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Next of Kin
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
John Irvin
Patrick Swayze as Truman Gates
Liam Neeson as Briar Gates
Adam Baldwin as Joey Rosselini
Helen Hunt as Jessie Gates
Andreas Katsulas as John Isabella
Bill Paxton as Gerald Gates
Ben Stiller as Lawrence Isabella
Ted Levine as Willy Simpson
Del Close as Frank
Paul Greco as Leo
Paul Herman as Tony Antonelli
Don Herion as Zimmer
Paul Greco as Leo
Storyline: Truman, a Chicago cop, sets out to find the killer of his brother. Meanwhile, another of his brothers, Briar (a hillbilly) decides to find the killer himself.
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A Surprisingly Affecting Movie About Family
Worth watching as both a vigilante movie and as a meditation on the meaning of family, this movie surprised me with the level of it's performances. Liam Neeson contributed his usual fine job, as did a nicely creepy David Baldwin, and a nice mob boss performance by Andreas Katsulas (better known as the One Armed Man from the Harrison Ford movie of "The Fugitive"). Good little wussy role by Ben Stiller; nice supporting job by Helen Hunt. Patrick Swayze does a good dependable job in this movie, but is outshone by the finely understated performances of the men playing his relatives from backwoods Kentucky. Great use of Chicago locations, though the "L" trains running past my house don't appear to have the conveniently flat roofs to jump on. (Alright, a minor quibble). All in all, quite worth watching.
Dull and uninspiring, but worth watching if you're a Swayze fan.
Amazingly, I'd never seen this movie, though I'd seen its cover on the rental shelf countless times. It was the passing of Swayze that provided the motivation to see some of his other, lesser known movies.

Swayze was as good as always but he didn't really have much to work with here. The plot certainly didn't provide anything we haven't seen a hundred times already. It had a gritty, dirty feel to it so if the director was trying to get that across then he succeeded in this point.

The script was rather corny at times, perhaps because that was the way movies were made in this period but perhaps also because it was trying to show "mountain" people. If I was a member of that community I would have been embarrassed to have been portrayed this way but perhaps that is just my ignorance as a foreigner.

One of the worthwhile reasons for seeing this movie is to catch a glimpse of some very well known actors before they hit mainstream popularity. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton play rather wooden characters which sadly doesn't allow a hint of their talents to shine through. Neeson is excellent and quite believable as a scruffy looking mountain guy. The most out of place actor would be Ben Stiller. Knowing him as we do today it is just hard to take him seriously so in retrospect he is very miscast.

The action is pretty dull by today's standards which might have been okay if the plot was complex and the characters well developed. Unfortunately, it makes for a somewhat boring experience. I found the tiny hints of life in the Appalachian Mountains very interesting. If this movie was remade with more emphasis on their culture and the problems they face then it could be an extremely interesting movie, perhaps showing the community in a way similar to how Witness gave a glimpse at Amish life.

As it stands, though, it is really just a late night TV movie or for fans of Swayze.
Fun to watch
I have lived in Chicago my whole life and can tell you two things for certain: one, no honest cop(least not the ones I know) could afford a house like Truman's, secondly, the area where he lived is typically crowded with cars; there is no way the mob guys could have just pulled right up in front of it. Liam Neeson was completely believable as a hillbilly,and the train jumping scene was fun to watch. The flophouse he was staying at is EXACTLY where someone like that would end up. And I must say, that Patrick Swayze added a nice visual interest. Is a shame that his real life wife didn't recieve credit for playing the violin. But, if you're a native Chicagoan, rent this movie...just to see the sights. Lake Shore Drive never looked better.
A howler and well worth a look -- when you're dead drunk
It's Kain-tuck hillbillies versus the Chicago mob in a typical John Irvin bad classic, NEXT OF KIN. A wooden but beautiful Patrick Swayze stars as a Chi-town cop originally from Kain-tuck whose brother (a young Bill Paxton) is murdered by a psychotic mobster (FIREFLY's Adam Baldwin). Another brother, straight out of the Kain-tuck hills (a bearded Liam Neeson doing a perfectly dreadful hillbilly accent) shows up to avenge Paxton's death, and all hell breaks loose. It's the Hatfields versus McCoys, downtown style. A young, somewhat awkward Ben Stiller plays the son of the mob boss. The final showdown is a comedy classic, as an army of hillbillies who come to the rescue, armed with bows and arrows among other things, takes on the gun-slinging mob in a graveyard. NEXT OF KIN is no ROAD HOUSE, although Swayze races around a lot in an old Camaro. And he wears a funny hat. Plus he has a mullet, which he sometimes twists into a fetching ponytail. In fact, depending on the scene, his hair out-acts him. I sometimes wonder how John Irvin kept getting jobs, but I suspect the studios loved him for his "one-take and let's move on" attitude.
Hillbilly Heaven
NEXT OF KIN (1989) Back in the 80's action movies where all the rage, remember when everybody was seeing/talking about Die Hard, Predator, Lethal Weapon or the latest Rambo entry. Reenter those wonderful unforgettable days of ole for this piece of underrated southern fried vengeance and mayhem action flick starring mullet hero Patrick Swayze and a then largely unknown Liam Neeson, who sets the groundwork for his future metamorphosis from Oscar nominated actor to 21st century Charles Bronson, here.

Directed by John Irvin, a maverick of the underrated action movie with credits like the Dogs of War and the superior Schwarzenegger vehicle Raw Deal, Swayze stars as Truman Gates, a reformed hillbilly turned windy city cop. When mobsters kill his little brother (Bill Paxton), he finds himself torn between "what he should have done and what has to be done." So enter his estranged older brother, Briar (Neeson), the kind of Appalachian who keeps a severed deer's head in his fridge next to his beer. Briar comes to the big city looking for the men responsible and more than willing to stomp a few creeps to get some answers. Truman, unsuccessfully attempts to keep him on a leash, but soon finds himself drawn into the dark side of vengeance too.

Not nearly as giddy silly as the much loved Swayze starrer cult classic Road House. Still, Next of Kin offers plenty to recommend like an awesome showdown in a cemetery, amiable characters, funny cheesy duologue, and a great role for cult character actor Michael J. Pollard as the proprietor of a flophouse who gets the film's single funniest line ("Hell, no. I'd shoot somebody").

Having never looked better than on the new Blu-ray release with it's 1:85:1 high definition transfer, it easily replaces the poor quality budget pan & scan DVD from years ago. Featuring a stunning cast of actors who would continue to various levels of stardom, not just Neeson and Paxton, but also a never lovelier future Oscar Winner Helen Hunt, Adam Baldwin (Serenity) as the chief heavy, a young Ben Stiller as a mobster flunky and Ted Levine ("Monk") .

Next of Kin is not as well known as many of the other actioners of it's day, but it is one of the best. As expected there are plot holes, inconsistencies and plenty of good old clichés, but it's also a lot of fun and an agreeable time waster. A perfect lazy Sunday afternoon movie.
Another top performance from Swayze!
Although Patrick Swayze is at his best in the romantic and light humour films such as Fatherhood, To Wong Foo: Thanks For Everything; Julie Newmar, Dirty Dancing etc. 'Next of Kin' was definitely no disappointment for me. A would-be hillbilly-turn cop avenges his younger brother's murder in a lawful manner, while a third brother goes about it in typical redneck-hillbilly style, causing more problems and endangering them both, as well as the pregnant wife of Truman (Swayze). The best part has to be the graveyard scene, where Truman's whole family takes on the bad guys, but their brother's murderer ends up being shot by his own father! With an excellent twist to the end, this is nothing short of a good flick to have sitting around for a rainy day.
Blood Feud
***SPOILERS*** The murder of young Gerald Gates, Bill Paxton, by the up and coming rookie Mafioso, Joey Rosselini, Adam Baldwin, for not stopping the truck that he was driving, for a rival vendor company when ordered set off deadly repercussions that went from the city of Chicago to the hills and coal mines of rural Kentucky.

Geralds murder by a member of the Mafia's powerful Isabella family started a violent "blood feud" between the Gates' and Isabell's that even dwarfed the legendary feud between the Hatfield's and McCoy's. Gerald's older brother Truman, Patrick Swayze, who's an undercover cop in the Chicago PD knew what was coming with the Gates family back in Kentucky up in arms and wanting revenge for their brothers murder.

Showing up, unannounced, in the big city is Briar, Liam Neeson, Gerald's other brother looks to track down his killer, or killers, but Truman talks him out of taking the law into his own hands and letting the police and courts bring Geralds killer to justice. When there's nothing happening in getting Gerald's killers by "the law" Briar goes into action and tears up the Isabella mobsters only to later get shot down and killed by them.

Even Truman begins to realize that only him and his kin will have to be the judges juries and executioners of Gerald's killer and leave the Chicago justice department and police alone on their coffee break, which seems to last the entire movie, that their on.

The Kentucky Hillbillies turn out to be more then a match for the Chicago mobsters taking the fight to them in a final and bloody shootout at a local cemetery. Not even the dead are speared in this film, with the mobsters being shot with shotguns and bows and arrows as well as chased by dogs. In one horrifying one of the scene one of the mobsters is trapped in a trailer with dozens of dangerous snakes, poisonous as well as deadly constrictors, who go on to do a job on the poor smuck who's hopelessly trapped there.

The head of the Isabella mob family Big, or Big PaPa, John Isabella, Andreas Katsulas,ends the bloodbath by blasting young Joey who's incredible and brainless arrogance and stupidity started this whole mess by murdering Gerald. It was the mob-hillbilly conflict that lead to the death of Big PaPa John's one and only son Larry, Ben Stiller, who was blown to bits by the outraged Bariar Gates.

Patrick Swayze comes across as his usual pleasant and nice guy self as Truman Gates and at first tries everything to stop the impending war between his people, the Hillbillies, and the Chicago mobsters. Later Truman sees that the only way to settle things is with guns not with do-nothing lawyers DA's and police investigations and gets with "the program" set by his brother Briar and his fellow mountain men. Truman is also not as unsophisticated as his fellow home boys being married to Jessie, Helen Hunt, a concert violinist and well educated young woman.

Loseing both his brothers, Gerald and Briar, in the war with the mob Truman can now look forward to his wife giving birth to a future Gates and go back in peace, as a Chicago policeman, to raise his family. The movie "Next of Kin" is a bit unusual with the mob getting the hell beat out of them by a group of people who they never had any contact with and always looked down on, like the vicious and ignorant Joey, and never really took seriously until now.
* *1/2 OUT OF FIVE
Patrick Swayze stars as Truman Gates a police officer who is torn between justice and loyalty to his brother Briar (Liam Neeson) who is provoking a war with a mobster(Adam Baldwin) who killed their younger brother Gerald (Bill Paxton) in this surprisingly engaging action flick. Patrick Swayze makes for an appealing hero and the actionscenes are tight and spectacular however Next Of Kin doesn't quite meet it's potentional.
Several Big Stars, But Nothing Special
Next of Kin has a rather unusual story about hillbillies fighting against mafia in Chicago. It all starts when an ordinary hillbilly named Gerald Briar who moved to town in order to become a truck driver gets killed by mobsters while doing his job. The main villain is Joey (played by Adam Baldwin), a very brutal and relentless member of the Isabela crime family, who has to work with his boss' harmless son Lawrence (Ben Stiller). What he did not know is that the trucker had a huge family of highlanders, and his brother Truman Gates (Patrick Swayze) lives in Chicago and works as a detective. After Gerald's funeral, Gerald's second brother Briar (Liam Neeson), who is just an ordinary unsuccessful hillbilly, decides to travel to Chicago in order to investigate his brother's death. He occupies a room in a cheap motel, prepares some bullets, and starts beating or threatening anybody who gets in his way. Meanwhile, Truman, who has a beautiful violinist wife Jessie (Helen Hunt), also starts his own investigation but through peaceful means and more subtle threats.

The movie is quite slow-paced and the Briar brothers actually try to get the full picture of the 3rd brother's death before killing anybody. However, the movie's finale is just a dumb shootout scene where mobsters get brutally slaughtered with weapons including shotguns, bows, crossbows, throwing axes and even snakes! One must wonder why the movie is so long when in the end everything comes down to fighting and Truman's plan of lawful arrest fails, but that is probably due to "movie magic". The rest of the movie is forgettable, with several events that do not make any sense. There is one exciting scene where Briar is being chased by mobsters and has to jump on moving trains which is worth watching. The scenes showing the Gates family in the hills are also well-made and successfully capture the spirit of a big highlander clan.

All in all, Next of Kin does have some famous actors, most notably Liam Neeson and Patrick Swayze, but it's just an average crime action movie with several flaws.
wow... boring
Well, this movie wasn't serious enough to be a drama, too serious to be a comedy and only your grandma would think it was an action movie. I realize that Patrick Swayze isn't the best actor in the world but when you see a movie with Liam Neeson and Ben Stiller you'd expect that it wouldn't suck... you'd be wrong.
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