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Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Ellen Page as Ariadne
Tom Hardy as Eames
Ken Watanabe as Saito
Dileep Rao as Yusuf
Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer
Tom Berenger as Peter Browning
Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer
Michael Caine as Miles
Lukas Haas as Nash
Tai-Li Lee as Tadashi
Claire Geare as Phillipa (3 years)
Storyline: Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming.
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Many clever ideas ruined by a horrendously bad execution.
I will start by saying that Inception does indeed have a clever premise, or at least one that sounds good on paper: A group of people who steal information from people's dreams are hired to put an idea in someone's head. Cobb's back story and the way he was haunted by his mental image of his ex-wife was genuinely fascinating. However, all of these nice, fresh ideas are lost in a hurricane of absolutely awful and pretentious storytelling. People have often praised this film for having clever writing, but it strikes me that the film is just deliberately trying to be needlessly complicated to appear smarter than it really is. I say "needlessly" because, when you get right down to it, the overall plot of Inception is not all that complex, so the film just comes across as pretentious.

One of the first problems I had with the film is something I thought was present in Christopher Nolan's Batman films to a lesser extent (but those films had the benefit of having straightforward story lines and memorable characters): We are presented to a concept that could never happen in real life. That's not the problem. The problem is that the film delivers its ludicrous plot in such a straight-faced dead serious manner that it breaks my willing suspension of disbelief. In a film that took itself slightly less seriously, I might not wonder as much about where the technology to travel into someone's dreams came from, but here, it just begs for an explanation. If the film weren't trying to have a realistic atmosphere, I might buy that you can do this by injecting chemicals into your arm, then dream up more chemicals to travel into dreams within dreams, but here, it just comes across as absolute nonsense.

None of the characters in the film, with the possible exceptions of Cobb, Mal and Fischer, were interesting or memorable in the least. In fact, most of the characters don't really even feel like people as much as they feel like soulless chess pieces that exist only for the purpose of advancing the plot. As a result of this, I could not have cared less about what was happening in the film, and towards the action sequences at the end, I was on the verge of falling asleep. I'm sorry, but watching people with no personalities battling generic gun wielding masses (who, in a stunning lack of originality, are apparently supposed to represent Fischer's subconscious) just isn't entertaining.

Bottom line, Inception is a boring, pretentious and rather nonsensical film. It has a nice premise that sounds good on paper, which is why I really expected to like it, but found it a letdown.
Predictable, shallow and repetitive.
Seriously? Mesmerizing? Fantastic? Genius? No.

I was pretty excited about this film after all the hype, and I feel massively let down. The plot was overly drawn out and repetitive, and there was an over-reliance on action, with massive portions of the plot being taken up by filler scenes of silly shoot-outs and car chases.

Christopher Nolan has given this film a superficial sheen of meaningfulness, with the admittedly astounding visuals covering for a plot so full of holes it's almost falling apart. Why are Dom and Mal shown as having grown old and grey together in limbo when they are also shown laying their head on train lines to escape limbo as 30-somethings? Why does the incessant music come to dominate the film, making every scene feel climactic, which is actually detrimental to the final climax?

In a similar manner to the way in which the Wachowski brothers took the brilliant writings of Baudrillard and completely mangled them beyond all meaning in The Matrix, Nolan has taken a great idea and turned it into a teenage boy's shoot-em-up action fantasy. People might watch it and think "Wow, that's really deep". No, it's not. It has the appearance of being deep and meaningful when in fact it's just a shallow action film.

I'm sure people will read this review and think "she just doesn't get it". The problem is that I do it get. Unfortunately there's just not a lot to get.
Overrated because it makes people "feel" smart...
Christopher Nolan has done some great work.

His ideas and direction singlehandedly gave new life to the beloved superhero Batman.

While the film Dark Knight will always be recognized to the new dimensions it added to the classic Batman series of movies and comics, Inception was nothing more than a dull and linear plot, surrounded by and an even duller and more linear plot.

The centerpiece of this movie was supposed to be its convoluted storyline which was scattered across multiple levels, in essence puzzle that forces the viewer to think through the movie and decipher the ending.

The concept of "levels" and or "interconnected plots" worked very well for such great films such as the Matrix, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Logan's Run, or Total Recall. Inception not only miserably fails at this but it also lacks in other places as well.

-Characters: Great actors, whom have all done great work in many movies spanning decades. However the characters in this movie came off as neutered eunuchs who lacked sense, emotion, and any sort of cohesiveness. (Sir Michael Caine and Tom Berenger's performances were appalling and the "team" of dreamers lacked screen dynamics and chemistry.)

-Action: For a dream world, the action in this movie is very unimaginative and is well within the typical Hollywood bounds. Car cash scenes where the heroes drive and shoot, building shootouts, and melodramatic bullet wounds (as always one character is wounded critically, the team must save him; however the character can still "fight".)

-Plot: This movie could have easily been over within 1 hour of rolling. Not only was Inception's "puzzle ending" blatantly obvious 40 mins into the film, but the storyline it self lacked any substance or draw. The overly complicated "puzzle piece" effect which Nolan was trying to achieve, was nothing more than the main story line being surrounded by excessive fluff and whimsical bullplop.

*I will credit the movie with one notable mention. Nolan managed to work a Matrix style fight scene (which have been overdone by Hollywood since the early 2000s) into the small confines of an elevator.

In the ending, Inception is not the great rave that many make it out to be. While the movie takes place in a "dream world", where bounds are limitless, the movie itself is sterile, cliché, repetitive, and unimaginative. This is even further compounded by one dimensional characters, and a drawn out storyline that pretends to be an enigma.

Perhaps Christopher Nolan's true intent was to make a sterile and lack luster movie aimed strictly at making today's self-absorbed and obtuse Facebook-hipster generation feel "smart".

Inception can be compared to a class presentation where the student is unprepared. To hide this, the student uses convoluted and circular logic to stammer through the presentation and pass the time. It is obvious that the student knows nothing and has wasted several minutes talking about a subject that could have been explained in seconds. Nonetheless, since the student used "big words", talked excessively, and is deemed to be in the "mainstream" the class gives a standing ovation regardless...
One of the most over-hyped movies of the decade
People who are reviewing this as the best movie they have ever seen seriously needs to wake up from their dreams. I don't know who planted this idea in their brain that this is directorial tour-de-force by Nolan but one thing is for sure, Ledger saved Nolan's glutes bigtime. His screen writing technique is feeble; creativity doesn't merely consist of just going berserk with visual treat and showing whatever comes in a ten second unchecked, brainstorming session rather creativity requires constraint. And this movie lacked any constraint whatsoever.

If it wasn't for the ultracool visual effects and graphics this movie would be nothing but a vacuous thought bubbles of a person. Whereas Nolan's Dark Knight, instilled by Ledger's genius, was entirely character driven, this movie was entirely fueled by graphical eye-candies. A movie resonates over time when you want to watch certain scenes from it over and over and over again in youtube or your blu-ray disc rented from your local Chinese 99c video store. There were no witty dialogs or any memorable scene in the film that will compel me to stay transfixed in the screen and rewind it over and over and over again.

Movies like Vanilla Sky had the same concept yet was made more artfully where the director didn't go overboard with visual scenes while having barely substantial plot.

People need to seriously have a reality check. But if majority of the viewers are giving positive reviews, and if you are the only one going against the crowd that surely means there is something "wrong" in your system? Tsk, tsk, tsk what naysayers won't realize is that it would be more comforting to delude oneself and jump on the bandwagon saying it was great film, than admit that they got "jipped" $10.00 for some Sony Vegas type of wizardry. Hey it's the summer after all and it's not "cool" to say things which may otherwise offend your friends!
Chaotic and pretentious
I'll begin by saying that I have an inbuilt prejudice against films that seem to put cleverness or 'intelligence' ahead of entertainment value. Having read a lot about this film, I wasn't sure whether I would like it, but in fact was very disappointed to end up disliking it as much as I did.

For me, the film lacked two essential elements of an entertaining movie - a coherent plot and sympathetic characters. The plot didn't really start to make any sense until about halfway through (far too late) and Leonardo di Caprio as the central character, Cobb, was competent but just didn't have the charisma to carry this kind of story. His wife's death was foreshadowed a lot in the early part of the film and I found I just didn't care how or why she died. None of the other characters came across as real people and their connection to Cobb was generally unclear to me. The impression was of good actors (like Tom Hardy) being basically wasted.

I almost switched off the film after the first twenty minutes because its chaotic action seemed designed almost to alienate the viewer. It started to make some sense after that, but was still a long way from what a good film should be. The over-reliance on sudden loud noises (way above the level of the dialogue) in the first half was simply irritating.

The film also seemed to have trouble obeying its own internal logic. Several reviewers have mentioned that there was no consistency in what is supposed to happen when a dreamer dies during a dream; I was unimpressed by the 'projections' in the dreams apparently having their own personalities and being capable of independent thought, although the script also had them as nothing more than figments of the dreamer's imagination.

Yes, the film's settings and special effects were impressive, but that's really not what an evening out (or in) should be about. If the story and characterisations are lacking, then why bother watching at all?
9/10, really? Must be some sort of flocking behavior
Inception is an interesting movie without a doubt (refer to one of the countless other reviews for why that is). What I am going to focus on is why I think it's not a 9/10 which is what the IMDb voters on average have given it. I will also make the presumption you have seen the movie, as it's not productive to repeat the plot. The second reason is because a fair amount of time has gone since I saw the movie (twice), and although that means I've had lots of time to think it through, I don't remember all the details.

First, let me state the most immediate reason to why I didn't like the movie that much: The second half of the movie is a long string of bog standard action sequences. Yes, it's trying to be tense, but it doesn't manage to surprise me one bit - the ending is nearly completely predictable. Throughout, I care about only a few of the characters, and about none of the endless imaginary minions they are facing. If this fairly large flaw had been absent, the movie would at least have been a 9/10 for me.

Now for the more subtle problems: I feel that not enough was done to emphasize that the mission takes place in a dream world. Most of the time, the movie's "dream" world is indistinguishable to the real world. This similarity is intended (it is argued that the dreamer otherwise would become suspicious and wake up, or reject inception). Unfortunately, it means there are few chances to surprise us... That's where we return to "bog standard action sequences": Sure there are a few cool twists that illustrate the characters are in a dream, like the city being turned upside down; but these devices are for the most part absent once the inception mission starts, and thus have minor impact in total.

Obviously, this movie defies all physical laws, which would be okay if there is an alternative set of rules to cover for reality. It doesn't have such a coherent rule set however; instead, it is mostly reminiscent of movies where anything convenient is made up for whatever is supposed to be happening on screen. The bad guys perform wildly differently depending on whether the protagonists are supposed to be able to escape or not, rules for various dream levels diverge too much, and so on. In short, the script fails to lend itself credibility - one cannot simply say "it's a dream, we don't have to care about plausibility".

Aside from more than a few inconsistencies and 'too implausible to be believable'-facts, is is noticeable the background story/universe is mostly invented from scratch for this film. Perhaps it would have benefited Inception if a clearer connection to some existing religious or other fantasy theme had been made. We can only speculate for now, but I do hope someone decides to make another movie with the "entering dreams of others" theme with stronger ties to some existing mythology.

All in all, these complaints are pretty minor (except for the aforementioned way Inception attempts too much to be an action/thriller movie towards the latter parts). I'm giving it 7/10, since it made me stare at my watch several times to determine when I would no longer have to endure more clinical action sequences without substance.
What Nolan doesn't know about humanity
At one point Cobb tells us that despite his best efforts, he cannot create a dream wife with the depth and complexity of his real wife. Could this be Nolan's own subconscious, commenting on his own limitations as a writer and director?

Cobb undertakes to plant an idea in someone's head so that Cobb's employer can monopolize an industry. Cobb succeeds, and thereby recovers his own life. No one in the film questions the morality of this; the film doesn't really question the morality of this, or invite the viewer to do so. Apparently, it's just business. Although in a way that is often thin, banal, or hypocritical, usually the sentiments offered to us in movies managed to stay aligned with basic ideas of good and evil. Not in the case of Inception. The popularity of this movie is a little frightening.
Very Disappointed
Inception is an interesting movie, however I did not enjoy it. I go the movies to be entertained, to be transported into the movie, to be involved and have my emotions stirred. Inception did none of that, it failed because it focused on the creativity but forgot about the audience. Credit must be given to the special effects, the acting and the creative content, but the praise stops there.

I have read a lot of the reviews here and I have to say I'm very surprised, I simply don't agree with the high rating this movie has been awarded with. If you would like to watch an interesting, creative and action packed movie, this will not disappoint. For me, there were too many implausible (bordering on ridiculous) twists to enable me to enjoy it.

The technical aspects surrounding the connectivity between the participants was just nonsense, there was little explanation, little offered on how it worked and why. Clearly someone thought the audience would just let that part slide and not be too fussed about the technicalities.

This is a selfish movie, its been written, produced and directed to be creative, amazing and intelligent.. the problem is someone forgot about the audience. I for one was not engaged, transported nor were my emotions stirred..apart from feeling annoyed and disappointed.

I expected so much more from this movie..
What a far fetched story
I was on the verge of leaving the Cinema on this completely ridiculously story. I hung in there (also despite the insanely annoying music) though, and am simply shocked that the film has (currently) a top 3 position of movies ever made. Perhaps I have entered a (bad) dream and have not yet woken up...

So the backdrop of the story is basically that a bunch of guys drug people and enter a dream world using a plastic box with wires attached to those entering the dream. In this dream they use the same technique (the box and drugs are now just apart of THIS dream..) to enter another dream. This process can be repeated a number of times - and in the movie they go to the fourth dream-layer. If you are killed while dreaming you will wake up - unless you are too heavily sedated (in real-life, or also in one of the dreams?..), which will then put you in a "limbo" state - which can potentially last for years. If you want to get out of a dream safely - you need to be "kicked" (sharp acceleration) in the dream-layer above the one you are currently in. If you are unsure if you are dreaming or not, you have a "totem" (a physical object that for some unspecified reason behaves differently in a dream - why?) that you can examine.

I just hate it. Simply hate it...

The only good thing I see in this movie is the ending: DiCaprio sees his kids again - but they look exactly as they have done in his dreams - they have not aged at all. This means that he is still dreaming and he is therefore stuck in a new limbo dream world - and will be there for a LONG time. Phew... that means there won't be a sequel until he wakes up again. Unless it is me that's still dreaming.
Number one turkey of the year!
This is ,unfortunately, a cinematic catastrophe, and all my expectations that I might have had before like this being the most original film of the year that might open a new page in the sci-fi genre, proved completely and utterly misconceived, to say the least. This is simply the most overrated film after Nolan's Dark Knight, supposedly intended to represent a pinnacle of intellectualism, originality, and ideas never before even hinted at. But, all in all, this is nothing but two and a half hours of utter and sheer nonsense, a real viewing terror, a debasement of a genre! It is in the limitless realm of quasi-Freudian, or is it Yungian ?, philosophy, e.g., a dream fixing, and the main actors are faced with a difficult task of deciphering the way to create the dream within the dream within the dream, and when you expect to see some true scary Freudian elements or dream symbolisms of destruction and, God Forbid, sex, no, you are left in the cold with your feet dangling in the aforementioned 'within loops', as sexuality, as we all know, is the source of all the modern evils, and as this film is intended for all and sundry, e.g. like a pleasant, 'wellness ' relaxation after a really exhausting 3-hour shopping spree, the family must let some steam off in the nearby cinema, and ,voila, Inception is here with a correctly calibrated dose of illogical shooting and explosions ( at least I got to see the technology and weapons the Alpine units today use ), and ,yes, not only DiCaprio survives , everybody else fares the same, so have no fear, Nolan is here! But, the damn time, it just won't follow the film's logic, 140 minutes is a heck of a time to kill the boiling fury over this total waste of money, time and personal dignity. Thank God for Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien series and a million other films. Crisis in the screenplay department has really surpassed the worst personal expectations, now even the illiterate are writing … Just horrible …
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