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Julius Caesar
USA, Italy, Germany, Netherlands
Drama, Biography, History, War
IMDB rating:
Uli Edel
Heino Ferch as Vercingetorix
Samuela Sardo as Cleopatra
Pamela Bowen as Aurelia
Daniela Piazza as Cornelia
Ian Duncan as Marcus Brutus
Tobias Moretti as Caius Cassius
Paolo Briguglia as Marcus Portius
Valeria Golino as Calpurnia
Sean Pertwee as Labienus
Chris Noth as Pompey (as Christopher Noth)
Jeremy Sisto as Gaius Julius Caesar
Christopher Walken as Marcus Portius Cato
Richard Harris as Lucius Cornelius Sulla
Storyline: Epic look at Julius Caesar, Rome's last dictator, whose death also signaled the end of the Roman Republic. Chronicles his campaigns in Gaul and Egypt, his rivalry with General Pompey, and his eventual assassination at the hands of Brutus and Cassius.
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Well made but inaccurate
Julius Caesar is a slightly better than average TV movie. But I would not recommend it for history buffs as it dose take quite a few liberty's with its historical accuracy . For example all the costumes are very inaccurate from the army uniforms to the senators robes. Especially in the case of Cato. Cato was said to have lead a rather Spartan life style and never wore the robes of the senator plus Cato was younger than Caesar so why get Christopher Walken to play him. Also the character of Vercingetorix is seen being killed in his jail cell. This never happened as he was ritually garroted in public. Also I think Sulla died of a flesh eating disease, similar to syphilis. Plus Marcus Licinius Crassus, Caesars Mentor and Sponsor is not even mentioned. I'm a bit of a roman history buff and have read a number of books on the Caesar. But I must say I half expected the mini series to be ten time worse. What saves Julius Caesar is the fact that it is well acted by most of the cast and is the first movie that I have seen that try's and tackle the early life of Caesar. It dose this quite well. Although it tended to jump forward years and miss out some major events in Caesars life. In short it was a bit rushed, but you can't have it all. Special effects and the battles are bloodless but well handled Getting back to the cast. Jeremy Sisto is a very good Caesar, unfortunately he doesn't age well. Richard Harris in his last role adds weight to the small role of Sulla. Chris North is good but under used as Pompey, Samuela Sardo is way to sexy to be a realistic Cleopatra but as eye candy, she's great. Valeria Golino really isn't given enough to do as Calpurnia, but is always a pleasure to watch and Christopher Walken is good but miss cast. The plain fact is that you can't fit Julius Caesars life into 3hours. I think they would have done better to make a 10 hour mini series in the same vain as H B O's ROME. But don't be put off by my small moans. I love epic movies and these type of mini series and I hope that they continue to make them. Julius Caesar was on the whole a reasonable attempted and I do not regret watching it. I just wish they hadn't have rushed it.
i feel insulted. (SPOILERS)
this movie hurt to watch, as a result i was not able to stomach watching all of it. once i reached the point of Pompey's return. i stopped watching, i could no longer take the woeful Historical inaccuracy of the piece. As such i can only point out the holes in the part i did see.

first a short explanation of the roman political climate just previous to the beginning of the movie (i've simplified it for ease of time): in 87 BC Sulla was sent by the Senate to Asia Minor (turkey) to deal with The King Of Pontus, who had invaded roman macedonia, and roman Asia, however Gaius Marius (non-blood Uncle to Caesar)the Greatest of Romes Generals to that date (though now rather old) connived to have the position transferred to him, after Sulla had already left. After hearing his command had been stripped of him, Sulla turned around and marched on Rome, Lacking an army to contend with, Marius fleed, eventually reaching Africa, where a large number of Veterans who had fought with Marius years earlier were now settled. when Sulla had finally left for good to the east, Marius landed just north of rome, where he gathered an army of slaves to join his veterans, he then marched on rome and his army proceeded to pillage the city, rampantly slaughtering Marius's enemies, soon afterwards Marius died of a stroke, and though he was evil at his end, he would be loved by the people as their greatest hero, until Caesar took his place. Rome then fell to Cinna, ally of Marius, who ruled for a time until his death, when he was replaced by Carbo, who ruled until Sulla's return to Italy.

now for the film.

starting with Sulla's arrival, the people of Rome seem surprised at his appearance, when in fact they had known he was coming for a long time, he had been fighting a civil war against Carbo's Rome for quite some time. Pompey was not with him when he reached Rome, as Sulla had sent him to Sicily to secure the grain supply. furthermore Pompey was in his early twenties at this time, and had golden hair, as opposed to the middle aged black haired figure of the movie. We see in the film Cato, as a middle-aged man, come out of the Senate House and make a comment against Sulla. in reality Cato was only 13 at the time, 5 years younger than Caesar, he was also Pro-Sulla. according to the film Marius used to make the same allegations of being descended from gods as Caesar did. Marius was not Caesar's uncle by blood, furthermore he had been raised in the countryside and was a Novus Homo, the first man in a family to reach the Senate. the degree to which Pompey was a close agent of Sulla is vastly overstated, Pompey was an arrogant pup, Sulla used him when he had to, and not anymore. when Caesar is bought before Sulla, Sulla does not recognise him, when in fact Sulla's first wife had been Caesar's aunt, and they had met many times. as stated Cinna was already dead when Sulla took Rome. In reality Caesar was not helped by Pompey, Pompey knew nothing of Caesar at the time, more to the point he did not flee to the east, but into the Italian countryside, where he hid until a delegation of noblemen convinced Sulla to recall the sentence of death upon him, Sulla was never tricked into thinking Caesar dead, as the movie would have you think.

Sulla is treated very harshly in the film, he was in reality not mad or evil. He reformed Rome in an effort to prevent the turmoil of recent years being repeated. He fought to maintain the Senate's position as the main body of government, and thus limited the powers of the assemblies, he reformed a corrupt court system. He served as Dictator for 3 years, before handing back sovereignty to the people and retiring to private life, none of this is passed on in the movie. When during his consulship (shared with Crassus, who is completely ignored in this film) Pompey repelled some of Sulla's laws, he did it only to his own selfish ends. furthermore the movie makes it look like Pompey was some big senate leader. in fact Pompey wasn't even in the senate! At the funeral oration of his wife (why this funeral and not the far more significant funeral of Julia wife of Marius is used int eh film i don't know) Caesar implies Marius died at Sulla's hand, he in fact died of a stroke, while Sulla was on the other end of the roman world. the film completely ignored the vast senatorial opposition to Pompey. When Pompey returns Caesar says he is Consul, in fact in the year of Pompeys return ( i assume the movie has amalgamated the campaigns against the pirates, and Pompeys conquest of the middle east, if they have not then things are even more inaccurate than i thought) Caesar was inly Praetor.and would not be consul for another 2 years.

this is were i stopped watching.

lastly the issue of Caesar in the east, Caesar did go to King Nicomedes Of Bythnia, but it was a military assignment of Caesar's own choosing, not as a refugee from Sulla. it was on a second trip to the east the Caesar was captured by pirates. pirates whose lair he later found and had them all crucified.

this movie an insult to the history of rome 0/10
Entertaining And Informative
Caesar is a television mini-series about the life of Julius Caesar. It is a dramatization of the life of Julius Caesar through 82 BC to his death in 44 BC. The film stars Jeremy Sisto in the title role of Caesar together with Richard Harris,Christopher Walken,Valeria Golino,Chris Noth and Pamela Bowen.It is mostly historically accurate and being one of the last two films of the legendary actor,Richard Harris being released in the year of his death.It was directed by Uli Edel, and written by Peter Pruce and Craig Warner.

Caesar is an ambitious, four-hour miniseries of TNT that tells the story of the Roman general-turned-emperor Julius Caesar.It traces his rise to prominence as a brilliant military tactician; his complex relationships with his mentor General Pompey and his second wife Calpurnia; his ideological battles with Senator Cato, who advocates democracy over Caesar's dictatorial ambitions; and his bloody and inevitable murder at the hands of former friends and allies. Taking some dramatic license with the facts, it is basically sympathetic to its subject, although Caesar is depicted as a flawed man, both physically and morally. Giving Caesar points for being fundamentally honorable, in full possession of his faculties, and possessing the "common touch" with the Roman citizenry, the TV movie does not shrink away from the man's violent epileptic seizures, his megalomania, his casually calculated cruelties, and his bigamous relationship with Egyptian queen Cleopatra.However, the miniseries downplays his notorious bisexuality.

Caesar is a delight from beginning to end.It tells one man's story with energy and vitality.Also,it was obviously a big budget TV production that the battle scenes were shot with remarkable accuracy.Aside from the scenes mentioned,the it tries to be accurate to detail as it covers many aspects in the life of the Roman dictator.The cast was also brilliant in this TV movie as well.

Overall,it was a pleasure to view Caesar as it was both entertaining and informative.
Caesar must go forth.
I'm glad I watched this because my knowledge of Roman history is so spotty that I learned something from it. I knew Caesar crossed the Rubicon but didn't know when, or why it was important. I knew Caesar was assassinated, and that Cato fell on his sword, and Cleopatra seduced Caesar and all that, but that's common knowledge. I didn't know that Cato falling on his sword had anything to do with Caesar's triumphant return to Rome after defeating the Roman army under Pompey. I'd never been entirely clear who Pompey was, for that matter, except that it was the name of a Roman general and a slave who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their vacation and also the name of John Wayne's assistant in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence".

So this pulled a lot of things together for me, as history. If I had a problem with it, it was that I had a tough time keeping the characters straight. They weren't frequently enough called by name. And since most of the faces were unfamiliar the problem was even more acute.

I did recognize Richard Harris, looking absolutely GREAT in his last film role, all white and withered and glowing with inner strength and with nastiness. And Chris Noth I recognized from the early episodes of "Law and Order." He did pretty well as Pompeii, although his speech had a Brit accent that tended to come and go. Christopher Walken was both recognizable and rememberable as Cato. He's a surprisingly versatile actor. Valeria Golena was also a familiar face as Calpurnia, Caesar's second wife. (I never knew he had a first one. See what I mean?) And -- triumph of all triumphs -- I finally learned how to pronounce the name of Vercingetorix, the Arverni chieftain who led the Gauls. Speaking of him -- VercinGETorix, that is -- the actor who plays him, and whose name I don't have the opportunity to look up at the moment, gives what is for me the best performance in the movie. He is a brave, self-sacrificing, and dignified man (for a Barbarian) and the actor captures all these attributes, and has a sympatico face to boot, though by no means a handsome one. As portrayed here, if he had just been born in Gaul two millenia later, I could visualize him in an inexpensive suit dining on medallions of beef in some unpretentious bistro, with a glass of Château Neuf du Pape, using the continental knife and fork technique. As it is, he gets his head lopped off.

The story is a little confusing though. I suppose you can't stuff all of Caesar's life story into a few hours. But I missed the final confrontation between Caesar's outnumbered army and Pompey's in Egypt. We see Caesar leaving Rome with a determined expression, and the next thing we know he and his men are in Pompey's tent at Pharsalus. We are also told that Pompey's head was chopped off by the Egyptians at Alexandria, whereas some sources claim it was done by traitors among Pompey's men. It is also not entirely clear to me why some of these guys are considered military geniuses. We only get to see a single map. Pompey leaves Rome early in Part I and returns a hero. Okay. What did he do that was so hot? And we see Caesar defeat a horde of Gauls. He must have done more than that, but what? A few more maps, or exposition in some other form, however clumsy, might have helped.

It's also not made clear enough that Caesar committed an illegal act, a surprise for a guy who is shown to be so fair and compassionate and, if not exactly self-effacing, at least no egomaniac. Rome was a Republic, ruled by the Senate. It was governed by laws. The Senate ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome or else be declared a traitor. By Roman law no general could bring his forces into Italy proper without the consent of the Senate. The border of Italy was the Rubicon and Caesar took his legions across it in defiance of the Senate, saying, "The die is cast." Hearing this, Pompey and some of the Senate took off for friendlier climes because Caesar by this time had a huge force with him. When he entered Rome, what was left of the Senate appointed him dictator. End of the Republic. That wasn't very nice, was it?

Oh, and another thing -- I always thought that when a Roman general returned from a victory, trailing prisoners and booty, a slave stood beside him in the chariot whispering to him, "Remember, thou art mortal," just so he didn't get any ideas like Caesar did.

I wish some of the performances had been better. Many of them are pretty weak, Mark Antony in particular. And Brutus seems too young for the part, and he's the one who looks "sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought." In fact, he really IS pale and sweaty and a nervous wreck.

The Roman Empire finally fell apart, as everyone knows, but as it split up, there were still a lot of leaders or would-be leaders claiming direct descent from Gaius Julius Caesar. They were with us until just recently. The Tsar (or Czar) of Russia bore the title of Caesar, which is where the Russian word comes from. In Germany, "Caesar" became Kaiser, as in Kaiser Wilhelm.

Too bad we didn't get more of Caesar's accomplishments, or a better look at his weaknesses -- after all, he allowed himself to be appointed dictator without trying to reconstitute the Senate -- and there was that business with Cleopatra, a political opportunist if there ever was one. Still, it's worth watching. It's an interesting historical tale.
Pretty lame
A lame and dated costume drama that feels like it was filmed in 1952, not in 2002. None of the social, political and historical context of the events in Caesear's life is explained at all. The Roman Republic was already dying and on its last legs, and ultimately did not survive the birth of the Roman Empire. By watching this mini-series one essentially could not learn anything meaningful about Ceasar as a historical and a political figure. Everything is reduced to a personal costume melodrama, but the series is unconvincing even at that level. Anyone with any interest in Roman history should watch the HBO series 'Rome' instead. It was made just a few years later (2005- 2007), and while it at times goes overboard with sex and nudity, that series captures the historical essence of the events of Caesar's life infinitely better than the 'Julius Caesar' mini-series.
About the Roman military uniforms
There is a problem with the Roman army's uniforms: in this movie (like in many others about the Roman Empire), the Roman soldiers are not properly equipped; I mean especially the helmets: they have Imperial Italic helmets, but these helmets appeared 40 years after Caesar's death, during the reign of Augustus! In this period (82 – 44 BC), the Roman army used Montefortino and Coolus A-B helmets. Also, in the movie there are some Praetorian soldiers, but these troops were created by Augustus. There are many books and data bases about the Roman army! The Montefortino helmets are much simplier than the helmets used in the movie; so, I think it's easier to "produce" such helmets. If a movie cannot show me the real uniforms, how could it show me the real facts?!
Let's make Conn Iggulden's books into a film...
I am reading Conn Iggulden's books at the moment. and although he changed a little bit of the real story in favor of the book, the books are close to the real live of Caesar.

The movie is bad cause it does not do justice to the man Caesar was...

The acting was not good, only Richard Harris was really good as Sulla, he will be missed...

I really hope that a man like for instance Peter Jackson is willing to pick up the story of Conn Iggulden's Caesar. It has CLASSIC written all over it...

But this movie...I'm sorry..
a fine study in character
made for TV movies are generally looked down upon, and rightly so, many of them are not as finely crafted as this one. I was quite pleasantly surprised by this film, it has a few inaccuracies, such as the non-existent Crasus who was a part of the triumvirate, however, other than this, i found it quite delightful. Sulla was perhaps one of the best villains i have ever seen, and Julius Caesar was not just the caricature he was a living breathing human. Jeremy Sisto seems to have something, though i confess i am not sure what it was. there was a great deal of vibrance and energy in the project. kudos to the fantastic director and the way he pulled together a string of events to create such a lavish and lovable movie. this sounds silly but i did cry at the end, it was so sad to see Caesar with all his good intentions killed in cold blood. if only they had added the final speech by Antony....
A curiosity, but not much else
With actors like Christopher Walken, Chris Noth, and Richard Harris, you'd expect something more from the lead, but unfortunately Sisto doesn't seem to have been a good casting choice. He just doesn't have the ability to play one of the most important men in history, especially surrounded by actors of the caliber that the others are. Anyone who has seen Rex Harrison as Caesar might ought to avoid this one altogether or risk cringe after cringe. Though Sisto does try, and gives a better performance than Klaus Maria Brandauer as Caesar in "Druids/Vercingetorix", the best parts about this movie are the sets and the supporting actors. The story is not that compellingly presented and often the dialogue is quite wooden. It's a shame Richard Harris had to go out like this.
I think it was ok.
This movie was good in my eyes. I think that Jeremy Sisto did as best as he could considering that he was play the great Julius Caesar. Many people have tried and failed at this role, but I believe that Sisto did it some justice. The only thing I did not like about this movie was how they skimmed of the latter part of Caesar's life. They could have taken more time to show the consequences of what he had done earlier in his life.

They also skimmed over Caesar's love affair with Cleopatra which was probably very important and should have been shown more.
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