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Mother's Day
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Charles Kaufman
Peter Fox as The 'Dobber' (as Karl Sandys)
Ed Battle as Doorman
Scott Lucas as Storekeeper
Kevin Lowe as Ted
Deborah Luce as Jackie
Beatrice Pons as Mother (as Rose Ross)
Tiana Pierce as Trina
Michael McCleery as Addley (as Billy Ray McQuade)
Frederick Coffin as Ike (as Holden McGuire)
Storyline: When you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. When you go into the woods today you're not going to believe your eyes. But it ain't no "teddy bear picnic". Three girls discover that two men are willing to do anything to impress Mother and what impresses Mother is watching her son commit acts of rape and murder. Now these women are prisoners and lowered to pawns in the game of checkers between two dim wits and their Maniac Mommy and the question becomes, can any of them escape, alive?
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Not great, but makes for an okay time passer.
In this early 80's horror item from TROMA, a mother & her two vicious odd ball sons capture, rape & torture three females, former college friends, who are camping in the woods over the weekend. However one can only take so much abuse & soon the girls turn the tables on their attackers to show them what fear really tastes like. MOTHER'S DAY is a film I have wanted to see for years now. I always remembered the video box art staring back at me when I was a kid, but never did get a round to seeing it. Recently I was able to find an old VHS copy & sat down to watch it & while the film is definitely not great, it actually manages to be a brutal ride of gory horror mayhem. The films acting is pretty terrible, but CHARLES KAUFMAN (Whatever became of this guy anyways?) does fairly well at directing & doesn't get to overly silly with the story. The film has a tight pace to it & plenty of edge of your seat suspense. Despite the overly familiarity of the story (Backwoods maniacs abducting, terrorizing & killing their victims) the film was sort of a hampered experience for me, but given this was made in 1980 when the plot wasn't used all that much, I can well imagine it was a pretty inventive plot at the time & I really liked the twist ending the film had, that in reality with it's newest villain, would have made for a truly terrifying sequel. Despite the title, the film doesn't appear to be set on "Mother's Day" (at least not that I'm aware of) it just appears to be a clever title used by the film-makers. All in all MOTHER'S DAY isn't a great film, it actually borders on good to mediocre, but at least the production tries & the film is miles better than most of the stuff their churning out these days. Recommended to fans of the genre only, not highly recommended mind you, but worth a look if you can find a copy. Supposedly remade in 2011 with the same name.

**1/2 stars
Every horror genre rolled into one, just not in a good way.
This is TX Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Demented, and Zena - Princess Warrior rolled into one. First three women go camping in the woods, though in this film (unlike Friday the 13th) the locals don't warn them of the danger. After a while they are attacked and kidnapped (TX Chainsaw Massacre). The women decide to fight back (Demented) after being abused by these two brothers. At one point during the finale, one of the brothers does a backflip out of a second story window all the while doing the Zena yell. That scene near the end is worth watching, but that's all. The acting is horrible, the plot is worse, and everybody involved on the production should be ashamed. 1/10
Too cheesy
Mother's Day 1980

I know watch this once before but been a long time

Today I felt liked I watched for first time

The movie was really cheesy , a little To much I didn't think it was that good

I felt like some parts of drag ,

I felt Like every one started to annoy me In some parts of the movie I found the deaths to blah, I know early 80, If felt a bit out dated

I liked the last scene of the movie , that Really. Funny!

4 out of 10 worth watching
this is not a bad movie persay if you like horror!
first off all of the pepolpe who talk trash about this movie should just get over it and stop telling pepole not to watch it! i know horror very well, and Mothers DAy is one scarey movie. just the thought of being in the victoms shoes is enuff to drive you insane! you really feel for the 3 girls and want them to make it , in most horror films you dont care if they live or die, but these girls are put through hell. i think the realy scarey thing about this movie is the mother, her face and voice are so creepy and just off, you wouldnt want her for a grandma! The 2 sons are verry scarey aswell you would be lucky to get away from them, but if your really smart you might have a chance. this movie is not that gross or sick when compared to i spit on youre grave or last house on the left, wich I think are 2 of the worst hooror films ever! Mothers day is top notch scarey fun. watch it, then you will think twice about camping in the woods, the family is waiting for you to stumble on there lot, once you do your f***ed
Watchable flick by Troma
Mother's Day is another one of the "Psycho Family" movies. It isn't too bad either. It focuses on 3 girls who have been friends for ever. Every year they get together and do something "wild." This time they drop everything they are doing from their busy lives and go camping.

They encounter a family of psychotics on the trip. It is a pretty decent horror movie. It has some gory moments which are interesting.

Will they all survive this adventure? Will they all die? Are there good death scenes? These are all good questions to ask going in to this movie. It is definitely worth the watch when nothing great is available.
Ex-Wolfbreath graduates missing; Mothers' upset.
Troma Films, the anarchic and hedonistic Production and Distribution team here, have excelled themselves in involving their time and name, amongst others, with this movie. Even by a technicality, as director, writer and producer Charlie Kaufman is brother to Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma Entertainment. Troma's reputation is one for the shock-horror-sex-underground movie genre, in the blackest of black comedy sense and style.

Mother's Day is all of the above, minus the comedy, gruesome, debasing, haunting and horrific, horrific in the sense of three female friends alone in the woods, camping out on their annual get-together, and their abduction, rape and eventual death by two puerile and simple-minded brothers, which are controlled and immorally educated by their elderly mother. However, in the similar vain as the 1978 revenge movie I Spit on Your Grave, aka Day Of The Woman, these vile and unsophisticated childlike monsters are driven not by their own will, but are controlled and dominated by a mothers love. As I Spit on Your Grave is an underground cult movie of stark revenge, Mother's Day, too, goes far deeper underground for far longer. This (s)mother love has given birth to an evil legacy of hate, destruction and death; there is nothing that escapes this whirlwind of twisted and bitter sadistic devotion.

This is pure Saturday night drive-in popcorn fodder. Mother's Day has an excellent character development that before any nightmare scenarios begin, it is at least half an hour into Mother's Day before we are propelled into madness and hysteria, we are getting to know and understand our unfortunate heroines and their differing social backgrounds. We are bonding with them as they already have connected with each other, we are slowly becoming drawn into their lives and soon we are ready to share in their grief.

This, for its efforts, and considering its background, is a very well made movie; don't be fooled by its low budget roughness, which actually gives this movie a greater feel of realism. With its underground texture and charm, Mother's Day is a high-octane movie of stamina and strength. The three actresses here, all grown up and independent women in their own right, bring out a very desponding, terrifying and gut wrenching believability to this new world of sick and violent domination. Their experiences are projected through the turmoil, we are feeling helpless that all we can do is watch, and we are as defenceless as they.
Early 80's cultural satire wrapped in a gory exploitative shell
I like this movie. When I was a teenager and I first saw it I loved it. Of course then I was enthralled with gore fests. This movie is definitely gory but when I was 13 the satirical vibe was somewhat lost on me. You see Mother moves her two "mama's boys" to the woods. Where she can take what is good from the city and leave the rest behind. What is "good" are all the things you see on TV from Fonzie to breakfest cereals. The house they live in is a marvel of production values. Two thirds of the budget alone had to have gone into decorating the house. It certainly didn't go into the Special effects. Such as the shoddy moment of blood spattering before decapitation occurs. As early 80's slice and dice goes this far outshines the typical camper in peril scenerio. We are introduced to the three main (victims) characters and we even get meaningful flashbacks in their lives. This makes it a little harder to take when they are brutalized. All in all Mother's Day ain't Life is Beautiful but why would you be that aisle of the video store unless you wanted to see some inbred choke on Drano.
Mama, we're all crazee now!
Mother's Day is not only one of the earliest productions from Troma Studios, but it is also one of their more accomplished efforts (which, to be honest, isn't difficult given some of the absolute tripe they have made since they began). Although the film at first appears to be your typical Kaufmann/Herz trash, with amateurish acting, cartoonish characters, and an occasional attempt at puerile humour (the scene with the gormless stud left naked in the baseball field is a good example of this), it gradually develops into an irresistible combination of dark satire and straight-up, nasty exploitation.

Part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part Last House on the Left, and part Friday the 13th, with just a little bit of Deliverance thrown in for good measure, Mother's Day is a gleefully twisted take on the popular backwoods horror sub-genre. Deep in the wilderness, 'mother' can enjoy all that she considers good about the city (popular culture via TV, and cheap consumer goods) without actually having to live there; the only drawback is that she lives in constant fear of attack from her savage sister Queenie, who lives wild in the woods. Fortunately she is protected by her two devoted and demented homicidal sons, Ike (Holden McGuire) and Addley (Billy Ray McQuade).

In order to keep her boys in tip-top fighting condition, she has trained them in the art of combat, using abducted hitch-hikers and back-packers to practise their techniques on. The terrible twosome bite off more than they can chew, however, when they kidnap three young women who are spending their weekend camping in the area: after one of the girls is raped and murdered by the sicko siblings, the remaining pair plan their escape and wreak bloody vengeance on their captors (attacking them with a variety of objects, including an axe, a TV set, and some Drano!).

With its wicked parody of consumerism (the hideous family greedily devour junk food and collect mass-produced merchandising), wry swipes at new-age thinking and motherhood, and a fun 'surprise' ending, this film manages to be smarter than your average Troma tat, whilst still delivering the raw violence and sleaze that fans demand.

What a shame Troma didn't continue in this vein, rather than resorting to churning out countless Z-grade B-movies designed to appeal to undiscerning adolescents.
Funny Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE wanna be...minus the chainsaws
MOTHER'S DAY is a ridiculously cheesy piece of exploitation trash. After the first awesome death scene i expected it to be great and full of gore but as it turns out there is only a couple gory scenes. While this is most unfortunate the movie is still funny enough to justify a viewing, especially for fans of 80's exploitation horror garbage like myself. All other's should probably avoid this along with most other Troma movies. There's also a little bit of nudity but only the sleazy rapist kind. Basically if you're into the whole deranged family thing with a major dose of cheese then it's worth a look; especially for the totally hilarious ending. For this type of movie it ranks above REDNECK ZOMBIES and probably a little below Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2
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