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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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One of the most intensely complex and gripping films to have ever been created!
Christopher Nolan's 2000 Neo- Noir film 'Memento' is one of the most intensely complex and gripping films to have ever been created. The story is centred around the protagonist Leonard, who explains throughout the film about his short term memory loss (known as anterograde amnesia), as well as focusing on his attempts to solve and avenge the murder of his wife.

However, what divides 'Memento' apart from other films is the complexity within the narrative and portrayal of the structure. The bulk of the film alternates from colour to black and white scenes, which then converge at the end of the film leading us to the beginning of the proceeding scene. Nolan uses the black and white scenes to represent the past; whilst including other material, such as flashbacks, that precedes the beginning of the black and white scenes- observed as Leonard's long term memory. However, just like the protagonist, us as the audience do not know the exact length of time those memories occurred- thus creating the "most interesting ambiguity of the film" (Christopher Nolan).

As one of the highest grossing directors in history, Nolan is able to create an unusual yet captivating masterpiece, which continues to be admired and loved seventeen years later.
A great film for directors or film editors
Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) is hunting the man who killed his wife. He has to do this while struggling with short term memory loss meaning he relies on photos of important things and tattooing important facts on his body.

As everyone in the world knows the film runs backwards from the end for the majority - meaning that we, like Leonard see events without any knowledge of what has gone before. Like him we only have photos etc to help us. Unlike him we know what will happen and this makes it easier to follow the story. The film follows two streams - one where Leonard is telling someone over the phone about Sammy Jankis - a man who has the same memory condition. The second stream is the main narrative backwards.

This film is amazing. If the story was told forwards then there would be very little here but the devil is in the editing. This is a director's film - the key lies in the editing of scenes and the many visual tricks that provide clues to the conclusion of the film. The main compliant everyone has is that the ending leaves too many questions unanswered - however on the first viewing this is not true. The first time you see it the ending is simply and devastating - the twist is not as breath taking as Usual Suspects or Se7en but it will profoundly move you. When you get over this you begin to pick back over the plot and the "Sammy Jankis" section and you will find it difficult to come up with a water-tight solution. But to me that's one of the things to enjoy - the discussion with friends about the film and the fact that it stays with you for weeks after you've watched it.

Pearce is excellent in the lead, I cannot believe this guy once was in Neighbours! He is a totally believable character and makes the audience feel so many different things throughout. Joe Pantoliano is excellent - but then he always is. Even Carrie Anne Moss is good. The strength of Moss and Pantoliano is that we don't know who they are - are they Leonard's friends, enemies, good, bad? - and they play on this ignorance wonderfully.

The film is not in the top 250 because of the story but because of the editing. This is so different from anything else recently that it blows you away. It takes 15 minutes to get going but once you're in then you're in. This is worth watching as it shows how even a simple story can have a huge impact.
Wow. This truly bites.
I think that the people who gave this a decent vote must have been watching the wrong film. May I suggest you go back and have another look. If they told this story fowards it would have received about 3.0 and although it may be "clever" to tell the story in this backwards forwards whatever format I think the film would have benefitted greatly from being set in space or possibly under the sea.
Good plot but scenes are out of sequence
Good plot but the scenes are out of sequence making it hard to follow. Other out of sequence films include Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (both directed by Quentin Tarantino. I thought this was a Tarantino movie until I checked). Abrupt and unsatisfying ending.

One of the most innovative works I've ever seen!!!
This is my 1st review on the site and I have chosen this masterpiece of a movie to review.

I have seen movies in my life with an innovation factor whether its the characters, the plot, the directing or even the soundtrack, but this movie deserves to be a great, clear contender in the innovation land.

Since the 80s, we are tired as viewers of clichés regarding protagonists or antagonists and this movie serves the cause of surprising the viewer not necessarily plot-wise, but character-wise. I mean all of the characters in this movie have their ups and downs within the build up.

Guy Pearce is certainly one of my favorite actors of all time, so it isn't new to me that I got owned by his acting and for Carrie-Anne Moss, she is an actress of natural, God-given ability. So, where did the pleasant surprise came from?... It came from Joe Pantoliano who added THE flavor to the movie.

If you still haven't watched this movie and I doubt it, then go and see it today for it is a masterpiece not necessarily in its epic, rich, novely aspect, but for its innovation.
A monumentally over-rated wankfest.
After all this time, I am still not sure why I hate this movie so much. Perhaps it is because so much undeserved praise was heaped on this pretentious and presumptuous MTV video with aspirations to being a "serious" movie. It meanders, sometimes careens, from one gratuitous plot twist to the next, yet in reality very little actually happens. In the end, this is not a bad approach if we are going to get character development instead. Alas, none is here. The characters might as well have had their profiles tattooed on them, like the main character does, because they are no less obvious and devoid of subtlety.

Memento confuses plot intricacy for story, of which there is precious little here. Granted the story had to be sparse to further the self-conscious conceit that ties up this formulaic and trite little package with a bow. Now don't get me wrong. Any film that causes us to reconsider what we think we know and to see things in ways to which we are not accustomed is great. But that must not be confused with clumsy subterfuges designed to suggest one thing and mean another. That's just plain silly and cheap, a mindless maze that wanders aimlessly until the author runs out of gas. That's what we have here.

Guy Pearce, the Other Australian Actor, is good, reminding me at times of Brad Pitt before he demonstrated so convincingly time and again his epic lack of talent. Unlike Brad, though, Guy is talented. Perhaps too talented for such a claustrophobic little film. And what's up with Joe Pantoliano? Let's see, maybe we can give just him a sandwich board to carry around announcing his ulterior motive in every scene. He is the most typecast actor around, and he could phone in a performance with more mystery and finesse.

Still without Guy and Joe, formidable talents in better vehicles, this film would be desolate. Oh, there's lots of little black and white vignettes, and the story is told backwards which has been universally acclaimed as genius, but which, at least for me, smacks of artifice and cliché.

Look beyond the gimmickry, and you have a film that aches for a purpose, a theme, a message. What it has instead is a sort of Michael Mann vapidity that even throws in the car and the suit. Holy Don Johnson, Batman.

I cannot begin to tell you how over-rated this movie is. It is a favorite of ersatz intellectuals who want to prove their smarts and congratulate themsevles by "figuring out" this empty, pointless wankfest of a monumentally overrated movie.
Okay, what am I doing? Oh, I'm chasing that guy.
What I generally look for in a good movie is character development. If nothing changes in the characters' personalities, I have trouble enjoying the film, as it loses a certain sense of realism. One method of character development that I particularly enjoy is that of the "revealing" method, finding out more about a person's personality by being shown information. Many people mention The Usual Suspects when reviewing Memento and I can't help using it as well. This method of character development is used very well in that movie also, in the twist at the end. I felt that Leonard's character developed extremely well in that we were shown bits of his personality at a time and it was not until the end that we found out what he was truly all about. *Spoiler comment at end*

This film, with its memory-troubled main character, reminded me of a sub-plot in the Kurt Vonnegut novel, The Sirens of Titan, in which the main Character, Malachi Constant, must endure repetitive memory wipes, only knowing what is going on by re-reading a series of notes that he writes to himself.

I was going to mention something else about Memento, but I forgot it. Maybe I should have written myself a note.




***Spoiler comment below***


I really enjoyed the sequence of shots in which Leonard realizes that he's crazy and consciously decides to prolong his fictitious search by leaving himself a note that is, in effect, a lie. The idea of lying to oneself brings up entirely new issues of paranoia that I thoroughly dig.

Will have to count next time i see it, the number of times that Teddy tries to get the keys to Leonard's car. I think it may be as many as six.

small plot hole, the Jaguar's car alarm goes off when the window is shot, but the alarm had not been armed.



***End Spoiler***


Just a deception package!
Just a deception package! In NO WAY this picture is only half as intelligent as it pretends to be. A quite good idea in deed, but after a promising start it gets a heavy-handed, mechanical and predictable bore and a pure letdown, especially because it stays beyond the means. And sorry folks: It really is no achievement to UNDERSTAND this movie -but it sure is to to keep up till the end.
Addictive and fun to figure out
Christopher Nolan's "Memento" is truly a rare and exceptional achievement in modern filmmaking in that it manages to be new, fresh, hip, and exciting without ever tiring its audience out - unless you're walking into this film without the desire to participate and actively analyze the mysterious details.

If that's the case, then this is DEFINITELY not a movie you should see. If, on the other hand, you are open-minded, creative, and alert, you'll definitely appreciate and get a kick out of this one. "Memento" is an old-fashioned "film noir"-type mystery thriller with an intriguing, ingenious twist: outfitting the entire film with a style that mirrors the protagonist's own mental condition while giving the poor viewer(s) his own perspective as well. It is masterfully filmed and edited in such a way that it is chronologically presented backwards (with two initially separate, parallel storylines - the main one, shot in colour, is the chronologically-backwards story with scenes that intercut with those of the other story, which is filmed more like a documentary, shot in black & white, and mostly takes place inside a motel room with the main character narrating, talking about the effects of his condition, etc.) While the average viewer may already be put off by such a complicated, confusing format, it is a very original premise that is well worth the struggle to figure out.

Acting is solid across the board, as is the writing, directing, etc., but special kudos must be extended to the very talented editor Dody Dorn, who successfully managed to put all of these fragments together and help them flow in a smooth, healthy manner that is not easy to pull off.

One of the most "memorable" (sorry, couldn't help slipping in the bad joke) films you're likely to ever see, "Memento" is an instant classic due to its groundbreaking narrative style and impressive dramatic undertones. For those jaded moviegoers who seek something to keep them awake, interested, and constantly thinking, there couldn't be a better choice than this film.

Not as good as they'd make you believe
Don't believe the hype -- people seem to go out of their way to tell you how great this film is. The truth is that, when it comes to the crunch, it's actually not really anything that special.

Pearce, as the man who has no short term memory after he sustains a brain injury when his wife is raped and murdered, is competent enough, but this film does get really annoying in the way that it loops within the plot in order to get you back to the same point you were at 2 minutes ago -- and then moves onto the next scene.

That was really annoying.

A lot of this only makes sense in the last scene -- when the Sammy story finally comes to a point -- but by then it's taken an effort to sit through a lot of the rest of the film.

Make no mistake, it's not bad, but it's not anything sensational either.
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