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Midnight Run
Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Martin Brest
Robert De Niro as Jack Walsh
Charles Grodin as Jonathan Mardukas
Yaphet Kotto as FBI Agent Alonzo Mosely
John Ashton as Marvin Dorfler
Dennis Farina as Jimmy Serrano
Joe Pantoliano as Eddie Moscone
Richard Foronjy as Tony Darvo
Jack Kehoe as Jerry Geisler
Danielle DuClos as Denise Walsh
Tom McCleister as Bill 'Red' Wood (as Thom McCleister)
Mary Gillis as Bus Ticket Clerk
Storyline: Bounty hunter Jack Walsh is sent to find and return bail jumper and former Mafia accountant, Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas. The FBI have had no success it locating The Duke, so when Jack finds him in next to no time, they are a little embarrassed. In order to collect his $100,000 fee, Jack must take The Duke from New York to Los Angeles. However, the Mafia and the FBI have other ideas, as does Marvin, a rival bounty hunter. On their long cross-country trip to LA, the two get to know each other and they build up a strange friendship.
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Beverly Hills Cop with a white dude
At least outside of the US, this seems to be a mostly forgotten movie. I watched it out of curiosity, but expected pretty much a lame, dysfunctional flick. I saw it for the same reason that you'd eat a shrimp cocktail which you'd forgotten in the back of the fridge and which doesn't look too salubrious, sort of slimy and greenish -- but could you throw it away? Nah ...

Mostly, this attitude will bring you death by salmonella. Once in a while that attitude will hook you up with a gem of a movie. Such as Midnight Run. This is a great buddy comedy about a bounty hunter (De Niro) who is given the job to bring in a fugitive from New York to Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, the job doesn't turn out to be the promised "midnight run" (i. e. a dead simple assignment), but instead it's sort of the Iliad with the FBI and the mob in hot pursuit.

This was directed by the same guy who did the original Beverly Hills Cop movie, Martin Brest, and it might be even the better, subtler film of the two. Brest has had a tumultous career so far, directing masterpieces such as BHC and MR alongside clonkers such as Gigli (or Meet Joe Black and Scent Of A Woman -- although I have to admit that I haven't actually seen any of those three movies). I sure hope he pulls another one like Midnight Run someday.

Although this sure isn't the first road-buddy-movie to come out of Hollywood, and uses every road-buddy-movie cliché in the book of road-buddy-movies, it stands out. The acting is amazing, from the headlining De Niro and his sidekick Charles Grodin (who pulls off an amazing job) right down to the B-parts (I especially enjoyed the hysteric bail agent Eddie "Jack!!!! Where the hell are ya?!?" Moscone, but they're all great). There are many masterly aspects to this movie. For example, the mafia hit men playing pranks on each other like schoolboys. Or how the FBI agent's Alonzo Mosely's hefty sun glasses are repeatedly used as a comedic prop. Or check out how the repeated line "See you in the next life!" between the leading couple changes meaning: at first it means "I don't care about you"; then, after Mardukas has revealed to Walsh that he will likely get killed in jail for betraying the mob, Walsh uses this line to tell Mardukas "Too bad for you, I'll still bring you in no matter what." At the end of the movie, the very same line delineates their hope for a second chance at a peaceful, civilian existence.

Really, a comedic masterpiece. Kudos.
Are you doing the litmus configuration?
I was lucky enough to see this one in the theatre when it came out. Martin Brest is one of the truly underrated directors of his time for comedy - this film just is PERFECT. A great road/buddy movie that is made for adults - more like "One flew over the cukoo's nest" than "cannonball run", really. All the supporting characters are great as well...Witness Dennis Farina talking to his Vegas Lawyer, played by Philip Baker Hall (not the first time he would be a guy in a suit in Vegas named Sidney!), Yaphet Kotto as a frustrated agent or Joe Pants as the shady Bail bondsman.

The pacing, dialogue, story, acting, editing are all top notch - I just love this one.
The Synopsis
Jack Walsh(De Niro) is an ex-cop turned bounty-hunter because a big Mafia-boss, Jimmy Serrano(Dennis Farina) from Chicago gave him the choice to work for him or leave town, as his corrupt police colleagues mysteriously found heroin in his house during his undercover operation with the Mafia.

He now works with Eddie Moscone (Joe Pantoliano) who is a bigger crook than the people jumping bail he chases after. Marvin Dorfler(John Ashton) is a fellow bounty-hunter and rival.

When a Chicago Mafia-accountant, called the Duke(Charles Grodin) jumps bail the two bounty-hunters are sent by Moscone on his tracks. The FBI also steps in, as Agent Alonso Mosely(Yaphet Kotto) and Jack Walsh begin a cat and mouse game to retrieve the Duke.

Jimmy Serrano also steps in, sending his hit-men to prevent the Duke from testifying, as Walsh is determined to bring the Duke to L.A., to cash in and leave this "miserable business" for good. But the Duke has other plans.

A wild cross-country race, an excellent comedy, with a solid story and fantastic cast.

De Niro's best comic effort to date.
Not An Easy Job.
Martin Brest directed this action-comedy that stars Robert De Nero as Jack Walsh, an ex-cop turned bounty hunter who has taken the job of tracking down Jonathan 'The Duke' Mardukas(played by Charles Grodin) an accountant who embezzled $15 Million from the mob, then donated it to charity. Jack catches The Duke easily enough, and plans to transport him from New York to L.A. to get a big reward, but he instead finds himself pursued by the FBI, who wants The Duke to testify against the mob, led by Jimmy Serrano(played by Dennis Farina) who wants him dead, and also a rival bounty hunter(played by John Ashton) who wants the reward. How can these two very different men come together and outwit these forces? Surprisingly strong film works splendidly as both comedy and action, with excellent direction and script, and fine performances.
One of my fave films
One of my favourite films of all time. Top story, cast, script, action and some very funny dialogue. De Niro as bounty hunter(and former cop). Bringing in white collar criminal(and nice guy)Charles Grodin across America dodging The FBI, the mob and a rival bounty hunter on planes trains and automobiles type trek. DeNiro is great as usual(we even get to see him laugh!), infact great performances all round especially John Ashton who does a superlative job characterising Marvin, the other bounty hunter. This role in lesser hands could easily of been turned into a caricature like in the film's 3 made for TV sequels. This film in parts will make you laugh out loud especially the word play between DeNiro and grodin and DeNiro and Joe Pantoliano(who plays the bailsman) Fantastic score by Danny Elfman serves the film well. Atmosphere throughout the film builds higher and higher especially between the 2 leads. Go and see it TODAY
Best Comedy film ever made, Best DeNiro film ever made!
This is properly the greatest comedy film ever made. Robert DeNiro proves that he can do just about any genre there is. He's not really a comedian but Midnight Run shows you DeNiro can make you laugh just as much or even more than a professional comedian. The jokes are regular and what's more, they are original. BUT what make it succeed is the tremendous supporting cast who are all different to the next. The film is well paced and experiments with many emotions through out the movie. It is highly highly recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it!
fun fun fun
Here is a movie of my favourite sort regardless of the genre - you feel you would neither add nor substract anything from it. Excellent cast, beautiful script, professional director's work. The main strength of the movie can be found in its unpretentiousness. It primarily aims at providing fun and entertainment, and fulfills it in an efficient way. You have your comedy and action galore.

We are usually willing to suspend our disbelief when watching comedies. No such need when it comes to this movie - the plot, the relations between characters, their motives, everything works like a flawless machinery. It is as credible as life itself.

The movie is brimming with memorable scenes. I have seen it twice - first when it appeared more than 15 years ago, and then again yesterday. I was delighted to find that the movie had lost nothing of its freshness and endured all time traps. I highly recommend it.

9/10 !
A masterpiece of its genre
Midnight Run is quite simply magnificent.

If we were to judge it on a technical craft level, we can only conclude that it is a masterpiece of its genre.

The Writing? pitch perfect. The dialogue is hilarious, clever, idiosyncratic, truthful, sublime. The plotting and character development was economically and brilliantly and logically constructed with a heart stopping finale and quite magical final scene...

The Acting? Perfect. I mean it, literally perfect. There is not a false note or showboating, raised eyebrow performance in sight. EVERY singe actor in this film, the leads AND the support is a 10. It just doesn't get better. But obviously this is DeNiro and Grodin's movie, each in turn stealing the scenes from the other. It's like a masterclass in the craft. That these two actors never worked together again is a crime by todays standards. This was a vintage year for DeNiro movies, well 87-88. there was this, The Untouchables, Angel Heart, but this is maybe the best and most honest of them all. Any student actors who want to know 'how to do it', simply watch his scene with the daughter he hasn't seen for 8 years, you won't be able to breath it is so powerful.

The directing? again perfect, there is not a scene you would direct differently than it is done. It is tight economical forward moving visual story telling, exactly appropriate for the type of film it is. Not over done or self conscious. just clean and simple with wonderful, surprising and suspenseful scenes. The car chase with the helicopter and Jack Walsh's final moment over the ravine with the same helicopter are just terrific.

The music is terrific too and has remained so in a way that many 80's film soundtracks haven't.

Okay there, so if you like films to be great on technical level, you have a masterclass in every department.

If you don't care much about excellence on a technical level and just like a good story well told, Then Midnight Run is one of the most wonderful, warm, engaging, funny, exciting and most satisfying stories you are ever likely to encounter. I mean it, whoever you are, YOU. WILL. LOVE. THIS. FILM.

Oh but there is LOTS of swearing which I personally found hilarious and though virtually constant, always so expertly written and delivered it somehow never felt gratuitous. Just funny.
one of my favourite movies of all time!
I have continually rented MIdnight Run over the years and eventually purchased it. It never ceases to make me laugh and the chemistry between Grodin and De Niro is fantastic! I never expected to like it when i first saw it, yet it remains a favourite almost 20 years later. While Charles GRodin has always been known for his comedic roles, it was Robert Deniro who surprised me with how genuinely funny he was (which he proved again with Billy Crystal more recently). I highly recommend this movie who wants to take a couple of hours and really laugh themselves silly! Great ending, as well! The script plays on the differences of the two leads as well as the similarities which become more obvious as the story unfolds. Also, great car chases and i am not a car chase person, so, enjoy!
An engaging adventure with two likable stars...
DeNiro is (Jack Walsh) a self-righteous ex-cop so unpopular with the Chicago police department, now wanting to make one final 'midnight run' that'll pay big so he can buy a nice coffee shop…

He is hired by an hysterical bondsman to find and bring back a former Mob accountant called Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas (Grodin) who has stolen $15 million from the Los Angeles mob, given the money to the 'unfortunates of the earth.'

DeNiro quickly captures the 'white-collar criminal' in New York, and is given five days to bring him to Los Angleles, to collect his $100,000 fee...

Unfortunately for DeNiro, the fugitive accountant is too neurotic to fly the distance... The embezzler's ex-boss wants him badly for knowing all his financial transactions, and agent Yaphet Kotto warns Walsh not to interfere with the FBI's plans to bring the 'Duke' into federal court… And if this isn't enough, there is some third-rate bounty hunter (John Ashton) who is intrigued about DeNiro's special deal…

In an extended cross-country chase, the two men's personalities and relationship develop…

DeNiro shows how to catch talents of improvisation... His cheeky schoolboy look certainly supplies some of the film's lighter moments... He delivers some of the best punchlines, when he replies: 'Well if you don't cooperate, you're gonna suffer from fistophobia.'

Charles Grodin is perfect as the prisoner who gets some of Serrano's records on computer disks, figuring if things got too rough, he could always trade them for his life… He continually gets on DeNiro's nerves, and with his soft and ironic tone of voice he advises Walsh that a restaurant is 'a very tricky investment.' He easily dips into Jack Walsh's life ('Don't you want to be loved?'), wandering about his broken marriage ('Did she hurt you, Jack?'), his habits ('Cigarettes are killers. Put the cigarette out.') and whatever he can think of...

The best parts of the film are, in fact, the interactions between the two stars… The story holds up perfectly and entertains the viewer in every way… Martin Brest does bring out the realistic, funny and moving sides of his likable characters… Suspense is maintained to the very end…
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