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Next of Kin
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
John Irvin
Patrick Swayze as Truman Gates
Liam Neeson as Briar Gates
Adam Baldwin as Joey Rosselini
Helen Hunt as Jessie Gates
Andreas Katsulas as John Isabella
Bill Paxton as Gerald Gates
Ben Stiller as Lawrence Isabella
Ted Levine as Willy Simpson
Del Close as Frank
Paul Greco as Leo
Paul Herman as Tony Antonelli
Don Herion as Zimmer
Paul Greco as Leo
Storyline: Truman, a Chicago cop, sets out to find the killer of his brother. Meanwhile, another of his brothers, Briar (a hillbilly) decides to find the killer himself.
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Enjoyable thriller for a quiet evening at home.
I was never a Patrick Swayze fan, not because of his ability as an actor, but the movies he made. After watching the complete series of North And South, which he made before he became famous, i thought we would be in for some fine films. Next Of Kin in my view was an exception. The usual revenge story line, a member of a family is murdered by the mob and his family want revenge. What i found interesting about Next Of Kin, was the way Bill Paxtons family were portrayed. Not the usual cliché of being eliterite, stupid and being moonshiners. They were portrayed as intelligent human beings not to fool around with. I thought the entire cast played their parts well. Some reviewers criticise Ben Stiller for being miscast as a mobsters son. Well members of the Cosa Nostra do not walk around looking like people with blood dripping fangs and frothing at the mouth, they look like everyone else. Remember what Martin Scosece said in an interview about making Goofellas. A good film to watch on a quiet evening.
predictable but enjoyable
Patrick Swayze stars in this action crime drama as a Chicago cop from the south avenging the death of his brother. So the plot is pretty basic, so what, it is still an enjoyable action/crime-drama. The cast was very good in this film, which includes Liam Neeson, Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, Adam Baldwin, and even Ben Stiller in a smaller role. The action was pretty good too, especially the chase on top of the train. The film also used its Chicago locations very well, which is something I like in movies. The film has a few faults, including an extremely predictable ending. But aside from that its a fun film for action fans. 3.5/5
A howler and well worth a look -- when you're dead drunk
It's Kain-tuck hillbillies versus the Chicago mob in a typical John Irvin bad classic, NEXT OF KIN. A wooden but beautiful Patrick Swayze stars as a Chi-town cop originally from Kain-tuck whose brother (a young Bill Paxton) is murdered by a psychotic mobster (FIREFLY's Adam Baldwin). Another brother, straight out of the Kain-tuck hills (a bearded Liam Neeson doing a perfectly dreadful hillbilly accent) shows up to avenge Paxton's death, and all hell breaks loose. It's the Hatfields versus McCoys, downtown style. A young, somewhat awkward Ben Stiller plays the son of the mob boss. The final showdown is a comedy classic, as an army of hillbillies who come to the rescue, armed with bows and arrows among other things, takes on the gun-slinging mob in a graveyard. NEXT OF KIN is no ROAD HOUSE, although Swayze races around a lot in an old Camaro. And he wears a funny hat. Plus he has a mullet, which he sometimes twists into a fetching ponytail. In fact, depending on the scene, his hair out-acts him. I sometimes wonder how John Irvin kept getting jobs, but I suspect the studios loved him for his "one-take and let's move on" attitude.
One of the Decades Worst Action Turkeys
Here is an Example why Patrick Swayze (who? the haircut!) Never went Beyond His 15 Minutes of Fame and Liam Neeson is Still Going Strong. Talent and Ability. Director John Irvin Lost His Edge on this One and Delivered a Laughable, Clumsy, Shallow, and Listless Movie. The List of Name Actors going through the Motions here is Impressive and Long, but Doubtful that Any of Them Used this One on Their Resume. This Dog Don't Hunt.

Occasionally the "Action" is Overscored by an FM Soft Rock Ballad with Lyrics about Family (or Kin) that make the Eyes Roll and a Knee Slap Inevitable. The Hillbilly and Mob Clichés abound and the Trademark Cultural Flourishes are on a Level Lower than Dirt. Adam Baldwin, Helen Hunt, and Ben Stiller all Compete with Swayze for the Razzberries.

The Climactic Shoot Out is so Bland and Pretentious it can be a Hoot if You let it. There are Snakes on a Bus, Bear Trap, Bows and Arrows, Crossbow, Machine Guns, 45's, Shotguns, Grenade Launcher, Knives, a Hatchet. Hound-Dogs, and for the Really Big Ending...A Fist Fight.

One of the Worst Action Movies of the Decade. The Only Attraction is the Big Name Cast and the Chicago Locations. Both are Misused and Mishandled. This One Misses all the Marks.
I Laughed.....
After the success of Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze embarked on a string of tough guy films. All of which were bad beyond belief. Mr. Swayze may know how to dance but his acting prowess leaves a lot to be desired. Next of Kin is one of those bad beyond belief films. Swayze plays Truman, a Chicago cop who is searching for the killer of his brother. To make a long story short Truman comes from a white trash background in hillbilly country and he seems to be the only one who made it out and the rest of his family is well...hillbillies. The ending of this film was so hard to believe I was laughing my head off. Do you suppose that a group of backwoods rednecks would be able to come to Chicago and be able to find their way around? Well that is what they did plus help in finding and killing the people responsible for killing Truman's brother.

Liam Neeson must have been hurting for money to be in this one.
Blood Feud
***SPOILERS*** The murder of young Gerald Gates, Bill Paxton, by the up and coming rookie Mafioso, Joey Rosselini, Adam Baldwin, for not stopping the truck that he was driving, for a rival vendor company when ordered set off deadly repercussions that went from the city of Chicago to the hills and coal mines of rural Kentucky.

Geralds murder by a member of the Mafia's powerful Isabella family started a violent "blood feud" between the Gates' and Isabell's that even dwarfed the legendary feud between the Hatfield's and McCoy's. Gerald's older brother Truman, Patrick Swayze, who's an undercover cop in the Chicago PD knew what was coming with the Gates family back in Kentucky up in arms and wanting revenge for their brothers murder.

Showing up, unannounced, in the big city is Briar, Liam Neeson, Gerald's other brother looks to track down his killer, or killers, but Truman talks him out of taking the law into his own hands and letting the police and courts bring Geralds killer to justice. When there's nothing happening in getting Gerald's killers by "the law" Briar goes into action and tears up the Isabella mobsters only to later get shot down and killed by them.

Even Truman begins to realize that only him and his kin will have to be the judges juries and executioners of Gerald's killer and leave the Chicago justice department and police alone on their coffee break, which seems to last the entire movie, that their on.

The Kentucky Hillbillies turn out to be more then a match for the Chicago mobsters taking the fight to them in a final and bloody shootout at a local cemetery. Not even the dead are speared in this film, with the mobsters being shot with shotguns and bows and arrows as well as chased by dogs. In one horrifying one of the scene one of the mobsters is trapped in a trailer with dozens of dangerous snakes, poisonous as well as deadly constrictors, who go on to do a job on the poor smuck who's hopelessly trapped there.

The head of the Isabella mob family Big, or Big PaPa, John Isabella, Andreas Katsulas,ends the bloodbath by blasting young Joey who's incredible and brainless arrogance and stupidity started this whole mess by murdering Gerald. It was the mob-hillbilly conflict that lead to the death of Big PaPa John's one and only son Larry, Ben Stiller, who was blown to bits by the outraged Bariar Gates.

Patrick Swayze comes across as his usual pleasant and nice guy self as Truman Gates and at first tries everything to stop the impending war between his people, the Hillbillies, and the Chicago mobsters. Later Truman sees that the only way to settle things is with guns not with do-nothing lawyers DA's and police investigations and gets with "the program" set by his brother Briar and his fellow mountain men. Truman is also not as unsophisticated as his fellow home boys being married to Jessie, Helen Hunt, a concert violinist and well educated young woman.

Loseing both his brothers, Gerald and Briar, in the war with the mob Truman can now look forward to his wife giving birth to a future Gates and go back in peace, as a Chicago policeman, to raise his family. The movie "Next of Kin" is a bit unusual with the mob getting the hell beat out of them by a group of people who they never had any contact with and always looked down on, like the vicious and ignorant Joey, and never really took seriously until now.
A Terrific,Underrated And Entertaining Action-Thriller
Next Of Kin is a terrific,underrated and entertaining Action-Thriller that is filled with fine direction,a great cast,wonderful Action,an impressive script and a good score and soundtrack. All of those elements make Next Of Kin a solid film worth your time.

Set in Chicago,Illinois,Next Of Kin tells the story of Truman Gates(Patrick Swayze),a Chicago cop from the hills of Kentucky who is investigating the death of his little brother Gerald Gates(Bill Paxton)who was killed by gangsters. Meanwhile,Truman's older brother Briar Gates(Liam Neeson)has come to Chicago to do his own investigation and the gangsters find out you mess with their family you mess with them.

Released in 1989,Next Of Kin is a wonderful and very underrated Action-Thriller that wasn't a hit at the Box Office and was panned by critics but in later years the film seems to have found an audience on cable and home video. And while the film doesn't reinvent the wheel and isn't very groundbreaking or revolutionary,Next Of Kin is a movie that gives viewers great entertainment for 108 minutes. From beginning to end Next Of Kin is a movie that gives viewers a good balance and mixture of Action,thrills and drama with grit and style that never changes throughout the movie and is happening on the mean streets of Chicago with intensity and violence all around. The tone and atmosphere of Next Of Kin can at times be bleak and downbeat but you are never depressed while watching the film because while the tone of the movie is serious the film at times has some humorous moments that are funny and give Next Of Kin a light tone. The storyline moves at a fast pace and keeps you glued to the screen and will keep you wondering what will happen next in most of the scenes. What separates Next Of Kin some of the Action movies of the late 1980s and early 90s is the the depth and themes discussed in the film. The main theme that is repeated throughout the film the theme of family and blood we see families from both sides whether it's with Truman and his relationships with his brothers and family or with Gangster John Isabella(Andreas Katsulas)and his family and no matter what conflicts or problems you still have blood,loyalty and family will always be with you. The characters Truman and Briar Gates we see that the two brothers are estranged because of Truman leaving for Chicago which Briar saw as betrayal but when their brother is killed we see Truman and Briar try to repair their relationship while trying to find out who killed their brother and it's pretty obvious that even though they don't say the two truly love each other and care for one another and the dialog between the two feels real and truly adds to the film. In NOK there is a contrast between the people in the big city in Chicago and the hills of Kentucky showing the Gates family living in houses in the woods and hills that are in the dirt which is opposite of the Isabella family who wear expensive suits and live large houses in the big city of Chicago. One of most interesting things about Next Of Kin is the cast in the film which includes actors who were either already famous or would become famous later on such as Patrick Swayze,Liam Neeson,Helen Hunt,Bill Paxton,Ben Stiller,Adam Baldwin and Ted Levine with all of them giving fine performances. The screenplay by Michael Jenning is impressive and well-written with Jenning's script giving most of the characters power,depth,emotion and Humor that makes the movie works so well. The Action scenes in Next Of Kin are wonderful as well as simple but effective and are in tune with the kind of Action scenes that were done in other Action flicks of the 1980s and early 90s. The ending of Next Of Kin is great because the ending has Action,excitement and once again deals with family and loyalty as well as gunfights and some hunting. A terrific conclusion.

The cast is outstanding. Patrick Swayze is excellent and at his best as Truman Gates,a Chicago cop. Liam Nesson is brilliant and memorable as Briar Gates,Truman's older brother and has great scenes with Swayze. Adam Baldwin is terrific as Joey Rosselini,a hot headed Gangster. Helen Hunt does a fine job as Jesse Gates,Truman's wife. Andres Katsulas is outstanding as John Isabella,a Chicago Mob Boss. Bill Paxton is wonderful as Gerald Gates,Truman and Briar's younger brother. Ben Stiller is great as Lawrence Isabella,John's son. Michael J.Pollard is amusing and fun as Harold,a Motel owner. Ted Levine(Willy Simpson),Del Close(Frank),Valentino Gimo(Rhino),Paul Greco(Leo),Vincent Guastaferro(Paulie),Paul Herman(Detective Tony Antonelli)and Don James(David Jenkins)give good performances as well.

The direction by John Irvin is great,with Irvin always moving the camera and giving the movie a wonderful visual style. Fine direction,Irvin.

The score by Jack Nitzche is fantastic,intense and memorable and fits the tone of the movie. Terrific score,Nitzche. There is also a few cool songs on the soundtrack by Gregg Allman And Lorrie Gates(Brother To Brother),Larry Gatlin & Patrick Swayze(Brothers),Rodney Crowell(Hey Backwoods),B.B King(My Sweet Understanding Lady),The Charlie Daniels Band(My Sweet Babies Gone)and more. A memorable soundtrack.

In final word,if you love Action-Thrillers,I highly suggest you see,Next Of Kin,a terrific,underrated and entertaining Action-Thriller that is worth your time. Highly Recommended. 9.5/10.
Pure Drek!
The acting is fine. The cast is great. The script is lame, lame, lame. And did say it was lame? If the writers could exploit any ethnic stereotype in shameless fashion, they did. This story about culture clash and crime could have been told intelligently without resorting to over-the-top, sniggering, Hollywood-style bigotry. How could anybody take seriously a crime drama where two of the young mafia types' last names are Isabella and Rosselini? The only thing worthwhile to me was looking at all the Chicago exteriors and spotting the errors in geography.

It is kind of fun to see a young Ben Stiller as a baby mafioso. I am relieved that this movie didn't wreck Adam Baldwin's or Liam Neeson's careers.
good shoot 'em up
Really enjoyed this one, primarily because of the vigilante angle. I like to see a guy get paid back for messing where he shouldn't. The bad guys messed with the family of the hero, so he came to town and paid them back in spades. Swayze carried a double rig shoulder holster, and knew how to use the hardware. Lots of gunplay.
Many people miss the underlying theme of this movie
Okay...this is not a perfect movie, and it is hard to categorize because it is not violent enough for today's action movie label, funny enough for today's comedy tag or serious enough to earn the drama moniker.

We also have to realize that this is early in the career of some of the performers. Helen Hunt, liam Neeson, Ben Stiller and Bill Paxton are big today, but you cannot measure this movie by today's standards.

What a lot of people seem to have missed here is the theme about family and friendships. You had the hillbilly vs. the mob family -- hard to compare -- not really. The movie accented that their were more similarities than differences. There are too many examples to be worth singling any of them out.

You also had the loyalty/friendship theme. Think of how Michael J. Pollard, living in the basement of society, had high morals, or how the guys in the hillbilly bar could family up. You could measure that to the members of the bosses crime family against the character of Adam Baldwin.

All in all, this is not a great movie...good at best. But there are some interesting points worth pondering. And seeing an Irishman, Liam Neeson, playing a classic redneck hillbilly is worth seeing it all by itself.

Finally...another overlooked part of this movie is the excellent soundtrack. It is among my small collection of movie soundtracks, that should sum it.
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