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Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Germany, France
Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Audrey Tautou as Amélie Poulain
Mathieu Kassovitz as Nino Quincampoix
Rufus as Raphaël Poulain
Lorella Cravotta as Amandine Poulain
Serge Merlin as Raymond Dufayel
Jamel Debbouze as Lucien
Claire Maurier as Madame Suzanne - la patronne du café
Isabelle Nanty as Georgette
Dominique Pinon as Joseph
Artus de Penguern as Hipolito
Yolande Moreau as Madeleine Wallace
Urbain Cancelier as Collignon
Maurice Bénichou as Dominique Bretodeau
Storyline: Amélie is a story about a girl named Amélie whose childhood was suppressed by her Father's mistaken concerns of a heart defect. With these concerns Amélie gets hardly any real life contact with other people. This leads Amélie to resort to her own fantastical world and dreams of love and beauty. She later on becomes a young woman and moves to the central part of Paris as a waitress. After finding a lost treasure belonging to the former occupant of her apartment, she decides to return it to him. After seeing his reaction and his new found perspective - she decides to devote her life to the people around her. Such as, her father who is obsessed with his garden-gnome, a failed writer, a hypochondriac, a man who stalks his ex girlfriends, the "ghost", a suppressed young soul, the love of her life and a man whose bones are as brittle as glass. But after consuming herself with these escapades - she finds out that she is disregarding her own life and damaging her quest for love. Amélie then ...
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Cutie Pie in Clunky Shoes
The French have done it again! Not since their bread, fries, and delicious toast have they produced such an enchanting morsel as Amelie. With a heart warming story, technical expertise, perfect music, and a lead actress who puts the pix in pixie, all of the aspects of great film making are meshed in seemless symmetry- and that's in contrast to the pretentious nonsense some of those French are famous for. If you want to be thoroughly charmed for two hours, and the E! channel is not working, then go see Amelie, you'll be glad you did, and if you aren't, then you are a heartless cynic who should just go back to watching crap like the West Wing.
A celebration of passive aggression.
This movie is extremely static. It is a character study hitched to a romance. What is seen visually is more often than not an illustration for the voice over narration. It is very close to a book-on-tape. The title character is atrocious. She hasn't enough strength of character to confront a loud-mouth unless it is from the back of a crowd. Don Diego de la Vega could have risen to the challenge without donning his Zorro suit. I don't know when unlawful entry becomes burglary. None of the petty crimes she commits are ennobling or endearing. Amelie is a sad case, which makes the love story rather frightening. The man becomes intrigued when he sees her quasi-pretty face and guesses that they might have something in common. That he gets her in the end turns the whole film into a

horror story.

What has become of French film! and
Charming, magical film
"Amelie" is a charming, adorable film.

Despite being a bit strange, this is still a lovely romantic comedy, with an incredible visual aspect, and great performances.

The main character was unique and the performance of Audrey Tautou was completely unforgettable (And easily the best performance of her entire career) The rest of the cats was great here, too.

I loved every single aspect of this film. It is one of my favorite films from all the history, and I would recommend it to anyone. I don't think this movie is overrated at all, in fact it deserves even more praise and raving reviews. It is that good.
Insufferably Annoying
Not too long ago I was watching "The Hustler", and it was quite obvious that the film and practically everything about it was undeniably cool. Especially the way Jackie Gleason walked, the way he was dressed, the way he spoke, he wasn't trying to be cool, he simply was.

On a minorly related note, "Amelie" is a film that wants to be quirky, it wants to be cutesy, but it fails because it tries too hard: The exaggerated camera movements and sound effects, the ultra-luminous (yet rather nice) cinematography designed to turn Paris into a fantasy world, the odd quips of dialogue on orgasms, but the absolute biggest fault of the film is with the lead character known as Amelie.

Amelie is a woman-child who likes to take it upon herself to do selfless good deeds for everyone around her, and the entire storyline revolves around her attempts to fix various problems for everyone within her vicinity. The only problem is that Amelie's selflessness isn't real, she's only doing this to feed her own sense of accomplishment so she can crack that god-awful smile at the camera once that good deed is done. Not long after it becomes extremely apparent that she's a psychopath who breaks into other people's appartments to screw with them (because she, not the police or any authorities, must be the one to deal with bad people), appoints herself as an unneeded tour guide for a blind man and basically does whatever she wants, regardless of whether it actually helps anyone.

The film has clearly taken cues from the French New Wave (Amelie even watches "Jules Et Jim" at the Cinema) but it has taken those editing and storytelling tricks to the nth degree and spoiled the entire film, even Amelie is taken from Irene Jacob's character in "Three Colours: Red" and made even nicer and sweeter until she's just plain obnoxious It's an unbearably naive film that's filled with so much sugary fake charm that it becomes sickening rather quickly, and once the cutesy novelty wears off you realise that there's just no substance to the storyline at all. Some people have been enchanted by the magical qualities of it, but I was completely put off as the whole thing was over-the-top and rather self-indulgent. A film like "L'Atalante" finds the poetic beauty in the banality of life and simply displays it in all of its ordinary glory. "Amelie" constantly forces you to accept its own childish and faux-magical view of the world, some people can accept it, but I can't.
An overwhelmingly romantic look at life
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a master of whimsical quirk and Amélie might be his ultimate achievement. It's a kind of neo-fairytale or modern storybook romance, heightened to such with its narration and its wonderful score by Yann Tiersen, simple and melodic, like a small band playing in a cafè on a sunny afternoon. It delves more than slightly into fantasy, as romance often does, but does so in a very refreshing and fun way. This is a world where gnomes travel and skeletons are somewhat sensual. At the same time, this is just the magic that can and does happen everyday.

Audrey Tautou is impressingly adorable as title character Amélie Poulain, a young woman with the power and imagination to change the lives of just about everyone she comes into contact with. She lives in the moment, enjoying the ways she can bring smiles to the faces of her friends and right the wrongs that she witnesses. She's quiet and seemingly meek, but speaks volumes with her mischievous smile and loving eyes. She finds exciting adventure in what could be the most mundane situations, not taking any little thing for granted.

The film is stuffed with intertwining stories small and large that Amélie drives along, and they are each as important as the next, no matter how much or how little the movie dwells on them. What truly brings happiness? Does the truth really matter if we never know it, when it's what we personally experience that moves us along, for better or for worse. How important is the smallest exchange we may have with a stranger? Sometimes you don't even realize just how much of an effect you have, because you're not seeing the situation from their eyes. But it's all important. The details are all meaningful.

Visually, the film is mostly warm and lush with yellows and reds that pop like blood coursing through the heart. This is contrasted with an undertone of very vibrant greens and cool blues that create a fantastic atmosphere and make everything feel like an organic, natural setting. The color theory here is actually quite amazing, making the film special and nostalgic right from the beginning. It has a lightness, but is still emotional and will leave you with the inspirations of a hopeless romantic. It warms your heart, becoming overwhelming without being overbearing.

Amélie is indeed pure romance. This is the romance of life and it's intricacies, even in it's darkest moments. The film allows you to enjoy even the smallest things that might usually be overlooked and gives importance to the playful particulars of life like the joy of peeling large strips of wallpaper or skipping the best stones along a canal. It shows how one small thing may unfold a series of events that can help you conquer your fears or lead you to where you need to be in life. It shows the perfect, imaginary life we live in our heads and how close to the real world it could actually be. And, of course, it shows true love, as easy or as hard as it might be to find, and just how close it might come to slipping right through your fingers if you're not looking at it from the right angle.
only movie that made me feel sick
I watched this movie because it was a rainy day and i had nothing else to do, but God this is an awful movie. there was nothing funny, exciting,romantic or moving about it. the only reason why people think this is because of the music(which really worked on my nerves). I had to think some time about why I hate this movie so hard before it became clear to me, but this is my conclusion: The character of Amelie is so freaky,(she's a total freak)that if she would have existed nobody would want to be associated with her. Probably she would have been bullied so much in her youth that she would have psychic problems and probably be in some kind of setting for mental people(sorry if my English isn't correct). And there is no normal person who would fall in love with her,like happens in the movie. if it was a spastic thin ugly guy who never washes himself it should have been a little bit credible, but otherwise this is completely wrong. Happy feeling? I felt miserable, and angry because I had lost so many time on this movie. everything Amelie did ennoyed me, and the reactions of the people ennoyed me even more, they should have reacted like: WTF go away are you sick in the head or what? Conclusion: if she would have died a terrible death with nobody who cared about her at the and of the movie, it would have cheered me up. the only positive thing about this film is that it is spoken in french, nothing more ennoying than French people talking English in Paris. Another thing: why does she look Chineze? the family Poulin is just a bunch of marginal people who have no friends. and the way they react they are just little children who will never be able to get a good job and earn money. and if Amelie wanted to try to step out of this marginality, and start acting normal, then it would be a good movie, now it sucked, because it is much to unrealistic. I can continue this for hours but I don't want to loose more time on this "thing"(dont want to use the word movie)but I Will stop here.
Amelie: 7/10
If you've ever done something good for someone else just for the fun of it, then you can easily relate to Amèlie, the main character in Amèlie. She's innocent, naïve, and shy. But she finds an old box of `treasures' hidden in her flat and decides to return it to the boy who left it there fifty years ago. The `boy' is Bretodeau (Maurice Bénichou), and Amèlie (Audrey Tautou) decides that if Bretodeau is glad, then she will continue to do good deeds for those around her. He is ecstatic, so Amèlie keeps her end of the deal.

Amèlie is sweetly touching, but goes for the low-key effect and really does feel like a foreign film. A lot of times, I forget during the course and it seems like the actors are saying the subtitled English words. Not this time. I'm thinking of Run Lola Run in specific. That seemed to be a quality American film (haha, right?).

Amèlie decides to return a photo album to Nino (Mathieu Kassovitz). She completes her deed but ends up falling in love (surprise surprise). When Amèlie was delivering the album to Nino (and other times), I was surprised on how complex her schemes were. She didn't explode with talent like that throughout the film, so it surprised me.

Tautou is very good as Amèlie, I love her smile. She displayed emotions very well. Kassovitz was also fabulous; people like that need to get more work that comes out here in the U.S. Everyone else involved in the picture is very gifted (including Rufus, who plays Amèlie's father) and talented. Pictures like this don't come out very often.

Movies like Amèlie are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Which it is. Its crowd-pleasing attitude was taken with a little arrogance, but it still managed to keep a goofy smile on your face for 122 minutes. Speaking of the runtime, I found it very hard to sit through, for some reason. I enjoyed all of it, but seemed unnecessary. If one of the subplots about Amèlie's escapades were taken out, it would have been better.

It also had a good amount of humor. I loved the beginning, when we learn about Amèlie's childhood, and we learn what everyone's likes and dislikes were. It seemed ridiculous yet true. Some of the humor, and the whole movie, faltered during the last hour-the rather quick pace of the first hour slowed down a lot and brought down my experience of the film.

Amèlie is a gentle yet entertaining non-Hollywood film that's a sure crowd-pleaser.

My rating: 7/10

Rated R for sexual situations.
cute, but not all that
I thought it was entertaining, but not one of the top five films of 2001. And definitely not one of the top 100 of all time. It could be slow, and then took some turns that were not supported anywhere else in the movie (does she only do acid right before going to bed?) I thought the scene through the glass at the cafe was great, but the movie was not.
The most over-rated film I've ever seen...
After finding out there is a new movie in the top 20 list which I haven't seen yet, I decided I have to watch this one (#16...). Having 8.9/10 after ~22000 votes, I thought it must be superior, but was very disappointed: It's a good movie, even great one, but it DOESN'T deserve such high grades.

The story-line is not surprising at all, and the story itself is not that interesting...

My recommendation: avoid big expectations. It's a nice-little-film. Not more than that...
Quintessential quirky French cinema
Amelie is the quirky main character, who seems to go on a binge of "random acts of kindness" except that they aren't so random, and some are kind of mean. It is reasonably enjoyable, and probably worth a rental. I cannot fathom its ranking, though. I think that films should maybe be a few years old before being eligible for the top films of all times lists, like the top 250. I looked through that list and there are some new films which will be utterly forgotten in 20 years. I fear that "Amelie" will be among them. Grade: C
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