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Long Weekend
Drama, Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Jamie Blanks
Robert Taylor as Bartender
Christopher Brown as Radio Voice
Jude Beaumont as Campervan woman
Star as Cricket
Robert Taylor as Bartender
Roger Ward as Truckie
Gary McMillan as Pool Player
Lara Robinson as Girl in Car
John Brumpton as Old Timer
Storyline: Peter and Carla have a wasted marriage and constant friction. Peter buys expensive camping gear and, despite the protests of Carla, insists they travel with their dog Cricket to camp on the isolated Moondah Beach in the North Coast with his friend Luke and his girlfriend during the rainy holiday. Peter stops in a pub at the Eggleston Hotel and leaves a message for Luke with the owner of the pub. When Peter takes what he believes to be shortcut to the beach, he gets lost and the couple spends the night sleeping in their SUV. The next morning, Peter organizes the campsite and their intrusion into and abuse of the natural environment begins. During the two days, the couple's relationship deteriorates while the nature avenges the bad treatment the couple has inflicted upon it.
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Thin plot with depressing overtone
'Long weekend' try's to make a good point. The main characters are a city bred couple that have no respect for nature and is about nature's revenge. At least that's what the plot is supposed to be.

Honestly the plot line was so thin in many places it might as well be non-existent. There weren't actually a lot of moments it seemed like nature was going out of its way to attack the two main protagonists. At some points it seems to forget that nature was the enemy altogether for instance *spoiler// a character being harpooned in the neck by no one and what is either an inconsistent sci-fi anomaly or just them walking in circles //spoiler end*.

The characters were completely wrong for a horror film, a depressing couple at the peak of their marriage ending and no like ability factor - which would have been alright if there had been any character development. As for the horror, all they had was a slightly creepy noise and a brief failed attempt at gore. The story was in dire need of a twist but the end fell as flat as the rest of it was.

I wouldn't go as far as to say it's the worst film I've seen. But it's at least in the worst five.
Could Have Been A Contender...
Phil's Quick Capsule Review: An awesome idea (nature fights back) delivered with some nice visual flare but yet still manages to not fulfil it's potential, become just a bit dull and even at under 90 minutes feeling very long. Which is a shame because this film should be ace.

IMDb Rating: 5/10

Best Bit: The Sea Cow

Buy, Rent or Borrow: Borrow

If you liked this try: Deliverance (9/10); Blair Witch (8/10)Eden Lake (7/10)

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another crime in the halls of shame of Australian film funding
Quite soon there might be a serious investigation into the club of film funding in Australia. This remake here will be the poster item for the last gasp of funding fees for stale producers to remake their films simply to generate a fee for themselves. Nobody asked for this remake apart from the shysters who produced it and the 'executives' who put taxpayer funds into their pockets. Nobody saw it in a cinema for it was never released in one commercially....but it cost millions of dollars to make and now exists, shelved as a film and released on DVD. The original and excellent production was a staple of the renaissance of 70s cinema. It is a good film. This superfluous remake is a crime, theft from the Australian taxpayer who wastefully funds pointless films like this..and they should be investigated. Look up the production crew of the original and then the remake... any identical names? Have a look. It's all true.
Dreadful waste of time
Depressing and pointless remake. The one dimensional characters and clumsy direction soon become a chore to sit through. There is questionable continuity and any moments of tension or suspense are rushed through. It looks like the "suspense" scenes were hacked up in the editing room to try and make it more exciting, as even though this is a short film, it's still padded out with repetitive scenery shots. The eco message is conveyed in a series of cheap clichés that reminded me of a first year film school project. I guess people got paid for making the movie, so it was probably worth it for the families of the crew, but entertainment it is not. Spend the 85 minutes asleep, it will be more beneficial.
Don't spit in the wind
I liked the scenery and the dog Cricket. And the brief scene when Caviezel strummed his guitar. That's it. For nearly the entire film I'm stuck camping with two unsavory characters. Peter (Caviezel) and Marcia (Karvan) are careless and criminally stupid, stuck in a poisonous marriage. They deserve each other. Peter is particularly careless of nature, but hardly deserving of the horrors that befell him.

The script gave these two gifted actors very little to work with, and that's a shame, given that they are center stage for the entire film. The plot is basic and the message even more simplistic: Don't mess with Mother Nature.

The tone is just depressing. Lots of bickering, name calling, swearing including F-bombs, some sex and masturbation.

It felt monotonous. Not scary in an exciting way. When dead bodies start showing up in the water and on the land, does it draw the couple closer together, for survival? Do they stop fighting long enough to think? Does anything change???

The manatee was interesting but it needed more explanation.
don't waste your time - very annoying and boring story (DWYT)
The actors in this movie were so horrible working with each other you could tell from the start of the movie, they don't get along as a couple in the movie but as actors i don't even think they get along but anyways - this story about nature and how they litter and trash it and mother nature strikes back... no this was just a very over dramatic plot about a couple who constantly argues and then makes up and then argues etc... and they just have a bad vacation get-away to an unknown beach on the coast. somehow a mysterious beached whale leads to their demise because they littered. like i said earlier this is just a very irritating and annoying plot that drags on about the most mundane things and the action scenes are very horribly directed. Don't Waste Your Time!

- DWTY (Dont Waste Your Time)
The Bickersons
It's man versus nature and husband versus wife as a bickering couple on the verge of splitting up (Caviezel and Karvan) gets lost on their way to a remote vacation spot and end up spending several nights in the woods near a pretty beach down under. Before it's over, not only are they fighting tooth and nail but nature seems to be on the attack. The environmental message may be safely ignored, and the film enjoyed as a subdued horror flick. She wants to go home, he wants to stay. Big mistake. It all comes to a tragic end. My favorite "jump" moment comes when Caviezel wakes up on the beach, with the corpse of a narwhal staring him in the face. As the story progresses and things go from bad to worse, the movie gets a bit gory, so those of faint heart and weak stomach, beware. This remake of a 1978 flick will best appeal to those who enjoyed "Picnic at Hanging Rock."
Nature's way
Aristotle taught that if one way be better than another, that would have to be nature's way. He obviously never saw this movie. Mother Nature ain't so motherly in "Long Weekend". Nature isn't anyone's friend. Nature is the enemy: wildlife, weather, and, most importantly, the wayward ways of man (and woman). But there is no need to go ballistic with interpretation to enjoy this movie. It's essentially an old-school drama, despite some of the mysteries. It definitely works on several levels. At face value, it's the story of Peter and Carla who can't make their marriage work, least of all during what is supposed to be quality time, away from home and everyday chores. On another level, it's a tale of an awe-inspiring, yet unwelcoming wilderness conspiring against urban intruders, both by attacking them directly and by bringing out the worst in them. Giving little context and almost no explanation, Jamie Blanks takes us on a very wild ride. "Long Weekend" is not funny, but who says everything has to be? Of course there's no happy ending either. Not a big bang, but explosive enough.
What a senseless movie.
What a senseless movie. What a joke. And boy is it SLOW.

Whoever wrote Nature's Grave had better not quit their day job. They'll never make it as a writer. There's no real effort at a story here. It's not about nature striking back. Nature's Grave is about a miserable arguing couple. After the first half hour, that's all there is. Arguing. Yeah, there's some attempted lame suspense or horror. But it's all contrived.

Nature's Grave is not as much a suspense or horror movie as it is a movie about an irresponsible and somewhat reckless couple, he's insensitive to her wants and needs. She's not happy with him and acts cool to him. Eventually the fighting starts. Was there ever a worse couple? Why would they go to the beach if she doesn't like any of the typical "going to the beach" type activities? Argue, argue, argue, that's all they do. But the acting was great. James Caviezel and Claudia Karvan came across great as a couple who were miserable with each other.

One nice thing to say, the movie was filmed in a beautiful location and is has a number of shots of beautiful scenery. But beyond that, save yourself and don't want Nature's Grave.
Nature Works in Mysterious Ways...
.. is what this film tells us. The director shoots the film in the outback with fantastic natural scenery. As you would be well aware, nature is one of the main characters here. This film isn't preachy as one would expect, it had a fresh perspective about humans attitude towards nature and how we take it for granted. But, it just didn't have the effect on me that it was going for. Still, very cool cinematography made it worthwhile. If you don't wanna watch it, trust me you are not missing anything. My friend didn't like it that much and I found it to be an alright movie.

A couple, Peter (James Caviezel) and Carla (Claudia Karvan) going through a crisis in their marriage due to an abortion plan to kick back and enjoy a long weekend with their friends at a surf beach which is located at a remote place. But their friends did not reach the bar they had planned on meeting and Peter decides to go ahead and catch up with them on the beach. But when it becomes clear that their friends would not make it, they They are negligent towards everything from the beginning itself and there at the beach they shoot a mother seal (which is quite a sad story actually) and break an eagle egg and do all kinds of crappy things.

James Caviezel is an underrated actor. He is an extremely talented actor who got his big break with 'Outlander', but that movie was pretty worthless for his talents. Here he gives a good performance as Peter, the everyday rich guy who has the least interest in nature and does whatever he pleases and he also has a strenous relationship with his wife, which was very realistic. Claudia is OK as Carla, but it Jim who steals the show anyway. Her character actually becomes scared of nature very early in the movie. But she gives a credible performance. I had a huge problem with the ending, no guy in his right mind would go in the middle of the road to stop a goods truck that is so big. But the director wanted nature to win through whatever means, so he had that ending done. The story of the other campers is not explained, nor did the climax with Carla. I mean who did it and how did it happen? That is plain stupid on the part of the director. I, for one, cannot accept that nature did that. If it was cannibals or something, I could have accepted that. And yeah there are no other characters in the entire movie other than the couple, so it depends entirely on them. You should be aware of that.

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