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Mother's Day
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Charles Kaufman
Peter Fox as The 'Dobber' (as Karl Sandys)
Ed Battle as Doorman
Scott Lucas as Storekeeper
Kevin Lowe as Ted
Deborah Luce as Jackie
Beatrice Pons as Mother (as Rose Ross)
Tiana Pierce as Trina
Michael McCleery as Addley (as Billy Ray McQuade)
Frederick Coffin as Ike (as Holden McGuire)
Storyline: When you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. When you go into the woods today you're not going to believe your eyes. But it ain't no "teddy bear picnic". Three girls discover that two men are willing to do anything to impress Mother and what impresses Mother is watching her son commit acts of rape and murder. Now these women are prisoners and lowered to pawns in the game of checkers between two dim wits and their Maniac Mommy and the question becomes, can any of them escape, alive?
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"Thank ya for sharing with me...I LOVE YOU!"
This is a terrific little horror gem and a family film in every sense of the phrase. Not only does this film concern a sick and depraved family of back-woods murderers but the film itself is made by the Kaufman family. Charles Kaufman is director, writer, and producer(he also has a brief cameo as a cocaine snorter in the beginning of the film). There is also a cameo appearance in the film by Stanley Kaufman. The film would later be distributed by Troma, a company own and ran by the infamous Lloyd Kaufman (Lloyd would also serve as the film's assistant producer). Even Susan Kaufman was involved as the Production Designer. All of this serves the film well because Mother's Day is a different kind of horror flick. Yes there is a murder in the opening sequence, but after that, the film takes it's time letting you get to know the three main characters and their relationship with one another. This makes the horrific events that happen to them later in the film that much more shocking and horrifying. The acting is surprisingly good for a B-grade horror flick...especially Beatrice Pons aka Rose Ross who plays "Mother". Highly recommended viewing for horror fans.
Very unique ending. Its worth your money!
They start off, confusing you a little, which is okay because it all pieces together in the ending. Then it goes right into the plot of these 3 girls camping. I know, it sounds like everyother 80's horror flick, but its not. This movie is full of so many twists and has the most unique and ironic ending. Definatly worth a gander. Just goes to show you what you can buy for a buck.
The Ending is Worth it
A typical slasher / horror film that takes place in the woods where nobody can hear you scream from help. A group of somewhat sexy. half naked woman get lost and fall pray to a family of psychos. A nice storyline for a B-Movie spectacular. The ending is a surprise and the best part of the movie. Although the first scene has its moments, the ending comes out of nowhere and makes most of its audience jump out of their seats. The sound effects mixed in with the endings direction is pure horror. Too bad the rest of the movie didn't have the same feel to it. The director of the film may be Lloyd Kaufman even though its not his name under the credit. Kaufman probably didn't want to pay the union dues and shot the film in a make believe name or something. Either way, a nice Troma like movie with no "ifs" "ands" or "buts" about it.
An influential work of art - "Boogie Nights" stole from this.
Charles Kaufman's "Mother's Day" is an undisputed masterpiece. Despite the lack of "budget," "production value," or "cinematic quality," the film is a wonderful delight for all. Watch 10 minutes into the film, just after the opening credits end. There is a sequence at a party that takes place in Beverly Hills, in 1980. Then watch the scene where Dirk Diggler goes to Burt Reynolds' house for the first time in "Boogie Nights." The scenes are almost identical. P.T. Anderson clearly stole this scene, from the shots, the costumes, the dialogue, the music, the editing style, right down to a girl on rollerskates skating around the pool. Mock this movie all you want, it has influenced pop culture in more ways than you may realize. Charles Kaufman is a genius.
I really do love this movie. It has all the blood, sex and insanity that a good 80's horror film needs. The two brothers in this film are just great charecters. In my opinion, they did their roles very well, and the depiction of the insane family values is just some great stuff. You have an old mother who could barely walk telling her sons to make a game out of rape. Where else do you get a story like that except from slasher films? I will always love this movie. Very creative film. The only reason these films are bashed is do to their budget and poor acting. What do you expect from a film like this. It's not about the acting or poor effects, its all about having a fun time and getting a kick out of the film. Don't expect Citizen Kane for crying out loud.
Mother's Day blew my mind as a 13 year old boy, watching it in the theatres. The film still has an impact on me today. It is a rape and revenge type horror film. The performances of the 2 psychos are totally over the top. I'm surprised the actors were not in other films after this one. The film will be very offensive to those who find The Omega Code entertaining. It is Very mean spirited and shocking. The weakest thing about the movie are the very cheap looking gore effects. Note how cheap the decapitation at the start of the film looks. It's nice to see the victims get revenge on the back woods psychos that abduct them! I really felt for the victims in this film. The film Does work and it is not GARBAGE like many people think. It's simply not their kind of movie. This is seriously a good piece of film.
Mother's Day (1980)

BOMB (out of 4)

A mother is raising her two retarded, redneck sons deep in the woods where she teaches them how to rape and murder women. Just by chance three women go to the woods to spend the weekend when they are kidnapped and taken back to the house of torture. Although this came out in the Halloween and Friday the 13th era it's basically just another rip of Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring, which of course was turned into Craven's notorious shocker The Last House on the Left. I must admit that I hated this movie with a very strong passion because this is without a doubt one of the worst movies to come out of the decade and I might be kind by just keeping it to this one decade. This is from the team who would eventually form Troma but this thing isn't even up to their standards. This movie is so incredibly bad with the acting, directing and screenplay that I must admit to being speechless when I read reviews about how depraved and deranged this movie is. It is. It's just downright stupid with one dumb scene right after another. I honestly couldn't tell if the film was trying to be a spoof of horror movies because of the humor or if it was actually trying to be scary but failed. Either way the thing doesn't work but I have to wonder what was up with some of the comedy including a sequence where two of the women, with bags on their heads, walk into a grocery store and make a mess. Was this suppose to make us laugh? Does anyone really think adults would do such a dumb thing? The acting by the three women are downright bad but the worst has to be Beatrice Pons (working under Rose Ross) as mother. She is so incredibly bad in the opening sequence that the twist that follows is ruined before it can even get started. The guys playing her sons aren't any better and come off rather embarrassing. Again, how anyone could find this thing disturbing is beyond me but perhaps I've just seen too many crazy moves in my lifetime. I'm really not sure how anyone could take anything here serious but perhaps some might enjoy laughing at the movie. I couldn't find anything to laugh at either so needless to say the movie was very useless to me. If you want some better rape/review films then there are plenty out there better than this thing.
How is Raping Women scary?
I'm sorry, I am generally a fan of the Trauma movie company. But this is the worst thing they ever made and they have made some stinkers, I tell you what. But this doesn't even make sense, where was the Police, when enough people disappear in a general area the Police would investigate. If there Hikers go missing the Police and volunteers would search for them. What, when hikers disappear in these woods, the people go "Oh well, their dead" and move on? What? That doesn't even make sense. I'm sorry but watching women get raped is not scary to me, it's just sick and sick is not scary. Plus, she calls herself a woman, allowing her sons to rape women. What is her problem? I'm going on and on. But Llyod, do us all a favor and burn the original negative and forget your company ever made this crap. THE NOOSE!
At least 2 versions and both were reprehensible
I've seen this movie in 2 different versions. The first time was on cable, HBO, I think. It contained a scene that I thought was the most reprehensible scene that I've ever seen. A woman is raped by 2 mental defectives while their mother watches and encourages them, shouting out directions. This scene goes on and on, while the victim is humiliated over and over. I couldn't believe the extent of the abuse and could only believe that the actress was a true masochist to let herself be subjected to this trash. It bordered on true pornography. I was convinced that the makers of this garbage must really hate women who are treated with much more class in the lowest of X-rated videos. The other version that I saw had some of the worst scenes deleted. This was the version that was for sale.
i read one comment from one user saying this is not a bad movie just not a kind of horror film that the users said was bad. well all i gotta say is i have see many horror films in my life and i have seen a few that deal with rape. but come on this movie sucked. it was just so boring this movie was just made to have violence against women. there really is not a lot i can say good about this movie, i will say one good thing it was kind of suspenseful at times. Mother'a day is disturbing at times but not as much as i spit on your grave though. but one thing one of the users said is that this movie is not for everyone is true. but i feel the movie sucked it had nothing to do with the rape scene, which was very sick though. i give Mother's day 3/10
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