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Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
L. Gustavo Cooper
Eddie Jemison as Victor Emmanuel
Camden Flowers as Foster Kid #1
Juliette Beavan as Priestess
Kelly Lind as Stripper
Rachel Whitman Groves as June's Biological Mother
Carsen Flowers as Foster Kid #2
Aiden Flowers as Bully
Addy Miller as Lily (as Teenager)
Kevin Will as Tic Tac Tim
Cindy Hogan as Candy
Victoria Pratt as Lily Anderson
Lance E. Nichols as Dr. Wynstrom
Casper Van Dien as Dave Anderson
Storyline: A coming-of-rage story about discovering your true self and overcoming your inner demons to find love in a chaotic world.
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A girl Becomes vessel to a demonic spirit named AER
JUNE...THe film starts of well depicting a cult ritual going terribly bad laying the way for a nice decent movie..Now firstly the role of june has been brilliantly acted by kennedy brice with nice performances from the supporting actors.What doesn't works with the decent visual effects and some really interesting scenes is a muddled up screenplay which is really confusing.Nothing really makes sense,who or what their purposes are?.It gets really boring after a point and fails to bring your interest back.Even the climax is a terrible failure.It still is far better shot(the cinematography is brilliant ),With a fantastic background score and a top notch performance from its leads,Than several other films of this Genre.Definitely worth a watch but just once.....
Poor script, good cinematography
An infant named June is imbued with a powerful spirit by her parents' cult of Satan worshipers. She bounces around the foster care system as the evil periodically overtakes her to mysteriously hurt people around her.

June is a risky mix of classic horror and slow artsy cinematography. The shots are often quite beautiful, and the acting is passable. The flick is nevertheless ruined by a pedestrian and predominately unoriginal script, with cheesy and obvious borrowed elements from Carrie and The Omen (among others), while falling short of providing any true scares. Dollar-store music and visual effects also clash hard with its otherwise artsy ambitions.
Amazing For What It Is
No spoilers here...the film speaks for itself.

This film had little indie job. You have to give credit where it's due. Excellent script, hell of a story. The premise of the story is enough to make the hardest horror-fan cringe. Evil kids...ever since The Omen, they are a popular part of the horror genre. The kid in this is a great little actor, and I think she portrayed the "infiltrated" child quite well.

Yeah, the acting could use some work, and the cinematography, but for what they had to work with, I give it thumbs way up. If you like indie-horror, watch this one.
Dual Booted Aer and June
I like June, the movie, the character is a bit on the taciturn side. However, June is dual booted with Aer, a goddess that seems to see humanity as a virus that needs to be eradicated ("Fire will illuminate the sky and the ashes of man will rain down.") When they try for the sacrifice, Aer kills everyone with the exception of the teenage Lily who carries June away.

So the movie opens with a couple (are they a couple?) dressing a baby and taking her to some gathering in the woods. It appears, although it is never stated, that this is where Aer possesses June. Yet, later in the movie we hear Aer tell June, "You are my vessel. Before people, before machines, there was only us." suggesting that the connection between Aer and June is much older than we want to think.

June is a bit taciturn, keeps to herself, so naturally kids have to pick on her. This really doesn't work out too well for them because when Aer has decided June has taken enough she ends it. The scene at the trailer park where Aer lays all flat, in the trailer Aer's power scorched the trailer park and burned all of June's tormentors (I wish they would have left the scene with the fire as it fits the things Aer says.)

There is a CPS worker that wants to sacrifice June to whatever. He removes June form the trailer park foster home to a new home with affluent parents, Dave and Lily Anderson. Unbeknownst to Lily, at first, this is a reunion. At this house Aer gets annoyed with Dave, '...and you, Dave, will be the first to die." Lily keeps wanting to meet Aer, but Aer is present and speaking every now and again, so Lily has spoken to her.

CPS dude kidnaps Aer to take her back to the place of sacrifice in the woods, same place as nine years earlier. They get the same results as nine years past, only Lily and June walk away.

"You all came from the goddess to her you shall return. Like drops of rain falling into the ocean bodies will fall, and, Dave, you shall be first to die."

I like this movie. Kennedy Brice is a good actress. I do feel things were left out. There are issues with consistency, that are minor. I like the dual booted, June/Aery character. I wish they were developed more. But I've seen it the way it is 40-50 times and will see it another 40-50 times over the years.
Not bad, but could have been better.
To be fair, I've seen a lot worse films. This is a supernatural thriller which takes its influences from films such as 'Carrie', 'Bless the Child' and 'The Omen' so don't expect to see much originality. The acting's not bad but the script leaves a lot to be desired - I guess you can only work with what you're given. The narrative is rather simple and brings nothing new to the genre, however the cinematography is superb and a joy to watch. It's entertaining enough as movies go, but I can't help feeling that it could have been so much better. You're never going to make a film as beloved as the classics (The Omen, Rosemary's Baby etc) but with a more interesting plot, that stands up on its own, things could have been greatly improved.
Not Even Remotely Science Fiction
2.9 of 10. Whoever at IMDb is responsible for classifying this as science fiction should be fired and permanently banned from the site. This is little more than the typical satanic cult, possessed child horror film, neither of which are scary and have not been remotely scary or horror-like for decades. Just variations on the same stupid crap so that it's not even original.

The basic FX and filming manages to make the stereotypical eyes going black/red seem realistic enough. Part of the story involving the orphaned child having difficulty finding stable adopted parents and family is interesting and keeps it from being completely valueless, but there's no science or extrapolated future going on here other than the cult planning for the end-times and the child being the demon possessed bringer of them telling she/it doesn't like what will happen.

The film doesn't do much other than maybe provide scares and drama for very, very simple minds and serve to setup a sequel/series, which hopefully never happens.
Tame but watchable
Tale about a young orphaned girl and her demonic alter ego Aer, as she is moved from trailer trash foster home to nice but childless couple. Naturally there is an evil plan at work. This movie is pretty well acted and filmed, is easily watchable but as a horror film it is very tame. I picked it up from Poundland so can't grumble, though I'll be passing my copy on.
Didn't work.
Is it just me or lately horror movies have been focused on these subjects alone: zombies, possession, found footage.

You wait and wait, you want to see something a tad bit decent, that would do it, but no, the exact same movie you've seen 10 times in the last 5 years makes yet another appearance under a different name. And it is really starting to bug me!

Now about the movie per say: the acting is OK, the actors are good, the plot is quite used and the execution is poor. The effects are usually bad, the horror scenes were simply copied from other productions and the ending is what you would expect it to be. From head to tale, this one is a pass. Nothing new here, nothing good either.

You Wouldn't Like Her When She's Angry
No time like October to watch June. This film starts with a sacrifice taking place in the woods at night. Things get fouled up and the baby gets saved from death but only after getting hit by beams of light from the sky. The baby was June who is around ten now and circling around the foster scene. She is a very different child which makes her a target of ridicule and when she gets angry instead of turning green she has scanner type powers where she causes bad things to happen. She can even stop rain. The crux of the story is that she needs to complete the ritual they started all those years ago.

This wasn't too bad but you don't really care for any of the characters. Some of the things she can do is pretty cool. Mediocre at best but there are a thousand others worse.
Nothing worthy !
This awful combination of unknown doctrine, silence and goofs which were gathered in 84 minutes worth nothing at all.

Firstly, The religious part was fogy, unclear and just black. This "Harm" soul suppose to destroy the world! while it doesn't kill anybody even those who were close to her. and did nothing except to broke some dishes and drops some rain. I think, The characters which should represents the world were few! only fife or six! and the places were not better, Not more than 4 or 5 places!

It is obvious that The time was not divided in a smooth way since the film summarized in the first and last 15 minutes. and lastly, The goofs are unforgeable (see the goofs part).

Simply I don't recommend it.
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