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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Deeply disappointing, turgid romp through the AfterEffects plug-ins palette. Someone in the SFX discovered how to make buildings explode and that was all they needed to fill two hours with a tedious, exaggerated Kryptonian punch-up bursting through more office blocks and supermarkets than you can shake a stick at. This is CGI melodrama at its worst, audio-visual monosodium glutamate attempting to mask the bland dialogue and flavourless plot. Just as the action begins to flag, there's another mega-scrap, as duelling Kryptonians demolish buildings and fling freight trains at one another. The sound is utterly deafening, over-amplified to create the illusion of this being a really exciting film. It's not. It's just very, very loud. Bring ear-plugs.
Just an all around unpleasant experience
This movie is jaw dropping at how bad it is. How could they mess up a Superman movie this badly? It's borderline comedy. I'm half expecting Snyder to just come out and say "We were joking, the real Superman movie is here." But no, this is the final product. This is the movie many are giving 10 out of 10s. And for what? A stupid and ugly film with no value of worth.

Let's start with the characters shall we. All of them are bland. All of them. First off, Cavill. I liked him. He seems to be doing the best of what the poor script will give him. He's tall, handsome, has a good voice and could have made a great Superman. Too bad he wasn't given one. I don't mind a movie that shows the darker side of being Superman, but at the end of the day, I want to be uplifted by his presence. Compare him to Reeve, who swoops us off our feet just as easily as he does to Lois the moment they meet. He shines charisma. Cavill on the other hand just mopes throughout the entire movie, punches things and...I think that's about it.

Lois Lane played by Adams. Starts off well enough with her being tough, wily, etc. But unfortunately her role goes downhill the moment Zod and his buddies arrive. Why did Zod want her on his ship? Was it just for exposition? Screen writing 101 guys, characters actions should make sense. Then towards the end, the military have her on the plane or something. What is she doing there? She's a reporter, not a military adviser. It's like they wrote the story and then someone said "Oh, you forgot to put Lois Lane in." So the screeenwriter just put her into a bunch of scenes without it making any sense. She even has the power of teleportation as shown at the end where she appears just to be the shoulder that Superman cries on when he kills Zod. The rest of the characters, aren't worth mentioning because I forgot them already, except for Zod. Zod is angry...NEXT!

Let's talk about the dumb stuff, particually Pa Kent's death. Talk about not getting it. In the original film, his death is done in such a heart wrenching manner. The point of it being, with all Superman's powers, he still couldn't stop something natural like a heart attack. But here, there's no excuse. It was borderline parody how silly it was. I would have laughed if I wasn't so shocked about how bad the movie was.

Why is everything in this movie super realistic. Superman is an alien with God-like powers who flies around in a cape and tights. You don't try and make that realistic, because then it becomes silly. The cinematography reflects this and it's some of the worst I've ever seen. Shaky cam is terrible. I hate it with a passion. And not only do we have shaky cam where we can't tell what's happening during the boring action but also everything is super PALE. Why is everything either white or blue? EVERYTHING. This is the whitest and coldest movie I've ever seen. It's like they found the film in a block of ice. Even when they're in the desert everything is cold. Where's the COLOUR?!

And finally, the action. Oh boy, could they have made this any more boring? If you enjoy CG explosions and people punching things for 2 hours, then this movie is for you. And this is coming from someone who's favourite movie is Die Hard. News flash guys, action only works in two ways. It can be either tension filled, where we cheer on our vulnerable hero and hope he survives and saves the day. Or is can be done in a way that attempts to impress and entertain you through effects, choreography and stunts. Man of Steel is obviously going for the latter, but the problem is, that kind of action only works in small proportion. Take the original Matrix (another one of my favourite movies). Everyone remembers the amazing 'bullet-time' action scenes. But when you watch the movie, the action only makes up a small portion of the film. The limited amount of action, made the action scenes all the more exciting. It's one of the reasons why Matrix Reloaded didn't work for me, because it had too much action. Man of Steel has the same problem. How many times do we have to see someone being punched in the face? It's ridiculous how violent this movie is. Isn't Superman for family audience? Well not anymore. Step up comic book nerds, here's a movie that's so dark and moody that no one is going to call you a loser for watching it. Except the people who know what a good movie is...(whisper) don't worry though, those people generally don't appear on IMDb message boards.

I wrote too much didn't I? And I didn't even talk about the cliché and cringe-worthy 'movie trailer' dialogue or the forgettable soundtrack. Oh well, I think I've got my point across. Superman shouldn't be dark and realistic. Trying something different is a good thing, but this was just the wrong way to do it. At least this movie wasn't shot on real film, because that would have been such a waste. 1/10
A Dreadful Effects-Laden Mess
If you're into special effects and umpteen CGI shots of characters fighting and punching each other through buildings, skyscrapers toppling, cars flying around, etc this movie IS for you. If, on the other hand, you are like me, and like a well-told story with characters you care about, with surprising twists and turns and perhaps some humour and moving moments, and yes, some great but not overwhelming effect sequences then give this one a miss.

Honest opinion - I just thought it was terrible. I've never walked out of a movie in my life at the cinema, but I came really close here. Krypton here becomes generic sci-fi planet number 87645, indistinguishable from all the others seen in recent sci-fi movies, complete with Avatar-like flying reptiles. It's totally forgettable, unlike the Krypton of the Donner film, which has dated but is totally memorable.

I'm trying to be fair here and not compare it to Donner's original Superman Movie, and the origin story is told differently, using flashbacks rather than sequential happenings.

But in truth Clark's tough time growing up, not knowing who he really is,etc, just doesn't work. It could have been interesting, but it merely becomes irritating after a while. "Not Young Clark Again" I found myself muttering as the movie unfolded.

Henry Cavill was pretty dull as Kal-EL/Clark. I don't say Superman as the film makers appear pretty embarrassed to even name him until very late in the proceedings. The actors I largely hated. Only Russell Crowe stood out for me; I'm not really a fan of his but he did a good job.

Zod was a one note villain with the actor wearing a one-note, evil-rage expression throughout. Lois Lane's montage of investigating Superman is hilariously bad. I actually felt sorry for the poor actress who had to perform the role it was so badly written.

But the prize buffoon is surely Costner. I found Pa Kent's death unintentionally funny; yep he tries to rescue the family dog - and his willingness to let a bus load of children die in order to preserve Clark's secret superpowers staggeringly wrong.

And the action - scene after scene of repetitive fights, awful dialogue, forgettable music. After an hour I just couldn't wait for the whole thing to end.

And people still continue to fall for the spoon-fed tripe that Hollywood churns out. For the record I enjoyed the recent Dark Knight and Iron Man movies but this is a long way below the standards of those flicks....
15 minutes of film, 2 hours of boring endless fight
We all know how Hollywood superhero movies go: The story develops one way or the other until the hero has to defeat the villain, which leads to a fight that takes place for the last 20 or 30 minutes.

Superman TMOS starts exactly as the 1978 movie does, with a lot ofwç weird CGI that makes it look like Alien meets Total Recall. When Krypton explodes and you expect Clark's life to unveil, the nightmare starts: The movie mixes Clark's teenage years with his adulthood in a weird mix that sometimes works, and other times it makes you wonder where this all might lead to.

Suddenly, 20 minutes later, the evil Zod shows up and the remaining 2 hours of the film become an endless fight of them two destroying one skyscraper after another (with thousands of innocents being killed -WTF?- Way to go Superman!), hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of cars being blown up, again and again and again. After 30 minutes it's all a dèjá vu nightmare. Missiles are blown to try and kill Zod, to which he survives undamaged but, wait, when there's a minute for the film to end, Superman comes and *SPOILER HERE* he just breaks Zod's neck. Taadaah!

If you're wondering about the Daily Planet stuff, it just appears for a couple seconds right before the credits roll.

That's as close as you'll get to the Superman spirit: A never ending repetitious fight with CGI clichés being copy-pasted over and over. Don't waste your time and money.
Superficial Man
Utter dross devoid of character, humour and even colour.

The CGI is the usual fantastical & arbitrary nonsense we have all had to endure in modern times - filling out the last third of an overlong movie with a week script so full of holes and non-existent characters it makes you want to weep.

As an utterly superficial entity I imagine nonetheless it will score highly among pre-pubescent kids, ADHD sufferers, dullards and the easily entertained.

Too cool for school, zero expression. Who is Superman?

Even the pretty Amy Adams can't save this one for me!!
This movie has no soul
I was really excited to see this movie considering all the creative and successful names that were attached to it. However I came out of it more frustrated than anything else. I really wanted to like this movie but I couldn't, and here are some reasons why:

Straight from the beginning, I couldn't help but notice that the movie was trying too hard to be similar to recently successful sci fi films rather than trying to find its own style (Avatar, The Avengers, Batman Begins and the Matrix come to mind). Then there were the minor plot holes, inconsistencies and lack of believability or followthrough that would have brought that extra touch of realism. But the real downfall of the film was the matter-of-fact and detached style by which it was presented to the audience. This left the movie emotionally empty and with no one to identify with. As the movie continued it became more of the same going through the motions (ok now this happened, and now this happened, oh and now this is happening) to the point where I didn't really care about the movie or characters any more, I just wanted the monotony to be over. This is the reason it felt rushed and long at the same time, like key elements were underdeveloped and missing. This is a great example of how you can have the most massive, amazing grandiose scale special effects and world altering events on screen but without the proper build up and audience investment I didn't really care about the characters, and continued to grow bored until I just wanted it to end. The trailers were more suspenseful than the actual movie for crying out loud.

I'm not sure whose fault it was- the editor, the director, the script, post production but a little more than half way through it started to feel like it was dragging. You can walk out of a really enjoyable film after 3 hours and not realize how much time has gone by. I would not have minded if the movie was 15 minutes longer but had the slightest bit of suspense, emotion or character development in it. It felt like it was cut down to its bare bones- you cant omit that stuff to make room for more special effects, if that is in fact what they were doing. No amount of action can ever replace good story telling. Instead what we got was clichéd one liners and characters going through the motions interacting with themselves so to speak instead of playing off each other, like in a bad video game. Even great acting from Michael Shannon and Russel Crowe wasn't enough to elevate their characters from appearing as one-dimensional cliff notes. It's not being too picky when you want something essential and basic that every movie should have and when many people didn't like the movie for the exact same reasons. I also found the writing to be lazy, and without giving too much away, certain plot elements could have been used to show that Superman was not just all brawn but brains as well. Plus, Lois knows and thats just boring.

It seems to be a growing trend in blockbuster movies these days, while trying to make the movie more modern, technologically up to date and fit for a younger audience, story telling takes a back seat to cheap thrills and special effects to get more people into the theater. It's a shame then that this movie feels like an attempt to mash together as many unoriginal blockbuster genres with as much mindless action special effects as humanly possible, most likely in an attempt to compete in the 'how big can we make this' superhero franchise. I like special effects and I know its good for business, but does the movie making process have to suffer to such an extent as a consequence? Even the Avengers with its multitude of characters was able to pull of an engaging thrill ride compared to this.

To those trying to undermine the critics I have a few things to say. I like Snyder's previous films and particularly enjoyed Watchmen, so I would have had no problem with a darker of more serious version of Superman, except this movie was none of those things. I feel a lot of people who will defend the movie don't have much to say besides 'superman was a badass compared to other movies' and 'it was visually impressive'. They refuse to see the whole picture and realize that a shiny toy is just a shiny toy. The critics didn't rate this movie poorly because it was serious, dark or they didn't like Snyder's style- it was because the movie didn't have a unique character, or any style Snyder is famous for. While that 'satisfied feeling' you had at the end of the movie instead of the 'wanting more' feeling really shows how mundane it really was. A movie of this magnitude should leave you wanting more, for a sequel or at least for a second viewing. After watching this movie I had no desire for either of those things. Just because a film has amazing special effects does not automatically make it a good movie.

What this movie did was ironically give me a new appreciation for Superman Returns. While Bryan Singer's approach to the character and story was somewhat dated, it was a polished work that (while it didn't appeal to everybody) was executed very well in all aspects, especially story telling. The difference is that people didn't like MOS not because it had a unique style, but because it wasn't a complete film, and the difference shows. An ideal Superman movie in my opinion would combine the best aspects of both films. A modern approach with exciting and relatable character development and story telling that Superman deserves. Just felt like I needed to express my disappointment and frustrations at this squandered potential.
Can be Summed up in a Word: Bland!
After the all-round disappointment of Superman Returns, it was decided that a reboot was the best way to go for the iconic superhero following the success of the Dark Knight trilogy. Director Zack Snyder was brought on board, best known for his adaptions of the comics 300 and Watchmen (the former being overwhelmingly style over substance and the latter surprisingly good if uneven). Added to that the cast featured many excellent actors who could bring weight to their roles. However, for all the films potential it is just as dull and uninteresting as Superman Returns was despite its greatest efforts to avoid any comparison.

Story: A baby named Kal-El is sent to Earth from the planet Krypton just before it is destroyed. He grows up as Clark Kent and quickly learns that he is not part of the human race. But a general from Krypton comes to conquer Earth and Clark is the only person who can stop him. The general plot line is fine but it is told in such a messy manner that it pretty much ruins the film on its own. The entire set-up can be summed up as rushed. We see fragments of Clark's life as a teenager but learn next to nothing about his predicament or his relationship with his adopted parents, why should care about anything when these characters are as one-dimensional as it gets? Clark actually becoming Superman comes out of nowhere because there's none of the build-up needed, no questions are asked and there's no curiosity to what he really is. Once Zod arrives the film descends into scenes solely containing clunky dialogue and hectic headache-inducing action scenes.

Hero: Superman is painfully dull and that is because he has no personality. He isn't intelligent, witty, charming, tough or reflective. This 'Superman' has none of the traits or complexities needed for the character to work, there isn't a second within the film where we get inside the characters head. He just walks around with the blank expression of a confused puppy or smashes other extra-terrestrials through large buildings. Adding to the poor character writing is Henry Cavill who is as wooden as a shed and I don't find anything he says remotely believable because of that.

Villains: Michael Shannon is usually great screen presence, but he is playing a truly terrible character here. They don't even try to give dimensions to Zod or make us see his dilemma, he's just a raging lunatic from the get go. Sadly that isn't remotely interesting. Shannon doesn't help matters as he goes for the insane bug-eyed look throughout, delivers most of the dialogue like he's chewing on marbles and most of his over-the-top rambling are just hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Support: Amy Adams' Lois Lane is just as dull as Superman is. Adams is just a boring actress (and I think there were much better candidates for the role) and Lois herself is never defined as a character. She isn't the no-nonsense, charismatic reporter most people think of because even though she acts all tough she has to constantly be bailed out of situations and she's a charisma vacuum. Elsewhere Kevin Costner and Diane Lane bring respectability to the Kent's, while Russell Crowe does a solid job as Jor-El.

Action: The action scenes are made up of people being slammed through buildings or getting launched hundreds of feet. They are truly terrible. You know none of this will harm Superman or Zod unless they literally kill each other so it makes it all pointless. The climax goes on for what feels like an eternity (I feel like I had a birthday watching it), taking up the entire last third and it is just overkill on another level. From a technical standpoint they're filmed horribly and edited to within an inch of their life, meaning it's extremely difficult to tell what's happening half the time.

Music: Hans Zimmer's score is one of the most forgettable superhero scores of all time. I seriously cannot recall what the main theme sounded like, it was that bland. He provides the usual big trumpet sound, but nothing we haven't heard him do before and it's not remotely memorable.

Production: Visually the film is not very impressive. It's not as notably stylish as Snyder's previous efforts and although the Watchman style wouldn't suit the film, it would at least make what we're seeing look exciting. The film just has an overly drab colour scheme and would be best described as gloomy. None of the colours standout or pop, none of the locations look anything special and the film has a surprisingly low-budget look to it. As mentioned the editing is a complete mess, with the action scenes looking like they were edited by a maniac and certain scenes playing out like they were racing to the finish line to get them over with. The script and writing is by far the biggest issue however. Everything about the plot and characters feels either rushed, incomplete or as if it was written by a child. The film literally leaps from one scene to the next whilst never explaining anything and increasingly piles on the mindless action when it seems at a loss for what to do next.

Conclusion: For me Man of Steel is a massive disaster. For all Superman Returns' faults it had its heart in the right place, whereas this film seems clueless from the get and the fact people have given it so much acclaim baffles me beyond belief. It's literally half a film of boring scenes with no motivation, then another half of endless dumb action scenes. It's impossible to care about where the film is going or what the outcome will be when the key elements are such a complete mess. As a result Man of Steel becomes overly depressing and too action- heavy, which simply doesn't work for the character and sucks any out any possible enjoyment.
Remember that sinking feeling you had watching The Dark Knight Rises?
I wanted to like this movie. Admittedly, I went in with high expectations, but I thought the names behind the movie, the actors and the beautiful trailer justified my high hopes.

And - at first - I thought it was all going to work out. For the first 40 minutes or so, this movie is awesome. Krypton, an ALIENated Clark Kent doing odd jobs on earth, a confused boy trying to cope with his powers...

Some reviewers have bashed the movie for being too serious, but there's nothing wrong with a little seriousness, or a little reverence towards the character. In the first half, I think the tone is perfect. A little dark, sure, but it all feels like we're building up towards something truly awesome. Then, kind of suddenly, the main story with Zod and the action starts. And, as much as I love action movies, I really wished it hadn't.

When the serious actions starts, all coherent story telling stops. In the blink of an eye the movie goes from feeling like a sci-fi Batman Begins to Transformers 3 minus the nuanced story telling. Suddenly Superman is here and we get these big sweeping beautiful scenes, and they're just completely boring and out of place. And I don't even want to talk about the totally contrived Lois Lane - Superman romance. (Lots of sighs, and "WTF?" comments at the theater I was in).

I kept waiting for it to recapture the tone of the first half, but the action just keeps getting bigger and dumber. In the middle of the unending action spectacle of the second half, I actually nodded off.

This movie had the creative talent, and the actors to make something really great. And I feel like without a Michael Bay explosion quota maybe they could have done it here... But in the end this is a missed opportunity.
Indestructible grunting Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
There are always hyped up "best movie ever" reviews, even for the worst of movies. Transformers2 and After Earth come to mind.

SPOILERS Krypton scenes straight out of Matrix (human pods), and Avatar (flying dragon), and Star Wars (weird shiny flying city lasers.. I was expecting a light saber any second).

Kryptonians have been exploring the stars, colonizing planets for 100,000 years only to stop recently... in ironic twist, the only two spacecraft are a prison ship for General Zod who tried to overthrow the government, and one only big enough for a baby. Oh and prison ship releases everybody when the home-world explodes - Seriously?

The beginning is OK. Young Clark is angry his father wont let him use his powers. But crucial character development missing. You don't see Clark smile, laugh, learn, or have any sense of what's on his mind, because he's a mindless frowning drifter.

General consensus on inter-webs has two categories of Man of Steel watchers: those who got super bored by beginning but gave 10/10 because of over 1 hr of non-stop punching and throwing through buildings, and those like me who watched in horror as your friendly neighborhood nice guy turns into the hulk smashing everything in sight.

People on Krypton are genetically engineered, and would be super strong if not for the poor air and faint sunlight on Krypton. Krypton had a archive of all DNA - the codex (no backups). Zod arives in giant spaceship and demands Kal-El (superman) to get Codex. USA military arrests Superman and hands him over to Zod. Superman bleeds from breathing poor air, but freed by Lois. Zod's invincible goons search Superman's baby ship for it, and fight him demolishing small town, killing plenty of soldiers. But Superman cracks helmet and gives them x- ray vision superpowers which they don't have Superman 33 years experience to control.

So, the aliens send down a terra-forming ship which stars destroying Metropolis and making air poor like Krypton's. In a "surprise" twist, it turns out the Codex is embedded in Superman's cells. Superman smashes the machine in 1 punch, and then starts 15 rounds of boxing with Zod (who got super powerful breathing Earth's air), smashing through building like Hulk, while military throws his baby spaceship into Zod's spaceship because it will cause blackhole. Finally, Superman gets really mad, strains like constipated and kills Zod... and flash forward Clark disguised with black glasses as reporter.

So, what's wrong? EVERYTHING - young Clark saves kids but watches hurricane engulf his dad - all the kids find out he has superpowers, all town's people when he's fighting Zod's goons, and Lois tells everybody Clark is a super alien, yet he disguides himself by putting on black glasses. - No backup to codex.. seriously? Why not take Superman's blood he bled. And why Earth.. you can terraform any planet. Heck, we have super air, why "pollute" it? - no "its bird, its plane, its superman"... nobody admires him - he is like Hulk smashing villains through cars and buildings - so what's the whole point of inspiration speech by his father about being hero. - how can Superman be a hero. Hero is sacrifice for others. What can he sacrifice when he's invincible... we never see a bruise or scratch. - why bother giving military orders to drop his baby spaceship into Zod's ship if he's super strong and can do it lickedy split. And two "warp drives" explode if they collide - so how did Krypton;s people explore the stars? - since when was Superman so bossy? - 0 romance. 0 comedy. Only iconic memorable lines are spoken by Rusell Crowe. Superman makes up for only 6-7 lines, with plenty of frowning, grunting and angry face.. is he Hulk constipated? is this Halloween? - Dark Knight, Avatar, Avengers, even all 3 Transformers had memorable lines, laughs, comradery and imaginative original atmosphere. This new Superman has nothing... there was nothing distinctive. Just same generic skyrise being smashed over and over like punching bag.

Honestly, the legions of people voting this movie as perfect speaks to the extent of the brain drain in this world.

Man of Steel is EXACTLY what's wrong with Hollywood. It is the absolute worst of all the superhero movies ever created.
Watch Super Man 2 instead.
Quite possibly the most boring movie I have ever watched. Seems they spent a fortune on special effects but left out all the usual things you would associate with a movie... Generally its just loud noises and ridiculous city crushing fight scenes. The story is pretty poor too. So many things that just done seem like they mix well with a Superman Movie. They should just give up and stop 're-booting' or 're-imagining' all these old movies. Try writing something Original guys. Basically this is a massively hyped movie that is made simply for big profit by big business. Throw in a load of effects to keep the fan-boys happy, as they cannot contemplate suspenseful dialog or story-lines we can relate to. So many superior movies out there made on a fraction of the budget. The star-ships etc are terrible considering the budget when compared to something like District 9. This is more Captain America than Superman.
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