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Drama, Biography, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
Clotilde Mollet as Marcelle
Cyril Mendy as Adama
Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi as Elisa (as Alba Gaïa Bellugi)
Thomas Solivéres as Bastien, dit le Plumeau
Dominique Daguier as Amie de Philippe
François Caron as Ami de Philippe
Dorothée Brière as Eléonore (as Dorothée Brière Méritte)
François Cluzet as Philippe
Marie-Laure Descoureaux as Chantal, la femme de chambre
Anne Le Ny as Yvonne
Omar Sy as Driss
Christian Ameri as Albert
Joséphine de Meaux as La DRH société de courses
Audrey Fleurot as Magalie
Storyline: In Paris, the aristocratic and intellectual Philippe is a quadriplegic millionaire who is interviewing candidates for the position of his carer, with his red-haired secretary Magalie. Out of the blue, the rude African Driss cuts the line of candidates and brings a document from the Social Security and asks Phillipe to sign it to prove that he is seeking a job position so he can receive his unemployment benefit. Philippe challenges Driss, offering him a trial period of one month to gain experience helping him. Then Driss can decide whether he would like to stay with him or not. Driss accepts the challenge and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Phillipe and his employees.
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A movie containing every sort of love and friendship!
By just looking at the front-cover for this movie, I could imagine this would be something good. The beginning really got me into it and I just wanted to see what would happen later in the movie. It did not take long before I actually felt that I was in their lives. From start to the end I was just stunned by all emotions this movie gave out.

I had never thought that I was both going to laugh and cry at the same time, just to mention I am not that guy who easily get affected by a movie. This was something really impressing! To all out there who not have seen this movie, I really recommend doing it. You may be thinking this is a another boring drama, but after seeing it I can tell it is more than drama. Comedy mixed with love, feelings and friendship makes this movie something out of its own.
A Nutshell Review: The Intouchables
Just as how Jack Neo's Ah Boys to Men Part 1 finally took over the box office crown held by Money No Enough more than a decade ago, so did Intouchables take over the French box office equivalent from the quirky comedy Amelie, which was the champ over about the last decade. As the French entry for the Oscar's Best Foreign Film picture next year, I was glad I held out against watching this while on a flight, patiently waiting for it to make its big screen bow here, which it finally did outside of the 2nd Rendezvous of French Cinema earlier this month.

There were many moments that made it so easy for me to identify with the movie, especially coming from caregiving, which is never an easy thing to do. Those who have never done it, I'm talking about full time, real time, on the job alertness, and doing everything you can to make things comfortable for the other party. There's no Off button you can use, and anyone in this for full time employment, gets my utmost respect. And watching how the characters here go about their routine, bring back memories that are forever dear to me, and needless to say, these routines and close contact interaction, bring about a new level in relationships.

Lifting someone up from bed in back-breaking fashion, it brings new meaning to "He ain't Heavy, He's my Father". Tucking someone into bed. Did that too. The gloves for the toilet visit, nothing new, gross that it may be at first. Wheeling someone out to soak in sights and sounds outside of one's home, well, it may be the most inconvenient, but seeing someone's face light up for the rare trip out, is priceless. And these life-affirming, relationship building events may seem to stem from mundane tasks, and tasks we take for granted, such as bathing or just sheer presence to interact without distraction, but to the physically infirm, it means the world.

And this is what The Intouchables is about, the story of two men thrown together by fate in what would be an employer-employee relationship that develops into firm friendship, a bromance even if you'd like. Inspired by a true story, Francois Cluzet plays the rich aristocrat Philippe, who is quadriplegic from the neck down from a paragliding accident, and has to rely on an army of helpers and assistances to get through every day. But his primary caregiver never lasts more than a week, given his rather stiff (pardon the pun) ways, until Driss (Omar Sy), a young man with not the most polished resume - he responded to the ad just to chalk up mileage to get welfare - gets hired despite verbally crossing swords during the interview, and soon, a bet turns into what's life-changing for them both, bringing out the best in each other.

You can half expect writer-directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano's story to contain the usual clash of cultures and background, with one refined in the arts and the other being quite the rough and gruff, obviously no time to enjoy the finer things in life when one has to worry about bringing home the bacon for an extended family, with trouble brewing when members trying to stay in line with the law. But their story is tinged with so much sensitivity and truth, that it's hard to quibble with the loads of humanity on display, going by the adage that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or by one's background or resume. One may be rich, but getting someone else to wait on you, even if providing him or her with a comfortable life, is a different ballgame altogether, especially when one is not kin or kith.

But throughout the story, one cannot deny that life can still go on quite comfortably in a material way, with wealth on display, and if there's a minor grouse about this, is how old money gets flaunted around, with Meseratis and private jets being part of the arsenal to enjoy life. Then again, this is part of the true tale, so it's not debatable. Not forgetting the extended ensemble cast of assistants in the form of Yvonne (Anne Le Ny) and Magalie (Audrey Fleurot) amongst others who pepper the scenery, the former serving to fill in the blanks for Driss as he tries to gather background, while the latter coming in as an object for Driss' romance, with a little surprise up in store.

There's no qualms The Intouchables is a delight to sit through, being a story of hope and friendship. And in some ways, even for the most able amongst us, this is a tale that reminds us of the importance of humour, which is medicine enough to get us through some of the toughest situations we'll encounter from time to time. Both Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy put in amazing performances, and their delivery of their characters, screen charisma and banter, are more than reasons enough to catch this. A definite recommendation!
Probably the best French film for years
Being french and a film maker myself, I have high standards for ratings, and this one definitely deserves in 10/10. I've not seen a film showing our world with such humour in a long time. The jokes are absurd and possibly, with a touch of British humour to them. The directing is beautiful, the acting is incredible, the shots are somehow truthful, if I can say that about a shot. It may be Omar Sy's first time in a leading role, for a major production, but he really delivered, and not just in the funny parts, the delivery of emotions was just spotless. Francois Cluzet was also just as brilliant, as he usually is. I will be recommending this film to everyone, and seriously hoping it will be released in the UK soon enough for me to see it again! Only negative aspect... the Americans are thinking of doing a remake... why do they always have to? I mean would you reconsider remaking the "Joconde" or the Sixtine Chapel to American standards? Film is an art like any other, it travels the world as it is... no need for remakes...
I Love this movie
This one is excellent movie. I am from India i don't get too much foreign titles in theaters. But i watched this movie last night it was too good.Its a comedy between friendship and trust and its based on a true story.its not an innovative story or highly budget flick but it guarantees good humour and pranks. Now its one of my favorite movie . brilliant acting by every one of them not too much sentiment or comedy. My rating is 10/10 . this is one of the movie you should watch before you die..! Thanks to its strong cast and some remarkably sensitive direction,A movie or rather true story of two men who should never have met--a quadriplegic and a street con.François Cluzet as Philippe and Omar Sy as Driss make you sit tight on chair for the whole movie because it's a plausible enchantment.
Before watching, my only expectation was, that it really is a comedy, not a drama with two laughs in it. Turns out, it was a comedy with very subtle touch of drama, it is a movie worth every second of your time... does it have flaws? I don't know, I was too busy enjoying every minute of it. Captivating actors, beautiful script and great sense of humor. This is one of those very rare movies that make a tiny change deep inside you and you'll know it happened when the movie is over. Watching this, you can laugh at a tetraplegic's shortcomings without feeling bad, because it is in absolutely good spirit, you can laugh at the serious things in life, because they can't kill you and somehow can always find a way to have some fun no matter what.
One of the Most Unique and Beautiful Friendships ever Committed to Film
Do not look at this through the prism of "Foreign Films". You'd be wasting your time and miss something far too important.

Hollywood does scale like nobody else, leaving the competition gasping in its wake. France does intimacy, and brutality. Nothing is sacred. And rather than try to revive the New Wave or emulate Hollywood like most widely seen French films of late, "Intouchables" harnesses its core strengths - ease with intimacy, willingness to ridicule anything and brutal honesty - and delivers one of the funniest, most honest and touching films I have ever seen.

Sy is a failed robber, going through the motions and playing the stereotypical jobless émigré. Cluzet is a romantic and melancholy mind trapped in a useless body. The circumstances that bring them together are too funny to spoil here, but meet they do, and an awkward relationship quickly blossoms as they bring out the best in each other.

The film's simplicity is delightfully misleading: the script is a masterpiece of comedy writing, and however good the rest of the cast is, the central duo is magical. Sy's comic timing will have you in stitches, but it is his honesty and vulnerability that make you fall in love with the character. Cluzet isn't your typical sad-sack, instead, much of the finest pleasures in the film consist in watching him use his keen mind to mess with the world around him (a subplot about an abstract painting really takes the biscuit, you'll know it when you see it).

This is one of the most unique, beautiful and honest friendships ever committed to film. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry... a delightful celebration of everything in life that makes it worthwhile.
Tender, beautiful & very funny. One of the French joys of 2012.
Intouchables / Untouchable **** 10 September 2012 I hate having to start like this but, based on the discontented grunts from the morons who walked out in the first minute, I regret I must begin with: Intouchables is a French film. Which means it's in FRENCH. Which means there are subtitles!!! Arrrggghhh.

For the readers who actually have a brain, Intouchables (Untouchable for those who can't work it out) will almost certainly end the year as one of the most tender, beautiful films of 2012. Yes, it was released in France last year but this is no place for such pedantry.

Intouchables is the true story of Phillipe (François Cluzet), a wealthy, aristocratic quadriplegic and his relationship with his caretaker-cum-care assistant, the reluctant, defiant Driss (Omar Sy). When Driss turns up for an interview at Phillipe's home it is with the sole intention of failing in order to qualify for unemployment benefit. Phillipe, however, sees in him a man who will challenge and inspire him and, much to the annoyance of Magalie (Spiral's Audrey Fleurot), hires him on the spot.

And so begins a clash of culture, class and conduct from which both parties will surely emerge richer, softer and sharper.

There are no surprises in the broad story; if a true-life tale is worthy of the big screen treatment, there's a very good chance it sticks to the formula, although don't dismiss Intouchables as merely formulaic. The surprise here is how effortlessly engaging, inspiring and downright funny it is. No, it isn't specifically a comedy but I laughed out loud more often and with less control than I have in any films billed as such this year so far.

There's no great villain, no huge love story, no major tragedy, just a simple story of friendship where two men, though apparently diametrically opposed in every aspect, are absolutely meant to share their lives and have more in common and so much more to give each other then either could have considered.

Cluzet, in a welcome return to British screens after last year's superb Little White Lies, is huggably dour as Phillipe with an outer crust and a rod up his backside that are begging to be shattered. Sy meanwhile, in his most prominent film for English-speaking audiences (other than a supporting turn in Micmacs), storms into frame with a demeanour that would make most of us back away and cover our throats. But though we get the measure of both men fairly quickly and there are no road-to-Damascus conversions, each of them evolves and when the inevitable tug at the heartstrings arrives, it brings a hollowness that you'll hope desperately can be filled. Soon.

I really want to award Intouchables another couple of stars but it misses out on perfection for being too swift and not allowing itself the time to unveil the arcs of a couple of supporting characters that could have added greater depth to the film. Although we meet members of Diss' family at various points, there is another plot line with them that is never fully explored and there is more that occurs in Phillipe's household than we are allowed to fully enjoy.

But these are minor quibbles. See it. See it before it disappears from your local screen. See it if The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel left you hankering after India, see it if The Chorus made your heart skip, see it if… Oh, just go and see it. It's beautiful, warm and very, very funny.
amazing feel-good movie
It's quite rare to find and have the pleasure to enjoy a genuine movie, blending comedy and drama with such naturalness: that's why "Intouchables" is undoubtedly a rare authentic picture and the fact that the story is inspired by a true one helped make the movie more involving. Funny and touching at the same time, the picture evolves with simplicity but strong pathos, with the merit of avoiding every pathetic or melodramatic attitude: there's brutal honesty in representing the real condition of Philippe, as well as Driss's initial uncompassionate attitude. There are touching moments, there are true amusing moments, both accompanied by a forceful soundtrack. Acting proves brilliant, to say the least, and the pairing between Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy sparkles and captures the viewer's attention. I was swept away by Dryss's genuine smile as well as by Philippe's melancholic eyes, and the moments when they are together filled me with an authentic feeling-good sentiment. Definitely, a must-see picture.
Beautiful and mesmerizing
It has been long since I laughed, cried, and more over, felt over a movie. And this has given me all the feelings to be acquired by a man in just two hours. I have to say, I wasn't expecting much. But after watching this movie twice in one go, I have to say it now.... This is a great movie, a wonderful work and a beautiful tale as it is.

The story, from the very start to the very end, is so beautiful. And the performances were mind blowing. This movie can teach you the true essence of life and friendship.

I have nothing more to say, except one thing. If you are looking for a movie that can melt you literally, you should watch this one.
great performances
Just seen last night, amazing movie, great performances from actors, particularly from Omar, and Cluzet is great as usual. Photography of images are great, supported by good choice of locations supporting actors are all good and natural so doing a great job to give a great solid base to the story. RIch of emotions on a simple story where ordinary people become extraordinary. Good representation of social differences in France without being too heavy on it. Simple, beautiful, efficient, like a good French cuisine, making a great dish full of tastes magically mixed :) Most to be watched and even more emotional when you know its based on true story !
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