was intrigued by this project for two reasons. The first is that I have admired Ed Burns' work in the past. The second is that I had read about the unorthodox, low key straight to DVD and ON-Demand way this film was being marketed and it intrigued me. It was either a sign that Burns had confidence that positive press and word of mouth would empower this project or a sign that it was a piece of crap. I am happy to report it is the former. The film is is a testament to the power of a well crafted script and good acting. The film stars virtual unknowns. Burns is a secondary player in the film. The story is strong. The characters are likable and the message is subtle but powerful. It is worth the investment of time with this project.
Johnny is handsome, sweet, and well, nice
Johnny (Matt Bush) is a nice guy, or a push-over, depending on how you see it. But he's also a pretty good character. Very handsome, sweet, and well, nice; he's a good romantic comedy hero.

It's basically a twenty-something finds himself romantic comedy. It's nothing you haven't seen before, but it is cute, funny and romantic. Matt Bush and Kerry Bishé have great chemistry and their romance is engaging.

Writer, director Edward Burns has both matured and gotten in touch with his younger self. He's no longer playing the main character in his romantic comedies, and here he has adequately written for a guy in his mid-20s. The plot and dialogue are obvious and predictable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing here. If you're looking for a twenty-something finds himself romantic comedy, then "Nice Guy Johnny" is certainly watchable.
Nice,not thrilling,but nice!
I am a member of the "Team Edward" team (not the one you are thinking). I am referring to those that have always thought that Writer-Director Edward Burns is one of the most talented independent movie filmmakers of our generation. I know that "Team Edward" lacks membership; due to the fact that many critics and filmgoers have not been nice guys and girls to Burns by ridiculing his movies of the last decade. However, I still think Burns is tops when it comes to creating relatable characters going through emotional and romantic turmoil, and using the city of New York as an effective backdrop. Burns' screenplays speak the words of what real people say when they go through trials & tribulations with lovers, family, and friends. In his latest flick "Nice Guy Johnny", Burns still contributes the equivalent witty dialogue of his past independent movies, but the film's premise falls a little short on sheer entertainment value. Matt Bush stars as Johnny, an amateurish sports talk radio host in Oakland who is pressured by his nagging fiancé to go to New York to interview for a cardboard company administrative position against his wishes. Johnny's dream is to excel in the sports radio arts even though his fiancée Claire is not too clairvoyant by not supporting him on his career goals. Johnny does not make the cash flow that Claire is insisting on so therefore she literally ships Johnny to New York to interview for the cardboard position that was hooked up by Claire's domineering father. Johnny, who is originally from New York, gets to visit his parents in the Hamptons in his New York visit; and also meets up with his chauvinistic easy-going Uncle Terry. Terry, played by Burns, is the antithesis of Johnny. He is a womanizing, selfish, and manipulative lothario who has plenty of married female sexual partners who he uses to not only fulfill his sexual craving, but to also borrow their cars & homes at his "free-will". Johnny is initially reluctant to hang with Uncle Terry during his New York stay, but eventually decides to join Terry in a drive to the Hamptons. During their Hamptons stop, Terry introduces Johnny to Brooke; the tennis instructor of one of Terry's married female conquests. Brooke's beauty and bohemian ways attracts Johnny to her, even though he is set on his ways on being faithful to Claire. Will Johnny cheat on Claire? Will Brooke break the faithful tide? Is the cardboard job in the cards for Johnny? Well, you got to spend some time with "Nice Guy Johnny" to find that out. The premise of the movie is not too uncommon in film narratives of the romantic-comedy genre: a controlled dude in a relationship pressured by a self-centered female to bring home the bacon or else she will bail. But the premise is not the nice part of "Nice Guy Johnny"; it is Burns' genuine screenplay that plays a nice part to the story. Even though Burns has played the same scheming character in a few of his past flicks, I still think he was very good in his performance as Uncle Terry. Matt Bush overacted at times with his mediocre starring performance as Johnny, and Kerry Bishe was not OK with her monotone mode in her portrayal of Brooke. It is not one of Burns' best, but "Nice Guy Johnny" is nice enough to check out. **** Good
Why bother?
The plot: After meeting a free-spirited woman, a pushover begins to stand up for himself and his dreams.

This is a bog-standard Manic Pixie Dream Girl movie. The repressed, passive protagonist is unhappy in his life, though he's too much in denial to admit it to himself. He reluctantly agrees to give up his dreams and allow his fiancée and future father-in-law to plan out his life for him. However, in the process, he meets a free-spirited girl who reawakens his rebellious spirit, and he slowly begins to realize how unhappy he truly is. It's the same exact story that's been told dozens of times in the past ten years, and every time it's the result of hack writing. Every character is a one dimensional stereotype, and the plot is just as predictable as every other hack romantic comedy.

I can't really see why anyone would waste their time with this. It's inoffensive, bland, and has attractive people in it, so it's going to pick up some fans, but this cookie-cutter movie gets made every few months. Why not wait for next iteration, which will probably have better writing and acting?
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