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Mother's Day
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Charles Kaufman
Peter Fox as The 'Dobber' (as Karl Sandys)
Ed Battle as Doorman
Scott Lucas as Storekeeper
Kevin Lowe as Ted
Deborah Luce as Jackie
Beatrice Pons as Mother (as Rose Ross)
Tiana Pierce as Trina
Michael McCleery as Addley (as Billy Ray McQuade)
Frederick Coffin as Ike (as Holden McGuire)
Storyline: When you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. When you go into the woods today you're not going to believe your eyes. But it ain't no "teddy bear picnic". Three girls discover that two men are willing to do anything to impress Mother and what impresses Mother is watching her son commit acts of rape and murder. Now these women are prisoners and lowered to pawns in the game of checkers between two dim wits and their Maniac Mommy and the question becomes, can any of them escape, alive?
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i read one comment from one user saying this is not a bad movie just not a kind of horror film that the users said was bad. well all i gotta say is i have see many horror films in my life and i have seen a few that deal with rape. but come on this movie sucked. it was just so boring this movie was just made to have violence against women. there really is not a lot i can say good about this movie, i will say one good thing it was kind of suspenseful at times. Mother'a day is disturbing at times but not as much as i spit on your grave though. but one thing one of the users said is that this movie is not for everyone is true. but i feel the movie sucked it had nothing to do with the rape scene, which was very sick though. i give Mother's day 3/10
At least 2 versions and both were reprehensible
I've seen this movie in 2 different versions. The first time was on cable, HBO, I think. It contained a scene that I thought was the most reprehensible scene that I've ever seen. A woman is raped by 2 mental defectives while their mother watches and encourages them, shouting out directions. This scene goes on and on, while the victim is humiliated over and over. I couldn't believe the extent of the abuse and could only believe that the actress was a true masochist to let herself be subjected to this trash. It bordered on true pornography. I was convinced that the makers of this garbage must really hate women who are treated with much more class in the lowest of X-rated videos. The other version that I saw had some of the worst scenes deleted. This was the version that was for sale.
Ex-Wolfbreath graduates missing; Mothers' upset.
Troma Films, the anarchic and hedonistic Production and Distribution team here, have excelled themselves in involving their time and name, amongst others, with this movie. Even by a technicality, as director, writer and producer Charlie Kaufman is brother to Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma Entertainment. Troma's reputation is one for the shock-horror-sex-underground movie genre, in the blackest of black comedy sense and style.

Mother's Day is all of the above, minus the comedy, gruesome, debasing, haunting and horrific, horrific in the sense of three female friends alone in the woods, camping out on their annual get-together, and their abduction, rape and eventual death by two puerile and simple-minded brothers, which are controlled and immorally educated by their elderly mother. However, in the similar vain as the 1978 revenge movie I Spit on Your Grave, aka Day Of The Woman, these vile and unsophisticated childlike monsters are driven not by their own will, but are controlled and dominated by a mothers love. As I Spit on Your Grave is an underground cult movie of stark revenge, Mother's Day, too, goes far deeper underground for far longer. This (s)mother love has given birth to an evil legacy of hate, destruction and death; there is nothing that escapes this whirlwind of twisted and bitter sadistic devotion.

This is pure Saturday night drive-in popcorn fodder. Mother's Day has an excellent character development that before any nightmare scenarios begin, it is at least half an hour into Mother's Day before we are propelled into madness and hysteria, we are getting to know and understand our unfortunate heroines and their differing social backgrounds. We are bonding with them as they already have connected with each other, we are slowly becoming drawn into their lives and soon we are ready to share in their grief.

This, for its efforts, and considering its background, is a very well made movie; don't be fooled by its low budget roughness, which actually gives this movie a greater feel of realism. With its underground texture and charm, Mother's Day is a high-octane movie of stamina and strength. The three actresses here, all grown up and independent women in their own right, bring out a very desponding, terrifying and gut wrenching believability to this new world of sick and violent domination. Their experiences are projected through the turmoil, we are feeling helpless that all we can do is watch, and we are as defenceless as they.
Too cheesy
Mother's Day 1980

I know watch this once before but been a long time

Today I felt liked I watched for first time

The movie was really cheesy , a little To much I didn't think it was that good

I felt like some parts of drag ,

I felt Like every one started to annoy me In some parts of the movie I found the deaths to blah, I know early 80, If felt a bit out dated

I liked the last scene of the movie , that Really. Funny!

4 out of 10 worth watching
Better than real-life Mother's Days...
I've got to admit to not being overly familiar with the majority of Troma's output, but if they were all as good as Mothers' Day, I surely would be. The film firmly fits into the 'trash' category of films, as there's a focus on sleaze and violence and the production values leave a lot to be desired, but this is good old-fashioned style horror and for what it is, the plot plays out surprisingly well and the central cast are well developed. I was surprised at how director Charles Kaufman set up his characters, as rather than the usual set of young kids that go into the woods despite the good advice of the surrounding locals; here we have three former college buddies on their yearly camping trip into the mountains. Of course, the other side of the plot (namely, campers bump into maniacs) is the same as usual - but the film gets slightly more credibility than some similar films for having a bit of background information on the characters, which helps the film massively when it comes to them being raped, beaten and tortured later on. This film actually made me want the murderers to get what was coming to them.

The central trio of backwoods and backwards inhabitants is another delightful character combination, and features an elderly mother living with her two sons - whom she continually trains to be more adept at hunting down and killing people. The film opens up with a sequence that sees two people brutally killed, and it really provides a good set-up for the movie as it takes in the themes of black comedy and shows you that the film isn't going to hold much back on the gore front. The laughs in the movie are all of a very sick nature, and people that don't enjoy this sort of movie aren't likely to find it very funny. I do have to say, however, that all in all; this film isn't as brutal as some of its counterparts, and the fact that director Kaufman has given his film a streak of black humour lessens the impact somewhat. It does have to be said that the acting isn't very good, but the low rent stars all fit into their roles well - especially Rose Ross, as the central matriarchal figure. Overall, Mothers' Day is a very decent film for what it is, and while I'm not a part of its cult - I can highly recommend it.
One of the classics
This movie is slow at parts, but when you hit 'Exercise time boyyyys!' you'll be glad you got it.

This is one of the funniest sequences i've ever seen. It shows the two brothers doing these completely ridiculous training drills, climaxing when Mother says to Ike - 'Get the big one!' and Ike then grabs a huge watermelon, hoists it over his head and in a fit of rage, smashes it. This is all to the tune of a B-movie horror rendition of the Rocky theme song.

I give it a 7 out of 10 A classic for B grade horror lovers
One hell of a movie!
Fantastic Horror flick concerning an elderly woman and her two sons who live in a shack in the woods. When three girls go for their reunion to Deep Baron, where the shack is, the trouble starts when the women are kidnapped and taken back to the shack where they are tortured and one of them is raped... all of the delight of the two sons' mother. Once one of the girls die and the other two escape, they plan bloody revenge against the mother and her two sons. "Mother's Day" works well as a horror movie, satire, gore-fest, movie with some T&A and a film clouded with interesting characters. So, whose who dig B-grade movies etc., you will not be let down. Thus, sit back and relax as you feast your eyes and ears upon the cult classic "Mother's Day"...
Hooray for Mother's Day!
I was first shown this movie about a year ago by a friend of mine, and I immediately bought the DVD (although difficult to find). I love this movie for so many reasons. The acting and script are superb for such a low-budget movie. The violence, gore and humor sweeten the overall Mother's Day experience, and if you're offended by any of the scenes, then you probably shouldn't be watching movies, let alone horror movies. It's not real! My personal favorites are Ike "I'll go get the Kodak" (I have a weird crush) and the pink plastic breast pillow. I'd kill to have my own set!
Very well done for its kind
MORD39 RATING: *** out of ****

Let's get something straight: This movie is offensive. It features an old mom urging her two misfit sons to brutally rape, torture, abuse, and murder young women for her entertainment. BUT IT'S BRILLIANT, AND WELL DONE FOR ITS TYPE.

With a shlocky piece of exploitation like this, we rarely if ever get a story and character development in the mix. The story of a group of young women planning a weekend getaway for their reunion celebration first provides us with background history detailing their personalities and personal problems. We get to know these girls...and once they get "caught" by the family of crazies, we share their dilemma.

I might also say that the surprise beginning really grabbed me (I first saw the movie in a theatre in 1980 and had no clue what was going to happen), and the ending is also pretty good.

As gruesome as these killers are in the film, you almost feel for them too. You sense that the imbecile sons are victims of their overbearring mother, and have had no proper upbringing to keep them from being such animals. Even mother is pathetic in a pitiful way.

MOTHER'S DAY will probably never be respected, and it is not for everybody. But I respect it and feel it stands out far in front of zillions of other exploitation/slasher knock-off's.
One of the funniest movies ever!
Superb performances by Holden McGuire and Billy Ray McQuade as dimwit brothers Ike and Addley make this film a must for Horror/Comedy fans collections. The "Training Sequence" will leave viewers laughing for days. There is plenty of extremely graphic gore with above avg. special effects.Although I personally found this film quite enjoyable many people will not, due to the extreme graphic content. I have screened this film at quite a few parties and it upset more than a few viewers. But for me the more shocking and twisted the better! Do yourself a favor and rent this cinematic gem tonight.
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